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"After lunch I do the edible-insect station with the District 8 tributes... Woof, a really old guy who’s hard of hearing and doesn’t seem to know what’s going on since he keeps trying to stuff poisonous bugs in his mouth."
Katniss Everdeen describing Woof.[src]

Woof was the District 8 male tribute who participated in the 75th Hunger Games, as well as the victor of an unknown Hunger Games edition. He was a mentor for District 8 tributes who competed after him even though he is said to be senile due to his old age. He was also the second oldest tribute to participate in the 75th Hunger Games, behind Mags.


Woof is the victor of an unknown Hunger Games, likely any one between 12th and 23rd edition of the games, as he was in his 70's at the time of his reaping for the 75th Hunger Games. Being one of the oldest living victors, it is possible he was one of the first, if not first, victor from District 8 and thus likely had a hand in being the mentor for scores of District 8 tributes in the years following his victory.

75th Hunger Games

After being reaped to participate in the third Quarter Quell alongside many other victors, including fellow District 8 tribute and victor Cecelia, Woof was brought to The Capitol.


Woof watching Beetee leave during the private training.

During training, Woof stayed close to Cecelia and early on, the pair invited Katniss to join them at the edible bug station. It seemed to Katniss that Woof was oblivious to what was happening, as he kept trying to eat poisonous bugs rather than safer ones. Katniss thought he was hard of hearing thus she decided he would be a bad choice for an ally.[1]


Johanna, Blight, Woof, Cecelia, and the District 9 Female at the interviews.

Woof joined hands with the other twenty-three tributes as a sign of rebellion in the interviews[2].


Woof was killed in the initial Cornucopia bloodbath by either one of the Careers or drowned immediately after Finnick killed the District 5 male[3] as in the movie, he was seen falling off his pedestal[4].

After the Games, Katniss found out that Woof was part of a secret alliance to keep her alive, along with 11 other victors[5].

Physical description

Woof was described by Katniss as being old, much like Seeder and Mags, who was hard of hearing and had started to lose his ability to focus. He was generally not seen as a threat, and was killed quite fast.


  • In the film, neither Woof nor Cecelia are seen during the Fallen broadcast on the first night of the Games, as their faces are replaced by the saddened expressions of Katniss, Peeta, Finnick, and Mags' towards the deceased.
  • A woof is the sound a dog makes, and dogs typically stand by their owners. This parallels his behavior: always at Cecelia's side. Woof also refers to the threads that run crosswise in a woven fabric. This name meaning makes sense as Woof hails from District 8 which produces textiles.


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