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The definition of a Victory Tour.

A Victory Tour occurred six months after each Hunger Games, when the Capitol required the victor to travel throughout the nation of Panem with their mentor, escort, prep team, and stylist[1]. Initially created by a team of Gamemakers including then intern Coriolanus Snow and Head Gamemaker Dr. Volumnia Gaul, the Victory Tour was first executed in the 11th Hunger Games alongside new implementations such as a Victor's Village and parcels gifted to the winning tributes district.

Generally, the tour kicked off with District 12, going down each district number and skipping the victor's respective district to save for a final celebration. It concluded within the Capitol with the most extravagant of all celebrations.[2] The districts were supposed to be happy for the victor(s), although most of them were very bitter and angry at the loss of their loved ones.

Designed to lower the districts' self-esteem and exemplify the power the Capitol had over them, the Tour was placed almost halfway between the annual Games in order to keep the horror fresh and immediate.[1]

Pre-Victory Tour

Before the Victory Tour commenced, the prep team and stylists were to arrive to the residence of the respective victor to begin preparations for public appearances[3]. The first appearance that the victors made was a brief interview with Caesar Flickerman or any Capitol interviewer in front of their home in the Victor's Village. After the interview, they immediately left for the districts.

The victor(s) would give a speech in each district, often a speech already prepared by their escort and mentor(s). The speech often offered thanks to the Capitol for their "generosity" and offered their condolences to the fallen tributes' family members.[2]

11th Hunger Games

Although not explicitly mentioned, the Victory Tour was first implemented after the events of the 11th Hunger Games, with Mags Flanagan being the first ever victor to embark on a Victory Tour as her Victory Tour poster was revealed by Capitol Couture.

Mags Flanagan's Victory Tour poster.

At this point in time, like the earlier editions of the Games, the Victory Tour lacked many features later common in future games. Mentors, prep teams and stylists were not specifically mentioned to be a requirement of the games. As the mentorship program was eradicated by Dr. Gaul after the failure of the 10th Hunger Games, and the fact that former victors in the first decade of the games were not explicitly mentioned, it can be assumed that mentors were not a feature of this year's games and thus did not travel alongside Mags. Presumably Mags travelled alone or with a Capitol team not including a stylist, prep team or mentor of any sort unlike Katniss and Peeta. By the end of her tour, District 4 residents were given parcels by the Capitol and Mags became the first resident of the Victor's village.

38th Hunger Games

Porter Millicent Tripp's Victory Tour poster.

Porter Millicent Tripp was the victor of the 38th Hunger Games, and during the final battle of her Games, she sustained a back injury, forcing her to wear a neck brace throughout the entirety of her tour.

67th Hunger Games

Augustus Braun's Victory Tour poster.

Augustus Braun was this year's victor, and was considered Panem's favorite son and the 'Cavalier Career'. Augustus was considered as a figure of reconciliation between the districts and the Capitol. He was very popular within the Capitol during his tour.

On Capitol Couture, they described Augustus as having a 'bright and optimistic ensemble,' that contrasted his 'unkempt persona cultivated during his games'. 'The Capitol sang his praises during his Victory Tour as he brought with him a message of prosperity and reconciliation between the people,'

74th Hunger Games

A day before the Victory Tour of the 74th Hunger Games commenced, President Snow personally met with Katniss Everdeen. He informed her that several districts viewed her act with the berries as an act of defiance, with Snow elaborating that he understood Katniss just wanted to save her own life. He threatened that if she did not convince him personally that she and Peeta were in love, then the lives of her loved ones, such as Gale, Prim and her mother, were under threat.[4]

Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark's Victory Tour poster.

Katniss and Peeta's Victory Tour first began with interviews with Caesar Flickerman, as the Capitol checked on the victors just before they left for the districts. The pair slipped and fell, kissing to play up to the cameras and their persona cultivated during their games.

District 11 was shown during Katniss and Peeta's tour. The district was shown to be very large, with Rue and Thresh being shown on animated holographic screens.[5] Thresh had two family members standing in front of his hologram (his sister and grandmother). Rue's mother and four younger siblings were in front of hers. Peeta began his speech from cards Effie Trinket had given him, but quickly put them away and made his own speech, in which he declared that he and Katniss would donate one month of their winnings to the families of Thresh and Rue for the rest of their lives. An unidentified District 11 citizen paid attribute to them by whistling Rue's four note mockingjay tune, and was promptly shot in the back of the head by Peacekeepers.[2]

In District 8, Katniss and Peeta read their cards that Effie had given them this time[6]. In the background of the District, a steel bridge could be seen along with snow. Both fallen tributes from District 8 were shown on the animated holographic screens.[5]

District 6 was shown very quickly on Katniss and Peeta's tour. Aircrafts were shown behind the stage, and Peeta said that the tributes fought "like brave warriors" in the 74th Hunger Games. A man and woman saluted them, and were quickly taken away by Peacekeepers.[5]

District 4 was also shown. Here, a young girl approached Katniss and declared that when she got older, she wanted to volunteer for the Hunger Games just like Katniss did, much to Katniss' horror. The image of the District 4 female was briefly shown, and the male's was narrowly out of the camera range.[5]

Katniss and Peeta during the Victory Tour.

District 3 was the last district shown. The crowd yelled in vengeance and anger at them, while in the background, the fallen District 3 male's mother stood in front of his holographic screen, while four family members stood in front of the District 3 female's. In the film, a woman shouts at Katniss desperate for rebellion, shouting "Tell us what you really think!" Katniss still read from the card, saying "Panem today, Panem tomorrow, Panem forever." [5]

District 2 was especially hard for Katniss, as she believed that if she and Peeta did not make the victory, Clove and Cato most likely would've won the games[6][5].

District 1 was much harder for Katniss as she personally killed both tributes, Glimmer and Marvel. Katniss also learned Marvel's name as she was in District 1.[6][5]

The Capitol

After appearances in the districts, the victor was required to go to the Capitol to make interviews and attend parties. They first conducted an interview with Caesar Flickerman. During the 74th Hunger Games Victory Tour, Peeta proposed to Katniss and they received a surprise visit of President Snow himself.[6]

Capitol feast at presidential mansion.

The Capitol celebrated the victor by holding a huge dinner with dancing and celebration. It was supposed to be the grandest of all the celebrations in the Victory Tour. In Katniss and Peeta's Capitol appearance in the book, Plutarch Heavensbee gave Katniss a small clue about the Quarter Quell's arena by showing her his watch that briefly flashes a picture of her mockingjay pin[7]. In the film, he gave out a clue about the arena and its obstacles, which would eventually be figured out by the District 3 female of the Quarter Quell, Wiress[5]. Effie Trinket mentioned that in attendance were interviewers, photographers, Gamemakers and high ranking Capitol elites.

Concluding celebration dinner

Once the tour reached the victor's home district, a large dinner was held on the last day of the Harvest Festival, which all of the district's residents attended. The district's residence also received parcels from the Capitol itself.[7]


  • The Victory Tour most likely takes place in mid-January, since Katniss mentioned that the event is placed mid-way between the previous Games and the following year's Games. The Games most likely take place in mid-to-late July, due to the Reaping taking place on July 4th (confirmed by Coriolanus in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes), followed by preparation for the Games and the Games themselves, making mid-January the halfway point.
  • Mags Flanagan was the first victor to embark on a Victory Tour.


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