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Vick Hawthorne is the second-youngest child in the Hawthorne family and the brother of Gale, Rory and Posy.


He lives in the Seam in District 12 with his family of five.


Vick was too young to work or take tessera, and was a student at his District 12 school.


Vick was the youngest son of Hazelle Hawthorne. His father died in a mine collapse, the same one that killed Katniss Everdeen's father, leaving his mother to take care of her four children alone. His siblings were Gale, Rory and Posy. He and his family were frequently mentioned to be some of the few people who survived the bombing of District 12 in Mockingjay and escaped to District 13.

Hazelle Hawthorne- Mother

Gale Hawthorne- Older Brother

Rory Hawthorne- Older Brother

Posy Hawthorne- Sister

Physical description

Vick has dark hair and olive skin, typical to residents in the Seam.