Hi, I'm Tia. Yeaaaaah, kinda new here. After reading Jabberjay78's Modern Games, and now taking part in his Doomsday Games, I've been inspired to do some writing of my own :]

Let the 45th Annual Hunger Games begin, and,

May the odds be ever in your favor!

- Effie Trinket

The Unfortunate Tributes

Here's a template thingy a lot of people have:










Tribute List:

Districts 1-13 will be competing, the ? column is a secret, please do not submit tributes from ?.

One District per person.

  • Cyrilla Dusk (D1)
  • Lucifer Shivers (D1)
  • Astoria Lovelace (D2)
  • Cygnus Black (D2)
  • Lucky Dawn (D3)
  • Digit Starr (D3)
  • Elizabeth Seafoam (D4)
  • Blitzen Parchok (D4)
  • Ophelia Bourderax (D5)
  • Yuma Ivory (D5)
  • Mystic Moonlight (D6)
  • Silver Sunlight (D6)
  • Ficusi Galpa (D7)
  • Beech Aspen (D7)
  • Mellita Wonder (D8)
  • Maximus Strongwell (D8)
  • Scarlet Teabella (D9)
  • Jet Miller (D9)
  • Aleyen Meyer (D10)
  • Carson Anderberg (D10)
  • Terra Earth (D11)
  • Forrest Shadows (D11)
  • Beauty Swann (D12)
  • Birch Saunders (D12)
  • Violetta Nobel (D13)
  • Lance Nobel (D13)
  • Mystery Tribute (?)
  • Mystery Tribute (?)
Dist. Male Creator Female Creator
1 Lucifer Shivers AxedFox Cyrilla Dusk AxedFox
2 Cygnus Black AxedFox Astoria Lovelace AxedFox
3 Digit Starr TheMysteriousGeek Lucky Dawn TheMysteriousGeek
4 Blitzen Parchok Shadow Elizabeth Seafoam Shadow
5 Yuma Ivory EHKNight Ophelia Bourderax EHKNight
6 Silver Sunlight Jabberjay78 Mystic Moonlight Jabberjay78
7 Beech Aspen TDR97 Ficusi Galpa TDR97
8 Maximus Strongwell Everjay Mellita Wonder Everjay
9 Jet Miller Beetee19 Scarlet Teabella VDA1999
10 Carson Anderberg RossInSA Aleyen Meyer RossInSA
11 Forrest Shadows Jabberjay78 Terra Earth Jabberjay78
12 Birch Saunders TheMysteriousGeek Beaty Swann TheMysteriousGeek
13 Lance Nobel MistyMolla Violetta Nobel MistyMolla
? ? Me ? Me

The Arena

The arena, it's extremely insane.

The tributes start in the middle of an insanely large canyon. But they rise, and they're standing in mid-air. They are actually poised on thick, fifty meters high cylinders. Fifty meters below the tributes, there's a river of needles, and if a tribute falls, they will be skewered with a thousand blades. So, where's the cornucopia? Right in front of them. There's only one way to get to the cornucopia, and it's by walking across a twenty meter long tightrope. Four of the tributes will be lucky. There will be four strips leading from the cornucopia, and once reaching the cornucopia, the tributes can escape by running down one of the strips where they will find the top of the canyon. Yes, one tribute will rise on each of those strips, so four will survive. Possibly. It depends who's safe. There's a cheat for surviving the tightrope walk, but only the smartest can figure it out. The tributes will be given helmets before going into the arena, and each helmet contains a propeller. There's a red button on the helmet, and once pressing the button, the tribute can clip on the helmet and propel themselves to the cornucopia then escape by either flying or sprinting down a strip. There's a time limit on the helmet, you can only use it three times, it doesn't matter how long you use it each time. So yeah, that's it I guess, one big giant canyon. I'll have a picture up soon to show you guys.

Now, like I said, there's four paths, and they each lead to a different scenery. The first path, the north strip, leads to a field, the surface carpeted with light, pink blossoms. The area is glutted with hundreds of cherry blossom trees, so it's one of the best places to keep tributes concealed. The next path, the east strip, leads to a majestic rainforest. Brimming with waterfalls, it's the best destination to keep yourself satisfied with streams of purified water, delicious blueberries draping from every bush and tree visible, and there's many stunning, precious animals cantering freely, ready to be stabbed multiple times with blades then thrown over a fire (that sounded really cruel, didn't it?). To the south (this is tiring), there's a woods like area, except there's a lot of palm trees, coconuts, pineapples and chimpanzees (did I spell that right?), so I'm callin' this place the tropical woods. You can make a nice hammock and can conceal yourself with a canopy as there's many materials and yeah. And finally, to the west, there's a beach. But it's bad to be here, and don't drink the water. Yeah it's kind of poisonous. This is a great place to come if you want someone to shoot you with an arrow or dart, as this area offers exposure and lots and lots of sand. And monkeys.


No mutts. Yet.


Each tribute starts out with $200, plus $50 each kill.


Small Knife: 50

Long Knife: 80

Throwing Knives (12): 150

Sword: 100

Spear: 100

Shortsword: 110

Longsword: 120

Two Handed Sword: 160

Hatchet: 95

Hand Axe: 100

Sickle: 75

Mace: 100

Small Scythe: 120

Large Scythe: 140

Dagger: 60

Katana: 130

Hammer: 75

Brass Knuckles: 110

Slingshot w/ 30 Rocks: 80

Scimitar: 120

Pickaxe: 115

Bow w/ 12 Arrows: 150

Crossbow w/ 12 Bolts: 150

Trident: 130

Spiked Club: 100

Spiked Shield: 140

Upgraded Weaponry

Sword Gun: 250

  • Shoots sword blades from an uzi-like gun. Can pierce anything in reach of twenty yards. Comes with twenty sword blades.

Blazing War Hammer: 250

  • A war hammer with a flaming blade, allows the possessor to cut through flesh without much might and it can also be used to light fires. The flame never dies out.

Edible Material and Beverages

Plastic Carton w/ 10 Apples: 140

Loaf of Bread: 75

2 Liter bottle of Water: 150

1 Liter bottle of Water: 75

Two cans of Water: 120

One can of Water: 60

Bundle of random fruits: 150

Basket of Fruits, Vegetables and Sweets: 175

Small sack of Cookies: 120

1 Liter bottle of Milk: 75

Ten strips of crispy Bacon: 65

Small bag of sweets: 120

One pouch of Water Purifier Tablets: 100

One can of Orange Juice: 65

One chocolate bar: 75

Survival, Self Defense and Other Items

Helmet: 110

Chestplate: 115

Shield: 100

Steel shin guards: 50

Tent: 105

Sleeping Bag: 95

Iodine: 110

One pouch of Instant Relief Tablets: 155

Small box of bandages: 50

Medical Kit: 160

Walking Stick (If injured): 80

Binoculars: 75

Sunglasses: 25

Dark Adaption Goggles: 80

Empty Backpack: 50

Backpack filled with random items: 100

Jacket: 120

Blanket: 65

Pair of socks: 20

Scarf: 35

Beanie: 40

Upgraded Items

Hoverboard: 350

  • Allows the possessor to soar through the arena at outstanding velocity and great help when attempting to abscond from danger.

Teleportation Gun: 350

  • A portal gun. When being provoked by a threat, the user can pull the trigger and it will send a light blue bolt from the barrel of the gun. When the bolt hits the approaching tribute, the tribute will vanish and will appear somewhere completely different in the arena. The user can also use the gun on themselves.

Training Scores

District 1:

Lucifer: 9

Cyrilla: 8

District 2:

Cygnus: 10

Astoria: 7

District 3:

Digit: 6

Lucky: 5

District 4:

Blitzen: 8

Elizabeth: 8

District 5:

Yuma: 6

Ophelia: 7

District 6:

Silver: 5

Mystic: 4

District 7:

Beech: 7

Ficusi: 6

District 8:

Maximus: 7

Mellita: 4

District 9:

Jet: 6

Scarlet: 9

District 10:

Carson: 5

Aleyen: 5

District 11:

Forrest: 8

Terra: 5

District 12:

Birch: 6

Beauty: 7

District 13:

Lance: 7

Violetta: 8

Death Chart

Part 1

28. Aleyen Meyer (D10): fell into the needle pit (Day 1)

27. Elizabeth Seafoam (D4): fell into the needle pit (Day 1)

26. Carson Anderberg (D10): throat slit open by Cyrilla Dusk (Day 1)

25. Yuma Ivory (D5): stabbed in the temple by Cygnus Black (Day 1)

24. Scarlet Teabella (D9): stabbed in the back repeatedly by Lucifer Shivers (Day 1)

23. Cyrilla Dusk (D1): pushed into needle pit by Ophelia Bourderax (Day 1)

22. Astoria Lovelace (D2): forehead skewered with axe by Lucifer Shivers (Day 1)

Part 1: The Games, Day 1, 10:30 A.M.

Third Person:

The tribute plates leisurely boost into the coliseum of death, each circular plate holding a harmless child. Some of the children are faultless angels, not wanting to participate in this deadly match of killing eachother off. Others are ruthless savages, bloodlust swelling inside of them and ready to rupture. The customary career pack consist of Lucifer Shivers, Cyrilla Dusk, Cygnus Black, Elizabeth Seafoam, Blitzen Parchok, Scarlet Teabella and Astoria Lovelace who gradually accepted. But she knew she would use the other six to her advantage. So, let the 45th Hunger Games begin.

First Person, Astoria Lovelace, District 2:

I'm ready to race toward the cornucopia and salvage an abundance of supplies, when I realize I'm poised in thin air. How on earth? Gunning my pupils downwards, my eyes seem to bulge as I take in the ocean of gleaming, lethal needles ready to pierce the flesh of diving tributes. What's going on? How can we get to the cornucopia now? That's when I see it, and it feel like like my heart has just leapt to my throat. Infront of me lolls a thin, pitch black tightrope. Well, this is just fantastic! Yeah, not. I guess I'm just going to have to swing my way to the cornucopia by swaying like a monkey. I'll grab the black cord with both hands then slowly slide towards the cornucopia. Don't worry, Astoria, you got this. But here's the real question, do I really?

First Person, Silver Sunlight, District 6:

Mystic. She's the girl I need to guard from thin ice. I will try my hardest to shield her from the cold blades of death, my absolute hardest. Lightly scrutinizing the tribute plates, I find that she's on one of the four golden streaks leading to the cornucopia. Who are the other three? Taking a gander once more, the other three tributes consist of Birch Saunders, Jet Miller and Cyrilla Dusk. Cyrilla, the pernicious, vindictive resident of District 1, will no doubt slay Mystic without a supporting heed. No, I won't let that happen. I can't let it happen! Abstractedly fondling my helmet, the palm of my hand taps against an oblique gizmo latched onto my helmet. Well, what do we have here?

First Person, Cyrilla Dusk, District 1:

This is going to be a straightforward picnic! The three other tributes who instituted on these paths will no doubt sprint for the cornucopia, they need supplies, don't they? The mild-mannered harmony of the gong chimes out across the arena, and I'm already shooting for the cornucopia. That kooky, whimsical girl from 6 makes it to the cornucopia first and snatches a flickering dagger before swirling around and swiping more supplies for her little boyfriend. Buckling my fingers around a small scythe, I catch hold of the crooked blade and see a small girl inching across her tightrope at a snail's pace. "Hey!" I bark, and she immediately loses grip of the rope and shrieks like crackpot as she splashes down into the needle pit.

First Person, Forrest Shadows, District 11:

That innocent, humble girl falls headfirst into marine of needles, blood spurting upwards as her body disappears, a wave of needles surfing over her. There's no way I'll die like that. I'd rather loiter on my plate and starve to death. All of a sudden, something begins quaking in the corner of my eye. Eagle eyeing the element, my eyes seem to balloon as the small boy from 6 soars towards the cornucopia. His left hand is clamped over a bloodshot knob, it must be a button that activates a propeller. Bringing my hand to my helmet, I pin down the button.

Third Person:

Silver and Forrest are currently gliding towards the cornucopia, sailing through the harsh wind. Some of the tributes look mesmerised, others envious, and others puzzled. Noticing how Forrest prodded the button fastened to his helmet, Terra Earth of District 11 follows suit. Her peaked, twiglight feet suddenly hoist into midair. Elizabeth Seafoam of District 4 scowls, having seen the three tributes zooming ahead of her. She was half way across the tightrope, slithering like a lethal cobra. Elizabeth tries reaching for the button slapped onto her helmet, when she starts to scream like the maniac she was.

First Person, Ficusi Galpa, District 7:

The girl with cobalt blue hair from 4 skids from her tightrope, trundling through the air and catching hold of the rope with her right hand, just in a second's time. She drapes from the rope and attempts to hoist herself back up, but it's no use. Suspending in thin air, she begins to weep and screech. As she wails and throws a fit, the boy from 6 makes it to the cornucopia, the boy from 11 reaching land next. The boy from 9 darts down the east strip, armed with a dagger and backpack. Looking around for Beech, I find him flying for the golden horn, the boy from 10 behind him. I know what I must do now. Snapping my hand over the button on my helmet, I take off into thin air.

First Person, Lucifer Shivers, District 1:

Elizabeth howls and yelps like a newborn, kicking her legs and choking on her own cries. That will just make her fall to her death even quicker! Winding up at the cornucopia again, I hit the button again and collapse to my feet. Ripping the helmet off, I throw it into the sea of needles and bolt for the stockpile of glittering blades. "Help!" Elizabeth screams, and I whip around, seeing her flinging around like an injured monkey. "Oh, I'll help alright." I holler, fetching a knife. "You wouldn't dare!" She screeches through cries of shock and horror. "Oh, yes I would!" I roar, then hurl the knife. The knife rips through her hand and shreds off her index and middle finger. She screams like a banshee and tumbles into the blades, cleansing the needles with the vile liquid of human blood. 

First Person, Violetta Nobel, District 13:

Let the killing begin. I've already breezed in on land, but I can't find Lance anywhere. He may have already fled, but no, I know he wouldn't just leave me here. The girl from 1 has the boy from 10 in a headlock, and she's hysterically laughing as she holds her scythe to his throat. Tributes are still skying in, so Lance may not have even arrived. Or... he may have fallen into the pit. No. He's agile, stealthy. He wouldn't have. Grappling an ink-flushed spear, I evade the hurled scimitar, thrown by the boy from 2. A hand rests on my shoulder, and I whiz around with my spear poised, ready to strike the perpetrator. "What's up?" Lance bellows with a grin, raising his backpack. "Let's get out of here." I say, relieved to see my wonderful twin.

Third Person:

"You're doomed, District 10..." Cyrilla hisses as she gently rams the scythe into Carson's neck, simpering with delight. Her left hand clutching the back of Carson's head, she digs the blade in further, Carson's warm blood sloshing her beautiful, porcelain rinsed hair. Carson feebly struggles to escape Cyrilla's harsh nuzzle, squirming and screeching as the silver, sharp crescent disappears into his neck. Ripping the blade out of his throat, Cyrilla lets Carson's corpse fall beside her. "Isn't that unfortunate...Both tributes of District 10 gone in minutes..." She purrs, whipping the blade and allowing drops of blood to splatter the golden rims of the cornucopia.

First Person, Cygnus Black, District 2:

So the boy from 5 thinks he can escape the bloodbath steeled with my shortsword? I don't think so. Wrenching him backwards by jerking on his hair, he begins croaking and roaring as I hold my elongated, jet black dagger to his forehead. "Give me that sword of yours..." I hum brutally into his right ear, and he lets the silver sword fall to the ground in a flash. Sinking the knife into his temple, I wrestle his corpse to the ground and pluck the shortsword by it's leathery grip, my face shaded with the pride of victory.

First Person, Scarlet Teabella, District 9:

"You're going down, 12!" I screech, firing my florid katana in direction with the girl from 12. She knocks the katana away with her hand axe, then whips around and heads for the south strip, her twined braids rippling behind her. "She's mine if we run into her." I hiss to Lucifer, who grins with satisfaction and thrusts a sword into my back. "What are you doing?!" I shriek, falling to my knees as the stinging pain of death slithers into me. "W-why?" And the answer I recieve is his bloodcurling smirk. Grabbing the sword by it's handle, I predict he's going to rip it out of me, but instead, he jams the blade in deeper and slashes up and down. He then begins carving more criss-cross lines, cracking my back open and allowing blood to trickle from the many cuts. Clefting open my back, he loops the blade then carves a crude '1' into my flesh, then says, "oh dear, silly me. You're a career aren't you. Try harder in the crusts of hell!" He bawls, then cleaves open my back with a half-moon slash.

First Person, Terra Earth, District 11:

Nabbing a slingshot from the cornucopia, I adjust my rucksack and twirl around, ready to dart away from the ruckus and dangers of the cornucopia's butchery. As I begin sprinting with my head down, I bang against someone and screech, realizing I have no ammunition for my slingshot. "Terra?" The boy murmurs and I sigh, realizing it's just Forrest. "H-hi Forrest." I mumble then briskly sway to my feet. "I-I gotta get going." I whisper, then waver around him. "Wait!" He screeches, and I moan. "What is it now?!" "Alliance?" He puts forth, grinning. Really? He wants a 13 year old girl as an ally? "Um... sure." I say unsurely, then jog towards him. "What way do you want to go?" "Let's head west, I haven't seen many people heading that way." "Okay then. Let's go!" 

Third Person:

Forrest and Terra begin sprinting for the west strip, when the two of them hear a shrill, cuckooing sound behind them. "Drop!" Forrest shouts, and the two of them fall to the ground. The glistening knife whizzes over them, and embeds itself into Maximus Strongwell's thigh. Maximus groans and drags himself away, headed for the north strip. Terra screams, and Forrest runs towards her and scoops her up, his hatchet at the ready. Cyrilla readies another knife and hurls it, her eyes locked on the undimmed, satiny blade. The knife embeds itself in Forrest's ankle, and the two of them reel to the ground. "Come on Forrest!" Terra bellows, latching onto Forrest's forearm and lugging him down the west strip, when the next knife comes spinning toward her with vicious velocity. Twirling away from the twinkling blade, Terra and Forrest unlink and evade the noxious throw of the knife. Terra catches hold of the knife and slots the blade into her slingshot, it's goal being Cyrilla's angelic frontage. Terra slings back the velvety vein connected to her piddling slingshot, and the knife slashes Cyrilla's cheek. "Come on Forrest! Get up!" Terra screams, and Forrest follows her instructions. The two of them weakly stalk away from the massacre, happy to be in eachother's arms.

First Person, Ophelia Bourderax, District 6:

Seeing Cyrilla falling to the ground, choking on her own blood, gives me a chance to strike. Slick like a hawk, I wing in on her, then grab her by her snow white hair. Tugging her along the surface, I rip her hair out with all my might then knock her over, sending her tumbling into the needle pit. And to finish the bloodbath, Lucifer Shivers buries his axe into Astoria Lovelace's forehead. All the female careers have been wiped out, even that noob from 9. A pretty quick bloodbath, but everyone has vanished into the outskirts of the arena, veiled by flossy clouds. I push Lucifer Shivers aside as I prance down the south strip.