Hello everyone, this blog is ideas for me planning my next series of Hunger Games. So, pre-reserves and ideas will be placed here.

Story Behind the Games

President Fortuna Alvando paces her office. The third rebellion is going on, President Turner was murdered last week by those gang of rebel kids which ended the rebellion. She needed to think, so she paid a little trip to the President's Crypt where all former presidents were buried. Did she continue the Hunger Games? Or put an end to them? The new president entered the crypt and got a little more than she bargined for...

All the former presidents were angry with the rebellions against the districts and wanted them punished. But how, exactly was she going to punish the districts? President Alvando walked back to her office, where her mind was flooded with various ideas for the Hunger Games. But first, she needed one normal games before she could begin the chaos of a lifetime.(hence the name of this series of games being called the Cryptic Games).

Summary of Ideas

So, practically, all these games will have quite outrageous ideas to them that the President received in the Crypt. I'm not sure how many games there will be in the series, but expect some chaotic ideas... Also, once I have started a games, pre-reserves for the next games will be open.

All the Games


The 1st Annual Medieval Games (sign-ups are still open I think)

Prequel Games (The 385th Hunger Games: The Beginning)

The 385th Hunger Games: The Beginning

The First Games (The 386th Hunger Games: Second Chances)

"First, tributes must remember those who've passed before them."
―The 1st President of Panem speaks his idea to President Fortuna Alvando

So these games will have a pool of twenty-six tributes and thirteen revived tributes. For these games, you are allowed to enter two regular tributes and one revived tribute.

Regular Tributes

District Male Age Preferred Weapon Female Age Preferred Weapon
District 1 Reserved by Sambaroses
District 2
District 3 Reserved by Pippycat
District 4 Reserved by Sambaroses
District 5
District 6 Reserved by Misytmolla
District 7 Reserved by Misytmolla
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 12
District 13 Reserved by Pippycat

Revived Tributes

District Tribute Age Preferred Weapon Games they are from
District 1 Reserved by Pippycat
District 2 Reserved by Misytmolla
District 3
District 4 Reserved by Sambaroses
District 5
District 6
District 7
District 8
District 9
District 10
District 11
District 12
District 13

The Second Games (The 387th Hunger Games)