Hello, it's Emilia here, and welcome the to the ALL HALLOW'S EVE BALL! Since it is Halloween, I've decided to hold a little "ball" here on the wiki? Exactly what is it going to be about? Well, read below!


So, users that are on the guestlist will get a message on their talk page as an invitation to this prestigous ball. If the guest accepts, then they will be participating in the ball. The guestlist consists of between 20-24 ACTIVE users. Then, they will enter the House of Horrors where the only way you can escape is to be the last user standing. (No, this is NOT an RP games, sorry) How will you fair? Well, that is up to the most awesomest, cleverist and smartest gamemaker here (Emilia) to decide your fate.

(Also, the first POV's are short-ish because I want to make sure that everyone got a POV at the start before they get killed off. Heh.)

How to get on the guestlist

To get on the guestlist, comment on the blog here with the following template:



District Partner: (or date, I guess)



Costume: (Links and/or Polyvore are preferred for show moi your costume)

And I think that's it. District names are based off of Halloween things.


District Male Female
District Jack O' Lanterns Erlend (Infantata) Alice (Sasha Blouse)
District Ghoul Eli (Marvel) Jen (60's Girl)
District Bones Blake (Foxy from Five Nights at Freddie's) Bekah (Bloody Bekah)
District Goblin RANDOM Summer (Snow White from OUAT)
District Bizarre RANDOM Liza (Emma Swan from OUAT)
District Fear RANDOM Dani (Mouse)
District Phantom Kaeghan (A Gender-Bended Black Woman with Pink Hair) Claudia (TBA)
District Cackle RANDOM Whale (Marina) (Hippie)
District Werewolf Joey (Dipper from Gravity Falls) Caitlin (Yana from Wolfblood)
District Scream Nathaniel (TBA) RANDOM
District Zombie Tristan (Gender-Bend Cinderella) RANDOM
District Midnight RANDOM Bee (Black and White)
District Apparition RANDOM Eden (Lion)
District Eerie Connor (Bacon Baby) RANDOM
District Thriller Viktor (Phoenix Wright) RANDOM
District Netherworld Connor (TBA; this is the CTOADURN Connor) Marina (Regina George dressed as a bunny)


T.B.S.E.R.F.T.(TehBlissfulSalmonEyesRainForeverTributes) Alliance: Jen, Summer, Liza, Eli, Blake, Claudia, Kaeghan

Da Perf Alliance: Whale, Rebekah, Bee, Harai, Eden, Nathaniel

Hot Pumpkins Alliance: Erlend, Alice, Tristan, Claudia

Defying Gravity... with Wolves! Alliance: Joey, Catlin

Nether Alliance: Marina, Connor

Loners: Dani

Into the House of Horrors We Go: Emilia's POV

I smile as I lead the group of my coustumed friends inside the haunted house standing before them. Only I knew the true dangers of this weird haunted house, but I was somehow able to convince my friends that the house was safe for them as well. They bought it, of course and Alice even brought a pillowcase with her to collect candy. Everyone was so cheerful and happy, well, except for me.

Two days earlier...

I was on my coffee break after working long hours at the local library when a woman came and approached me.

"So girl," the lady started, "looking for a way to scare your friends this Halloween?"

"Um..." I stammered. Who was this lady? She was blonde, and didn't seem more than about 10 years older than me.

"Then, lead them to this street address on Halloween and see who will survive the House of Terror, the Mansion of Night."

"But-" I continued, but the lady vanished into thin air.

Present Day

I took a deep breath as I announced to my friends for what may be the very last time. "Ok, well, welcome to the best house on this block. Shall we take a look inside."

I got a variety of answers from everyone (so see if you can guess which one is yours).

"Yes! Time to show off mah Anaconda!"

"Only if Erlend comes with me!!!"

"Time to smash some pumpkins"

"Whale noises"


"Sure, I guess. If it's a haunted house, why does it look so plain on the outside?"

"OMG Dani, you can't call the exterior of a haunted house plain!"

"BLAKE! SHUT IT! Or you're gonna get some of my blood!"

"Might as well use my pretty princess costume."

"Ok, but I might have to protect my pretend daughter Liza..."

"PRETEND MOM! Don't call me your daughter!"

"Bacon, Bacon."

"As long as there is black and white dresses..."


"Why is my username always abbreviated?"

"Oh yeah, um sure."

"Wolf Howl"

"Oh no, Caitlin might have turned into a wolf.."

"Jen, you alright with this?!?!"

"Of course Marvel!"

"Nathaniel screams in honor of his district"

I can't help but grin at everyone's responses. But, having to see only one of them come out alive, that might just kill me.

I unlock the door and I lead all my friends inside the house.

"Just wait in the lobby everyone, ok?

But that was a lie. All I could do from telling them the truth was sparing my own life. Life just wasn't fair. I ran upstairs anyways where my boss was waiting for me. He was apparantly called the Master, but that's all I knew him as.

"Are they ready?" The Master asked.

I swallowed back a sob.

"Y---yes." I cowered.

Then the Master pulled a lever and all I could hear was falling bodies from the lobby. Some of my friends cried while others grinned and others just stood, holding their tribute partner close.

"The woman in the shop was just my minion." the Master started.

"What are you getting at?" I replied sharply.

"And so were you Emilia. Now, watch your friends die, or it'll be your head next." The Master replied as two guards pulled me a chair and tied me to it and forced me to watch the horrors that were about to unfold. What had I done? My friends didn't deserve to die.

I did.

What..The..Heck?: Alice's POV

After seeing the bodies of all the random tributes fall, all I could do is bury my face in Erlend's costume, trying to not watch the horror that was unfolding. What was going on? Did Emilia land us into a trap? And lastly, who could I trust in this house? I unlocked myself from Erlend's embrace. But that's when chaos ensued.

Everyone ran in different directions, some screaming BLOODY MURDER! or I HATE EMILIA! or even BACON WILL LIVE! Things just kept on getting weirder and weirder in the house of horrors. But, really, what was going on?

Erlend and I met up with Tristan and Claudia, followed with angry glares from Kaeghan before he ran off with a bigger alliance. But, the main question was, where do we go from here? Do we stay in the lobby or run off like everyone else?

Decisions, Decisions: Erlend's POV

Our alliance finally got together... and then immediately started to argue on where to hide. Sigh. Story of my Life, especially when Alice is my district partner...

Claudia and Tristan suggested running off while Alice just wanted to stay and camp out in the lobby to start. But, I agreed with Claud and Tristan.

"Peeps, let's move out." I started.

"Ok--" Alice started before she was cut by a scream from the upstairs.

"Who the heck was that?!" Claud screamed.

Only one way to find out, I mentally replied. Let's move out.

Really, a Zombie?: Dani's POV

My day couldn't get ANY worse. First of all, Marina and I came up with the idea to be 2/3 of the Plastics (terrible idea in my opinion) and then we all get stuck in a haunted house together due to Emilia's "smart idea" Seriously, she needs to get her brain checked.

Anyways, as I was on my own, I ran right outside of the lobby only to enter a creepy kitchen that contained REALLY creepy cobwebs. What nightmare was this?

Before I could continue, a weird noise came from around the corner, only to find myself in the face of a walker. No, not walker, a zombie. And all I had to defend myself was my fists and feet. Mentally though, I was seriously panicking. What do I do next? That's when I ran upstairs and did the most alerting thing ever.

I screamed.