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  • Summer bee 13

    Hey everyone. In case if you are or are not aware, once upon a time I hosted an RP Games here that still may or may not be active? Well, here is the sequel-ish and this time around, it's a rebellion! And guess who will be joining you? *cough cough myself cough cough*

    So, after the RP Games, the evil President Snow sent in muttations to attack the land known as Panem in order to get vengeance because all of the living tributes had escaped the arena. But is everyone against the Capitol? We will see.

    1. No Godmodding

    2. You can still participate even if you have died

    3. When filling out the character form, include an RL Picture

    4. HAVE FUN!

    5. Maximum of 4 characters (this may change)

    Name: (First AND Last)

    District: (Capitol-15)

    Status: (Victor, Reviv…

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  • Summer bee 13

    1,000 edits (Yay)

    November 15, 2014 by Summer bee 13

    So yeah, this will be my 1,000th edit on the Hunger Games Wiki!

    - Writing two games (third still in progress)

    - Having a victor (cough cough Thanks Tyler cough cough)

    - Making some new friends :3

    - NOT making enemies or "haters"

    - Make enemies :3

    So thanks for the support people! Below is a list of people who have been with me here and I know(ish)


    - Pipsqueak (Pippycat)

    - Sammy (Sambaroses)

    - Marina (Biel1458)

    - Whale (MarinaTheTenkaiKnight)

    - Blake (Tehblakdeath)

    - Nathaniel (Nlby001)

    - Meoryou (Eden)

    - Bekah (Blue-Ribbonz)

    - Erlend (PumPumPumpkin :3)

    - Amina (Yoonie)

    - Summer (Blissfully Mine)

    - Liza (Rainfacestar)

    - Jen (District3forever)

    - Eli (YourFavoriteSalmon)

    - Max (Mistymolla)

    - Ciara (…

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  • Summer bee 13

    Hello everyone! This is Emilia here with a normal-ish games of sorts. These games are the first games in The Cryptic Games

    1. 4 tributes per person (this may change, keep in mind)

    2. No flame-wars in the comments please

    3. No reserves as well

    4. I do prefer links, but I don't mind you giving me a template like one in the section below




    Weapons of Choice: (3 max)





    RL Picture:

    District Male Age Preferred Weapon Female Age Preferred Weapon
    Capitol Eleon 18 Traps, Voice Alana Willows 18 Throwing Knives
    District 0 Dimitri Kerr 15 Dagger, Awl Winter Glacius 15 Trident, Throwing Knives
    District 1 Sebastian Glaze 17 Axe, Throwing Axe Nina Blossom 16 Mace
    District 2 Blaze Mason 17 Sword, Throwing Knives …

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  • Summer bee 13

    The Cryptic Games

    October 10, 2014 by Summer bee 13

    Hello everyone, this blog is ideas for me planning my next series of Hunger Games. So, pre-reserves and ideas will be placed here.

    President Fortuna Alvando paces her office. The third rebellion is going on, President Turner was murdered last week by those gang of rebel kids which ended the rebellion. She needed to think, so she paid a little trip to the President's Crypt where all former presidents were buried. Did she continue the Hunger Games? Or put an end to them? The new president entered the crypt and got a little more than she bargined for...

    All the former presidents were angry with the rebellions against the districts and wanted them punished. But how, exactly was she going to punish the districts? President Alvando walked back to …

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  • Summer bee 13

    Hello, it's Emilia here, and welcome the to the ALL HALLOW'S EVE BALL! Since it is Halloween, I've decided to hold a little "ball" here on the wiki? Exactly what is it going to be about? Well, read below!

    So, users that are on the guestlist will get a message on their talk page as an invitation to this prestigous ball. If the guest accepts, then they will be participating in the ball. The guestlist consists of between 20-24 ACTIVE users. Then, they will enter the House of Horrors where the only way you can escape is to be the last user standing. (No, this is NOT an RP games, sorry) How will you fair? Well, that is up to the most awesomest, cleverist and smartest gamemaker here (Emilia) to decide your fate.

    (Also, the first POV's are short-ish …

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