This is my first games so please don't be mean if I mess things up. This is a regular games so no quell. There is 48 tributes, 2 males, 2 females.


About 55 years ago, the mockingjay died. Snow's great-grandson reinstated the hunger games and made each district send 2 males and 2 females to the capital. They all must still be ages 12-18. This time President Snow orders that only 3/4 of the mines are deactivated until the final 10, then the rest are deactivated.


1. You can enter up to 3 tributes.

2. You must use the given templates

3. I am sorry but I will not be doing any lunaii

4. You have 2 days for reservations

5. You should send your tributes advice and supplies

6. Do not get mad if your tributes die. Only one will survive.

7. You get 600$ per tribute in sponsor money

Remember, I only need tributes so don't do stylists or any of that.


You must use all of these. Anything else is optional if you want to put more things on.










Appearance(you can't use lunaii):


Bloodbath Strategy:



District Gender Name Age Height Weapon
D1 Male Cole Braxton 17 6'3 Axe, sword, hand to hand combat
D1 Male Lion Scrapes 18 185cm Mace
D1 Female Crystal Paige 16 5'8 Throwing knives, dagger
D1 Female Ruby Lux 18 5'7 Bow and arrow, throwing knives
D2 Male Navy Wonders 16 6'2 Close range(sword, axe, spear)
D2 Male Jonathan Ponce 12 5'4 Sickle
D2 Female Lana Roberts 14 5'3 Spear, Knife
D2 Female Thalia Combe 16 Throwing knives, bow and arrow
D3 Male Mark Smarts 14 6' Knife, wire, smartness
D3 Male Wally Firth 15 5'0 Knife
D3 Female Dimitria Pod 13 5'9 Sai, axe
D3 Female Enigma Fay 18 5'3 Bow, spear, blowgun, knives
D4 Male Thomas Quince 15 159cm Trident and net, spear
D4 Male Casp 16 5'8 Bow and arrows, trident and net
D4 Female Kennedy Mystique 15 5'5 Trident


Sima 18 5'8 Trident, net, spear
D5 Male Russel Murphey 14 Hand to hand combat, knife
D5 Male Drake Duncan 13 blowgun
D5 Female Jasmine Cornell 15 5'5 Bow and arrow, spear
D5 Female Layne Bresnet 13 5'4 All knives, bow and arrows, darts
D6 Male James Will 16 spear, slingshot
D6 Male Brann Clatch 16 177cm Swords
D6 Female Caroline Rae 12 4'8 Knife, slingshot, hiding
D6 Female Redinda "Red" Pearl Jameson 16 5'8 Swords,knives, traps
D7 Male Rinko Williams 13 162cm Hand to hand combat, sword
D7 Male Palmer Cershaw 18 6'10 Bare hands, axe, sword
D7 Female Monika Kittridge 17 5'8 Axe/throwing axe
D7 Female Kendall Mulikow 16 5'6 Throwing axes
D8 Male Jaxon Keller 17 6'1 Knife, sword, spear
D8 Male Saltso 18 182 centimeters Sword
D8 Female Noemi Bruvai 17 1.68m Anything sharp
D8 Female Aelita Lyoko 16 5'6 Bladed disks, throwing knives, sword
D9 Male Tyler Tonic 12 5'1 Tridents, axes, blowguns, and bow and arrows
D9 Male Banak Crane 17 6'2 Trident, spear
D9 Female Ara Janelle "AJ" Montenegro 18 6'0 Sword, bow and arrow
D9 Female Clarise Bens 18 Knives, slingshot
D10 Male Gunner Pann 15 5'11 Sword or knives
D10 Male Uit 15 4'9 Spear, knife
D10 Female Tara Mackentier 17 5'6 Throwing knives, throwing axes, trident
D10 Female Kaylen Jericho 17 5'6 Spear/javelin
D11 Male Ray 18 6'4 Bow, throwing knives
D11 Male Tyereece 18 6'4 Bow, throwing knives
D11 Female Adia Parkson 15 5'5 Scythe. knife, sword
D11 Female Kat Reed 18 5'9 Slingshot, bow
D12 Male Royce Deneath 13 Axe, slingshot
D12 Male Purico Henz 14 154 centimeters Hand to hand combat, spear
D12 Female Candace Rellini 18 5'6 Bow, axe
D12 Female Daanis Demira 15 5'4 Throwing knives, strength

Welcome tributes of the 183rd annual Hunger Games!!!!! May the odds be ever in your favor.


This years arena is slightly based off an African country. The Cornucopia is in the exact center and it is surrounded by grass tall enough to hide even the tallest tribute. It is 2 miles thick. To the north are 4 huge mountains forming a huge valley with a lake in it. The rest of the arena is a huge forest. There are several ponds and streams in the forest and it is so loud you could be whistling and not be heard.

The mutts include

Cheetah mutts: These mutts dash in quickly and go for the throat. Area: Tall grass

Lion mutts: The mutts attack in packs. One distracts while others kill. Area: Tall grass

Flesh eating bugs (like in the 75th games): The mutts will attack when they are least expecting it, mostly while you sleep. Area: Forest

Huge fish: The fish mutts will take/kill anything that touches the water. Area: Every water source but the ones in the cornicopia

Wolf mutts (similar to the 74th games): The mutts will attack in packs of 4 and take the "shape" of any tribute you kill. If you never killed anyone, they look like regular wolves. Area: In the mountains and the forest


At most points in the games, you can send your tributes items. You start with 600$ per tribute and get 50$ per kill. You also get 25$ for making it to the top 25 and 100$ for getting in the top 7.

Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Poison: $75

Portable Fan (cools tribute down): $150

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3

Lana Roberts



Cole Braxton


Crystal Paige


Caroline Rae



Jasmine Cornell



Layne Bresnet


Adia Parkson



Lion Scrapes


Thomas Quince


Brann Clatch



Noemi Bruvai


Coverage of the Reapings

"Alana Mccallister reporting on the reapings. As usually, many volunteers from districts 1,2, and 4. There are several orphans, that I must say I feel a little sorry for them. I bet we will all get over it! I have heard that a district 12 tributes brother is serving for her as an avox! One is a child of a mayor! Some were very sad and cried. Others showed no emotion. Every once and a while, people looked like they wanted to be in the games. Alana, signing out.

Countdown to the games

Ray- District 11

I feel myself rising on the metal plate. I feel so trapped and want to get back to the launch room. I bet Tyereece feels the same way somewhere else, we are almost the same. I look at the wall next to me. Is he right there? Just then, hot sun beats down on me. The countdown begins.

Ruby- District 1


We are all trapped in a circle of tall grass. There are huge mountains behind me, but everywhere else, a jungle. I start looking for some careers. Lion (1) is staring at me from a couple of plates away. He nods toward a mace in the mouth of the Cornucopia. I scan the area for a bow and I see it immediatly. It is shining in the bright sun and I start to get ready to run.

Wally- District 3


I see ahuge mountain in the distance and I know it must be a volcano. I'll have to get as far away as possible before it erupts. I know I have to get to the jungle. I turn my attention to the tributes. To my left is Brann (6) and to my left is Clarise (9). I first thought Brann might be an ok ally but I decided against it. I must be ready to run.

Random person from the Capitol- Capitol


It's about to start!!! Who will have the first kill? Who will die? Who will live? I have some of my money on Lion (1). He seems to be a killer, the way he volunteered. All my relatives disagree. It seems every one of my cousins have a differant district. It's starting! In 3... 2... 1...

Day 1

Thomas- District 4

I sprint torwards a trident at the center of the Cornucopia but Casp(4) gets there first. I turn and see Ruby(1) shoot an arrow at Aelita's(8) head. She misses by a centimeter and it instead lodges itself in Russel's(5) head. I get my hands on a different trident and turn to see Enigma(3) kill Drake(5) quickly with a knife. She told Palmer(7) something about less competion.

Enigma- District 3

I lean in to kiss himand he closes his eyes. Big mistake. I stab his throat and clean the blade quickly. He screams but it's lost in the noise. I look for someone else to kill and the first person I see is Candace(12) running away. Before I move, I see Mark(3) take a knife from Caroline's(6) dead body. I chase Candace(12) and I know I'm done at the bloodbath.

Banak- District 9

I have a spear in my hands but I don't know who to kill. I see a silver blade coming straight at me and I duck. A knife is lodged in the Cornucopia right behind me. It came from a group of people fighting together. I throw my spear that way but one warns the rest and they dive. I am so angry I don't see the rock coming. I'm knocked flat on my back unarmed. I see Clarise(9) coming with a knife and I struggle to get up. She stabs me hard in the stomach twice. It's getting so dark I know I'm almost dead.

Tyereece- District 11

I had the weapons and Ray(11) had the supplies. We were about to run to the forest. I saw Ruby (1) shoot an arrow at Royce(12) but he wasn't dying. Lots of people were starting to flee. I saw Brann (6) stick a sword in Ruby's(1) back as she threw a knife at Royce(12). I threw a knife at a crowd of people and it hit Purico(12) who was fighting Cole(1). Ray cried out a warning as I stared at his dead body. The last thing I saw was Ray(11). "It was Cole he threw a spear at you" I quieted him . "Win this, and kill him, for me." I whispered. He nodded, with tears in his eyes, and ran.

Mark- District 3

I only had one kill but there were still some dumb people here. I saw Thalia (2) throw a knife at Jaxon's (8) throat. He fell quicker than a rock. I smurked at the body.I walked over to Aelita(8) and Noemi(8). Noemi(8) said something and ran but Aelita(8) stayed behind. I nodded to Thomas(4) and we went for her. Aelita(8) came to us and we started fighting. We were in the tall grass when she ran and we followed. I heard a loud noise, mine. I'm dead. BOOM!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan- District 2

I advanced on Kaylen(10) with my sickle. She threw a spear but I expected it and dove to the side. I jumped up quickly while she was unarmed and swiftly killed her. Uit(10) was fleeing but Casp(4) threw his trident and killed him. I smirked knowing we could destroy them all. All the carrers settled down in the Cornucopia. None of us even noticed the pair of eyes glaring at us.

Kat- District 11

I headed to the mountains as soon as I got a pack. There was a small knife, 2 loaves of bread, and a sleeping bag. I climbed the mountain to the west and found a cave to sleep in. I walked in but someone was there. It was Adia(11), one of my district partners. She didn't have any supplies I could see but I took out my knife just in case. "Wake up!" I said. Her eyes flew open and Adia(11) saw the knife. She ran to the back of the cave. "Stop, I just have one question. Allies?" She looked at the knife again. I dropped it and she nodded. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!

Clarise- District 9

All I got from the bloodbath was a blanket, an empty bottle, 2 knives, a slingshot with 9 rocks, and dried fruit. I escaped to the jungle and was so mad the gamemakers couldn't fill the bottle with water.Just because of that, I might die. I take out my knives and start slashing at random. Then, I see a small river!!!! I put my bottle in but a fish grabs it. I put my hand in to cool off. A fish starts to pull and some others are coming too. I kill a few fish but there are so many I am starting to drown. They are biting me and I'm blacking out. Good-bye world. BOOM!

Lana- District 2

A huge yellow and black blur flys by. It goes right at Sima(4). It stopped to bite and scratch her and the cheetah. It's pelt made it obvious and the speed it was going at, well duh. It left as suddenly as it came at blinding speed. Sima(4) was hurt very badly and Casp(4) ran to get medicine but Sima(4) stopped him. "No. I'm almost gone, there was poisen" Sima's(4) eyes were fixed on Casp(4) untill the cannon sounded. BOOM! I saw the arrow before it hit Navy(2). "No!" I screeched as another arrow hit his neck. I threw the spear in the killers direction and Ray(11) fell. "Revenge" he croaked. BOOM! Navy(2) was bleeding bad and I knew he didn't stand a chance. "Sorry Navy" Lion(1) said quietly. BOOM! I was starting to tear up. James(6) and Jonathan(2) tried to cheer me up but it didn't work. "We'll go hunting for tributes tomarrow" Lion(1) announced.

Rinko- District 7

We must have the best alliance. It's me, AJ(9), Monika(7), Saltso(8), Dimitria(3), and Tyler(9). Most of it was Tyler's(9) idea, We have enough supplies to last 2 weeks in food and 1 in water. We all expect the careers to come and try to kill us but nothing has happened yet. I hear the anthem play and the faces start appearing in the sky. First is Ruby from 1. Next is Navy(2), Mark(3), Thomas(4), Sima(4), Russel(5), Drake(5), Caroline(6), Palmer(7), Aelita(8), Banak(9), Clarise(9), Uit(10), Kaylen(10), Ray(11), Tyereece(11), Royce(12), and Purico(12). Last is Candace from 12. At least one person from each district is dead. A total of 19 dead on day 1.

Day 2

Cole- District 1

I woke up last when Crystal(1) kept shaking me. "Come on lazy, time to kill some flimsy tributes" she smirked. I walked out of the Cornucopia and James(6) and Lion(1) were talking and looked like they disagreed. "No, will go to the jungle and that's final!" Lion walked over to me, Crystal, Jonathan(2), and Casp(4). "We're going to the jungle, then we'll try a few caves in the mountains" Thalia(2) and Lana(2) looked like they thought that was a great idea. We started to head across the clearing when a trident appeared. It flew straight at Jonathan and buried it into his chest. His eyes grew wide as he fell. Crystal grabbed her one of her throwing knives and sent it flying to where the trident came from. BOOM!!! BOOM!!! Jonathan was dead and Crystal went to get the knife. "It was Kennedy(4), she could have helped us as a career but no, she killed Jonathan" Crystal was so mad. "Let's go," Lion muttered.

Noemi- District 8

I woke and saw a parachute floating down. Most of the careers were still asleep. James(6) and Jonathan(2) were up watching for intruders. Luckily, neither of them saw the supplies in the parachute. It had soup, bread, water, and a blowgun. There was also a note telling me to get away from the careers and not to make noise from Thena. I was so happy for the supplies and the weapon. I ate some of the bread as I walked away. I had the blowgun loaded and was ready for any attacker. When I was almost out of the grass, two lions leaped out, one female, one male. I took down the female quickly but another took it's place. The male lunged and I sidestepped easily. I started to run but three where in my way. This is the end, I thought. I killed one female with a dart. None took it's place! Then I felt it, claws dug into my back and teeth were ripping at my throat. Soon, the world went black. BOOM!!!

Dimitria- District 3

We have already heard 3 cannons and the sun has barely risen. I wonder if it was anyone from my district. All of our alliance is fine and but I know things are going to be bad. We have lots of people and only 1 of us can win. It will be me! I drank a little water when I heard Rinko(7) call a warning. All of us were up but Saltso(8) but it quickly woke him up. We saw a pack of wolves stalk towards us and I froze. One of them looked just like Mark(3). He's dead! It had his eyes and the fur was the exact shade of his hair. Saltso yelped and took out his sword. I took an axe and threw it at wolf Mark. It buried itself in its head. The other 3 had teamed out on Saltso and Rinko. One was left but they were both weak. It jumped on Saltso and kept biting his throat. Eventually, Rinko killed it. BOOM! Saltso died.

Lana- District 2

These games are going soooo fast! Counting the ones who died today, there are 24 people left. Right now, me and the other careers are in the forest, looking for victims. I glanced around and saw a shadow, "DUCK!" I yelled just in time. A knife flew over Lion's(1) head. I immediately threw my spear at Wally(3) who was trying to run. BOOM!!! His cannon went off before he hit the ground. Lion smirked "23 to go!" I nodded, a triamphant smile on my face.

Enigma- District 3

This whole thing has been easy! I have a bunch of weapons, 3 days of food, and 2 days of water. I've been hunting in the vally but not many tributes are in the open. Soon, I see a knife fly by. I turn and see Layne(5) standing in front of me. She only has two left and I know I can take her. "Ready to die, 5?" I yell to her as I grab my blowgun. I load my first dart and it hits her left leg. Not fatal, but it slows her down. I take the time to reload my gun and by then the next knife is flying at me. It hits my shoulder and I cry out. "No, don't" I whimper as she brings her knife down. BOOM!!!

Will-District 6

I have my spear but we see no one. The rest of the careers are looking around. "Someone's here!!!" Lion(1) yells out, pointing at a shadow. Brann(3) breaks cover and starts running towards the mountains. He is running all over the place so none of us can shoot him. I finally decide to throw my spear. It hits him square in the back. He falls but still struggles. Lion runs at him and quickly finishes him with his mace. BOOM!!! "Nice kill" Thalia(2) nodded at him. "Now for the mountains," I went for my spear as the other careers started to leave. "Congrats to the remaining 21 tributes!" Alana's voice was clear across the arena. "Tomarrow morning, there will be a feast! I must tell you, you can't be in the clearing when the bags are sent down. If you do, you will die a tragic death. Not many of you are desperate so you may not come. All things are very valuable and you may never see anything that good for the rest of the games. Think wisely. Alana Mccallister, signing out." thats it, she's gone. "We can't go in the clearing so where will we stay?" Crystal's(1) voice was trembling. "Lets fine a clearing and stay here." Lana sighed. Soon the anthem blared but I payed no attention, 21 left, Alana said. 21

Day 3

Before the feast

Adia-District 11 I woke up and saw Kat(11) standing over me. "What time is it," I moaned as I sat up. "Just after midnight, time to switch shifts" Kat crawled over and pulled moss over her. "What should we do for the feast?" I said finally awake "I don't know, maybe our mentors will say something." Kat grunted and rolled over. After an hour on guard, two notes flew down. I took one and it was from my mentor. She said not to go unless I'm desperate. I'm not, I won't go. I started to slash moss at the entrance of the cave as I wondered who would die next.

Thalia-District 2 I can't believe Lion(1) made me guard just because I can use a bow. I haven't done much in these games and I'm fine with that. We're still in the forest clearing and anyone could sneak up on us. Everyone must be here in the forest it seems to be the safest place. Then, I see a huge bug fly down and I take little notice. Another one flys down, then another. Soon, there is a huge swarm of bugs staring at us. As one flys at my head I screech, "RUN!!!" All of the bugs are swarming around us. As we reach the mountains I realize not all of us are here, "Where's Cole(1)?!?" Crystal(1) screeches just before me. BOOM!!! The cannon confirms what we thought. Cole is dead.

Tyler-District 9 I woke up with a cannon. "Who is it?" Monika(7) called out first. "None of us," AJ(9) shouted from the mouth of the cave. In a unison, there were several thumps outside. I grabbed my axe but AJ called out "It's from our mentors." My mentor had sent me poison and advice from what to do with it. I told Rinko(7) and AJ my plan and they agreed to come. "Where is everyone?" I muttered. "Let's try the vally" Rinko suggested. We turned to the vally and almost immediately found Jasmine(5) sleeping. "She has bread and water, let's start poisoning" I whispered. I grabbed the poisen and trickled some into the water and on the bread. "Let's get back to the mountains and figure if we should go to the feast. When we got back, everyone was arguing. "Yes,no,yes,no,Yes,No,YES!!!NO!!!" It was so annoying. Soon, I came up with an idea. "Me, Rinko, AJ, and Dimitria(3) go, Monika stays" "Fine" they agreed. BOOM!!! I hope that was Jasmine.

The feast!

Gunner-District 10 This is the time. Lion(1) and Cole(1) are going to die even if I have to die too. I'm right outside the Cornucopia clearing and I see the packs come down. Tara(10) sprints out but as soon as she turns to leave an arrow pierces her neck. BOOM!!! 18 left standing. I'm guessing that arrow came from a career so Lion and Cole must be near. Then the careers explode from their hiding places. I notice Cole isn't there, he must've died. I take a chance and throw one of my knives at Lion. It hits his arm and he turns. He takes out his mace and I run to the side while drawing my sword. As he reaches the tall grass I run up to him and stab him. BOOM!!! Yes!!! He's dead! One more to go. Then Lana(2) calls to Lion "Who did you kill?" She starts to walk over and sees me before I run. I'm hurtling myself out of this place when I hear the last noise of my life. BOOM!!!

Monika-District 7 This feast has been deadly. So far, 3 deaths. As soon as Lana(2) chased Gunner(10) into he tall grass. We ran to our packs. We decided to do Tyler's(9) plan and so I'm ready with my axe. I notice the knife coming straight at me. I dodge knowing it will kill the person behind me. BOOM!!! I see AJ's(9) dead body and I'm so sad, her death was my fault. I get it together and I throw one of my axes at Casp(4). It hits his stomach and he falls soundlessly. BOOM!!! The rest of the careers retreat as we get our supplies and run out. We head back to the mountains and by the time were back, night has fallen. The anthem suddenly blares out and we see the dead faces. First was Cole(1) then Lion(1). Next came Lana, Casp, Jasmine(5), AJ, and Gunner. Tara(10) was last. "I guess that was Jasmine" Tyler mutters to Rinko(7) and he nods. I fall asleep after thinking that after 12 people die I go home.

Day 4

James-District 6 Typical. The girls put me on guard duty being the only boy career left. I'm so close to killing both of them to put an end to this misery. I could kill one now but the noise would wake the other. Then, I got a brilliant idea. I have really bad aim but I take one of Crystals(1) throwing knives, get some extra food, and Crystal's dagger just in case. I get just outside the clearing and throw a knife at Crystal. I don't stay to watch and there's no cannon yet. If I missed, Crystal and Thalia(2) are going to be after me in several seconds. BOOM!!! She must have died. I get into the forest and I know I'm safe for now.

Rinko-District 7 I wake up and am so happy that I made it to day 4. I yawned and stretched while Dimitria(3) walks over to me. "You slept through a cannon, sleepyhead"I'm suddenly alert, "Who died?" If it was one of us I would be devastated I slept through it. "None of us" I hoped it was a career. I ate some dried meat as I guarded our cave. Then, I saw something that scared me. 4 wolf mutts were staring right at me. Then, they bared their and charged. "Help, wolves!!!" I screeched as the first leaped at me. I punched it's nose but the mutt didn't notice. By the time I picked up my sword the four mutts had practically torn me to shreads. I swung and quickly killed one. Then, I felt teeth pierce my neck and I fell. BOOM!!!

Daanis-District 12 Me and Kendall(7) have been hiding out this whole time. I never have seen anyone and we are well enough fed. The only thing that scares me is that me and Kendall will need to split up soon. Our mentor told us to split up at the final 10 and there is only 11 left. When I think about it, I get freaked out. I've been here for four days and only 11 of the 24 are still alive. There isn't much trouble in the vally so I'm starting to lower my guard. "Who do you think will be the next one to die?" Kendall whispered to me. "You!" Kat(11) jumped out with one arrow pointed directly at my heart. Adia(11) snuck up behind her but swallowed to loudly when she was about to swing her sword. Kat turned around and shouted "YOU WERE GOING TO KILL ME!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!!!" Then she pushed Adia about 5 yards away and shot her arrow directly threw Adia's neck. BOOM!!! Kat sprinted away threw some trees as me and Kendall gawked at eachother. "Adia just died to save us." I whispered. "We should split up," Kendall said, her voice shaking. I nodded and grabbed some things and ran.

Thalia-District 2 As I pace the clearing, I think about how alone I am. James(6) left and killed Crystal(1), the last person I remotely trusted. I got all my supplies and headed for a random area in the jungle. The place was so creepy and dark. I hoped to possibly find an alliance but at the final 10, I doubted anyone would. I remembered the group in the mountains and wondered if they would let me in. No, I killed part of their group, they will hate me for the rest of their lives. I saw a flash of silver and easily stepped out of the way. "Who is it? Come ot now!" As I said the words, I took out a knife. Then, I put it back as Daanis(12) stepped out. "What do you want, career?" Her voice was sharp and I bit back a snarky remark. "Want to be allies? The other careers are.. doing other things and I want an ally" I had to get right to the point. "Fine, but don't kill me or else." I smiled and she returned it. I took out some food and started to eat. "Want to help me get rid of some competion"

Day 5

Dimitria-District 3

I was sleeping when a cannon woke me up. BOOM!!! I looked around and saw Daanis(12) taking a knife from Monika's(7) dead body. Tyler(9) grabbed his axe and threw it at Daanis. She fell bleeding badly. I got it again as she had pulled it out. Thalia(2) tried to throw some medicine at her but I took it instead. Thalia and me were going Sai on knife but she was good. She had just stabbed my arm and then got my stomach and I fell. Thalia raised her knife to stab me when Tyler threw his axe. It hit her and both of us took medicine. BOOM!!! That had to have been Daanis as the three of us were breathing. Thalia ran while we were unarmed but turned back and shot an arrow at Tyler. I rushed to him and pulled the arrow out of his heart. BOOM!!! It was too late. I was alone.

Kendall-District 7

I've reached the final 7 and I'm so excited. I feel like this is going to be the last day so I ate the rest of my food. Then I hear a loud noise, BOOM! It wasn't a cannon so I go outside and see what happened. The mountains are really volcanos. I see Dimitria(3) come outside and starts running with just her Sai. Then, I see Layne(5) heading towards the Cornucopia clearing and Dimitria is almost right behind her. I run as fast as I can and soon see Layne stop and smile at me. She has a throwing knife in each hand and before I know it she throws one. It hits my left leg and I fall. I pull it out and can barely walk. Then, the second one hits my other leg and I fall. Layne took off after Dimitria and her purpose was clear. She didn't want to kill me just slow me down and it worked. I try to crawl forward when the lava reaches me. I scream and black out. BOOM!!!

James-district 6

I just saw the volcanos explode and wow! I only heard one cannon and I saw Layne(5) run through the tall grass. I decide to follow her and take out another tribute. There is only one more career left and I'm guessing Thalia(2) will go after her too. I take out my spear and walk toward the tall grass. I hear a rustle to my left and a feel a pain in my left arm. I see a knife buried in it and I pull it out. I curse and myself for not taking medicine from Thalia. Red(6) runs out with her sword and I smile, this will be easy. I sidestep her first strike and stab my spear into her stomach. I feel a huge pain in my back and I fall. BOOM!!! Red threw a knife at me before she died. I knew I was doomed as I started to black out. BOOM!!!

Kat-District 11

I had seen Layne(5) and Thalia(2) run into the tall grass and I decided to kill them both there. I didn't know who the last one left was but I hoped to kill them too. I loaded my bow and knew that I could take them all down. As I got in the tall grass, I saw a flash of clothing and I saw Dimitria(3). The four of us were hear and three about to die. I broke into the clearing and the four of us were standing there, weapons drawn. Just as I was about to shoot at Dimitria, a loud voice rang out. "Congrats to the final 4!!! We have an announcement to make! The Capitol has seen it fit to have two victors! There can be two as long as the last dies of blood loss from the legs! If not, only one victor will be allowed. Happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor!" Alana had delivered great news and I knew the 18 year olds should win. I let my arrow fly and it hit Dimitria's heart. BOOM!!! Layne made eye contact with Thalia and she nodded. I knew they were about to come at me so I backed up to the Cornucopia and notched an arrow. I saw Layne run into the tall grass, the coward. I hit Thalia's arm while she notched an arrow. We started to circle eachother when I felt a burning feeling in my leg. While I was distracted, Thalia hit my leg. I fell and my quiver landed 3 yards away. Layne had a blowgun and was smiling as Thalia started stabbing me with a knife. It got darker and darker when she stopped and I heard my last sound. BOOM!!!

Thalia-district 2

I won!!! Layne(5) came up and hugged me and I hugged her back. Many people had died(many I killed) for this moment. It was the best feeling in the world and I smiled knowing I got to go back a victor. I was proud of myself and I was even happier when the hovercraft picked us up. "Thanks for teaming up with me." Layne whispered. "That's what friends are for." I smiled back. We said goodbye after the interviews. "See you in six months" I told her. "I can't wait!" Layne said back.

A small note

Thank you everyone for participating in my first games! Congrats to the mentors of Thalia Combe(PeetaPancakes) and Layne Bresnet(Horsefinatic). Please join my next ones(link in comments) and read the story of Cashmere and Gloss. Thanks again! I hope to see you in my next games!

Current Status

If it doesn't say anything the tribute is dead.

District Name Allies Area Has Needs
D1 Cole Braxton
D1 Lion Scrapes
D1 Crystal Paige
D1 Ruby Lux
D2 Navy Wonders
D2 Jonathan Ponce
D2 Lana Roberts
D2 Thalia Combe Victor!
D3 Mark Smarts
D3 Wally Firth
D3 Dimitria Pod
D3 Enigma Fay
D4 Thomas Quince
D4 Casp
D4 Kennedy Mystique
D4 Sima
D5 Russel Murphey
D5 Drake Duncan
D5 Jasmine Cornell
D5 Layne Bresnet Victor!
D6 James Will
D6 Brann Clatch
D6 Caroline Rae
D6 Red Jameson
D7 Rinko Williams
D7 Palmer Cershaw
D7 Monika Kittridge
D7 Kendall Mulikow
D8 Jaxon Keller
D8 Saltso
D8 Noemi Bruvai
D8 Aelita Lyoko
D9 Tyler Tonic
D9 Banak Crane
D9 AJ Montenegro
D9 Clarise Bens
D10 Gunner Pann
D10 Uit
D10 Tara Mackentier
D10 Kaylen Jericho
D11 Ray
D11 Tyereece
D11 Adia Parkson
D11 Kat Reed
D12 Royce Deneath
D12 Purico Henz
D12 Candace Rellini
D12 Daanis Demira

Death Chart

Place Tribute Day Killed Killed By Killed From
48 Russel Murphey 1 Ruby Lux Arrow in the head
47 Drake Duncan 1 Enigma Fay Knife in the chest
46 Palmer Cershaw 1 Enigma Fay Knife in the throat
45 Caroline Rae 1 Mark Smarts Knife in the back
44 Candace Rellini 1 Enigma Fay Knife in the throat
43 Banak Crane 1 Clarise Bens Knife in the stomach
42 Ruby Lux 1 Brann Clatch Sword through the back
41 Purico Henz 1 Tyereece Knife in the back
40 Tyereece 1 Navy Wonders Spear in the back
39 Royce Deneath 1 Ruby Lux Loss of blood from arrow and knife
38 Jaxon Keller 1 Thalia Combe Knife in the throat
37 Aelita Lyoko 1 Mine explosion Mine
36 Thomas Quince 1 Mine explosion Mine
35 Mark Smarts 1 Mine explosion Mine
34 Kaylen Jericho 1 Jonathan Ponce Stabbed by sickle
33 Uit 1 Casp Trident in back
32 Sima 1 Cheetah Mutt Bit and scratched
31 Clarise Bens 1 Fish Mutt Eaten alive/drowned
30 Ray 1 Lana Roberts Spear in heart
29 Navy Wonders 1 Ray Loss of blood from arrows
28 Jonathan Ponce 2 Kennedy Mystique Trident in chest
27 Kennedy Mystique 2 Crystal Paige Knife in neck
26 Noemi 2 Lion mutts Bit and scratched in neck
25 Saltso 2 Wolf mutt Bit in throat
24 Wally 2 Lana Roberts Spear in back
23 Enigma Fay 2 Layne Bresnet Knife in heart
22 Brann Clatch 2 Lion Scrapes Beaten with mace
21 Cole Braxton 3 Bug mutts Eaten alive
20 Jasmine Cornell 3 Tyler Tonic Poisoned
19 Tara Mackentier 3 Thalia Combe Arrow in neck
18 Lion Scrapes 3 Gunner Pann Sword through side
17 Gunner Pann 3 Mine Mine explosion
16 Lana Roberts 3 Mine Mine explosion
15 AJ Montenegro 3 Thalia Combe Knife in head
14 Casp 3 Monika Kittridge Axe in stomach
13 Crystal Paige 4 James Will Knife in side
12 Rinko Williams 4 Wolf mutt Bit in neck
11 Adia Parkson 4 Kat Reed Arrow threw neck
10 Monika Kittridge 5 Daanis Demira Knife in stomach
9 Daanis Demira 5 Tyler Tonic Axe in chest/bled to death
8 Tyler Tonic 5 Thailia Combe Arrow in heart
7 Kendall Mulikow 5 Volcano Heat
6 Red Jameson 5 James Will Spear in stomach
5 James Will 5 Red Jameson Knife in back
4 Dimitria Pod 5 Kat Reed Arrow in heart
3 Kat Reed 5 Layne Bresnet and Thalia Combe
VICTOR! Thalia Combe
VICTOR! Layne Bresnet