Hi guys, I just wanted to tell you all I might not be active on this wiki's chat or the actual wiki anymore. I am going to most likely move wikis, (moving to Creepypasta) because nothing really needs to be edited here, whereas, I have plenty of things to keep me busy over there. Not only that, but this chat may have about 10 people a day in it, but it is a DEAD chat. I'm sorry it's one of the most boring chat's I have ever been in. People join and talk for 1 minute, and then go AFK. Whereas, Creepypasta usually has about 18-20 people on their chat, and I might become a chat moderator there soon. 

Now, this is not goodbye, as I will get on chat if it is not deader than my ex-wife. But other than that, I will only be on to help Liza, Summer, and Jen write on the Senior blog, and that is pretty much it. (So don't stroke out Liza.)

And this wiki has changed quite a bit with editing things. I think people are more intrested in blogs and chat than the actual wiki, which I can't blame you. There is nothing to edit and that can get quite boring. 

So, if you don't see me around like I use to be, here is the reason. You'll see this if you see this. And anyways, you can always go on Kik or Creepypasta chat if you wanna talk to me. I'm not leaving WIKIA, just this wiki. And if there chat ever shuts down again, I'll come crawling back here begging you all to accept me again.

Okay, I think I am talked enough, thanks guys! This isn't goodbye so I am not going to be sappy or anything.



Since someone brought up a really good point about if I am going to be online anyways, I might as well get on chat. SO I GUESS SINCE YOU GUYS WANT ME SO BAD, I will be on chat. But everything else still applies.