Welcome to the 50th Hunger Games! 


  1. You may submit three tributes and only a single Career tribute (keep in mind that District 14 is also a Career district). More templates as per usual may be accepted later on.
  2. Reservations last twenty-four hours, but will be kept longer if gone unnoticed. This means you could've reserved a tribute a day before, but if I don't go online until then, you're reservation is still entirely valid.
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  4. Activity will be expected. Continue to comment and cheer for your tributes is all I ask for, otherwise you can count on failing to receive a victor. 
  5. Advice will be ignored. Don't give it, although I will be allowing you to sponsor your tributes. 
  6. Constructive criticism is appreciated. This does not mean, however, I expect someone to comment how horrid my writing is without first suggesting a reason why. I assume any judgment given will be reasonable, even if it is negative, but that does not give any reader the common right to say what I write is simply garbage and that's it. Please, be both respective and intelligent when giving me any analyses. 
  7. Don't be afraid to proofread my writing. Nobody's perfect, so expect a few mistakes here and there. Just inform me, and I'll clear up the errors. 



I don't expect everyone to utilize this template. I am perfectly fine if you use your own, just as long as you include everything that is involved within this version. 

Name: (I don't expect you to go all out for this one, but I prefer interesting names over your typical Joe kind of names.) 

District: (Submit any tribute from the Capitol and 0-14. Remember to refer to rule #1.) 

Gender: (The basic male or female options.)

Age: (Tributes should be between the ages of twelve and eighteen.) 

Personality: (It can be short or long, whatever it is that you prefer. Keep in mind, however, that it should be in tune with the backstory as well and realistic as well.) 

Appearance: (Lunaii, description, and real life picture will all be appreciated. I'm going to be including both lunaii and real life pictures, so unless you're like me and uses all three, I will try my best to look (or make if it's a lunaii that is needed) for any pictures if you're missing one or two of the necessities.) 

Weapons: (One or two weapons per usual tribute please, anything above that is simply unnecessary. Also, be absolutely real here. The weapon section exists to list the weaponry your tribute is best at. That means it's unlikely for a tribute from District 11 to be an ace at swordplay. Consider their industries, and then write.) 

Backstory: (I expect this be to the longest field of the entire template. Keep in mind that I will be writing about the tribute based on their mien and history, so don't make it stupid but particularly boring as well. I don't expect it to be entirely peculiar, but tributes with interesting backgrounds tend to stick around longer than the "basic lumberjacks of District 7" or "preppy, vile temptresses of District 1." That being said, don't be afraid to go all out for this section.)

Fear(s): (Everyone is afraid of something. Whether you give me one or numerous is entirely up to you, but I need at least one.) 


District Name Age Weapons Name Age  Weapons
Capitol Mahogany Vesta Seventeen Throwing Knives Cyan Vesta Seventeen Sword
0 Nova Deimos Seventeen Bowie Knife, Knife Aquilo Hudson Eighteen Trident, Sword
1 Wonder Frowiss Seventeen Bow & Arrow, Axe Jasper Knight Seventeen Sword, Dagger
2 Cayla Unastrong Sixteen Tomahawk, Throwing Axe Uzi Kystrel Fifteen Machete
3 Stacy Sidrat Eighteen Wire, Blowgun Ranur Caw Fifteen Knife, Dagger
4 Maya Thalassa Sixteen Throwing Knives, Trident Allan Seashore Seventeen Trident, Sword
5 Amara Lilac Sixteen Machete, Dagger Textil Archeus Fifteen Throwing Knives, Hammer
6 Violet Dionaea Fifteen Scythe, Dagger Zulfikar Zambrano Fourteen Wrench, Hammer
7 Crescent Ombra Sixteen Axe, Machete Vesper Brooks Fourteen Sickle, Throwing Knives
8 Lacey Despin Twelve Bow & Arrow, Knife Octavian Silvercrest Eighteen Bow & Arrow, Throwing Knives
9 Silvia Peck Sixteen Sword Elias Angerrage Fourteen Throwing Axe, Sword
10 Ariadne Ballentine Fifteen Blowgun, Darts Viggo Flame Seventeen Bow & Arrow, Throwing Knives
11 Icelia Wintersmith Fifteen Bow & Arrow, Rope Katta Wallace McKerdeen Sixteen Rocks, Knife
12 Celicia Fen Fifteen Bow & Arrow, Throwing Knives Nitro Neutren Sixteen Pickaxe
13 Amber Burn Thirteen Spear, Bow & Arrow Dennis Rystentia Twelve Knife, Sickle
14 Amber Tempest Fourteen Poison, Throwing Knives Darion Maane Thirteen Spear, Trident



  • Freshwater Spring
  • Temple
  • Beach
  • Trees
  • Plants
  • Poison Dart Frog
  • Jaguar
  • Crocodile
  • Army Ants
  • Bane Serpent
The featured arena in the 50th Hunger Games may be beautiful, but it's just as deadly as the rest. The bloodbath takes place in the very heart of the massive rainforest, where nothing dares to venture the desolate spot. Tributes will have to fight for the miniscule of supplies that lay in the metallic Cornucopia. Once the bloodshed ceases to fall by it, it can be considered a safe haven for tributes, but it's likely the Careers will have captured this fort by then. However, once you leave this area, you are unlikely ever to find it again. The rainforest is alive; a labyrinth, if you will. The moment you leave the comforts of the Cornucopia refuge, there is no telling where you may end up.

Temples can be discovered and be used a type of base. Venture deeper, and it's possible to discover a map of the arena within a series of chests, allowing you to safely explore it without risking the possibility of getting lost. Supplies can be found here, but most of it is rusted or compromised, and only a minority can be salvaged. If you follow the maps or by the roll of the die, you can discover a beach. The artificial ocean is home to many delicious fish and the trees here bear fruit like papayas and coconuts. A pineapple garden can also be found here. (A/N: Yes, I just had to.)

Freshwater springs, safe to drink from, are also scattered throughout the entire arena. Filled with edible delicacies as well, these springs could be vital for survival. Be careful, however, as an undetectable threat also lurks near the springs. The poison dart frog was once an extinct creature, wiped out during the wars, but due to advanced Capitol technology and DNA that was found from a preserved specimen, it has been resurrected from the dead. Tributes will have to be wary and cautious as they go near the springs, otherwise unforeseen incidents may occur. 

Other dangers include jaguars, which hide in trees until they find their intended target, stalking them until they mutilate them to an horrific demise. Crocodiles are prone to appearing in the rivers, camouflaging themselves with the flora until they suddenly strike at a tribute, dragging them into the water where they will asphyxiate them by locking its jaw around the tribute as it spins them in a horrid display of natural torture, until the tribute is fully deprived of air. Army ants attack in large groups and are easily provoked. They will gather together until they assault their victims, covering the sufferer until only mere scraps remain.

Tributes may also find themselves victim to hazardous plants as well, such as lawyer vine and black nightshade. A multitude of natural hallucinogen exist within the very confines of the rainforest. Once affected by these halluciogens, tributes will be left vulnerable and as such, easy prey.

Other than the revived fauna and flora, there is but one muttation that exists within the arena. The bane serpent, a colorful ophidian that may seem otherwise harmless due to its size being relative to the basic garter snake. However, this is but a guise to fool the tributes into thinking is anything but an abnormal menace. Its victim won't even realize what's wrong with them before it's too late. A painful process will ensue once bitten by one of these critters.

The first few hours, nothing will happen, but then all of a sudden your nervous system begins to falter. You start coughing up blood and everything starts to painfully tingle. Soon, a terrible fever will arise and you have difficulty walking. By tomorrow, however, the tingle should vanquish. Because your nerves no longer work. All of your other senses slowly begin to dull as your sickness continues to garner. Your entire body will feel as if its burning up from within, and then memory loss begins to kick in. You will feel lost, confused, depressed, and possibly even a bit peeved at the entire world. Hallucinations often materialize as well. Finally, as you start crying at the thought of your last moments, you will lose your sight. Everything goes black, yet you're not dead. You feel nothing, you see nothing, you know nothing. What makes the bane serpent so terrifying is that while it does not kill you, it leaves you with an sensation as if you are dead and that there is no coming back from the trance.

Only several bane serpents exist within the arena, but the tributes know nothing about them. They were left uninformed and ignorant of this posing threat, and as such, are left vulnerable.

May the odds be in their favor.


User Tribute #1 Money Tribute #2 Money Tribute #3 Money
FrostyFire Nova Deimos (0) Vesper Brooks (7) Viggo Flame (10)
Pippycat Lacey Despin (8) Celicia Fen (12) Amber Burn (13)
TheFireJay Mahogany Vesta (Cap) Cyan Vesta (Cap)
PumPumPumpkin :3 Violet Dionaea (6) Darion Maane (14)
MissRandomStuff Stacy Sidrat (3) Amber Tempest (14)
Lightstone123 Octavian Silvercrest (8)
Rayplayzlol70 Silvia Peck (9)
District3 Crescent Ombra (7)
WeirdTributes Maya Thalassa (4) Katta Wallace McKerdeen (11)
Aerialchinook Amara Lilac
VDA1999 Cayla Unastrong (2)
Yoonie Aquilo Hudson (0) Ranur Caw (3)
YourFavoriteSalmon Allan Seashore (4) Elias Angerrage (9)
Tehblakdeath Uzi Kystrel (2) Textil Archeus (5) Dennis Rystentia (13)
BaconCanadian Jasper Knight (1) Icelia Wintersmith (11)
Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute Wonder Frowiss (1) Nitro Neutren (12)
Nlby001 Zulfikar Zambrano (6)
Nommyzambies Ariadne Ballentine (10)

Training Scores

District Name Score Name Score
Capitol Mahogany Vesta 7 Cyan Vesta 7
0 Nova Deimos 10 Aquilo Hudson 8
1 Wonder Frowiss 8 Jasper Knight 7
2 Cayla Unastrong 9 Uzi Kystrel 8
3 Stacy Sidrat 4 Ranur Caw 6
4 Maya Thalassa 7 Allan Seashore 10
5 Amara Lilac 6 Textil Archeus 5
6 Violet Dionaea 5 Zulfikar Zambrano 7
7 Crescent Ombra 8 Vesper Brooks 5
8 Lacey Despin 5 Octavian Silvercrest 8
9 Silvia Peck 6 Elias Angerrage 8
10 Ariadne Ballentine 7 Viggo Flame 7
11 Icelia Wintersmith 9 Katta Wallace McKerdeen 6
12 Celicia Fen 6 Nitro Neutren 7
13 Amber Burn 6 Dennis Rystentia 4
14 Amber Tempest 9 Darion Maane 7


Italics = Leader


Allan Seashore (4), Aquilo Hudson (0), Wonder Frowiss (1), Cayla Unastrong (2), Uzi Kystrel (2), Icelia Wintersmith (11), Amber Tempest (14), Darion Maane (14)

Capitol Alliance

Cyan Vesta (Cap), Mahogany Vesta (Cap)

Female Alliance 1

Celicia Fen (12), Lacey Despin (8), Silvia Peck (9), Amber Burn (13)

Female Alliance 2

Nova Deimos (0), Amara Lilac (5), Violet Dionaea (6), Ariadne Ballentine (10)

Male Alliance

Octavian Silvercrest (8), Zulfikar Zambrano (6), Vesper Brooks (7), Katta Wallace McKerdeen (11), Dennis Rystentia (13)


Jasper Knight (1), Stacy Sidrat (3), Ranur Caw (3), Maya Thalassa (4), Textil Archeus (5), Crescent Ombra (7), Viggo Flame (10), Nitro Neutren (12)

The Games

Day One


Silence. The winds are still, soft zephyrs whose audacity remain disregarded by the Capitol audience as they anxiously waited for the tributes to appear in the arena. The vast wilderness spread across the green landscape from its centerpiece, the Cornucopia. The cameras switched from the golden glimmer of the metallic cynosure to the prominent rainforest. Dew drops fell from elegantly, curved leaves as a jaguar rested on a high branch. The creature yawned, as army ants attacked a grasshopper, shearing it apart with their powerful jaws. Crocodiles lurked in the swamps, patiently awaiting for an easy prey to slip in the waters. A seemingly innocent-looking critter rested on a stone. The poison dart frog enjoyed the moisture provided by the spring, being unperturbed by the peaceful setting. A hungry newt appeared, desperate for a meal. Its greedy, beady eyes caught the sight of its fellow amphibian, ignorant of the danger of devouring it. It moved like lightning, swiftly capturing the creature in its maw. But as it took several steps, it stopped and became inanimate, a corpse of its former being. The frog simply slipped out of the now lifeless being, as it headed back to its former spot. But the real danger slithered, showing off its vibrant colors as a lion might exhibit its mane. Several ophidians of a small size were the gravest of beings that existed in the rainforest. The District 14 workers that engineered them shuddered as the cameras showcased them, knowing the horror they were capable of, while the others in Panem remained unaware of its power.

Then, one by one, the tributes arose from the comforts of the Capitol, and into the arena. The Capitol cheered, although they had little hope for Cyan and Mahogany. They were happily surprised when the two volunteered, expecting them to be Career material, but were outraged upon discovering they created their own pact with each other. Their assessment of them became even less impressive when the training scores were revealed. The outlying districts were somber and unsmiling, while some families of the reaped stayed at home, crying and praying their distress away. The head Peacekeeper of District 9 smiled, however, when he saw Elias. He was looking forward for the maverick's demise. The anticipation slowly built up, becoming more noticeable as each second passed. When the last tribute, Violet, appeared the countdown began.


Allan had a simple goal in mind. Fortunately for him, his pedestal lay directly in front of the luminous Cornucopia, giving him a perfect view of the supplies. Rations weren't a primary target, considering he had no doubt in his mind he and his Careers would be capable of capturing the prosperous abundance. Essentially, the bloodbath wasn't necessarily about making it out with a stockpile, but by making as many kills as possible. A silver trident was in sight, but he had to spill the first blood. From his right, there was Ariadne, and his left, Stacy. He smirked, causing Stacy to shiver in fear.


Mahogany bit her lip as she looked for her brother. She was almost directly behind the Cornucopia, right next to Nitro. She tensed up, sighing as she became aware that he was likely on the opposing side. She stopped searching and began thinking instead. Initially, she and and her brother Cyan were adored by the Capitol, being the classic brother-sister duo they were partial to. But after being rejected by the Careers and gaining a seven as her training score, she and Cyan have become a laughingstock and a shame to their family. But she was determined to alter that. Other than Dennis, Wonder was on her left. If she killed a Career, she knew that not only will the Careers regret not accepting she and her brother, but the Capitol will pardon their follies and acknowledge them as the highest threat. She set her flaming eyes on a pair of Stygian throwing knives, eager to stain them as scarlet as her hair.


Textil seemed to gaze at everything at once, giving those watching him the impression as if he was gravely horrified at the current situation, as many tributes were. Zulfikar appeared to notice this, as he stared at him with a disgusted expression. He had always viewed Textil as an anomaly in the Hunger Games, a freak who would doom himself to his own grave. He almost pitied the wide-eyed blond, but he knew there was no helping it. He was destined to die. But Zulfikar underestimated this wildcard. Textil's alternate personality was slowly arising from its host, as he abruptly stopped moving and instead displayed a chilling, wide smile, making Celicia shudder. His flaxen eyes glittered with the desire to kill.


Silvia's body temperature began to falter as anxiety slowly washed over her. She didn't expect to feel like this in the arena, as she and her brother Freddie had constantly discussed their plans once they had to partake within the Games. She wish he was with her now, but he was expected to volunteer next year due to the participation of a criminal with an ever greater degree than Freddie. Elias Angerrage. He had always unnerved her, as he smiled like a madman and gazed at her with a lust in his eyes. He was a wretched beast she didn't wish to encounter in the arena. Her ally Celicia released her from her train of thought as she gestured to her, pointing to several packs within their reach. She seemed concern, and Silvia realized it was her causing to worry. She swallowed down her fear. If she wanted to survive, she needed to be strong.


President Jude Nightshade nodded in approval as he watched the 50th Hunger Games in the luxury of his own mansion. He expected these Games to go as any other one would. Thirty-two tributes go in, and only one comes out. Possible underdogs are taken care of and Panem remains united. However, there was one tribute that stood out from the rest in his mind. Nova Deimos. This unusual girl from District 0 scored abnormally high compared to others in her district, and was tied with the Career leader. This, as well as the mystery surrounding her, left her very popular in the Capitol. This worried him, although Head Gamemaker Maximus Webb assured him that she will be dealt with if she ever proved a problem. President Nightshade observed this irregularity as she prepared to run.


Aquilo cracked his knuckles, ready to show the Capitol why he made it into the Careers.


Octavian nodded to his allies, signaling them to get ready to sprint.


Darion growled, his ivory canines glinting in the sunlight.


Maya sighed, planning to rush straight into the rainforest.


Ranur gave a mischievous smile, ready to grab the nearest dagger and pack as possible.


Jasper shuddered, but looked as adamant as ever.


Icelia tied her shock of vermeil into a ponytail.


Amber B. located her other allies, and they all plan to grab as much necessities as they can.


Nova touched her stomach where her permanent scars took resident, an eternal reminder of her past foolishness.


Elias roared a mighty battle cry.


Each tribute springs off their pedestal, all with a varying agenda in mind. As he had planned before, Allan grabbed Stacy by the neck. She screamed, attempting to rip off Allan's iron grip from her throat with tears in her eyes. But it was no use. She stopped struggling and became lifeless in his hands. Satisfied, he tossed her to the side while everyone else was currently in action. Maya and Crescent, both loners, decided to dash away from the bloodbath and into the dense rainforest. Allan disregarded them, knowing they would be dead soon enough. Now, the Hunger Games have truly begun.

Viggo pushed through the field, shoving Nitro to the ground as he grabbed a nearby pair of knives. Gazing around the pandemonium, he discovered a pack and rushed towards it, planning to escape into the deeper parts of the arena once he grasped it until he was pushed back by a heavy force. Textil punched him hard, causing his nose to bleed and a tooth to become chipped. Viggo was shocked by the boy's new-found force. During training, all Textil did was mutter to himself and scrape knives against metal. He rose his knives up in a defensive position, getting ready to end his challenger's life. But Textil was an unpredictable one. He rushed at Viggo with nothing in hand, promoting Viggo to strike back. However, Textil dodged and slid down, causing the unfortunate soul to fall on his back. Viggo groaned. Textil jumped on the fallen tribute, picking up a sharp rock along the way. Viggo's eyes widened, and he quickly attempted to get up, causing Textil to get off. But the psychopath was determined.

He screeched, "You will die, no matter what you do!"

Textil kicked Viggo in the stomach, causing him to cough up blood. The sociopath cackled as he grabbed the older boy by the hair. He put one of Viggo's knives by his throat, and smiled.

"You've already lost," said Textil as he sliced open Viggo's throat.

Meanwhile, Wonder found herself locked in combat with Mahogany. Although she was better armed, Mahogany was surprisingly swift. Each swung the Career made was parried away with the steel blade, and the shrew was only getting faster with each move. Wonder had to act quickly if she desired to come out alive. She gave a vicious low kick, a simple movement that Mahogany wasn't prepared for. She fell, causing her to yelp as Wonder stood above her on the grassy field, her axe raised to kill.

As she gazed into the eyes of her upcoming victim, she couldn't help but feel something twist inside her. This wasn't right. She didn't want to kill somebody, no matter how vile they are. She hesitated, her axe still poised to behead Mahogany. And fortunately for the Capitol girl, this gave her enough time to flee. She thrust her head forward, and had her dome collide with her opponent's skull. Wonder moaned, and Mahogany pushed her away, running away into the thicket with only a pair of knives and no one to accompany her.

Cayla had witnessed the embarrassing event of Mahogany's escape. She always knew that beneath Wonder's hardy exterior, she was in fact a coward. Most of the Careers had already grouped within or by the Cornucopia. Darion had grabbed Amber B. by the neck as if she were a turkey getting plucked from a farm. He lifted her, suffocating her slowly as tears dripped and fell from her eyes. With a cold, ruthless flick of his wrists, he snapped her neck.

Although one of the weakest Careers, he was definitely an asset when it came to finishing the job. In and out, he was completely unlike that embarrassment from One.

But then all of a sudden a person from District 4 named Mako kills everyone with a lamp. Everyone except for Vesper died because Mako was too busy derping out and Vesper grabbed him by the dick Mako saw this as a sign of respect, as from where he's from, getting grabbed by the dick is viewed as a blessing from Shrek. While Mako flew away from his magical hippopotamus with 69 pineapples hanging off its stuffed banana, Vesper was proclaimed victor and consecutively Ogrelord. Shrek is love, Shrek is life.


Death Chart

Placing District Name Fate
32nd 3 Stacy Sidrat Strangled by Allan
31st 10 Viggo Flame Throat slit by Textil
30th 13 Amber Burn

Neck snapped by Darion

29th-2nd C-14 Everyone except for Vesper Lamp voodoo performed by Mako
1st 7 Vesper Brooks Victor of the Ogrelord and Champion of Shrek
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