After much thought, I've finally come to a decision to make this blog. Because, although the movie was good(ish) and the books were fantastic, there's one thing that still irks me about the movie -

The marketing.

At first, the marketing was well done. But then again, that was months before the movie came out, and they only showed bits and pieces of what was one of the most anticipated movies of 2012.

But as time slowly moved on, maybe it continued to get bigger and bigger, the number of previews and posters soared up, making fans fangirl (or fanboy) over the newest THG items.

But some of these things don't make sense - THG action figures? That's going a little over the top. I understand that some of the fans may be kids (Something that surprises me) but I think that's a little childish for a move about a fight to the death, no?

The number of different previews continue to grow. I believe there were about 1-15 (estimate) previews total. Although they give us snippets about the upcoming film, I think it's fine to have 1-7 trailers.

But what I really find silly is the fact that once when I was at a supermarket, they had like this booth promoting the release of the DVD, and they were giving out muffins, Peeta stickers, and posters. I understand that this is a big movie, but, I don't think muffins or stickers are necessary. And the funny thing is, I don't think I saw any Katniss stickers on there.

I wouldn't mind things like Mall tours (despite the fact I've been to one of them and felt claustrophobic) or simple posters like the ones that are for the wiki's theme, but some of these things have gone over the top.

(Sorry for my rant-like blog >.<)