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2. I may swear a lot during these Hunger Games. There may be some inappropriate content that may even make me shudder, so if you don't want to have to deal with it, then you should avoid these Hunger Games.

3. Don't submit a tribute if you plan on leaving or not posting advice. Advice isn't mandatory, but it is highly recommended. If you at least cheer for your tributes or post little comments, I'll at least know you're reading and your tribute will last some time, but might not win.

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5. I will be doing the reaping, group training and the actual Hunger Games. After the Hunger Games, I will have an epilogue after the Hunger Games and there will be moments of these Hunger Games retold and mentioned in the following Hunger Games of mine.

6. Have fun!

Tribute Template

Name: (First and Last)

Age: (Twelve to Eighteen)

District: (The Capitol or Districts Zero through Fourteen)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Personality: (Not just Words, put Some Consideration into this)

Weaponry: (Two or Three Weapons)

Backstory: (Put a Lot of Consideration into this)

PIctures: (Both Lunaii and Real Life Image. If you Don't Post a Real Life Picture, I'll Find one)

Strength: (Major Strength)

Weakness: (Major Weakness)

Possible Allies: (Optional)

The Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weaponry Strength Weakness
The Capitol Male Hercules Maya Fourteen War Axe, Throwing Axe, Blowgun Illusions Accuracy
The Capitol Female Camella Theacea Twelve PIckaxe Intelligence Using Weaponry
District Zero: Astronomy Male Drago Fire Eighteen Fire, Sickle, Iron Knuckles Getting Others Symathy Pyromaniac (Crazy Near Fire)
District Zero: Astronomy Female Luna Johnston Seventeen Bow and Arrow, Axe Speed Stealth
District One: Luxury Male Odin Amarth Eighteen Spear Intelligence Fear of Heights
District One: Luxury Female Rhea Stardon Seventeen Dagger, Bow and Arrow Acting Skills Taunting Makes Her Crumble
District Two: Mansory Male Petri Lindroos Seventeen Sword, Knife Smart Afraid of Torture
District Two: Mansory Female Annabeth Elosegui Sixteen Throwing Knife, Machete, Crossbow Strength Swimming
District Three: Technology Male Quentin Pynn Sixteen Bow and Arrow Tracking Swimming
District Three: Technology Female Jinny Billtrox Sixteen Traps, Throwing Knife Intelligence Strength
District Four: Fishing Male Onyx Lacrimae Twelve Fishing Net Making Traps Risking his Life for a Friend
District Four: Fishing Female Loreli Hayes Sixteen Crossbow, Cleaver Accuracy Short Tempered in Tough Situations
District Five: Power Male Lance Ampere Sixteen Throwing Knife, Close Combat Intelligence Swimming
District Five: Power Female Nichole Peyton Fifteen Intelligence, Knife, Dagger Tricking Others Speed
District Six: Transportation Male Buck Rockwell Sixteen Spear, Rock, Sword Strength Climbing
District Six: Transportation Female Constanta Tasev Fifteen Knife, Scythe Wood Carving Speed
District Seven: Lumber Male Jayson Huff Seventeen Axe, Hatchet Strength Speed
District Seven: Lumber Female Selena Quails Thirteen Axe, Throwing Axe, Sword Speed Sight of Blood
District Eight: Textiles Male Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya Seventeen Great Sword, Throwing Knife, Trident Speed Climbing
District Eight: Textiles Female Cora Nightcaster Seventeen Small Knife, Needle Quick Learner Keeps to Herself
District Nine: Grain Male Lyman Milton Sixteen Sickle, Flail Intelligence Strength
District Nine: Grain Female Bone Corlaya Thirteen Teeth, Razor Blade, Knife Speed Climbing
District Ten: Livestock Male Crimson Typhoon Fourteen Bow and Arrow, Close Combat, Sword Persuasive Having Flashbacks of Connor Being Captured
District Ten: Livestock Female Ewa Thyren Sixteen Longbow and Arrow, Sword Accuracy Speed
District Eleven: Agriculture Male Shylock Bloodroot Eighteen Sword, Sickle Strength Swimming
District Eleven: Agriculture Female Nikhita Akshaya Sixteen Bow and Arrow, Spear Great Instincts Blinded by Anger
District Twelve: Coal Mining Male Justice Reigns Seventeen Sword, Knife Speed Swimming
District Twelve: Coal Mining Female Seraphina Blaze Fourteen Fire, Throwing Knife, Flail Fire Fear of Failure
District Thirteen: Graphite Male Sark Lancaster Eighteen Axe, Whip Strength Climbing
District Thirteen: Graphite Female Karina Cole Sixteen Blowgun, Bow and Arrow Making Friends Swimming
District Fourteen: Muttations Male Konami Aretino Fourteen Fangs, Trident, Crossbow Swimming Climbing
District Fourteen: Muttations Female Ashley Curtis Fourteen Bow and Arrow, Dagger Speed Strength

Lunaii Gallery

Real Life Gallery


The Careers: Luna Johnston (0), Odin Amarth (1)*, Rhea Stardon (1), Petri Lindroos (2), Annabeth Elosegui (2), Buck Rockwell (6), Bone Corlaya (9), Sark Lancaster (13), Konami Aretino (14)

The District Four Pair: Onyx Lacrimae (4), Loreli Hayes (4)*

The Female Alliance: Jinny Billtrox (3), Nichole Peyton (5), Constanta Tasev (6)*

The District Three and Twelve Males: Quentin Pynn (3)*, Justice Reigns (12)

The District Eight and Nine Males: Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya (8)*, Lyman Milton (9)

The District Five, Seven, Thirteen and Fourteen Alliance: Lance Ampere (5), Selena Quails (7), Karina Cole (13)*, Ashley Curtis (14)

The Mixed Alliance: Hercules Maya (Cap)*, Drago Fire (0), Crimson Typhoon (10), Seraphina Blaze (12)

Loners: Camellia Theacea (Cap), Jayson Huff (7), Cora Nightcaster (8), Ewa Thyren (10), Shylock Bloodroot (11), Nikhita Akshaya (11)

Note: Tributes with a * are the leaders of the alliance.

The Mentors

District Gender Name Age Hunger Games Won Tribute Mentoring
The Capitol: Gamemakers Male Lucretius Sappho Thirty Two The 268th Hunger Games Hercules Maya
The Capitol: Gamemakers Female Melody Vasilia Thirty Two The 270th Hunger Games Camellia Theacea
District Zero: Astronomy Male Orion Greer Twenty One The 278th Hunger Games Drago Fire
District Zero: Astronomy Female Dawn Midnight Thirty Seven The 261st Hunger Games Luna Johnston
District One: Luxury Male Jasper Miles Thirty Nine The 260th Hunger Games Odin Amarth
District One: Luxury Female Calixta Scythe Seventeen The 283rd Hunger Games Rhea Stardon
District Two: Mansory Male Kiernan Clinton Thirty The 272nd Hunger Games Petri Lindroos
District Two: Mansory Female Natalie Lexus Twenty The 279th Hunger Games Annabeth Elosegui
District Three: Technology Male Charles Latif Sixty Two The 239th Hunger Games Quentin Pynn
District Three: Technology Female Electra Lennon Forty Two The 258th Hunger Games Jinny Billtrox
District Four: Fishing Male Lyle Stream Fourteen The 282nd Hunger Games Onyx Lacrimae
District Four: Fishing Female Coralie Float Twenty Nine The 273rd Hunger Games Loreli Hayes
District Five: Power Male Hugh Ryder Eighty Five The 215th Hunger Games Lance Ampere
District Five: Power Female Lucy Clarice Twenty Five The 275th Hunger Games Nichole Peyton
District Six: Transportation Male Brandon Oswald Forty Three The 257th Hunger Games Buck Rockwell
District Six: Transportation Female Brooklynn Franklin Sixty The 241st Hunger Games Constanta Tasev
District Seven: Lumber Male Juniper Elm Forty Six The 255th Hunger Games Jayson Huff
District Seven: Lumber Female Willow Grove Twenty Two The 276th Hunger Games Selena Quails
District Eight: Textiles Male Phoenix Landon Thirty Four The 266th Hunger Games Akumai "Tenshin" Kubaya
District Eight: Textiles Female Laila Baylor Ninety Three The 208th Hunger Games Cora Nightcaster
District Nine: Grain Male August Beckett Thirty Three The 267th Hunger Games Lyman Milton
District Nine: Grain Female Carmelita Roone Fifty Three The 244th Hunger Games Bone Corlaya
District Ten: Livestock Male Colt Phelan Forty Six The 254th Hunger Games Crimson Typhoon
District Ten: Livestock Female Erin Flannery Twenty The 280th Hunger Games Ewa Thyren
District Eleven: Agriculture Male Chris Frazier Forty Eight The 251st Hunger Games Shylock Bloodroot
District Eleven: Agriculture Female Violet Sage Twenty One The 281st Hunger Games Nikhita Akshaya
District Twelve: Coal Mining Male Felix Dust Thirty Nine The 263rd Hunger Games Justice Reigns
District Twelve: Coal Mining Female Phoebe Krystal Fifty Two The 250th Hunger Games Seraphina Blaze
District Thirteen: Graphite Male Axl Humphry Eighty Nine The 210th Hunger Games Sark Lancaster
District Thirteen: Graphite Female Shelby Fiorentina Seventy Nine The 221st Hunger Games Karina Cole
District Fourteen: Muttations Male Silas Hudson Seventy Two The 228th Hunger Games Konami Aretino
District Fourteen: Muttations Female Cyder Quinn Twenty Three The 277th Hunger Games Ashley Curtis

Real Life Gallery

How They Won

The 208th Hunger Games
Victor: Laila Baylor (District Eight)
Alliance: Sonic (District Three), Ella (District Three), Lucian (District Eight).
Kills: Four. District Two Male, District Two Female, District Four Female, District Eight Male.
Overview: Laila won her Hunger Games at the age of seventeen by using a similar strategy of Johanna Mason. During training, she earned a low training score, only earning a four, but her strategy somewhat suffered because her district partner and ally earned an eleven, the highest score in those Hunger Games.
  Throughout the entire Hunger Games, her entire alliance was hunted down by the Careers. The Careers killed Sonic right during the bloodbath and forced the rest of her alliance to flee with little supplies. They nearly died that night without water, but they received a sponsoring gift of food, water and throwing knives.
  When the Careers finally captured Lucian, they nearly killed him, but Laila threw a knife in the District Two tributes' backs and distracted the others while Ella quickly untied the knots around Lucian before being beheaded by one of the tributes from District Fourteen. Lucian snapped the tributes neck and got away, but getting separated from Laila.
  Laila tried to find Lucian for the rest of the Hunger Games, but they didn't meet again until the twenty first day, on the last day of the Hunger Games. There were only the tributes from District Four left, and eagle mutts were swarming the air, swooping down and nearly killing every tribute, unless they were under a tree. Laila killed the female from District Four and the other District Four tribute was pecked to death by the eagle mutts.
  Lucian found Laila, hands soaked in the blood of her victim, tears meandering down her face and hopelessly dropping on the grass beneath her feet. Lucian pulled her close, massaging the back of her hair with his fingers, before stabbing her in the stomach with a knife. Laila fell back, staring at Lucian with wide eyes before falling to the ground. With the last bit of her memory, she tugged on his pants and said that she forgave him.
  He bent down close, kissing her between the eyebrows, Laila's body went still and he used his thumb and index finger to close her eyes. As he got on his knees and his body hovered over Laila, she stabbed him in the heart and told him to never underestimate her.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 210th Hunger Games
Victor: Axl Humphrey (District Thirteen)
Alliance: Rosa (District Thirteen).
Kills: Three. District Fourteen Male, District Thirteen Female, District Ten Male.
Overview: While Axl was probably the kindest and nicest fifteen year old before the Hunger Games began. But this never excluded him as a threat. Being from an outlying district, he didn't ally with anyone prior to the Hunger Games and was very conservative. He was a master with a mace and easily earned a seven in training due to his talents with it.
  When the Hunger Games began, Axl was delighted to see a mace right in the mouth of the cornucopia. Once the cannon sounded, he ran towards the cornucopia and was one of the first there. He grabbed onto a mace and daringly fought a Career tribute who attacked his district partner. Although not allies, Axl brutally beheaded the Career with the mace and left the bloodbath with his district partner, his new ally.
  There was only eight people dead on the first day of the Hunger Games, a very low amount especially with thirty two tributes starting off. With his district partner, they set up traps around their base, in the deepest part of the woods, and found a stream close by. Every so often, a tribute would be caught in the trap and his district partner, or Rosa as he recently learned, would kill them.
  But it wasn't until two kills later, both made by Rosa, until the Careers ran into the trap. Only one of them were able to avoid getting trapped under the net and Rosa threw a spear right into his chest, killing him instantly. Rosa taunted the Careers, stealing the dead boy's knife and using it to skim over the faces of the trapped Careers.
  It wasn't until then that Axl realized Rosa was just as bad as the Careers. She killed the Career leader and his district partner before Axl finally pushed Rosa away from the Careers and told her to stop. Rosa, upset, lunged towards him with the knife, and, from reflexes, Axl swung his mace, hitting her right in the stomach. She clutched at the blood seeping through her wound until finally, it overwhelmed her and she collapsed on the ground, lifeless.
  Axl looked at the three remaining Careers and walked away from them, leaving them trapped. Three more cannons struck three days later, as the Careers finally died from starvation. With seventeen tributes remaining, Axl remained hidden and waited for the other tributes to start killing each other, which they eventually did.
  On the twentieth day of the Hunger Games, only three tributes remained and the finale began. The arena randomly began to collapse and different segments would randomly fall, leaving the three tributes all in the cornucopia. None of them were ready to attack, even though all of them had weapons, but the three of them have all been hiding instead of killing.
  Axl made the first move. He swung towards the first tribute closest to him, the girl from District Twelve. But she ducked under the mace and stabbed him in the thigh. Axl backed away as the boy from District Ten shot arrows at the girl from District Twelve, one piercing her heart and killing her. Which left it down to Axl and the bow and arrow boy.
  Axl threw his mace, a stupid decision, but it distracted the boy as he sidestepped the attack. But that wasn't Axl's full attack. As he sidestepped, Axl tackled him to the ground and punched him. The boy tried to fight back, but Axl kneed him in the groin and it was all over. Using one of the boys arrows, he stabbed him in the chest until his cannon finally rang and Axl was crowned victor.
Family Members: Brandon Humphrey, forty five year old son. Rosa Greensville, forty year old daughter. Patick Greensville, forty year old son-in-law. Amanda Greensville, three year old granddaughter. Malvin Greensville, four month old grandson.

The 215th Hunger Games
Victor: Hugh Ryder (District Five)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: One. The Capitol Male,
Overview: Prior to the Hunger Games, Hugh was already having a tough life. He was only sixteen when he was reaped, but he had already killed two criminals who killed his mother. While he was already trained in throwing knives, he never used them during the Hunger Games and instead relied on a sickle and spear, his two favorite weapons. From his skills with these weapons and stealth, he earned a weak five, but the Gamemakers were completely wrong about Hugh.
  Although he didn't receive the lowest training score, as the girl from District Seven received a three, he was not targeted by a single person. He was able to easily grab a spear and a sickle during the bloodbath and killed the boy from the Capitol to get his large backpack. Even though he killed a Career, nobody really noticed and, by the end of the day, twelve other tributes died.
  With nineteen tributes remaining, Hugh camouflaged himself with the trees and the bushes and hid for most of the Hunger Games. The Careers literally walked right passed him and could have easily murdered him had he even moved a muscle. But Hugh had both the darkness from the night and his camouflaging skills to his advantage. That night, they killed his district partner, who was very close to him.
  Within two weeks, eight more tributes died, narrowing it down to ten tributes, four of which were Careers and four in which were Anti-Careers. On the sixteenth day, a large fight between the two alliances broke out, killing three Careers and the entire Anti-Careers alliance. Hugh, on of the last three remaining tributes, got out of hiding and prepared to fight.
  On the seventeenth day, the Hunger Games came to an end. The force field to the arena started to squeeze the tributes until they were all cornered inside the cornucopia with very little space. The Career tribute, already ready to fight, swung a sword towards Hugh, which he carefully blocked with his sickle. The female from District Seven, who also survived this long, viciously swung her axe at the Careers head, beheading him.
  Then, instead of smiling like Hugh did, she swung right at his stomach. Had Hugh not jumped back, the axe would have cut his stomach open, but I jumped right in time that it only cut my shirt. This girl, although earning a low training score, was a huge threat and was tough to kill. Hugh swung his sickle, but she swung her axe right against his hand, separating his hand with the sickle from his wrist.
  Crying in pain, Hugh fell to the ground. The girl raised her axe, but once she brought it down, Hugh rolled out of the way. In a last attempt, Hugh grabbed his spear and threw it at the girl before the blood loss in his wrist made his vision blurry and he fell to the ground. The spear went right through the girl's stomach, killing her instantly. But Hugh was already passed out when the trumpets sang and would have died if he got to the Capitol any later.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 221st Hunger Games
Victor: Shelby Fiorentina (District Thirteen)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Four. District Five Male, District Five Female, District Fourteen Male, District Four Female.
Overview: Shelby had been a warrior her entire life, especially when she was sixteen and went into the Hunger Games. She earned a training score of nine and was the perfect warrior, with hair cut to her neck so nobody could use it against her. She had the best odds, not including the Careers, which made some tributes target her, but she could manage anyone who came after her.
  During the bloodbath, she tripped off of her place and was one of the last people at the bloodbath. When she finally came, she had just enough time to grab a dagger before the boy from District Five tackled her to the ground. He tried to strangle her, but she stabbed him in the stomach until he finally fell off of her and died. She stole his backpack before running away, as the boy's district partner had started to pursue her.
  With only twenty two tributes remaining, Shelby decided to lay low for a few days. However, she was attacked by the female from District Five and nearly died, but was able to slit her throat before she split her head open with an axe. Shelby stole the girls supplies―two backpacks and an axe―and was able to last much longer than she would have been able to with her beginning supplies.
  By the seventh day, only seventeen tributes remaining and, with the large amount, the Gamemakers declared a feast since most tributes were starving and many were injured. Shelby was lucky enough that she didn't need to attend, so, out of the fifteen that did, she wasn't one of the eight that died. Nine tributes remained after the feast.
  Three days passed before a Career, who just ditched the alliance, stumbled into Shelby's territory. With one swift throw of the axe, she beheaded the Career and stole his backpack, mace and stack of throwing knives. Although she was trained with most weaponry, she wasn't trained with a mace and it took her five days to finally master the mace.
  Another week passed before the finale happened. With only two tributes remaining, Shelby had to run into a fight with the female from District Four, and, to do so, the Gamemakers set the entire arena on fire. The female from District Four ended up having to amputate her leg since a tree fell on it, which made Shelby have a huge advantage in the final battle.
  Although the final battle only took a matter of minutes, Shelby enjoyed it. She decided to end the Hunger Games with a big finale, amputating the girl's other leg and torturing her before finally killing her. When she did, she smashed her face in with the mace, killing her instantly. But Shelby was never mental or chaotic, all that she did was kill those who provoked a fight with her first.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 228th Hunger Games
Victor: Silas Hudson (District Fourteen)
Alliance: [Careers] Silver (District One), Jasmine (District One), Brick (District Two), Annabella (District Two), Pike (District Four), Ivy (District Four), Bettie (District Fourteen).
Kills: Six. The Capitol Female, District Five Female, District Eight Male, District Thirteen Female, The Capitol Male, District Two Female.
Overview: Like most tributes from District Fourteen, Silas joined the Career pack as he was training for most of his life. He volunteered at the age of sixteen due to his father's harsh judgement and cruel punishments that he had to get out. He earned a score of eleven during training due to his brute strength, fierceness with a sword, and his amazing talents at fighting through pain.
  During the bloodbath, he got his hands on a sword lying right in the mouth of the cornucopia and didn't waste time. He stabbed the twelve year old girl from the Capitol right in the heart, killing her instantly. While her ally, the female from District Five, got upset and attacked him, stabbing him right in the back, he fought through the pain and beheaded her. He saved Ivy's, the girl from District Four's, life by brutally stabbing a male who was sneaking up behind her. And with that, the bloodbath was over and the Careers only lost Bettie, Silas' district partner.
  With seventeen tributes remaining after the bloodbath, seven of which were Careers, Silas and his alliance went hunting for tributes during the night. They encountered the female from District Thirteen who ambushed Brick, the male from District Two, by stabbing him in the back. Silas threw his sword right into her heart and stared at Brick, who was already dead. But instead of taking time to grieve like his allies did, he just moved on.
  The Careers hunted down another tribute, the male from District Nine and Ivy threw a poisonous spear right through his temple. However, they hadn't planned for him to have his district partner be his ally, so she took down Jasmine and Silver, the two tributes from District One, with her poisonous darts in her blowgun; hit Pike, the male from District Four, with a poisonous dart in the thigh; and nearly hit Silas too had Annabella, the female from District Two, not split her head in two with a throwing axe.
  Two days passed before Pike succumbed to the poison and his cannon sounded. Ivy was deeply depressed, as Pike was her boyfriend, and Silas and Annabella woke up to her dead after choosing to drink poison. Silas and Annabella were in the final eight before they finally separated and chose to hunt tributes separately. Silas hunted down and killed the male from the Capitol and Annabella killed both the males from District Three and Twelve. The other three tributes fought until on the female from District Twelve remained.
  With only three tributes surviving until the eighteenth day, the finale started. Silas, who still managed to stay in the cornucopia, was safe from the swarm of tracker jackers that rapidly spread throughout the arena. The female from District Twelve was brutally stung by multiple tracker jackers that, even when she made it to the clearing of the cornucopia, she fell down, dead.
  When Annabella finally showed up, her neck was swollen and one of her eyes were swollen shut. She had no weapons, as she was stung in both wrists that made her drop them. All Silas did to win the Hunger Games was shove a sword through Annabella's stomach before pushing her back in the swarm of tracker jackers. He listened to her screaming until she finally died from the stinging and Silas was crowned victor.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 239th Hunger Games
Victor: Charles Latif (District Three)
Alliance: Bella (District Three).
Kills: Six. District One Male, District Seven Female, District Twelve Male, District Thirteen Female, District Zero Male, District Four Female
Overview: Charles was seventeen by the time of his Hunger Games and was a volunteer, one of the handful of tributes in the history of District Three to do so. But he had his reasons: to protect his girlfriend, Bella. The two were childhood friends and Charles was going to die to protect her. The two of them both maintained a score of seven during training, and they both spent most of training learning how to survive instead of fight.
  By the time the bloodbath came, Charles grabbed onto a backpack and a couple knives close by. Bella told him to quickly run as she grab an axe from the mouth of the cornucopia, which Charles denied, but she did so anyways. He ran as she instructed and waited towards the outskirts of the clearing, trying to see through the heap of tributes that were fighting to the death. Finally, he caught her light blonde hair from the view and saw a Career tribute chasing her with an axe.
  Panicking, Charles thought about fleeing and leaving her for the Career tribute, but instead, he pulled on of the knives out of his boot and held it in his fingertips until he had a clear shot of the Career. Once he threw it, he closed one eye, half afraid he'd miss, but it lodged right into the Careers eye and he fell down dead. Bella stole the Careers' axe before running away with Charles.
  Five days passed and Charles and Bella hid. Twenty tributes had died and the four remaining Careers were vigorously looking for who killed their ally. Had they looked up in the trees once, they would have spotted Charles hanging by a branch, begging it wouldn't break and Bella wrapping her hands around Charles, trying to keep his hands from slipping as much as she can. But they never did so the two times they crossed over Charles' tree, they never noticed.
  By day seven, Charles and Bella received a sponsoring gift of electronic devices that they could easily assemble into a trap. Bella took the coil of wire and uncoiled it until it reached a river, where, when Charles applied enough force, would cause an electric current to travel through the wire until it shocked and killed anyone or anything in or near the river.
  Charles was able to apply enough force that such a large electric current traveled through the wire that everyone in a two mile radius would have been fried. He killed four tributes from this, but none where Careers. With only eight tributes remaining, the Careers started setting the forest on fire to led the rest of the tributes out. But Charles was lucky enough to get far away from the flames that he didn't have to worry about anything.
  When the other two, non-Career tributes died, the Careers started to turn on each other and began to run in multiple directions. With most of the forest destroyed in a fire, all the Careers were dangerously close to Charles and Bella that they couldn't hunt or get water for three days. By that time, both were dehydrated and hungry that their stomach's rumbling attracted a Career tribute.
  He threw a spear at the two, but Bella threw her axe into his head and stole all of his food. But they didn't get to enjoy it for long when two other Careers popped out from the bushes and ambushed them. Bella threw a spear into one of the female's heads, but received a spear through the chest. Charles, screaming killed the girl who speared Bella.
  That night, Bella slowly died from the spear wound and Charles didn't sleep. When the sun rose, Bella was already dead and a hovercraft picked her up. The finale was supposed to happen that day, but the last remaining tribute drowned in a current before anything could happen that Charles was crowned victor shortly after Bella was picked up.
Family Memembers: Laura Sanchez, sixty year old sister. David Sanchez, sixty one year old brother-in-law. Henry Sanchez, twenty five year old nephew. Rebecca Sanchez, twenty five year old niece-in-law.

The 241st Hunger Games
Victor: Brooklyn Franklin (District Six)
Alliance: [Anti-Careers] Roger (District Five), Samantha (District Five), Maple (District Seven), Rosabella (District Eight), Milton (District Nine), Nathaniel (District Ten), Michael (District Eleven), Lulu (District Eleven), Damon (District Twelve).
Kills: One. District Four Male.
Overview: Brooklyn was only seventeen when she went into the Hunger Games, but she allied with eight other tributes, a number that even challenged the Career pack. With the leader, Roger from District Five, he trained the group of small tributes and, had Brooklyn not trained from him, she would have been an easy bloodbath kill. But she proved her strength by earning an eight, better than a Career from District Fourteen.
  When the bloodbath occurred, Brooklyn darted for her favored weapon, a spear, but was tackled by her ally Nathanial from Ten who told her not to since the Careers were going straight towards the cornucopia. He grabbed a whip and shoved a backpack in her hands before forcing her to leave the bloodbath without the spear. Although this later haunted her, she agreed.
  After the bloodbath, the two met up with the other Anti-Careers inside one of the only buildings that weren't crushed by debris. Milton from Nine, Michael from Eleven and Damon from Twelve all were a part of the alliance that died in the bloodbath, more specifically, they were the youngest in the alliance. Roger's arm was now useless that, during the night, he used Maple's, the female from District Seven's, axe to chop it off. And during that same night, Brooklyn slept in Nathaniel's arms.
  There was obviously a hidden relationship between Nathaniel and Brooklyn and the Gamemakers wanted to use this to appeal to the Capitol's entertainment. On the third day, the building they slept in collapsed and trapped both Brooklyn and Nathaniel in an uncomfortably small space. It took the rest of the alliance who didn't die, as Lulu, the female from District Eleven, was crushed by the debris, to get the two out. And once they did, the Gamemakers weren't satisfied.
  By day seven, the Gamemakers led the Careers towards the Anti-Careers and Nathaniel was slashed right across the chest, fatally injuring him. Brooklyn killed the District Four male, the one who injured Nathaniel and sat by his side as he was slowly dying. The only other fallen Anti-Career was Samantha from District Five, but before Nathaniel could pass, medicine was sent as a sponsor gift and it healed his wound over the night.
  Rosabella from Eight and Maple from Seven decided to ditch the Anti-Career alliance when only ten tributes remaining, and didn't leave before killing Roger. Rosabella was killed shortly after by a poisonous snake that was in the debris, which narrowed it down to Selena, Brooklyn, Nathaniel, two Careers and three loners. Luckily to Brooklyn, though, she didn't really need to kill anyone as Nathaniel was always there for her.
  On the fifteenth day, the Hunger Games had reached it's finale against Brooklyn, Nathaniel, Selena and the female from District Four. Selena fought first, throwing an axe right towards Brooklyn, but she dodged the attack. While focused on Brooklyn, Nathaniel strangled Selena with his whip. However, the female from District Four jumped in and threw a trident right into Nathaniel's chest.
  Brooklyn screamed and threw the axe Selena threw right into her chest. But Selena was still alive and instead of directly targeting Brooklyn, she put a knife right up to Nathaniel's neck. Brooklyn tried to approach and tackle her, but Selena pushed the knife harder against Nathaniel's neck, causing some blood to trickle from the wound.
  Nathaniel looked at Brooklyn with one, last, lustful look before he tried to fight the knife in Selena's hand. But she was far much stronger than him now that he was injured and stabbed the knife right into his neck, killing him instantly. Brooklyn tackled Selena to the ground and, using the knife in Nathaniel's neck, slit her throat, making her the victor.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 244th Hunger Games
Victor: Carmelita Roone (District Nine)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: One. District One Female.
Overview: Carmelita won the Hunger Games at the early age of thirteen, being one of the youngest to win the Hunger Games. People say that her winnings, though, were sheer luck as she only received a five during training, but Carmelita had to fight like all the other victors to survive, especially since she wasn't accepted into any alliances.
  During the bloodbath, Carmelita ran away before grabbing anything. As she looked back to see the bloodbath, she saw all the other tributes fighting to the death and, right in front of her, she saw her own district partner being mutilated by a Career tribute. She didn't watch much longer, the view of her district partner was enough to haunt her memories.
  With no supplies, Carmelita found shelter towards a river and ate berries in the bushes. She was smart enough not to eat poisonous berries, but she wasn't so smart about where she found shelter, since a lot of other tributes found shelter near the river as well. Nobody attacked her though, since nobody really knew she was still alive, so she was safe from the other tributes.
  However, by the seventh day, only eight tributes remained and four of them were Careers. Carmelita decided to start setting up traps and snares, in hope to trap one of the tributes, but she only got as much as a squirrel, which she ate for dinner. One Career tribute died at the hands of another tribute, but that tribute was shortly killed by the other members of the Careers, leaving it down to six tributes.
  Two days later, the two, non-Career tributes allied with each other and teamed up against the remaining Career tributes. After a long fight, which Carmelita watched from her tree, the two non-Career killed two Career before meeting their end. As the Career walk away, Carmelita slipped out of the tree, grabbed a knife, and threw it right into her back, crowning her as victor.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 250th Hunger Games
Victor: Phoebe Krystal (District Twelve)
Alliance: Brinx (District Twelve).
Kills: Three. District Two Male, District One Male, District Four Female.
Overview: For the Tenth Quarter Quell, the tributes were only reaped from Districts One to Twelve, the original districts who participated in the Hunger Games. Phoebe was a volunteer, volunteering for her seventeen year old sister, since Phoebe was eighteen. Her district partner, Brinx, was a family friend who volunteered for his sibling as well. The two were fierce competition, both receiving a nine during training.
  When the bloodbath started, Phoebe dashed right towards the only shurikens in the arena, right in the center of the cornucopia. It was a risky choice, but Brinx saved her life by killing the female from District Five who tried to kill her. On their way out, Brinx grabbed another spear and Phoebe grabbed a backpack from the outskirts of the cornucopia.
  With ten dead on the first day, the Careers were angrily looking for more tributes to kill, but even during the night, they couldn't find another tribute. However, on the third day, with the Career getting so angry about not getting a lot of kills, they started setting fires to trees which rapidly spread to cause a huge forest fire.
  Phoebe and Brinx would have easily died from a fire burning the tree they were resting on, but the Gamemakers started a rainstorm which killed all the fires. However, many trees were in ashes thata lot of tributes hiding spots were revealed. The Careers hunted down and killed an alliance of four which had become completely revealed when the fire started.
  Three days later, the Careers found another alliance, this one containing three tributes. While one of the Careers died from the tributes, the alliance didn't pose much of a threat to the Careers. With these four deaths, only six tributes remaining―four Careers, Brinx and Phoebe. While this was a completely unfair matchup, the two were able to put up a fight.
  On the ninth day, the two alliances clashed. Phoebe threw one of her shurikens into the neck of a male while the alliance was walking under a tree the two District Twelve tributes were resting on. Brinx jumped from the tree and snapped a females neck as she prepared to throw knives at Phoebe, but he shortly met his end when the only other male in the alliance beheaded him.
  Phoebe, going insane from the death of her ally, went into a full rage and brutally killed the two remaining Careers. She threw her five remaining shurikens into the chest of the male who killed her district partner. Then, carefully dodging a trident that was thrown, stole his sickle and beheaded the female. She was crowned victor, but her victory was more depressing to her than it was accomplished.
Family Members: Rachael Krystal, fifty one year old sister.

The 251st Hunger Games
Victor: Chris Frazier (District Eleven)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Six. District Two Male, District Zero Male, District Zero Female, District Fourteen Male, District One Male, District Two Female.
Overview: Chris was only fifteen years old when he was reaped for the Hunger Games. He became very accustomed with the sickle and was even asked into the Career alliance due to his brute strength. But due to personal reasons, he refused and entered the Hunger Games as the most feared loner. Even while he was fifteen, he was even stronger than some Careers due to heavy labor in the fields.
  When the bloodbath occurred, Chris was one of the first people there and grabbed two sickles, both crossed in an X. He heard a footstep behind him and swung his sickle without looking, beheading the male from District Two. the other Careers, angered, tried to kill Chris, but he grabbed a backpack and ran away with very minimal injuries.
  By the second day, fifteen of the original thirty two tributes were dead and no tribute came anywhere near Chris. The arena was basically favored by District Eleven as it was entirely constructed of plantation, although many of the plants were poisonous and poisonous snakes roamed the arena. He was, in fact, bitten in the foot by a snake and had to amputate it before the poison spread throughout his body.
  With a missing foot, Chris decided to stay in a general area, picking up plants he knew were edible and eating more foot than he had prior to the Hunger Games. When a tribute roamed by him, he would kill them or, depending if they were with an alliance, stay out of clear sight of them. One day, an alliance did roam by him, but it was only formed by the two siblings from District Zero so he ambushed them and killed them both.
  With most tributes dying from eating poisonous plants or being bitten by poisonous snakes, only six tributes remained on the eleventh day. Two days later, only four tributes remained, three of them being Career tributes. Due to this, Chris knew the Gamemakers were going to force them to collide in the cornucopia and decided it would be in his best interest to just attack them right now, before mutts kill him due to his foot.
  When he made it to the cornucopia, he jumped from the bushes and startled the Careers. One of the Careers threw a spear, but Chris blocked it with his sickle. He charged―hobbled―towards them and fought them all at one time. He was stabbed in the shoulder, but once he beheaded one of them, the other two went down easily. After stabbing one right in the stomach, he split the other ones head in half before finally being crowned victor.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 254th Hunger Games
Victor: Colt Phelan (District Ten)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Six. District Six Female, District Three Male, District Three Female, District Five Male, District One Male, District Fourteen Male.
Overview: Ever since Colt was young, he used a whip to control the livestock, while helped him greatly in the Hunger Games. His dad was a butcher and he'd see some of the things he could do with a knife and learned quickly during training. For the private session, he brutally killed a dummy after pulling it close with his whip. With this act, he earned a score of ten, tied for the highest with two Careers from District Two.
  During the bloodbath, Colt grabbed a whip and a backpack before fleeing. He followed a tribute who maintained a knife and, when they fell asleep, he whipped them to death, marking the twentieth kill of the Hunger Games. Not only did the person have a knife, though, they had a backpack and even a full bottle of water.
  Two days later, two more tributes died and Colt was found by an alliance. As the alliance of three chased him, he carefully avoided them until finally, he ran into the force field and was flung back. Assuming he was dead, the alliance left him, but he survived, barely, but he was still breathing. While the alliance was almost out of view, Colt threw a knife into one of their backs and, as the other two attacked him, he strangled one with a whip and snapped the other ones neck.
  On the eighth day, only eight tributes remained and five of them were Careers. Two days later, two Careers died and the two other non-Career tributes were dead. The Careers started to turn on themselves and, when only one remained, Colt was in the outskirts of the cornucopia, ready to attack. However, his attack never came because two of the Careers teamed up on the other and targeted Colt right after he fell from a tree branch.
  Thinking quickly, Colt strangled one of them with his whip, but the other one tackled him to the ground before he could kill him. Avoiding being stabbed with a knife, Colt pulled his out of his pocket and stabbed him right in the stomach until he pushed the body off. The other Career threw a knife right into Colt's neck and Colt was struggling to breath until finally, he threw his knife in a last defense and black out. But the male died instantly as Colt's knife hit his heart.
Family Members: Michelle Phelan, seventy three year old mother. Kayla Phelan, forty six year old wife. Preston Phelan, twelve year old son.

The 255th Hunger Games
Victor: Juniper Elm (District Seven)
Alliance: Robyn (District Seven).
Kills: Four. District One Female, District One Male, District Eight Female, District Two Male.
Overview: Juniper was seventeen when he went into the Hunger Games. Prior to his Hunger Games, Juniper worked in the woods, located inside the fences, chopping down trees with his father. His mother was a school teacher and taught him when he would come home at night. He played with axes and cut down trees faster as he aged. He learned how to throw axes from his father who would draw an X into a tree and have Juniper hit it.
  During the bloodbath, he grabbed onto two axes while his ally, his district partner, Robyn, was dragging off a crate. While a Career tried to kill her, he threw his axe right into the back of her head, killing them instantly. Another Career tackled Juniper to the ground, but he split his head open. When he looked back, his district partner was on the ground being stabbed to death by another Career. Juniper, realizing he couldn't do anything, ran away.
   On the first day, twenty five tributes were dead, the highest amount in history, which left only seven remaining. Due to the low amount, the Careers, which now only consisted of two tributes, didn't hunt for the first night. Three days later, they finally started to hunt for tributes. Even from that, they didn't track down a tribute until the seventh day.
  By day eight, with six tributes remaining, Juniper killed another tribute he saw resting in a tree, leaving only five remaining. He received a sponsoring gift shortly after, supplying him with another axe, but this one specifically meant for throwing, while the other two were meant for melee. He kept this one in his pants as the final day slowly started to come.
  Since the tributes were so far spaced out, the finale happened between five tributes, two of which were Careers. While Juniper was still running towards the cornuopia, being chased by a bear, one of the tributes were killed by the Careers and one of the Careers died at the hand of their bear, as he had to chase the tribute into the woods, killing him and then being mauled.
  When he got to the cornucopia, the two other tributes were dueling with swords and, finally, the Career got the other hand and swiftly beheaded the tribute. As he was unprepared, Juniper threw one of his combat axes, not aware that it was a combat and not a throwing. It hit the male into his thigh and, as he cringed, Juniper threw another axe, this time his throwing, and nailed the tribute right into the head.
Family Members: Markos Elm, eighty one year old father. Maybell Elm, eighty year old mother. Sally Elm, forty two year old sister. Isabella Elm, forty six year old wife. Robyn Elm, ten year old daughter. Alex Elm, seven year old daughter.

The 257th Hunger Games
Victor: Brandon Oswald (District Six)
Alliance: Bree (District Ten).
Kills: Five. District Two Male, District Three Female, District Fourteen Female, District One Male, District One Female.
Overview: When Brandon was sixteen, his brother, who was already sick with cancer, was reaped for the Hunger Games at the age of twelve. While Brandon knew he only had another year, at most, to live, he still volunteered and entered the Hunger Games instead of having his brother go. During training, he learned how to use a machete and a blowgun, both in which he turned out to be good with, and even earned a five in training, a good score for someone from District Six.
  During the bloodbath, Brandon ran right into the mouth of the cornucopia and grabbed onto a blowgun. However, just moments later, a Career swung his sickle right at Brandon's throat, sending Brandon right on the ground. He would have died, had his district partner not saved him by giving him medicine, which healed his wound within hours. Had the Careers not chased his district partner into the woods and not left him unattending, he would have just been killed again, but when he was able to start breathing clearly again, he didn't waste time and ran away with his blowgun in hand.
  That night, his district partner was in the sky with twelve other tributes. Brandon would have been up there too, had his district partner not given him medicine, but she did and he was alive. During the night, the Careers nearly stepped on his legs that were sticking out of a bush he was sleeping in. After they left, he crawled into a tree and, subtly, shot a dart right into the neck of the male from District Two, the one that almost killed him. The other four Careers fled since they couldn't see where Brandon was.
  On the fourth day, another tribute died and the two died on the fifth. By the seventh day, an entire alliance, consisting of three tributes, drank poisonous water and another tribute was mauled by a cheetah. With twenty dead and twelve remaining, Brandon started hunting for tributes, although his neck was still injured. He ran across a female who was dying from starvation on the ninth day. More out of mercy than sadistical, he shot a dart right between her eyes.
  On the twelth day, only eight tributes remaining and, by noon, it was down to six tributes as the Careers killed another alliance. Brandon was able to shoot another Career in the neck during the night as they were walking under the tree he was resting on. They fled again, but as they fled, Brandon shot another Career in the leg, not killing them, but hurting them.
  On the last day, Brandon allied with the female from District Ten, Bree, in an attempt to destroy the Careers. The three remaining Careers were hunting for the Bree and Brandon. As they crossed under their tree, Brandon shot one right in the neck. The other two acted quickly and one of them threw an axe right at the two in the tree.
  Bree and Brandon jumped from the tree, but Brandon hurt his ankle. While Brandon clutch his ankle, another axe was thrown, this one aimed right towards Bree. Before she could act, it lodged into her chest. Angered, Brandon shot a dart right into both Careers necks, killing them instantly. He was crowned a victor moments later, but upon returning home, learned that his brother had committed suicide after thinking Brandon died during the bloodbath.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 258th Hunger Games
Victor: Electra Lennon (District Three)
Alliance: Elliot (District Three), Jessica (District Six), Zachary (District Seven).
Kills: Four. District One Female, District Two Male, District Four Male, District Thirteen Female.
Overview: When Electra was reaped for the Hunger Games, she was nearly sixteen years old and had very little training. She wasn't the smartest at school, but she wasn't the dumbest. She was average, with an average amount of friends and an average memory. However, she was the kindest person you would ever meet. That was, until the Hunger Games changed her. She had to train to her limits, but still only managed to get an average score of six.
  When the bloodbath started, Electra and her allies all ran towards the cornucopia like all the other tributes. She was nearly killed by a Career, but Zachary, her ally from District Seven, split their head in half. She eventually left with a crossbow, her favored weapon. While she didn't kill anyone during the bloodbath, she still had necessary needs to survive.
  However, by the third day, her entire alliance was attacked by the five remaining Careers. She shot one right in the forehead before having a throwing knife thrown right in her stomach. Zachary killed two of them before Jessica, her ally from District Six, was beheaded. Angered, Elliot tried to kill them, but he also was brutally murdered.
  But if there was one thing good about Elliot's death, it was the fact it allowed both Electra and Zachary to escape. It wasn't until two days later when they weren't being hunted that they started to give Elliot and Jessica the "funeral" they deserved. But that was cut short when a tribute tried to attack the two, only to receive an axe in the face from Zachary.
  With only eight tributes left, Electra and Zachary split up. A few minutes later, Zachary was brutally stabbed to death by the two remaining Careers. For vengeance, Electra killed the two, since she was following Zachary. The other four tributes killed each other until only one remaining.
  And on top of that, the finale was short with Electra killing the only other tribute as she ran right into Electra's arrow. With barely any life left, the other female tried to stab Electra with her knife, but Electra shoved the knife deeper into the female's stomach, killing her for good.
Family Members: Daniel Lennon, forty three year old husband. Seraphina Lennon, eight year old daughter. Ezra Lennon, five year old son. Clara Lennon, two year old daughter.

The 260th Hunger Games
Victor: Jasper Miles (District One)
Alliance: [Careers] Oracle (District One), Damion (District Two), Jasmine (District Two), Jeanine (District Four), Cordelia (District Seven)
Kills: Two. District Eight Female, District Seven Female.
Overview: Being only fifteen years old, Jasper was already an expert with sword fighting and intelligence. He earned an eight during training, as he was the underdog of the Career pack, but nonetheless, he was still a threat. Even without gaining a good score, Jasper received sponsors from his courageous personality, which may make him seem dull.
  During the bloodbath, Jasper was one of the first people there, able to grab a sword quickly before most of the other tributes even had a weapon. While the other Careers were killing the tributes, Jasper decided to secure their food and resources by gathering them in the middle of the cornucopia, where most tributes weren't. At the end of the bloodbath, he was the only Career not to have a kill.
  With only fourteen tributes remaining after the bloodbath, Jasper was prepared for a shorter, but bloodier Hunger Games. He earned his first kill, the first post-bloodbath kill, on the fourth day from the weak female from District Eight. But he didn't do it for the joy, he did it because he was forced into doing it.
  Three days later, the Careers encountered an alliance of three males. With one of them able to take down Damion, the leader of the Careers, Oracle was able to get vengeance and kill the male. However, she soon met her death from the second male. Cordelia, an expert with throwing axes, finally killed the two other males, leaving the Careers down to four tributes.
  With all the other tributes being females, Jasper never dared to go against them. However, with only eight tributes left, it was clear there was tension between them. The last three, non-Career tributes were all smart and stealthy. While they didn't have much strength, their brains made up for it. Three days before the Hunger Games ended, both Jeanine and Jasmine died from one of their traps.
  Cordelia found the female who was responsible for their deaths and murdered her brutally, scarring Jasper to present day. On the final day of the Hunger Games, it was down to two Careers against two, weak females. Cordelia easily threw an axe into both of their foreheads before turning on Jasper. Jasper, unprepared, swung his sword in self-defense, separating Cordelia's body and her legs.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 261st Hunger Games
Victor: Dawn Midnight (District Zero)
Alliance: [Careers] Dymond (The Capitol), Ore (District One), Glitter (District One), Brink (District Two), Nylon (District Four), Bonni (District Four), Hillary (District Fourteen).
Kills: Eight. The Capitol Male, District Fourteen Male, District Two Female, District Five Male, District Eleven Female, District Thirteen Male, District One Male, The Capitol Female.
Overview: Originally, the young fourteen year old wasn't accepted into the Career alliance. However, after proving she's a threat for earning a training score of eleven, the Careers reconsidered their original judgement. But, even though she was in the alliance, they never really trusted her.
  During the bloodbath, Dawn was targeted and avoided. She killed the female from District Two and the males from the Capitol and District Fourteen in the initial bloodbath for not joining the Careers when they had the chance. Without conflicting with her, they let her become the leader when their original leader, Nylon of District Four, was killed.
  Unlike leaders who would hunt at night, Dawn had the Careers stalk their prey at night, as if they were owls. Instead of trying to kill the other tributes, she had her allies climb trees and get a general idea of the arena and where the other tributes are before they would kill them.
  This strategy was proved effective as the alliance was able to trick other tributes into killing each other and, while they were weakened, they would finish the tribute off. However, after her allies had killed three tributes and ten tributes remained, two tributes decided to ally with each other.
  And the two tributes were threats.
  Dawn instructed Brink, Bonni and Hillary to attack them with their melee weapons Dymond with her bow, Ore with his spears, and herself with a crossbow used their ranged weapons. With the surprise attack, Brink was bludgeoned with a mace and Bonni was stabbed repeatedly with a knife. But Hillary was able to take one down, before she was taken down by the other male. Dawn, disappointed with her tributes, pulled out her long knife and slit the males throat, but Hillary was far past being healed.
  As the remaining number of tributes dwindled to five, Dawn woke up to both Dymond and Ore betraying her, leaving her seeking vengeance. She murdered the other two, weak tributes before it was finally down to them. And she was ready to kill them.
  As most Hunger Games, the finale occurred where the Hunger Games started―the cornucopia. Ore threw a spear towards Dawn, but she clamped her hands over the shaft before it hit her and threw it back, hitting him in the chest. Dymond, realizing she was screwed, attempted to run, but Dawn shot her in the back with an arrow. With the last bit of life Dymond had left, Dawn approached her and snapped her neck with one simple jerk, earning her the title as a victor.
Family Members: Miranda Midnight, sixty three year old mother. Raven Painstruk, thirty year old sister. Luke Painstruk, thirty year old brother-in-law. Jack and John Painstruk, two year old nieces.

The 263rd Hunger Games
Victor: Felix Dust (District Twelve)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Three. District Twelve Female, District Eight Female, District Eight Male.
Overview: Prior to the Hunger Games, Felix was already dealing with family issues and his obsession with drugs. His parents died just days before the reaping from a mining explosion, so he decided to volunteer while upset. Slowly did he realize that he wanted to survive, even though he wasn't able to make allies with the meager score of five.
  When the bloodbath came, he grabbed onto a pickaxe before running away with nothing else. By night, he was starving and was forced to kill his district partner, who lit a fire very close to Felix, in order to maintain the necessary supplies to live. While the Careers did notice the fire, Felix was far away from there by the time they came.
  By morning, he was ambushed by an alliance of two, the two tributes from District Eight, and was badly wounded. He was forced to flee after a knife was thrown into his stomach, but he was able to kill the female before finally escaping the anger of the male tribute.
  Throughout the next week, Felix remained under the radar, collecting supplies of dead tributes and stalking over others. During some days, he felt like he was in desperate need of a drink, but other days, he was about to throw up just by the thoughts of it.
  With the arena being split in half, half being forest and the other volcanic, Felix found himself in the forest most days with other tributes. However, he was extremely happy when, on the tenth day, the volcanoes erupted and killed all the tributes except for two tributes.
  By the day of the finale, it was down to just Felix and the male from District Eight, who was already looking for vengeance on him. They, like most Hunger Games, met in the cornucopia field before the final battle start. Felix still had a blood stain on his pickaxe from the female from District Eight and the male still had the knife he stabbed Felix with before escaping.
  He made the first move by throwing the knife right at Felix. But Felix carefully avoided the attack and instantly lunged towards the male with pickaxe. While the male mostly evaded the attack, he was stabbed in the thigh with the pickaxe before taking a few steps away. In the last moments of the battle, Felix threw his pickaxe, a risky move, and it missed the male. But Felix tackled the male to the ground before choking him to death.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 266th Hunger Games
Victor: Phoenix Landon (District Eight)
Alliance: Isabella Landon (District Eight), Rosebud (District Eleven).
Kills: Six. District One Female, District Two Male, District One Male, Capitol Female, District Four Male, District Four Female
Overview: Prior to the Hunger Games, Phoenix and his family were a happy, ordinary family. He had a sister, Isabella, who was two years younger than Phoenix, and his two parents were happy. However, upon his sister being reaped at the age of twelve, sixteen year old Phoenix volunteered to help her make it home, but proved to be pretty useless by earning a four in training.
  During the bloodbath, his sister made an ally, Rosebud from District Eleven, while being attacked by a Career and being saved by Rosebud. Phoenix allowed Rosebud into the alliance, realizing that she would be very useful in protecting his sister, especially since she had a backpack and all Phoenix had was a mace.
  On the third day, Rosebud ate some poisonous berries by accident and died with Isabella crying as she died. Isabella's sobs attracted the Careers and they attacked the two siblings. Phoenix quickly fled, with his sister following right behind him, but as the Careers started to catch up, they tackled Isabella and killed her.
  Phoenix broke. He saw his own sister being stabbed until the life drained out of her. And in an instance, Phoenix craved vengeance. He beheaded the female who killed his sister with the mace and killed all but one of the Careers before the last one managed to flee with his life. And in one day, six Careers died at the hands of this angry boy.
  It took Phoenix two days to get over the loss of his sister, and even then, he was still angry. Five days later, only four tributes remained. Phoenix's tears had dried and he was able to think logically again instead of out of vengeance. But he still wanted revenge, just one little vengeful act by killing the last Career.
  Phoenix finally fulfilled his duty by throwing his mace right into the male from District Four's head while he was escaping the cornucopia during the feast. Another tribute died in the feast, but Phoenix didn't care. He had no intention of winning, afraid of his parents denial since he didn't protect his sister.
  When mutts came to try and lead him to the cornucopia, Phoenix lay down, ready for the mutts to rip him into pieces. However, a miracle happened to him, the other living tribute ran right into a trap another tribute set up which sent a large stick right through his stomach. And Phoenix became a victor, much to his dismay.
Family Members: Tristan Landon, sixty three year old father. Hillary Landon, sixty year old mother.

The 267th Hunger Games
Victor: August Beckett (District Nine)
Alliance: [Anti-Careers] Beezebul (District Three), Shark (District Four), Spree (District Five), Uzuzu (District Nine), Apricia (District Eleven), Araman (District Twelve).
Kills: Three. District Fourteen Male, District Four Male, District Two Male.
Overview: Going into the Hunger Games at the age of seventeen wasn't as scary as if August was twelve, but he still knew that he would most likely die. He made friends with a group of citizens who called themselves the Anti-Careers, led by a thirteen year old tribute from District Four who was completely against the Careers. He helped August train until August finally earned a nine during training.
  During the bloodbath, August ran right towards his favored weapon, a trident, since that was the main weapon Shark taught the alliance. However, the female from District Four beat him to it, so he settled for a machete, which he later learned how to use within five days. Beezebul, his ally from District Three, died at the hands of Careers, but the rest of the alliance was able to flee with minimal injuries.
  On the third day, the alliance hunted down and killed a loner from District Thirteen. While August did help the alliance kill her, he didn't send the final blow and didn't consider that as his kill. However, Araman wasn't very careful with the girls supplies and ate a handful of poisonous berries before Apricia could stop him. He died a few minutes later.
  Four days later, Uzuzu, his district partner, was trapped by the Careers and August tried to save her, but was too later. As the Careers started jogging away from Uzuzu's corpse, August tackled the Career that was trailing and stabbed them with his machete. Another tried to kill him, but Shark threw his trident right into their chest. The two remaining Career fled.
  Apricia and Spree, two of the four remaining allies in the Anti-Careers, eventually fled the alliance when only seven tributes remained, but both were killed two days later at the hands of a Career. Luckily, they took down one of them, but were too weak to take down both.
  When another tribute passed away, Shark attacked August, managing to get his trident right into August's thigh. However, August had amazing reflexes and split Shark's head in half before August even registered what he was doing. But that wasn't the end, since the last Career had hid in the bushes and threw his spear right towards August.
  August evaded the attack with his machete, before chucking the machete right into their forehead, killing them instantly. It was in that moment that August realized he won the Hunger Games, although it wasn't a victory that he wanted to live through, but he was still alive, and that's what mattered.
Family Members: Roger Beckett, seventy five year old father. Bella Beckett, thirty year old sister. Hillary Beckett, twenty nine year old sister.

The 268th Hunger Games
Victor: Lucretius Sappho (The Capitol)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Six. The Capitol Female, District One Male, District Four Male, District Four Female, District Two Male, District One Female.
Overview: Lucretius was a loner during the Hunger Games, although his district partner was the exact opposite, allying with the Careers and getting them to despise Lucretius. He spent most of the time being shoved to the ground by the Careers, almost as if he was a defenseless sixteen year old, while he really had anger inside of him and wanted to just release it. And he did during the private sessions, where he earned a surprising score of ten.
  When the bloodbath started, nobody expected Lucretius to be such a fast sprinter, but he was the first at the bloodbath and practically had a choice in which mace and spears he wanted to us. Before he left, though, he saw his district partner stabbing the twelve year old girl from District Eight and speared her. He ran towards the little girl, but she was long dead before was halfway there and just moved on.
  Thirteen tributes were still alive after the bloodbath, and it pretty much stayed like that for four days, before a tribute died from starvation. The Careers finally encountered a private alliance near the only lake on the island. Lucretius could hear the screams of the tributes as the Careers murdered the tributes, and swore vengeance for all the tributes who had to suffer from the Careers.
  The Capitol were easily intrigued by Lucretius' guts in conveniently pulling the Careers together and murdering them one by one that they didn't send any mutts or any disasters because they knew something was happening.
  Finally, he struck.
  He pulled the Careers in half, both group consisting of three tributes and ambushed one of the groups while completely unprepared. The other group came to their assistance, but their three allies were already dead. Lucretius got the leader, the male from District Two, to separate from the other two and killed him by snapping his neck, embarrassing the entire District Two with one little action.
  With six tributes remaining, the remaining Careers killed the remaining three tributes. The final day finally came, landing perfectly on the two week mark from the start of the Hunger Games. Instead of the usual mutt finale, these Hunger Games took a different path with the entire arena starting to collapse and the tributes started to scream and avoid the randomly falling ground beneath their feet.
  Finally, with only one strip of land, Lucretius met his opponent, the last Career, after the other Career fell with the collapsing ground. The female from District One threw her shurikens, one plunging into Lucretius' check. He gripped at the blood before running full speed at her, carefully dodging the shurikens in his face. Finally, with one swing, he beheaded the female before she could kill him.
Family Members: Panthon Sappho, fifty seven year old father. Jani Sappho, fifty seven year old mother. Lucifious Sappho, thirty two year old twin brother.

The 270th Hunger Games
Victor: Melody Vasilia (The Capitol)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Four. District Seven Male, District Five Male, District Twelve Female, District Five Female.
Overview: People say that Melody won the Hunger Games by sheer luck, whereas only those that are smart know that it was no coincidence. Being tied for the oldest tribute in the Hunger Games, the only other one being the female from District Zero. While Melody got a low training score of a five, she showed that craziness can help her win.
  During the bloodbath, she didn't maintain anything and ran off far before the actual killings began. She found a young tribute, the male from District Seven, and stole the axes that he obtained from the bloodbath. Had he not waken up from the noise, he might have lived, but when his scream filled the air, Melody threw an axe in his head from reflex.
  Melody stared at the body, mumbling that it's okay and that everything will be okay. She stroked his hair before she finally accepted his fate and knew she had to move on. But she couldn't handle the sight of blood or seeing anyone dying again, so she camouflaged herself to stay away.
  But even though she was camouflaged, she could not get away from the death. Since the arena was on a waterfall, many tributes came for water, so Melody saw pretty much everything. She saw her own district partner being shoved off the waterfall, but not without hanging onto his murderer and taking him down with him.
  And she saw the last member of the Careers being mauled by a large bear, leaving only eight tributes left in the Hunger Games. But the chances for Melody winning greatly increased due to this, since she was officially the oldest tribute and the biggest threat left, despite her low training score.
  Since the other tributes were thirteen to sixteen years old, she led them to each other, since she could easily track them down with their clumsy stealth skills. She noticed how evil people are, seeing a sixteen year old killing a young thirteen year old and seeing a fourteen year old killing a sixteen year old in such a brutal fashion, the cameras had to leave out some parts.
  Eventually, with three other tributes remaining, Melody couldn't handle it anymore. She couldn't keep seeing other young tributes kill each other so, on the sixteenth day of the Hunger Games, she set a fire in the forest, leading the other tributes towards the waterfall where she saw them fight, but before they could kill each other, she pushed them off the waterfall, staring at their bodies until they splattered on the rocky ground beneath them.
Family Members: None Alive.

The 272nd Hunger Games
Victor: Kiernan Clinton (District Two)
Alliance: [Careers] Yvonne (The Capitol), Gloss (District One), Glitter (District One), Brittney (District Two), Jake (District Four), Natalya (District Four), Jay (District Fourteen), Clover (District Fourteen).
Kills: Eight. District Seven Female, District Three Male, District Three Female, The Capitol Male, The Capitol Female, District Eight Male, Distict Six Female, District Nine Male.
Overview: Being the leader of the Careers at only the age of sixteen, Kiernan had to prove his strength early off by earning a score of eleven during training, the only other tribute receiving the same score being his district partner, Brittney. The two love birds in the Careers, Gloss and Glitter, both earned tens, making them the second deadliest, and the other Careers either got an eight or nine.
  When the bloodbath started, Kiernan wasted no time trying to gather supplies, but instead to try and kill those who were taking supplies. He chopped off a girls entire arm with a nearby axe, but she was too far away before he could kill her. Since Kiernan was able to practically use every weapon, he threw that axe right into a girl's back and then speared someone in the chest while they were escaping.
  Later that night, the girl Kiernan cut the arm off of died due to the loss of blood, bringing Kiernan's kill count to three. During the night, a tribute came and poisoned the Careers supplies, but while they were escaping, Kiernan woke up a threw a knife into his neck.
  In the morning, Jake and Jay both died after eating some food, since Kiernan didn't think the male was poisoning their food, but instead stealing it. Nonetheless, he kept this little secret to himself.
  Later that day, Natalya and Clover were caught in a trap and, while the Careers were trying to help them escape, an angry swarm of crows attacked them and the Careers were forced to leave before saving Natalya and Clover, who were pecked to death by the crows. Upon their arrival, they found another tribute stealing their supplies, and then started laughing when she fell down dead due to the poisonous food.
  With eight tributes left and five Careers still left, the alliance started hunting. However, Yvonne ended up turning against the Career by killing Brittney. She fatally injured Glitter before Kiernan slit her throat. Gloss was distraught and ended up running away from Kiernan, committing suicide by jumping off of the cliff the arena was set upon.
  After two more tributes died at the hands of Kiernan, it was down to the final battle. After a long and seemingly never ending dual, Kiernan finally beheaded the tribute with a sword, thus killing him.
Family Members: Richard Clinton, fifty nine year old father.

The 273rd Hunger Games
Victor: Coralie Float (District Four)
Alliance Nobody.
Kills: District One Male, District Eight Female, District Eight Male, District Six Female
Overview: Instead of allying with the Careers, Coralie decided to be a loner, since she was eighteen years old and close to giving birth to a child. She wasn't as strong as the others, but she would never go down without a fight. But she would never push herself too far, which is why she only earned an eight in training.
  During the bloodbath, she grabbed a trident and a backpack before leaving. She was nearly killed by a Career, but she stabbed him with her trident before fleeing. Nonetheless, she was still hunted by the Careers, but they were never able to find her.
  Since Coralie was still pregnant, she wasn't able to climb trees and if you were a few yards away, you could smell her bad gas. But she was great at hiding and camouflaging herself with the surroundings. While camouflaged, she even killed an alliance of the tributes from District Eight as they didn't notice her while the were walking by.
  When the feast was announced, she refused to participate, which was good for her since nearly seven people died, bringing it down to only eight tributes left. With eight tributes, though, Coralie didn't change her plan of attack. She killed at least one other tribute before moving closer to the cornucopia.
  The final four contained only female tributes, which is usually very rare, but the female from District Two killed the other two females before finale. The girl was strong, brutal and brave, which is why Coralie needed to strike when the girl wasn't prepared.
  She hid in the cornucopia and tried to stab the girl, but she swung her sword right at Coralie, deflecting the sword. She nearly stabbed Coralie in the stomach, but Coralie kicked her to the ground before throwing a trident right into her stomach. Nonetheless, she didn't celebrate because she felt blood trickling down her leg afterwards.
Family Members: Nuru Float, six year old adopted son.

The 275th Hunger Games
Victor: Lucy Clarice (District Five)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Three. District Five Male, District Thirteen Male, District Two Male.
Overview: For this quarter quell, the tributes were forced to fight their district partner, except for the Capitol, to show that the Capitol is always stronger than the other districts. Lucy was only sixteen at the time she was reaped and earned a training score of seven, much lower than her district partner.
  We she was forced to fight against her district partner, who was eighteen and had a score of eleven. She selected to use throwing axes as her weapon in the fight, while her district partner chose a sword. He charged at her and avoided one of Lucy's axes. He swung the sword right towards her neck and she carefully ducked under it.
  The sword stuck into the wall and Lucy, noticing the opportunity, cut his stomach open with the axe. After another swing, he died and she was along the other sixteen as the strongest tribute from their district.
  But the bloodbath hasn't happened yet, and she wasn't able to start off with the axe she had killed her district partner yet. When the bloodbath did start, she ran in the opposite direction of the bloodbath and practically hid the entire Hunger Games. With eight tributes left, though, she realized she made a huge mistake.
  A few days later, she received a sponsoring gift of an axe along with some food, since she had practically starved herself to death. However, she didn't have much time to eat as another tribute started to attack her. He threw a knife right into her shoulder and she screamed. As the attacker pursued, she finally gave up and wildly threw her axe behind her, hitting the pursuer in the chest.
  The next few days, three more tributes died, bringing it down to the final four. And with that, the feast was announced. Lucy didn't go again, which she was thankful for since another tribute died during it. But she walked towards the cornucopia anyways, realizing the Hunger Games as about to end.
  When the finale happened, she was the first one in the cornucopia and hid inside of it. As the other two tributes started fighting to their death, she watched and quietly prepared to throw her axe. When one of them finally killed the other, she threw her axe right into his head and was announced the victor.
Family Members: Jeremy Clarice, fifty nine year old father. Samantha Clarice, fifty six year old mother. Chris Clarice, twenty year old brother.

The 276th Hunger Games
Victor: Willow Grove (District Seven)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Seven. District One Female, District Eight Female, District Four Male, District Two Male, District Four Female, District Three Female, The Capitol Male.
Overview: Willow volunteered at the age of fourteen to get away from her father's abuse, but little did she know how it helped her in the Hunger Games. She received sponsors from telling about her terrible life and she was able to have other tributes think of her as weak. But she proved her strength by earned a score of eleven, even while she was only fourteen.
  During the bloodbath, she grabbed onto an axe and threw it right into the back of a Career tribute. She chopped another girl's head in half when she crossed Willow's path. But in the end, Willow had two kills, three axes and a backpack to manage her food and water needs.
  During the next few days of the Hunger Games, the Careers hunted her down, but even as they searched, they never found Willow, but she found them. She even managed to kill one of them in a trap, knocking down a tracker jacker nest in the process. In the end, no Career dared to go in the northern forest where Willow rest.
  Willow's district partner died a few days after the Careers stopped searching for her, but she didn't feel effected, even though her district partner was a family friend. Nonetheless, Willow was changing, and she knew it. She didn't cry through the rest of the Hunger Games.
  When eight tributes remained, Willow stopped hiding and made her move on the cornucopia, right during the feast. She was able to grab onto her back, containing a tomahawk with poisonous blades, and flung it right at the two approaching Careers. After ricocheting off of one of their collarbones, it plunged into the others face.
  While this happened, another tribute grabbed onto their bag and Willow couldn't get them, but she did kill the weak female from District Three who tried to hide in the cornucopia. She was left with the other bags and was extremely fortunate to have the entire cornucopia to herself.
  Three days passed before the finale and Willow attacked the male from the Capitol, who only had a spear. He skimmed Willow in her side, but she eventually threw her tomahawk right into his forehead, killing him instantly.
Family Members: Julie Anne Grove, fifty seven year old female. Beth Grove, eighteen year old sister.

The 277th Hunger Games
Victor: Cyder Quinn (District Fourteen)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Two. District Five Male, District Two Male.
Overview: When Cyder was little, she was really fat and everyone bullied her, calling her Apple Cyder. Due to this, she became anorectic and practically starved herself for years. Her father finally decided to do something and sent her to a Career Academy, which she deeply despised. She didn't even dare ally with the Careers during the Hunger Games and only received a six in training, so they wouldn't even let her in if she asked.
  When the bloodbath started, Cyder ran right into the bloodbath and grabbed a vial of poison, a backpack, and a blowgun with darts. She was tackled by her district partner, but kicked him in the stomach, which caused him to lose his grip. She lost a few darts from the sudden tackle, and had a hurt ankle, but she managed to escape with her life.
  For days, Cyder hid, carefully hidden by the snowy hills they called an arena. She received a sponsoring gift of a large blanket, which she was thankful for since nearly five tributes had died from frostbite or freezing to death. Even the Careers were being affected by this and didn't even hunt.
  However, by the fifth day, the cornucopia was destroyed by a large avalanche, which practically killed all the remaining Careers, which brought it down to only eight tributes. Cyder was nearly killed by a pack of wolves, but ran away, only to run into another tribute. Quickly, she stabbed him with a dart she had poisoned out of sheer boredom, killing him.
  The Capitol started to think that Cyder had a chance, since she was stronger than they assumed. However, they were still rooting for the tributes from District Two who had survived the avalanche. The two killed another alliance of two, gaining more sponsors and practically receiving anything they thought of.
  With five tributes remaining, the competition was getting tough. With the cornucopia being destroyed in the avalanche, it was unknown where the finale would be, if they even had a finale since the tributes were practically freezing to death. Another would die a day before the finale due to the cold.
  When the finale did come, it was located towards a frozen lake in the northern part of the arena. Cyder had to practically run across half the arena, since she was all the way in the southern part, and barely made it before a pack of wolves could eat her. However, one of the tributes from District Two wasn't as lucky, as she died just moments before she would have made it to the bloodbath.
  Cyder didn't have any time to calm down as the male from District Two nearly beheaded her right when she got there. He had already killed the other remaining tribute and it was now down to them. She started to run towards the lake, starting to glide against the ice.
  The male followed and nearly caught up to Cyder as he was faster. But he was also heavier and he eventually stepped on a thin piece of ice, cracking it, and bringing him plummeting into the water. He popped up once again, but Cyder simply shot a dart right into his forehead, killing him for good.
Family Members: Harmony Quinn, fifty two year old mother. Piper Quinn, eighteen year old sister. Maggie Quinn, sixteen year old sister.

The 278th Hunger Games
Victor: Orion Greer (District Zero)
Alliance: Constance (District Zero).
Kills: Six. District One Female, District Two Male, District Four Male, District Four Female, District Three Male, District Three Female.
Overview: Being only fifteen years old while winning the Hunger Games is quite impressive, but Orion has always been a threat from the beginning. However, not physically, but mentally. While he was weak, his brain and intelligence made up his strength, which made him easily being overlooked by tributes such as the Careers. Yet, he scored an amazing nine in training, proving that his intelligence wasn't on that should be overlooked.
  While he had an ally, the young twelve year old didn't give him any advantage, as she was brutally murdered by the Careers in the bloodbath. Luckily, Orion got away with a backpack, a coil of wire, and a sickle. With the arena being a jungle, with downpours and lightning strikes while the bloodbath occurred, most tributes ran off with nothing other than a backpack, afraid that they'd be electrocuted. By the end of the bloodbath, only twelve tributes were killed, leaving twenty left.
  Fast forward to day four, as nothing happened on the second or third day, the Careers were chasing after an alliance of four, leaving the cornucopia open. While most tributes would steal their supplies, Orion attached the coil of wire to the tail of the cornucopia, before running it all the way up the highest tree branch he could reach, in hopes that the Careers would be dead by nightfall. However, the lightning hadn't stuck the tree, so the only death from the Careers was one who was killed while fighting the alliance of four, leaving only five tributes dead.
  Finally, the lightning struck early the fifth morning, killed all but two of the six Career tributes that were at the cornucopia. With eleven tributes remaining, Orion's chances of winning were increasing, but so were everyone else's. The other tributes had started killing each other more, so by the tenth day, only eight tributes remained, all loners except the two remaining Careers.
  Orion had started hunting for tributes, as well, but had been carefully avoiding the Careers and other threats by climbing trees. But while he was hunting in the trees, looking down on the female from District Three, a younger boy, her district partner, tapped him on the shoulder. Orion's reflexes kicked in and beheaded the boy before realizing he was just a twelve year old, like his district partner. As the boy's body fell from the tree, the female screamed and looked at Orion with one obvious feeling.
  And Orion felt the same about him. The female threw a knife towards Orion, hitting him in the stomach. Orion cringed, fell from the tree, and accidentally snapped the girl's neck as he fell on top of her. Not only was District Three disgusted with Orion, he was disgusted with himself.
  By the eighteenth day of the Hunger Games, the finale occurred with only three tributes remaining. However, Orion hadn't had to fight, as the remaining tributes were the Careers and they brutally beat each other up that they bled out in the cornucopia before Orion even approached, making Orion a victor.
Family Members: GeGe Greer, eighteen year old sister.

The 279th Hunger Games
Victor: Natalie Lexus (District Two)
Alliance: [Careers] Rainie (The Capitol), Raven (District One), Mason (District Two), Sallie (District Four), Wes (Distirct Fourteen), Belladonna (District Fourteen).
Kills: Six. The Capitol Male, District Five Male, District Five Female, District Seven Female, District Four Male, District Fourteen Female.
Overview: Natalie had trained at the Career Academy since she was little and eagerly volunteered when she was fifteen. However, she had a lot of issues with the Careers, since half of the tributes from a Career district allied with the Anti-Careers. But they showed no matched to the Careers as all of them, including Natalie, got a score of ten.
  When the bloodbath started, Natalie grabbed onto a bow and climbed right on top of the cornucopia, shooting anyone who tried to escape. She saw the male from the Capitol slit his own district partner's throat, but he shortly met his end with an arrow through the brain. She also shot down the tributes from District Five who were practically skipping away. In the end, only one Career died, Rainie from the Capitol, and four Anti-Careers died.
  Natalie urged the Careers to go hunting shortly after the bloodbath, since the tributes wouldn't be prepared if they'd hunt so early. With this, the Careers killed two more tributes, bringing the death count to twenty in one day.
  At night, though, Natalie went away on her own to try to hunt down tributes. She found the Anti-Careers, which only consisted of three members now, and started shooting arrows at them. The first one went right through a girl's throat, but the next was deflected by a spear that was thrown right at her. She didn't have any time to move and the spear went right through her leg. But the cannon sounded, not her's, and the Anti-Careers assumed she was dead.
  She painfully yanked the spear out of her leg before wobbling back to the cornucopia, where she found two Careers dead from an unknown murderer. The rest of the alliance was freaked out and they assumed it was Natalie. But after she explained what happened, they stopped assuming it was her and started to heal her leg.
  Lucky enough, her leg wasn't infected, but she was no longer able to walk on it. Raven was the nurse of the Careers, as she helped as a nurse before she went into the Hunger Games. The two bonded well over the time they spent alone while the Careers were hunting and became best friends.
  However, one day, they were attacked by the Anti-Careers. Raven was speared by the same male who hit her in the leg with the spear, but this time, she didn't miss him. The arrow went right through his neck and his ally tried to flee, but the other Careers showed up and killed her.
  With the Careers only containing three members in the final eight, Natalie, Mason and Belladonna, they decided to split up, since they didn't want to kill each other. Natalie was sponsored with medicine that gave feeling back into her leg and healed the wound the a treatable size.
  On the final day, only Belladonna and Natalie remained. Belladonna was skilled with the katana and nearly beheaded Natalie, but Natalie was able to shove an arrow into her heart, bringing her to sweet, sweet victory.
Family Members: Arnold Lexus, forty nine year old father. Teresa Lexus, forty nine year old mother. Jason Lexus, nineteen year old brother. Jerry Lexus, fifteen year old brother.

The 280th Hunger Games
Victor: Erin Flannery (District Ten)
Alliance: Rose (District Three).
Kills: Four. District Four Female, District One Male, District Fourteen Male, District Two Male.
Overview: When Erin was reaped, it was the first year her sister was no longer in the reaping so she had no volunteers. She was nearly sixteen at the time, but was an expert at knives and whips, and even became acquainted with the flail during training. With her skills with weaponry, she earned a score of eight and even made an ally, Rose from District Three.
  During the bloodbath, Erin and Rose ran away, knowing that both would be targeted with their high training scores. However, both received a sponsor gift that night, Erin's with a butcher knife and Rose's with a katana. The two already found water and hunted for food, so they were fine.
  On the third day, Rose killed her own district partner to get his supplies. Erin was originally in shocked, before she realized this was the Hunger Games. And to make things better, Rose's district partner had a flail, which Erin took, since he no longer needed it.
  By the sixth day, the Careers found the two girls, but instead of running, the girls fought. Rose took down two of the eight Careers and Erin slit one of their throats before forcing them to flee. But they did leave some supplies behind, like a week's worth of water and a load of food.
  When the arena went into flames two days later, Rose was crushed by a falling tree and Erin couldn't do anything to save her. She took Rose's backpack before running as far away from the fire as she could. But she ran right into the Career alliance, which now only consisted of three tributes.
  Without Rose, Erin was easily outnumbered so she tried to flee, when one of the Careers caught up to her, she threw her knife right into their neck before losing the other two. By nighttime, she was burnt badly on the side and was too tired to even find a good hiding spot before falling asleep.
  That next day was the finale, between Erin and the two Careers, so the entire arena was set on fire. She was the first one at the cornucopia and hid inside of it, waiting for the boys to walk towards her. As one of them unknowingly walked right passed Erin, she pounded his face in with her flail before throwing the weapon right at the other Career, hitting him right in the face. Erin had to pound it into his face one more time before she was crowned victor.
Family Members: Jessica Flannery, twenty three year old sister.

The 281st Hunger Games
Victor: Violet Sage (District Eleven)
Alliance: Nobody.
Kills: Four. District Twelve Female, District Four Male, District Seven Female, District Two Male.
Overview: Violet has always been known to be a trouble maker, even when she was reaped at the age of eighteen. Prior to that, she burned a majority of the fields in District Eleven and was harshly punished for doing so. During training, she even burnt down a lot of the center and, ultimately, earned a score of five for her rebellious attitude.
  However, when the Hunger Games started, Violet was able to grab onto a scythe and a backpack full of matches before getting lost deep into the maze of the arena. Having no allies, many were surprised with her survival, and many more were surprised by the fact she went through four days without food before finally receiving a sponsor gift of bread.
  She eventually clashed with another tribute who shot arrows at her. She barely escaped the flying arrows, but was scraped by multiple spikes that surrounded the walls. When she finally found cover, she waited until the girl ran right by her before striking her in the head with the scythe, killing her instantly.
  By the eighth day, there were still ten tributes remaining and, to try and speed up the process, the floor of the maze started to dissolve. Violet barely made it to a strip of stable land before the floor surrounding her collapsed. In the process, five tributes were killed, and the other five were either Careers or major threats.
  Violet collided with her district partner, who, instead of killing Violet, proposed a truce that they wouldn't kill each other until they were the only ones left. Violet agreed before he ran off. Later that night, the Gamemakers set him on fire due to his failure to fight.
  The idea of fire gave Violet a brilliant idea and she lit the entire maze on fire. She was able to carefully weave through the burning bushes and into a safe zone before the fire started to burn the ground around and, in the end, the entire arena practically sizzled into ashes.
  The last tribute only got to see Violet's face once before the burning bushes collapsed on him and he died. Within one day, Violet got three kills, but she only saw one of them. Nonetheless, her victory wasn't as victorious as the Capitol made it to be and she regretfully returned home.
Family Members: Impala Sage, fifty five year old mother. Georgia Sage, seventeen year old sister.

The 282nd Hunger Games
Victor: Lyle Stream (District Four)
Alliance: [Careers] Harry (District One), Krystal (District One), Marybelle (District Four), Trevor (District Six), Patricia (District Seven), Stephen (District Eight), Luke (District Twelve).
Kills: Three. District Eight Female, District Eight Male, District Two Male.
Overview: Since Lyle was only twelve, he obviously was not the leader of the Career alliance, but neither was the tributes from District Two, as both decided not to ally with the Careers. However, the Careers had four new allies from a non-Career district. During the training, Lyle earned a score of eight, which was the worst of the Careers.
  During the bloodbath, Lyle grabbed onto a trident and carefully avoided the tributes from Two. He stabbed the female from District Eight, who was the only other twelve year old. However, two of his allies, Luke from Twelve and Trevor from Six, both died at the hands of the tributes from Two.
  That night, Stephen was extremely angered to see his district partner in the sky and swore vengeance on whoever killed her, surprising Lyle as he killed her. He stayed away from him for a while before purposely poisoning his food one day and he died. Krystal, the leader of the Careers, killed Patricia, as she was the one who made the meal, and the Careers slowly started to separate.
  With obvious tension among the Careers, Marybelle left with Lyle one night and the two were hunted by the remaining Careers. By that time, the only tributes remaining were the ones from District One, Two, Four and the females from District Thirteen and Fourteen. But they never found the two.
  The two females from District Thirteen and Fourteen were killed by the tributes from Two and, before the others were ready, the finale was announced. With only Career districts remaining and both tributes from three districts, the Gamemamkers separated the alliances up, forcing all the males to fight to the death while the females fought to the death.
  Lyle was targeted by Harry, but Harry was targeted by the male from District Two. Lyle just barely outran Harry before the other male stabbed Harry to death. Frightened, Lyle threw his trident right into the males forehead before he had the chance to kill Lyle.
  The females were killing each other and, in the end, Marybelle was killed and Krystal was the survivor. However, she died shortly after due to fatal injuries. At this, Lyle was announced the victor of the Hunger Games, being the youngest one to win.
Family Members: Marissa Stream, forty eight year old mother. Annabella Stream, twelve year old sister. Winston Stream, eight year old brother.

The 283rd Hunger Games
Victor: Calixta Scythe (District One)
Alliance: [Careers] James (District One), Travis (District Two), Emerald (District Two), Luke (District Four), Rosabella (District Four).
Kills: Nine. District Eleven Female, District Eleven Male, Capitol Male, Capitol Female, District Two Male, District One Male, District Two Female, District Four Female, District Nine Female.
Overview: While Calixta might already be striking at the age of sixteen, she surely wasn't one to be overlooked. Her looks were just a distraction because once she targeted you, there was nowhere you could run. Her ability to follow tracks and amazing talents with the kama allowed her to get an eleven in training.
  When the bloodbath started, Calixta took a different strategy than most Careers, she ran away. She hid among the bushes in the outskirts, as the arena was a basic forest, and silently killed anyone who walked past her. She strangled the female from District Eleven just a minute into the Hunger Games and used her knives to kill the male from District Eleven who shortly followed. By the end of the bloodbath, she had two of the thirteen kills.
  As Luke, the male from District Four, was the only Career to die in the bloodbath, Calixta used details of his death to narrow the killer to the male from the Capitol, who allied with his district partner instead of the Careers. In three days, Calixta found the two Capitol tributes along the river and easily beheaded the two of them.
  With fifteen dead in the first four days, it wasn't until another two days until another tribute died from starvation. A day later, another passed away from an infection. Calixta had a close eye on her allies, realizing that they were planning something and keeping her out of it.
  Calixta prepared for them to attack, which they did on the ninth day of the Hunger Games. But, when they assumed Calixta was awake, she was pretending and snapped Travis' neck as he reached for hers. She grabbed her kama and carefully dodged James' sword, but wasn't lucky the next time when it cut into her side. Enraged, she beheaded him when he was unprepared. Emerald and Rosabella were running away, but Calixta threw her two kamas and they landed right in the back of their skulls.
  With already eight kills, Calixta hid for a week and a few days until the other tributes killed themselves, leaving the finale fight against Calixta and the girl from District Eight. The girl threw a knife towards Calixta, which she easily dodged, but then tackled Calixta to the ground as she was unprepared.
  The two girls punched each other, kneeing each other to try and get the upper hand, but it wasn't until the other female smashed Calixta's head against the ground that it was clear she was destined to win. The girl wrapped her fingers around Calixta's throat and squeezed. But Calixta wasn't going to die, with the final bit of her strength, she kneed the female in the stomach and, as she fell, pounded the girl's head into her knee, denting her skull.
Family Members: Topi Scythe, forty nine year old father. Shimmer Scythe, forty eight year old mother. Jennifer Scythe, fifteen year old sister.

Other Characters

Achilles Hendrix

Job: President of Panem
  Achilles has been the President of Panem for nearly twenty years and has been very well at maintaining peace in the districts. While he's still young, being only forty three years old, he finds the Hunger games fascinating and always makes sure they have their full potential. He is in charge of making sure the Head Gamemaker is always the best possible and has a good mood and feeling towards the last four Hunger Games Aurellia has hosted.

Aurellia Emil

Job: Head Gamemaker
  Aurellia has been the Head Gamemaker of Panem for nearly four years and has always made sure that the Hunger Games have a unique ending. She's only twenty one years old, the youngest Head Gamemaker in the history of Panem, but has had so many interesting ideas that President Achilles has loved her from the start. Her signature is fire, natural disasters and traps.

Vyvyan Phyllida

Job: Interviewer
  Vyvyan is a very energetic and happy girl which is exactly why President Achilles enjoys her being the interviewer. While she always knows how to keep an interview going smooth, she doesn't always make it comfortable for the tribute. She's only twenty nine, but she's been the interviewer for ten years, following in her mother's footsteps. Nonetheless, her interviews are interesting to the Capitol, especially entertaining President Achilles.

Maxim Iolo

Job: Announcer
  Maxim is the announcer for the Hunger Games and is the one who speaks to the tributes while they're in the arena. He keeps the Capitol informed about the Hunger Games and is responsible for keeping track of the death chart. He's been the announcer for seven years now, even though he's thirty five years old. He used to be the tribute evaluator, but received a promotion, so he's very good at analyzing the tributes and how well they'll most likely do.

Ecaterina Sly

Job: Tribute Evaluator
  Ecaterina has been very good at analyzing the tributes ever since she was a child. She is able to tell who has the best chances of surviving and can knows that it's not always the strongest who win, it's the smartest or the best at survival. She's only twenty six, but has been the tribute evaluator for seven years. She has a stable relationship with President Achilles as the two don't really talk, but aren't enemies.

Lucida Rynn

Job: Arena Specialist
  Lucida is very good at creating arenas, making sure that they provide food, water and shelter for the tributes, but also be able to add traps at any moment. She's forty three years old and has been friends with President Achilles since they were children. For being the arena specialist for twenty years, she has respect for the Capitol citizens and constantly brings new surprises in her arenas.

Varinia Lafe

Job: Mutt Specialist
  Varinia has been the mutt specialist for twelve years and has a talent for creating new or improved mutts to the arena. While she's only thirty five years old, fairly young, she constantly brings back classics like the mockingjay or tracker jackers. President Achilles respects her and so do the citizens of the Capitol as she is phenomenal and excellent at her work.




Hercules Maya (Cap) and Seraphina Blaze (12). Hercules and Seraphina have known each other for a long time, but haven't really seen a relationship between them, besides friends, until now. Both of them love fire and have the same crazy obsessions to keep themselves close together. Seraphina is thinking about the lover relationship before Hercules, and Hercules is still trying to figure out his feelings for Seraphina, but it's hard when they know one of them will have to die. Nonetheless, the two enjoy each others company and will look over their allies, but will protect.

Annabeth Elosegui (2) and Buck Rockwell (6). Annabeth and Buck have just recently met each other, but what they feel is real. They both need someone to help them through the Hunger Games and they've turned towards each other. Buck protects Annabeth with all of his life, but Annabeth is the one coming up with smart battle strategies and watching over Buck. The two of them are somewhat distant from the others in the Career pack, but they're still friends with them.


Camellia Theacea (Cap) and Cora Nightcaster (8). Coming Soon... Karina Cole (13) and Ashley Curtis (14). Karina and Ashley have a special, friendly relationship. The two of them are both homosexuals and know what it feels like to be made fun of and hurt because of their sexual preferences. Karina admires Ashley for wanting to do something about homosexuals to make them feel accepted, which is why she enjoys spending time with her. The two girls keep the secret away from the others in their alliance, since they fear their allies might kill them due to it.


The Careers and The District Four Pair. The Careers and The District Four Pair have a terrible relationship. The Careers are upset that the tributes from District Four didn't ally with the Careers, even though they are young and inexperienced. On the other hand, the tributes from Four are sickened by the thought of the Careers going around killing everyone because they kill to survive, not for the joy or pleasure of it. The two alliances constantly get on each others backs and try to outsmart and do better than the other one, which makes their relationship the worst in these Hunger Games.

Luna Johnston (0) and Jayson Huff (7). Luna and Jayson have a bad relationship. While they originally started to dislike each other during the second day of training, their relationship has grown far worse while they'll do anything to destroy the other. Luna's upset that he made her look weak in front of the Careers and to cause the two to have unnecessary attention. Jayson's upset that Luna made him look stupider than he already is in front of everyone. The two will stop at nothing to outlive the other, and be the preferred one killing the other. 


Lucretius Sappho (Cap) and Melody Vasilia (Cap). Lucretius and Melody are the same age and won fairly close to each other. From this, they've gone through the years together and constantly end up helping each other mentor. Lucretius always tends to help Melody, thinking about her before him all the time. Melody always thanks Lucretius for his help and hopes that they're relationship will start to increase.

Orion Greer (0) and Lyle Stream (4). Orion and Greer had a great camaraderie, both enjoy each others company and each look at each other for advice. As both of them are fairly young, they tend to do foolish things together, like trying to prank some of the other mentors, for they can't drink away the memories of their deceased tributes yet. However, they always make the other mentors feel happier, as the aren't hooligans or scandals, but kind boys with a lovable aura.

Dawn Midnight (0), Kiernan Clinton (2), and Natalie Lexus (2). Dawn, Kiernan, and Natalie all have a friendly personality and all stay fairly distant from the other mentors. Unlike the rest, they truly enjoy the Hunger Games and they all put money forth on which one of their tributes will last the longest. While this is viewed as sick to the other mentors, they find this as fun and to relax from the stress of their ordinary lives.

Jasper Miles (1) and Calixta Scythe (1). Jasper and Calixta are friends, but tend to have a more father-daughter relationship. Jasper constantly tries to keep Calixta in place, due to her rebellious attitude, but she never listens to him. The two keep their distance away from the other mentors, since the two are from a Career district and Calixta is the newest mentor.

Charles Latif (3), Laila Baylor (8), and Carmelita Roon (9). Charles, Laila, and Carmelita are the oldest mentors and are respected by the others, as they are all selfless and help the other mentors when they need it. Charles always takes care of Laila's health while she's at the Capitol. Carmelita helps Charles and Laila with their tributes whenever they need to, and constantly forgets about her own tribute.

Electra Lennon (3), Coralie Float (4), Lucy Clarice (6), Willow Grove (7), Erin Flannery (10), Violet Sage (11), Cyder Quinn (14). Electra, Coralie, Lucy, Willow, Erin, Violet, and Cyder are the classic group of girls who love to have fun and talk. They're always around each other while they're at the Capitol and they're practically inseparable. Electra, Lucy, and Violet tend to be the quieter ones in the group, while Coralie, Willow, Erin, and Cyder tend to flap their jaw. Nonetheless, the other mentors truly love them and they all love each other.

Hugh Ryder (5) and Brooklyn Franklin (6). Hugh and Brooklyn are rarely seen by the other mentors of the Hunger Games, as they tend to stay in the general meeting area with all the sponsors. They're always seem to be hiding and, if they were to talk to anyone, it'd be Brandon, who they both can relate to, even though they, personally, creep Brandon out.

Brandon Oswald (6), Juniper Elm (7), and Colt Phelan (10). Brandon, Juniper, and Colt are usually always seen at the bar. While they don't usually get drunk a lot, they almost certainly are drunk when they're tributes die. They don't usually care for the tributes and sponsor them even less, but they don't care. The three of them are fearless and careless, with Colt constantly trying to push the other two to do stupid acts when their drunk.

Phoenix Landon (8), August Beckett (9), Felix Dust (12). Phoenix, August, and Felix are also seen a lot at the bar. They're very similar to Brandon, Juniper, and Colt's friendship, except they aren't as stupid. They care for their tributes and know how to have a good time. Occasionally, they'll get drunk, but they'll always fill in for each other when needed.

Chris Frazier (11), Axl Humphrey (13), and Silas Hudson (14). Chris, Axl, and Silas are all the strong, older mentors. They all push each other to train their tributes harder and will drink every so often, but never go as far as getting drunk. The three of them enjoy having a fun time, though, and will bring a smile to others faces.

Phoebe Krystal (12) and Shelby Fiorentina (13). Phoebe and Shelby are the female warriors of the mentors. They always are brutal and tough while training and never drink. Phoebe is constantly pushing Shelby further, since she's younger, but Shelby's always able to catch up. The two are either frightening to others or friendly towards them, but for safe measures, everyone usually avoids them.



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Sponsoring Gifts

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The Arena

  This Hunger Games arena is divided into seven different sections, each holding their own traps and dangers, and each representing one of the Seven Deadly Sins. The sins being, starting from the north and going clockwise: lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride. 
  The lust section in the north contains the demon Asmodeus. This section is the most beautiful of all the sections, covered with large trees with flowers and bushes around the roots. However, while this section is surely beautiful, it leads tributes into terrible traps and tricks tributes into eating the poisonous berries, since they look almost identical to regular blueberries or other edible berries. Besides the demon Asmodeus, squirrel and bird mutts infest this section. If a squirrel mutt bites you, you lose all train of thought for twenty four hours and are practically mesmerized to do anything the Capitol wants you to do. The bird mutts will attack tributes in flocks, ripping them to pieces by their peaks. 
  The gluttony section in the northeast contains the demon Beelzebub. This section is the most edible of all the sections, covered with trees and bushes all covered with candy. Underneath the bark of the tree, soda replaces the bark and water, and the apples of the trees are all candy apples. However, upon eating too much food, the tribute might become sick and, after eating so much, will be unable to move quickly. Besides the demon Beelzebub, pig and bee mutts infest this section. The pig mutts will attack and eat tributes who have excessively ate, since they will be unable to move quickly. The bee mutts will attack tributes who open up the bark of trees, as they are inside the trees drinking the soda, and, with just one sting, the tribute will slowly die from the poison.
  The greed section in the east contains the demon Mammon. This section is the most urban of all the sections, covered with multiple buildings with little trees surrounding them. Inside each house, there is a collection of weapons, food or other needs. However, only the weapons and food close by are safe, for if the tribute ventures too far into the house and goes after the golden weapon or whatever the best item in the house is, the house will collapse on top of them, killing them instantly. Besides the demon Mammon, dog and cow mutts infest this section. The dog mutts will lead the tributes inside the house and lead them to the greediest item, but will be able to escape through a little vent before the house collapses. If the tribute doesn't follow the dog, the dog will start hysterically barking and, if the tribute turns away from it, they'll attack the tributes with their sharp teeth. The cow mutts eat all the grass around the section and will charge at tributes if they step on their grass or walk towards them.
  The sloth section in the southeast contains the demon Belphegor. This section is the darkest of all the sections, covered with a dark haze and no accessibility to the sun. This section is covered with high trees, which block the sun, and have a light ran, giving a gloomy and tiring feeling to the tributes. Upon staying in this section for too long, the tributes will start to have hallucinations of a comfortable bed near them and almost instantly fall asleep. The tributes will sleep for roughly thirteen to fifteen hours in this section before waking up and being able to move for roughly four hours before the feeling of sleeping impacts them again. Besides the demon Belphegor, elephant and cat mutts surround this section. The elephant mutts constantly roam around this section and will collapse every so often, causing a little rumble throughout this section and killing anyone who was underneath them. The cat mutts climb and jump around the trees. When someone falls asleep, they scratch their face to pieces, killing them while they still remain asleep.
  The wrath section, which is larger than the others, in the south contains the demon Satan. This section is the deadliest of all the sections, giving any tribute inside this area the desire to kill and feel upset with anyone. Being the largest section, this area is covered with pretty much open space with trees in random clutters. In the middle of the section is a Colosseum, with entrances on each side. The Colosseum is filled with the lion and tiger mutts roaming the center and killing any tribute who provokes a fight. As previously stated, besides the demon Satan, lion and tiger mutts surround the arena, mainly within the Colosseum. The lion mutts hide along the trees or any shelter before pouncing on their prey and biting their heads off or sinking their teeth into the tribute's neck. The tiger mutts run around the arena and kill any tribute who is near them, first by tackling them to the ground before ripping them to pieces. 
  The envy section in the southwest contains the demon Leviathan. This section is the most tempting of all the sections, covered with a thick jungle with powerful items in plain sight, but out of their reach, either being too high or blocked by the force field. While the tributes might try to grab or steal the item, they will be shocked by a little electricity, but will gradually become more powerful if they reach for powerful items. Besides the demon Leviathan, gopher and monkey mutts cover this section. The gopher mutts constantly trip the tributes and steal any weapons they drop, then start teasing them by popping out of the holes. If the tribute stays too long, the gopher will use the weapon against the tribute, killing them. The monkey mutts will jump on the backs of tributes and steal their weapons. However, they are very obedient and do anything the tribute says, but they must be careful with what they say. 
  The pride section in the northwest contains the demon Lucifer. This section is the greatest of all the sections, with minimal dangers and great hiding places among the thick forest for tributes. This section has an aura to make tributes think cockily instead of clearly. Whenever a tribute enters here, they lose most sense of knowledge, but will be more confident and arrogant than they have ever been. However, this is the worst section for alliances, since most will start to fight when they debate about who will win or who is the hottest, which usually results in fighting with their weapons. Besides the demon Lucifer, jaguar and skunk mutts surround the arena. The jaguar mutts run around the arena and will kill anyone who walks in their path. The skunk mutts spray tributes with their deadly, poisonous spray, which causes them to both smell horribly and, eventually, kill anyone who even smells the tribute within twelve hours after being infected.

Capitol Favoritism

Original Concept Created By Kaeghan-is-a-Tribute

Placing Name District Odds Reason

The Reapings

The Capitol: Melody Vasilia

  Time has passed since I won the Hunger Games, but the memories will never leave my mind. They're little pieces of my genetic structure that I can't get away from. I'm stuck with the regret for my entire life. Maybe death at a young age would be better than living with the constant thoughts nagging at your mind before you're so close to insanity that you just need to scream before you lose it.
  "Hello?" I look away from the mirror in my bathroom and walk down the stairs until I see Lucretius standing in the doorway with a fancy tuxedo on. "Oh, there you are. You better get dressed, the reaping is today."
  The reaping. The day where all the thoughts of my name being picked out of the glass bowl haunts me. I can't even look at the faces of the tributes who are reaped, knowing that with the two of us mentoring, they'll probably die. Even though we won our Hunger Games the hard way, there's things that we can't stand and ever year, we watch two more of our tributes step into the arena for their imminent death.
  "It's fine," Lucretius says, embracing me. I won two years before him and we're the same age, so we've grown pretty friendly over the years, but nothing more than friends. "We'll get through this."
  "I don't want to watch another one die," I whisper into his ear, blinking away the tears so my makeup won't start to smear. That's the last thing I want to have happen, to look terrible for the cameras. "How long do we have before the cameras?"
  Lucretius pulls back, pulls up his sleeve to stare at a watch. "About an hour, though they seem to come early," he says, "so probably half an hour, hopefully more."
  "Then I better get dressed," I sigh. Usually, I'd love to get dressed, it's my hobby that I took after I won the Hunger Games, but if shopping would be one, I'd take that too.
  I walk up the stairs, going back into my bedroom where I see the silk dress I picked out. The dress clings to my body and reminds me of blood, which makes me uncomfortable, but I look sexy in it so my mentor, whose the only other living victor from the Capitol, told me to wear it.
  I slide the dress on, zip up the back, and look at my dresser for jewelry. My hand reaches for the red purse that matches my dress, but as I touch it, I see my mother's wedding ring laying underneath it. Tears form in my eyes and I can't blink these away.
  After the Hunger Games, the Capitol tried to abuse my body, attempting to make me work at a nightclub as one of the dancers. But I couldn't take the job, because I didn't believe in it. My mother always told me that "one who uses her body for money is immature and unfaithful to herself". However, I think there would have been an exception to this rule if I had known Peacekeepers were going to whip my mother to death.
  Now I'm all alone.
  I slide the ring on my finger, remembering all the good times we've had together. Remembering the times she would make homemade cookies for me and the days we would go to see the arena for the previous Hunger Games. Now, I can't handle to even eat a cookie and I see the Hunger Games as the evilest thing humanity had brought to this earth.
  "Melody?" I shake my head to get out of my trance and turn towards the door.
  "Are they here?" I scream as I walk out of the bedroom and look over my staircase, seeing Lucretius nodding.
  I moan. The last thing I want to do right now is pretend to be happy and excited when thirty-one more children die for the Capitol's amusement. And to think that once, I was like them. That I once enjoyed watching the Hunger Games. Now, it's the most embarrassing thing to admit to.
  "Are you ready?" he asks when I reach the bottom of my stairway.
  "No." I respond.

  After having so many photos taken, my eyesight begins to blur and I grab onto Lucretius' arm, having him escort me towards the limo in which will drive us to the reaping. I hear the constantly remarks from the photographs, little things like "Oh that's good!" and "More! More!" which leaves a knot in my stomach. I don't want them to think anything's going on between the two of us.
  When we finally make it inside the limo, I tilt my head back, staring at the ceiling of the limo until the bleary vision goes away. I relax as we start to move away from the photographers, but the knot doesn't leave my stomach.
  I don't look at Lucretius as we're in the limo, and every time I catch myself staring into his eyes, I force myself to look away. I'm not trying to be rude, but I feel the tension in his aura. He's not liking the idea of the reaping either. Last year, a twelve year old was reaped and his thirteen year old brother volunteered for him. Lucretius was his mentor and that family now hates him, since their son died right in the bloodbath.
  I can't say that I feel any different, though. Every year, it's nearly the same things with the female from here. Every time someone's reaped, we know they'll die, even if they ally with the Careers. Neither I nor Lucretius had allies, and it seems to work, but the tributes are too young to understand this concept, and it's a price that they'll pay with their life.
  As we're nearing the City Square, where the reaping takes place, the knot in my stomach starts to tighten more and more. I feel my palms sweating and wipe it on the fine, leather seats of the car. Finally, the limo comes to a halt and I put my fake smile back on.
  We walk passed the crowd and the children, all anxiously waiting for the escort to select two of their names. I avoid looking any of them in the eyes, knowing that I'll break down and cry if I do. Instead, I keep my eyes forward until we reach the stairs and stand behind the escort, about to meet the tributes.
  The escort smiles. "Welcome! Welcome! Now that our mentors are here, we can start the reaping of the 284th Annual Hunger Games. As usual, we'll start with the females."
  My eyes look around the females, trying to figure out who I might be mentoring. Only a few really stick out to me―a girl with neon green hair and bright purple highlights, one whose face is pierced so much that the only bare space were here cheeks and forehead, one with yellow skin and red hair. Everyone in the Capitol, even the children, are crazy.
  "And the female tribute of the 284th Hunger Games is . . . Camella Theacea!"
  My eyes dart from the back of the crowd to the front as a small, twelve year old girl is pushing her way towards the stage.
  My face goes white.
  The girl is as innocent as can be, even without knowing her. She wears an elegant, orange dress and a flower barrette. Cute. As she looks up towards the stage, I notice the fright in her dark, chocolate eyes, which matches her hair. When she starts to walk up the steps and gets close enough to pick out her features, I realize that she has the same expression on her face as most of the other Capitol citizens.
  Everyone in the Capitol doesn't care about who gets reaped, unless it's their children, but hate twelve year old children being reaped because it makes the Hunger Games "boring". What's supposed to be fun? Or interesting? It's only cruel!
  The girl stands where the escort directs her. She stands up straight, as if she's confident that she might win the Hunger Games, but I feel her fright running through me. Given that she is afraid.
  "And the male tribute"―I turn my attention towards Lucretius, noticing his hand shaking. It's never easy for the mentor either, since we all want the same thing. For our tribute to win and take our place―"Hercules Maya!"
  I don't need to look at the male section to see who he is, he's been all over the news for his amazing illusions and the crimes of his father, whipping a girl from District Twelve. I'd love to say she was defenseless, but she was able to sneak all the way to the Capitol, which is extremely impressive. As Hercules is walking up the stage, I notice his red eyes darkening in despair.
  Unlike Camella, the Capitol citizens actually care about him because of his amazing tricks. Everyone in the crowd looks appalled, angering me that nobody cares for Camella. I want to scream at them, or do something, but before I can, Hercules snatches the microphone from the escort.
  "All the people I love have been taken away from me," he says depressed, but looks up, revealing a little smirk, "but I hope I can see me give one last bow!"
  He bows and the Capitol cheers. He has charm and good looks and is well known. Lucretius might have a chance of creating a victor. But I'm not so sure about that. Camella may be unappreciated, but for a twelve year old, she isn't bawling like some of the victors were when they were reaped.
  She's going to win.
  She has to win.

District Zero: Orion Greer

  I've been a victor for six years now, but nobody, except the heartless, is ever able to be fearless on the day of the reaping. Children fear that they or their siblings will be reaped. Parents fear that their children will be reaped. I fear that I'll fail another family by not bringing home their child. There's only one person that I know who doesn't fear about the reaping.
  Dawn Midnight.
  One of the three living victors in my district who killed eight tributes out of cold blood. I might not be much better, killing six tributes, one which was a twelve year old, but mine weren't out of cold blood. They were accidental. Or to get ride of unnecessary evil. Or so I like to think so their memories don't haunt me.
  But there's always one thing that always questions me.
  Why did that twelve year old from District Three decided to sneak up behind me? Was he trying to protect his district partner? Was he trying to make an alliance with her? Was he trying to kill me? All viable reasons, but never clarified. And to this day, I'm still hated by District Three.
  I put on a nice, blue collared shirt and wear some khaki pants. Probably not as fancy as Lucretius' tuxedo, as I just finished watching the Capitol reaping, but it'll be enough to satisfy my district. Plus, the attention won't be on me, it'll be on Dawn who wears her usual chained dog collar and long, black dress. I'll at least look modest.
  I hear the commotion outside as Capitol photographers prepare to capture as many photos they can before the limousine arrives to bring Dawn and I to the reaping. But I won't come outside until I hear the sound of the limo, as I tend to hate being blinded by the flash and it stings my eyes, especially since I wear glasses.
  "Are they here, Orion?" GeGe, my eighteen year old sister, asks from the top of the stairs.
  "Yeah," I mumble.
  "Great, I didn't even do my hair yet!" she complains and runs right into the bathroom.
  I walk up the stairs and knock on the bathroom door. "You know, they aren't really looking at you, they'll be taking pictures of me."
  The door opens and she stares me straight into the eyes. "No, they'll be taking pictures of us because our parents just died. Trust me, we'll be all over the news."
  That's one quality my sister has that I absolutely never want to have. Greed and fame. She's like a chipmunk who fills her cheeks with fame.
  "And you're going to use their death to make you famous?"
  "No!" She looks offended and she shakes her head. "I'm just using their deaths to give the Capitol what they want. They want killing and despair and tears . . . because that's what proves their stronger than us."
  But that's a side of my sister that I want. Her willingness to admit she despises the Capitol, but gives them what they want so they don't catch onto our rebellious attitude.
  I smirk. "How long have you been thinking about that?"
  She returns my smile before looking back in the mirror and curling her hair. "All morning, ever since I saw that poor twelve year old get reaped from the Capitol."
  The twelve year old from the Capitol ignited my sister's flame this morning. Nothing's worse than seeing such a young child reaped and then having her district upset that an older magician was reaped as her district partner because he's well known. This girl is going to stick out to other districts since she didn't stick out to her own districts.
  I hear honking outside and I know the limo's here. "Make sure you get the reaping on time," I say to my sister.
  "I will, just about finished." She puts the curling iron down and turns towards me. "Hey, I have a quick question."
  "What are the odds of me being reaped?"
  I stare at my sister, surprised. We haven't talked about the reaping yet, but she's still eighteen. She could still get reaped. "You won't get reaped, trust me."
  "Yeah, but what if―"
  "No, you won't get reaped!" The tone of my voice tells her that this conversation is over and she doesn't try to keep it going.
  I turn around and march down the stairs, a sudden shudder going through me at the thought of my sister being reaped.
  No, she can't be reaped. She's all that I have left . . .
  Besides the lunatic of a neighbor named Dawn.

  With my hands clasped, my thumb circles around my knuckles. Every second, we're getting closer and closer to young children having to fight to the death. This is never a good day for anyone, except for the cruelest in the Capitol and District Two. Other than that, everyone despises these.
  "I don't remember what your talent was," Dawn says. "Was it something nerdy or geeky?"
  "Hmm . . . " She raises an eyebrow. "You're kidding."
  "Well, it might not be mastering knives—" that was her skill "—I did help advance weaponry."
  We come to a fast halt, making Dawn almost fly out of her seat, but I keep her steady with my hands. Her dark eyes stare into mine at the awkward moment that seems to be everlasting. We both remain breathless until the driver opens up the door and we back away.
  I let Dawn walk out first, trying to act like a gentlemen but to also contemplate what just happened. I don't even realize my legs are moving until I see my sister in my peripheral vision. She's so young, so beautiful and I know that she won't get picked. She can't get picked, the Capitol has already done too much. I listen to them now, I'm not going to rebel or do anything out of line.
  I keep my eyes pried on my sister as I walk up the stairs, almost tripping but regaining my balance. The escort walks from the Justice Building, wide smile spread across her face before she finally gives up and sighs. None of us here are ever happy, especially when it comes to the reaping.
  "Come on! Smile!" She smiles widely, but nobody seems entertained. She sighs. "I don't get it with you guys, it's the best day of the year and you're all frowning!"
  I snort, attracting attention, but I turn my head to the side, trying to hide my smug grin.
  "Anyways, as you know, every year, we elect one male and female to fight to the death with the other fourteen districts and the Capitol, itself. You may volunteer if you choose, but it is entirely your decision. Let me just make it clear, you will get a huge advantage if you volunteer."
  She looks around the crowd, trying to see if anyone is gullible enough to believe her.
  "You're all depressed bitches . . . Anyways, like usually, ladies first."
  My eyes lock with my sister's. I hear the sound of the escort's heels hitting against the floor, hearing them get farther away before coming back. My breathing speeds up, almost as if I'm hyperventilating, but I try to calm down. But my hands are shaking so hard, that I push them against my thighs.
  "And the female tributes of the 284th Hunger Games is . . . Luna Johnson."
  I sigh. My sister's safe from the Hunger Games forever. I recognize Luna from my sister's yearbook, when she was explaining to me how the school has changed since I won the Hunger Games. Luna was the popular girl, but not exactly the richest. She is humble, maybe to the point where she's just trying to gain more attention, but, from what I have heard, her personality is one I'd want to meet.
  As she walks onto stage, she tries to keep herself calm, blinking multiple times to prevent tears, but she tries to smile. Her brown hair is straight and partially covers one of her blue eyes. It's obvious that she was the most popular girl at her school because she is one of the prettiest high school girls I have ever seen.
  "And for the males . . . " I turn my attention back to the escort. I didn't mean to be staring for who know's how long, but I couldn't help myself. "Clive Huffelton."
  I notice a meek, twelve year old start walking towards the stage. I feel a twinge of guilt, knowing that I won't be able to help him during the Hunger Games. He's an easy bloodbath victim. With natural white hair, freckles and Harry Potter glasses, he'll be easy to spot and even easier to kill.
  "I volunteer!"
  Everyone turns towards the source, an eighteen year old with natural red hair. The boy has handcuffs on his wrists, taken off by the Peacekeepers as he starts towards the stage. As he gets closer, I see his red eyes are dull and emotionless. He didn't volunteer for the twelve year old because he wanted to save him, he always planned on it.
  As he gets on stage, he takes the microphone and enunciates, "My name is Drago Fire."
  "Well Drago, you'll probably get a lot of sponsoring gifts for your courageous act on saving the boy."
  "It wasn't for him."
  He leaves it as that as the reaping ends and we escort the tributes into the Justice Building. I don't know why, but I'm quite happy that I'm mentoring Drago. He was a criminal and he has a good shot at winning, being one of the oldest in the Hunger Games. But, with me being callow at mentoring, I wouldn't be shocked if he died.
  If he died.

District One: Calixta Scythe

  I almost vomit once I see the dress the president picked out for me. He's already made me a prostitute to earn a profit, only giving me 5%. Nonetheless, he expects me to go in just a bra and a mini skirt, revealing my stomach, legs and arms. This outfit would make me look like a fool!
  But I've learned well enough not to argue with the Capitol. Jasper, my fellow mentor, told me right when I returned how his entire family was killed since he refused to become a Peacekeeper. Now, he no longer tempts the Capitol and remains a loner―no girlfriend, no siblings and no family.
  I reluctantly put on the outfit and stare at myself in the mirror. I don't even recognize myself. How did my life turn to this? I killed nine tributes in last year's Hunger Games and played a part of their stupid games. But now, I'm a prostitute and still am a piece of their games.
  After a few minutes, I've finally adjusted to my look, but I still look repulsive. Nobody else wants to see me in this, it's just gross! And it makes me look bad. But that doesn't matter to the Capitol, all that matters to them is money and a bloody television show.
  I hear someone knock at the door and I up it, smiling as I see my parents. They don't live with me since the Capitol prohibited it, saying that I needed space to "cope" with everything that happened, but really, I just needed to be alone so I can have sex with random men.
  My dad's lip curls as he notices me and my mom's eyes widen. I knew that this would be their initial response and I've already prepared what I was going to say:
  "The Capitol."
  They both nod, as if realizing it would be something the Capitol would do. They know about the prostitution gig I have and they realize how low the Capitol is. Now, instead of trying to push my sister into volunteering like me, they're trying to get her away from it.
  "How are you?" My dad asks, walking in the door. "It's your first year mentoring, scared?"
  "Yeah," I say. "I just don't want to see a tribute killed when I'm responsible for them."
  "You'll do fine, sweetie," my mom says, smiling towards me. "You always know how to make it past those rough patches."
  "Yeah . . . " I don't know what to say. I'm not ready to be a mentor, so many districts hate me for killing their tributes last year. But I was just trying to survive. How this will affect my tribute is unclear. Hopefully, they'll survive. I'd be nice to get out of the job before I had to experience more criticism from my district.
  "Anyways," I say, "I need to get ready for the reaping, I'll literally be killed if I don't get there by ten o'clock."
  "Oh, well . . . whatever." My mother smiles. "We just came over to check on you and all."
  "Ok." Minutes pass before I walk out the door and walk towards the City Square. Usually, the victors are given a limousine, but I refused, since I didn't want any surprises with a man inside the limo or anything.
  Now, for the next two or three weeks, I'll be able to relax and train a tribute instead of being a prostitute. It's like a crazy train that only ends when I die. And I never get to enjoy any part of it.

  I lower my crossed arms to try to cover as much of my stomach as possible as the children start walking in the City Square, but by their shocked expressions as they see me, I know it's not good enough. And to think, they want to be victors or volunteers for the Hunger Games. They're oblivious to the real trouble that the Capitol brings the citizens, and I was one of the oblivious last year.
  Just remember this children: Once you go into the Hunger Games, you lose whatever you had left of your free will. If you don't die during the Hunger Games, you'd be regretting your survival every bit. And for all you dumb-asses out there who want to volunteer, you'd feel more happiness if you never went into the Hunger Games.
  I remember listening to my mentor repeating this on the train, as if preparing to recite it at the reaping. But she never did, since she's now dead, presumably for being a rebel against the Capitol. That's how the Capitol gets rid of their issues: Killing. And, on top of all of this, they've made children who could have had a future fight in the Hunger Games.
  The doors of the Justice Building open and I turn my head to see the escort walking out. She has a beautiful, knee-long white dress with blue polka dots. Her white shoes and blonde hair also have blue polka dots. It would have been attractive, had the escort not had neon blue skin which basically shines through all the extra cosmetics she wears.
  "Welcome!" she screams too loud and takes a jump back. "Oops, I never realized how loud this microphone was." She nervously laughs then shakes her head out of it. "Anyways, due to your ancient ancestors rebellion against the government, children ages twelve to eighteen are forced to compete in the Hunger Games, where each will fight to the death until a lone victor.
  "However, after your rebellion against the Capitol, we've now added District Zero, District Fourteen and the Capitol in the Hunger Games. And, with thirty two tributes now fighting to the death, the chances of survival have slimmed and it'll be even bloodier for the Capitol.
  "As usually, the ladies will go first!" She walks over to the female bowl, dips her hand right in the bowl and digs around until she pulls out a slip. As she walks over to the microphone, many girls are already on the edge of their feet, leaning forward with anxiety.
  "Sasha Stardon."
  Many other girls' mouths open, but stop once they see the eighteen year old walking on stage. She looks like a basic Career tribute―blonde hair, confident smile and oblivious to the real troubles the Hunger Games brings. She looks strong and brutal, an easy tribute to train and to get far.
  "I volunteer!" A voice screams from the sixteen year old section.
  A girl with brown hair and a devious smile walks towards the stage and Sasha's entire body goes limp. Her smile has turned into her gritting her teeth. Her happy face has turned to an angry face. The escort lightly pushes her towards the stairs and Sasha pounds her feet against every step, acting like a whining little brat.
  "And what's your name?"
  "My name is Rhea Stardon."
  "Oh, was that your sister? No wonder why you volunteered. You were trying to save her. Good for you!"
  "That's not why."
  An awkward silence passes as Rhea and Sasha exchange glances with the escort caught in the middle. Eventually, she walks towards the male bowl and picks the first slip she picks out of the glass bowl. Rhea and Sasha still haven't stopped staring at each other as the escort opens her mouth to read a name, but is interrupted.
  "I volunteer!"
  A boy in the eighteen year old section with a full grown beard walks on stage. A strand hair dangles over one of his eyes and he pushes it out of his view when he walks on stage.
  He clears his throat. "I am Odin Amarth."
  "Well Odin," the escort says, "congratulations on volunteering. And"―she turns towards the audience―"these are the tributes from District One for the 284th Hunger Games."

District Two: Kiernan Clinton

  Today is better than Christmas or Easter. Today is the reaping! The day where two children from our district bring pride to our district by winning the Hunger Games. Only one of them will win, but both of them usually make them far. It's been five years since a victor was crowned from District Two, and now, we need one.
  I remember when I won. The day was one that was more important than my birth. I had the most kills for a victor: eight. But that record was broken last year by Calixta Scythe, who showed to be stronger than her looks made her seem. She snapped my tributes neck, which really surprised me, and nearly killed the entire Career alliance because they betrayed her.
  I still remember that tribute's name: Travis. He had darker skin, a cocky smile and arrogant personality. He was a true Career at heart, but when he went against Calixta, he deserved to die. You never go against a female Career, while they're not stronger than the male Career, they're by far deadlier.
  In fact, my mother proved this theory. She gave birth to me when she was eighteen, just days before she volunteered for the Hunger Games. I technically live with my grandfather, but I decide to call him my dad since it's less weird. Anyways, she came in second, being killed by the victor himself.
  Those Hunger Games were truly well-known and I was practically known throughout the Capitol. When I volunteered, I felt pampered with sponsoring gifts, but I honestly didn't receive many, instead, they just favored me for victory. And guess what, I won. I'm the arrogant, old bastard that won!
  Whoever my tribute is this year, they'll make it far. They always do. Well, those that volunteer. There was one year where neither tributes from District Two volunteered, it was one of the first times since after the Second Rebellion, and they were both bloodbath victims.
  See, the thing that people don't get is that you need to volunteer to get sponsors, to be liked by the Capitol, and to be favored. Why else would District Two win so much? In fact, I don't even know why the other district don't volunteer. Because they're afraid of dying? Well you bitches, you'll eventually die. At least this way you could die memorably.
  I hear the gong from the Nut signifying that the reaping is about to start. Joy overfills me and I start to jog to the City Square.

  In District Two, it isn't shocking if you're one of the last people there, even if you show up twenty minutes before the reaping is scheduled to start. And, unlike other districts, no one every shows up late. I've seen some tributes be forced into the Hunger Games due to being late, others who seem to be punished afterwards. Now, it's not that big of a problem in the districts, but it'll occasionally happen.
  The entire population of District Two is already here ten minutes before reaping was supposed to begin and the crowd starts to chant for the reaping to start. The escort is practically pushed out the door of the Justice Building and nearly falls on her face, but I catch her and steady her.
  "Thank you," she whispers to me before turning towards the crowd. "Any female volunteers?"
  With District Two, the escorts don't even bother to pick a slip, since they know there'll just be volunteers. It's sort of like we're breaking a law, but if we know someone's going to volunteer, then why should we pick a slip? If nobody volunteers, then we grab one. We do things backwards, I guess.
  "I do!" a chorus of girls scream, but one of them shoves the other girls around her out of the way and runs towards the stage. Her blonde hair glistens against the sun and I catch onto her blue eyes. She looks stronger than most girls usually are in our district and doesn't really care who she's shoving, as long as she makes it up stage. If she has the same feelings in the Hunger Games, then she'll be the victor.
  "Males?" The escort says before asking the girl for her name.
  "I volunteer," a raucous scream silences all the other boys. The male starts to walk towards the aisle and he smiles as he walks onto stage. He is seventeen, with light blonde hair and a ghastly appearance. His steps are light as he walks up the stares and announces that his name is Petri Lindroos.
  "And these are the volunteer from District Two!" The escort practically scream. "Petri Lindroos and . . . "
  "Annabeth Elosegui," the girl finishes.
  These tributes are going to be a threat this year, not like they always aren't.

District Three: Electra Lennon

  I wake with a surprise as my husband and our three children walk through the door with breakfast. Although my husband isn't much of a cook, I still enjoy the thought and don't complain when he overcooks the bacon or drowns the pancakes in syrup. Every reaping, they make the same breakfast since they know how worrisome and anxious I am for this day to come. 
  But today, it isn't just about my children and the reaping, it's also about my pregnancy. I'm just a few weeks away before the baby is due and the thought never gets out of my mind. This year, my children will be coming to the Capitol with me, in the case that my baby does get born there. But I'm praying that it doesn't.
  I wonder how they'll like it there―seeing all the crazy fashions, eating all the delicious food . . . seeing the excitement of all the Capitol citizens when the tributes fall on the ground, dead. But hopefully they'll just be eating the food the entire time, or commenting on their outfits.
  "Mom, what is the Capitol like?" Ezra, my second oldest child, asks. Ever since I told them that they would be joining me on the trip to the Capitol, Ezra never stopped asking me about the Capitol.
  And I always answer, "You'll just have to wait and see."
  "When's the reaping?" Ezra asks.
  I glance at the clock against the wall. "Roughly two hours."
  "And when it's done, we'll go on the train?"
  I smile. "Yeah. Okay, go brush your teeth and eat breakfast. Mommy needs to get changed."
  My three children walk out husband follows them, stopping at the doorway and watching as they go into their rooms. "Are you sure you're fine with us going?" he asks.
  "Yeah," I say. Obviously, I'm lying, but I don't want him to be worried as well. I'm afraid that my children will enjoy watching the Hunger Games from the Capitol instead of seeing the true evil behind them. I'm afraid that all my girlfriends I hang out with at the Capitol won't swear in front of my children, like they usually do. But I need to avoid these fears and just go with the flow.
  "Are you sure?" He raises an eyebrow, he could read my facial expressions. "You look a little nervous."
  I smile weakly. "No, I'm fine." The sound of my youngest child, Clara, fighting Ezra saves me from talking more about my feelings and getting my husband more edgy. "I'll check up on the children."
  I smile as he walks out the bedroom door, and jokingly yells at the children before pulling them out of the bathroom on each of his shoulders. I would never change my life, I love my husband and my children. But if there was anything I could change, it would be the Hunger Games. And even though I won, I never truly did. I still see them every year and am reminded about mine. And in four years, my oldest child might be reaped.

  I stand on stage, waiting as the children from ages twelve to eighteen start to file in. My legs feel weak and my legs keep wobbling. My brain doesn't seem to be working and my mind keeps mistaking one of the tributes for my children. Noticing I'm struggling, Charles, my fellow mentor, pulls a chair out of the Justice Building.
  As I silently thank him, the escort walks through the doors. This year, it's a new escort, this one a boy with green hair and white streaks. He wears a large, white top hat and he wears a green spot coat with white pants and dress shirt. I notice a tattoo of the branches of a tree peeking from the collar of the dress shirt.
  "Welcome!" Had I known he had such a high voice for a man, I would have thought he was normal, but his voice almost sounds like a chipmunk. "As in every year, two tributes will be reaped from each district, including the Capitol, after the two wars. One tribute shall emerge as victor and so on and so on. Anyways, let's start with the ladies."
  I look towards the girls and their faces, which were originally smiling from the escort's voice, slowly start to return to the fear I saw earlier. I notice the fright on so many younger children and the anxiety of the eighteen year old girls who are praying they get through their last reaped.
  "And the female tribute is . . . Jinny Billtrox?"
  The way that the escort says Jinny's name with confusion shocks me, but when I notice the girl's face, I understand everything. Jinny was an intelligence prodigy with such advanced abilities that the Capitol took her away. Rumors were spread that she destroyed the rebellious attitude in District Nine and other people say she went to the Capitol because President Achilles was her real father.
  I believe in none of that shit. A ten year old girl being taken to the Capitol because of her intelligence is abnormal and, if she was the one who killed the rebellious attitudes in District Nine, she was only ten so how did she not get killed? And an even bigger question: Why is she suddenly here instead of the Capitol?
  Jinny's facial expression is blank and she stands straight as she's on stage. Her arms dangle on her sides and her hands hold onto her skirt. She has eyes like rocks and a frown spreads across her face. I notice a little tear rolling down her cheek when she turns towards me and tries to give me a weak smile.
  "And the male tribute is . . . Quentin Pynn!"
  Quentin is a popular name in District Three, so I don't notice the pale boy with black hair who walks on stage. He is extremely skinny for a boy and looks like he hasn't eaten anything all day. Instead of being upset, his light brown eyes show a flicker of anger hiding beneath them. Whatever the cause of that, I'm just happy I'm not his mentor.
  "And these are the intelligent tributes from District Three!"

District Four: Lyle Stream

  I stare at the waves crashing against the sand of the beach, slowly reaching towards my feet, but being pulled back before they can. The salty breeze calmly passes through the air, but this is normal in District Four and doesn't make me cringe. But every year I go to the Capitol, I lose this fresh air and beautiful view, instead, I see a crowded urban city with weird creatures who cause their young citizens to fight to the death.
  This will be my second year as a mentor, and the first year wasn't exactly appealing. The tribute was older than me and just pushed me around. I was quite happy to see him die, and exchanged a few looks with the other mentors who thought of me as queer. But I made friends and that's all that really matters. Now, I won't be as lonely as I was last year.
  I remember Marybelle from my Hunger Games. She was my district partner who practically led me to victory. I was only twelve when I won, now I'm only fourteen, but without her, I'd never had another birthday. Even though I was from a Career district, I wasn't as prepared as Marybelle or the other Careers were.
  The waves finally start to roll over my feet, but don't go any farther than my thigh. The cold water sends a shiver through me and I feel my back straighten. Another wave comes down and this one goes just a few inches further. Another finally rolls passed my hands, which were right behind me, and I finally stand up with drenched shorts.
  As I walk towards my house in the Victor's Village, which is practically a beach house since the beach is in my backyard, a crab pinches onto my toes and I step on it with my other foot. Although I don't crush it to pieces, it releases my toe and crawls away. I wipe some sand that's stuck on my toes away to see a small cut that stings from the sand.
  When I make it to my house, I hose my feet down before walking inside to hear my mother reassuring my younger sister, Annabella, since today will be her first reaping. She's not as worried as I was, since she knows that the Capitol most likely won't put her into the Hunger Games since I'm a huge idle there, but you never know with the Capitol.
  She wears a blue, knee-long dress with my mother's necklace around her neck. The necklace was the last gift my father gave to my mother before he passed away. His pictures hang on the walls next to my grandparents and all the other people we forget over the years, but want to keep in our minds.
  I would of been up there, had I died.
  "Lyle?" Winston, my eight year old brother, says behind my back. "Is Annabella going die?"
  I laugh. "Winston, no. She's going to die eventually, but not today or this year."
  "Is she going to kill people?"
  "Winston . . . " I practically whine. He's thinking that she's going into the Hunger Games. Whenever there's the scary aura in the air and tears being shed, he always thinks about the Hunger Games. "She's not going into the Hunger Games."
  "Okay," Winston says with a smile. "Because she's my favorite sibling."
  Before I can argue with him for saying that Annabella is his favorite sibling, he quickly leaves to stare at my sister and mother as they nervously hug each other. Annabella has been worrying about being reaped for the last year, and it doesn't surprise me that she's already shedding tears while the reaping hasn't even started yet.
  But she'll be fine.
  She has to be.

  I stand on stage, staring at my sister, nodding to try and reassure her. For the last few years, ever since I won, the amount of people willing to volunteer has decreased greatly. Last year, nobody volunteered, and I fear that the same thing will happen this year.
  But, then again, what are the odds of Annabella being selected? One in over a million, maybe even a billion, of slips. Plus, two years without a volunteer might just be a coincident, not that District Four is no longer into the Hunger Games. Maybe they were just too frightened to say anything or were caught up in the moment that they forgot to say anything.
  I lose all sense of surrounding as I hear the escort approaching behind me. My eyes focus on my sister and nothing else. The words of the escort seem to blur out as I wait for what I really want to hear, the name of the reaped tribute instead of the other babble the escort says.
  Finally, I hear the name:
  "Loreli Hayes."
  I sigh with relief as Annabella also sighs. She's safe, and that's all I can ask for. As for the male I'm mentoring, I have no idea yet. I barely pay any attention to Loreli, but her pink hair sticks out, but for some reason, it strikes me as normal instead of unusual.
  "Onyx Lacrimae."
  A twelve year old walks towards the stage. I feel a twinge of guilt since he's young and most likely won't win, but am also a little happy that he'll surely listen to me, since I'm older. He has dirty blonde hair, like a lot of other males from the district, and has dark eyes.
  For the last few minutes of the reaping, I stare at my sister as she smiles back towards.
  She's safe, and that's all what matters right now. Not how Onyx may die and how another family might hate me, but how Annabella won't have to participate in the Hunger Games at the age of twelve and go through the horror that I have.
  Well, at least another year before the next possibility of this happening.

District Five: Lucy Clarice

  Only a small majority of the population can claim they won the Hunger Games, and only a small portion of that population can claim they won a Quarter Quell. Out of the seven Quarter Quells that have taken place, the majority of them have been won by District Twelve, followed by District Two, and finally District Five.
  District Twelve's Mallory Ignatius won the First Quarter Quell, Haymitch Abernathy won the Second Quarter Quell, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark somewhat won the Third Quarter Quell, Colbalt Terivan won the Fourth Quarter Quell, Octavia Westbrook won the Eighth Quarter Quell, and Phoebe Krystal won the Tenth Quarter Quell.
  District Two's Enobaria Golding somewhat won the Third Quarter Quell, Ruebin Swine was a co-victor in the Fifth Quarter Quell, Rebecca Questen won the Sixth Quarter Quell, and Mason Umbrica won the Ninth Quarter Quell.
  District Five's only other Quarter Quell victor was Light Damion, who was a co-victor in the Fifth Quarter Quell. His Hunger Games was probably the hardest to watch, since the twist was that tributes be brought into the arena with one of their parents to show that the children should not only be held responsible for the destruction of Panem, but also the parents. His mother died in the arena, and he ended up winning with the male from District Two, Ruebin.
  However, that handful of seven people, since the Third Quarter Quell isn't considered a Hunger Games since six tributes escaped from a force field error, were traumatized and will never remain the same. I've heard how Mallory Ignatius committed suicide less than a year after her victory and how Haymitch Abernathy tried to drink away all his memories.
  Ruebin Swine and Light Damion were put into special asylums due to them both losing sense of emotions and right or wrong during their Hunger Games. Colbalt Terivan was hijacked into believing the Capitol were the people who saved the day, and went on a mad killing spree in District Twelve to keep the people scared. The remaining victors all died at the end of their Hunger Games due to fatal injuries, except for Phoebe Krystal, who oddly remains the same warrior she was prior to the Hunger Games.
  I, on the other hand, remain in therapy class since I haven't been as bad as the others. To relieve my stress, I stare at something for ten seconds and slowly count down, since I tend to have a short fuse, as some say. President Achilles agreed to give me immunity from prostitution and practically everything they can use me for, since I've been "mental-ill" with the memories of my Hunger Games.
  I wonder how much easier it would have been if I was reaped when I was a year younger or older. I wouldn't had to have killed my district partner, but then again, there would be more people in the arena. Maybe my Hunger Games were actually easier than I had assumed, since all I was up against was half the regular amount of tributes. Maybe I was fortunate.
  But no, how could I be fortunate if I was brought into the Hunger Games. In fact, I was supposed to die at the hands of my district partner, but I miraculously killed him. There's always a different between being fortunate and being lucky, and I was truly lucky when I killed him and when I won the Hunger Games.
  My alarm buzzes off next to me and I'm about to turn it off when I see the little note I wrote the day before. Today is the reaping. It's written sloppily and poorly, but I was half-asleep and drunk when I wanted to remember and now that I do, I'm upset.
  Today's the day where I figure out what tribute I'll be responsible for killing.
  Nichole Peyton.
  She's the tribute that's going to die because of my terrible mentoring. She's fifteen, weak and vulnerable. However, she is smart, probably smarter than most of the other tributes. Her friendliness will help her make allies, but it'll make it harder for her to kill others, making her even more vulnerable.
  She has red hair, which I always thought meant that she would be fierce of feisty, but she shows the opposite traits. Her freckles and eyes make her seem even more petite than she already is. But she'll be able to trick people with this, if she gets stronger and tougher during the next three days of training.
  On the other hand, Hugh, the other mentor, has a strong boy with blue hair. It's truly unfair how the pervert of a mentor gets a lone wolf of a tribute. While Hugh is old, he's intelligent, wise and truly does look a little like a perv. The combination of Hugh and Lance will be hard to overcome, and I fear that I truly won't be able to.
  For the last nine years, I've always had a weak tribute, one that never sees the difference between a smart choice and a stupid one. A tribute that always wants to do what they think is best, instead of trying to think logically. Even Nichole won't be able to, because once her ally is into a fight, will she be there helping or fleeing? Helping seems smart, but it just makes her more likely to get killed. Fleeing is a better option most of the time.
  My old mentor used to tell me that fleeing is always an option, but you have to be courageous enough to take it. People always assume fleeing is stupid or that it just makes you a coward, but that's not true. Those who flee are going to last longer than those who go into fights without a second thought.
  Those tributes that think that loyalty is more important than living are stupider than anyone else. Trying to save an ally who will just end up killing you is flat out dumb. Why would you even consider doing something like that? They're called alliances for a reason, because only one will win and your allies will have to die.
  But some people aren't smart enough to realize the things you would do to survive.

District Six: Brandon Oswald

  I run off of the platform, unable to control my legs as I see a blowgun sitting right in the center of the cornucopia. Although the sun shines in my eyes and I can barely see anything, but my legs know where to go without me using my eyes. I'm just a few feet away from the blowgun and I hear footsteps catching up on me. But I don't turn to see who. I just reach out for the blowgun and my fingers wrap around the weapon.
  As I turn though, I see a Career standing over me, staring right into my eyes. Without even noticing his sickle, I stare into his eyes as he swings his sickle right towards my neck. I don't move, I'm too afraid and it's like I'm in slow motion. The clash of the metal against my neck brings the taste of blood to my lips, and my blowgun drops helplessly to the ground.
  I wake up with a jolt, wiping away the sweat on my eyebrow. It was just a dream, but a dream that repeatedly reality. It's been forty years since my Hunger Games, but I'm constantly having nightmares of the day I almost died. My cold fingers touch my neck, making sure that I'm still alive and I'm able to point out exactly where the Career almost killed me. Now, the scar has shortened, but, when I notch my head up, you're still able to see exactly where the blade hit me.
  "Hello! Hello, hello, hello!" I hear Brooklyn―the other mentor in District Six―screaming. She's always happy and oozy from morphling. She's been on it for nearly forty years and her hair has been gray since she was thirty. When she smiles, you can smell her heavy breathe from all the drugs she takes and all the whiskey she drinks. Her movements are like a child―free and lively―and she constantly laughs during all the wrong times.
  "Brandon!" she screams as I walk down the staircase and she flings towards me, wrapping her arms around my neck.
  "Brooklyn, what are you doing here so early?"
  "There is the reaping today, silly!" She kisses my on the cheek, leaving me baffled. "We have to get ready to go."
  "Brooklyn, it's only nine o'clock. I don't even think the District Zero reaping has started yet."
  "Nine at night!" she screams loudly and then drops on my floor, frightening me due to her age. "It's a lot lighter than I'd think."
  "No, in the morning."
  "Shh! I'm trying to go to bed!"
  I don't even ask, instead, I just leave her in the doorway. I make my way to my bedroom and quickly change out of my pajamas. The reaping won't start for a while, but it's only a matter of time before a limo comes to pick us up so we have enough time to speak with the mayor and, hopefully, for Brooklyn to get somewhat sober.
  Suddenly, I hear a raucous noise downstairs.
  Brooklyn just found my morphling supply.

  I don't know how long it's been since this morning came, but now, every second seems to take an hour. I stand on stage, waiting as patiently as I can to know how the unfortunate tributes will be. Brooklyn's on the train, sleeping, since the mayor allowed Brooklyn to skip the reaping for the sake of her health. I just hope that when we return, he won't be dead for this little act of betrayal, since everyone is supposed to be at the reaping, unless in a moribund state.
  I try to hide the shiver that runs down my spine at the very thought of my brother being the one in the moribund state, but he still showed up to the reaping. And he was reaped. And I volunteered. And I nearly died. And when I returned, he was the one who committed suicide since he assumed I was dead. He was the only family I actually had and now, I was left with nothing. I've been living with myself and Brooklyn's guidance for the past thirty or so years.
  When the crowd fills up, everyone silences as the Justice Building doors slowly open. Out comes the escort, wearing a hideous poodle-designed dress. The pink dress with the sewn-in poodles around the hem stops at around the escorts legs, right wear knee-high pink socks take over. On top of everything, she wears a pink high heels, matching the color of her hair and mascara.
  "Welcome! Welcome!" she says. "I'm the new escort for District Six and I am proud to be so." She stops, as if waiting for applause that she doesn't receive. "Anyways," she continues, "shall we start with the ladies. Which one of you will have the courageous challenge of risking your lives for your own district."
  As she starts to walk, I bite down on my lip as I see the back of her dress, or, more descriptive, her back. The dress leaves her entire back touching the air and neatly comes together just above the butt. When she turns around, I shake my head to snap myself out of it and focus my attention on her words instead of taste in fashion.
  "And the lucky female tribute is," she gasps, "Constanta Tasev."
  Many people in the crowd seem to be bewildered by Constanta being reaped, as nearly everyone around the district knows about her. Before she became entirely famous, she carved me a beautiful miniature bear completely out of newly imported wood from District Seven. To this day, the wood sits on my mantle, probably not the smartest place to put a piece of wood, but I want everyone to see it when they walk in.
  But Constanta being reaped is completely weird. Why would such a wood-carving prodigy be selected to participate in the Hunger Games? I thought she had immunity from them like some singers and other child entertainment for the Capitol has been able to. But I guess not, since she's probably going to die. And my stomach drops when I realize that Constanta's dress will be responsible from Brooklyn's mentoring.
  "And the lucky male tribute is . . . Buck Rockwell."
  My eyes drift away from Constanta to a bulky boy from the sixteen year old section who confidently walks out into the central aisle. His appearance is the exact opposite of Constanta as he has dark hair, a cocky grin and muscles that show even while he wears a long-sleeve, collared shirt. As he gets on stage, he doesn't bother to even glance at me and, instead, just stands with his middle fingers up on the sides. Luckily, Peacekeepers don't notice or else they would have drugged him and shoved him on the train.
  "And these are the District Six tributes of the 284th Hunger Games! Constanta Tasev and Buck Rockwell!"

District Seven: Willow Grove

  Okay, I admit that I may have become somewhat goth since I've become a victor, but I'm no where near as scary as Dawn Midnight from District Zero, whose name practically describes her personality. I mainly wear just darker eyeliner and mascara, but keep a happy or casual aura around me, whereas she goes all out and carries a scary and spooky aura.
  But we both survived, and that's all that really matters. I remember all the blood on my hand and all the victims I've killed while they were defenseless. I still see the blood pouring from the wounds that I caused and I remember seeing everyone, even the Careers, fear me. I remember killing two young girls without a second thought in my head, and I didn't regret that until after I became a victor.
  And today, I'll figure out who I'm going to reap today, and who will most likely die at my hands. I've seen multiple tributes who are going to be in these years Hunger Games, most of them being a threat. I've already pinpointed a few tributes who will be a threat and my strategies on beating them. But we're only halfway through reapings and you can never predict what might happen.
  I look down at my poorly written notebook sheet of paper that I used to write on. The first two names on my list are Hercules Maya from the Capitol and Drago Fire from District Zero. Both are pyromaniacs, both are unpredictable, both are threats. The tributes from Districts One, Two, Four and even the male from District Six all look like Career tributes and always will be a threat.
  Other than those tributes, I wrote down how the females from the Capitol and District Five are young and weak. The tributes from District Three are always computer geniuses and easy targets. I have no thoughts on the female from District Zero or the blue haired boy from District Five. However, on the bottom of my list with a big star is Constanta Tasev, a prodigy. Had I not heard of her making beautiful carvings, I would have never known about her. But now that I do, and I know how famous she is, I wouldn't advise any of my tributes to kill her, they'd be destroyed by angry mobs and the Gamemakers.
  But in the arena, I won't have any control over them. They will do whatever they want, even if it means avoiding and ignoring my advice. But that would be their own mistake. I've survived through the Hunger Games once, and I'm just as capable as training a tribute into going through the Hunger Games, but they never listen to me, no matter what I say.
  I always tell them not to ally, since allies just cause you be held up by another person or, in some cases, just lead to a brutal betrayal. I've never had an ally in my Hunger Games, nor have most of the other victors, and those that did have allies, were the ones that betrayed them. But if you aren't the one to betray an ally, then you sure as hell don't ally with anyone.
  The sound of chainsaws and axes pounding against trees starts to slowly fade until I can no longer hear them. The lumberjacks have worked almost all night so they could make up for any lumber they don't cut within their time away at the reaping. I slept about twenty minutes at a time, and every time I woke up, I would still hear the trees collapsing and the men carefully avoiding the trees.
  But now, I can't worry on the lumberjacks, I need to worry about the reaping and who my tribute will be and what to wear because it starts in nearly twenty minutes and I still haven't gotten out of bed.

  My makeup looks sloppy, my dress is too small and my hair isn't as straight as I wanted it to be, but I made it to the reaping on top. As I run up on stage, I nearly collapse, but Juniper, the other mentor from District Seven, saves me and helps me up onto stage.
  While most of the citizens are in the City Square, none of them seem to notice, since most of them are freaking out about whether they'll be reaped or not. The few that do notice my little slip don't have time to laugh as the Justice Building doors start to open and the escort slowly walks out.
  "Hello everybody!" she says clearly into the microphone. "I think we all know what the Hunger Games are, right?"
  She waits for a response that doesn't come.
  "Ok, well I'm certain we all do. Shall we start with females first?"
  My palms starts to sweat as she walks towards the glass bowl with the female slips in them. Trying to get my mind off of things, I stare at the escort's dress, trying to take in every detail. The brown dress goes all the way down to her feet, covering up her white sandals, and she has a brown hair with greens around the edges. As she walks, some leaves start to fall off and, when she turns around, I notice that she has leaves on the back of her dress as well.
  "And the female tribute is . . . Selena Quails!"
  I look out into the audience and see a young girl who seems to be goth start towards the stage. She wears black clothing and has black hair with a small strand of white, but what really surprises me is how she has no emotion as she was reaped. Instead, she walks up with a blank expression and doesn't even acknowledge me.
  If I knew any better, she's a younger version of Dawn Midnight!
  "And let's just go straight into the males . . . Jayson Huff!"
  I notice Juniper sigh with relief as he sees Jayson is a tall, seventeen year old boy with lots of muscles. He has a large scar along his face, probably from a fight, and shows it with pride instead of trying to cover it up like most people I know. The only weakness I really see in him is how slow he is, but, when he stands on stage, his height intimidates me enough to know that Selena can't put up with that.
  "And these are the two tributes from District Seven!"

District Eight: Phoenix Landon

  I look around the cornucopia field, glancing between the weapons and my sister who is standing next to Careers on both sides. The timer clicks into the last ten seconds. If I get a weapon, I won't be able to protect her from the two Careers, since she's too far away. But if I don't get a weapon, we'll die right away.
  The buzzer goes off.
  I try to blink back the tears in my eyes as the visions of my Hunger Games appear from the back of my mind. No matter how much I try to push it back, it always keeps coming up, no matter what I try to think about to avoid it or no matter what I do.
  So I just drink my whiskey.
  My legs seem to run at speeds I'm not even familiar with. But I see it, the glimmering mace right in the middle of the cornucopia. I don't look for my sister or the other tributes, all that I want right now is that mace, a mace that will take me far in the Hunger Games, no matter what my training score said.
  My fingers tingle as they wrap around the cold, steel rod attached to the metal, pointed ball. And then I see her, my sister, being attached by one of the Careers. I try to scream at her, but my lungs burn and I feel like I'm running through syrup. I won't be able to save her.
  But she did, Rosebud did. The African American girl from District Eleven, of all places, came to my sister's side and killed the Career. I didn't even need to announce the fact that she was now in our alliance. Plus, she had a bag which I bothered not to grab and had a knowledge of plants, or so I would assume.
  I take more sips from my whiskey before I push it away, with my stomach feeling uneasy and close to throwing up. One hand holds my stomach as the other skims through my scalp as I lean my head against the table and the memories continue.
  She gives Isabella, my sister, a few berries before she takes a big handful of them and swallows them without biting. A few minutes later, before Isabella starts eating hers, Rosebud starts throwing up blood and she gets a bloody nose. Finally, she starts gagging for air before she finally collapses.
  Isabella screams and cries, but the cannon still sounds and I know she's dead. I slowly shut her eyelids before telling Isabella that we need to go. But she refuses and pushes me away. Suddenly, a spear crosses right between the two us, going right through the space I was standing in just seconds ago.
  The Careers!
  I grab onto Isabella's hand and we start running away. As she starts to trail behind, I release her hand and continue straight, zigzagging through the trees to try to lose them. But then my sister screams and I stop right away. I turn right as I see the life being drained out of her as a knife is shoved into the back of her neck.
  I finish my whiskey and pull out a whole bottle of beer from behind the counter. I pop the crown off before drinking it from the bottle. Four minutes later, I finish the drink and shudder as the next memory returns. The memory of me being a bloodthirsty monster.
  Something breaks inside of me and is reattached with vengeance. I quickly swing my mace right at my sister's killer's head and watch as it flings right off of her neck. Another Career lunges for me, but I pound my mace against their skull and do the same to another Career.
  The four remaining Careers lunge at me with knives, but I separate their hands from their wrists using the mace before finally beating them to death. Two tried to run away, but I threw the mace right into one of their backs, killing them instantly, before the other one ran out of sight.
  My hands start to shake and the bottle slips out of my hand, shattering on the floor of the abandoned bar. I cover my face with my hands as the memories continue. Tears fight to escape my eyes, but I've learned long ago how to control the tear sensation.
  I was a monster. I threw a tantrum and lost all sense. The tears rolled down my face, forming a river underneath my feet. I told myself that I won't kill another human being again, and I kept that promise until the end.
  I cringe my teeth and grab a glass next to me before throwing it into the wall. How could someone be so stupid to run into a simple trap? All he had to do was run to the cornucopia, but instead, he gets caught in a trap and is ripped apart by mutts. And a monster was crowned victor.
  I lay in the grass, breathing slowly as the sound of the monkey mutts get closer. Part of me wants to get to my feet and run away, but I close my eyes and see my sister and Rosebud. Their hands reach out to touch me and a smile spreads across my face, but then a cannon sounds.
  I expect it to be mine, but instead, a ladder drops to the ground next to me and freezes me as I touch it. I keep my eyes closed on the entire journey until my feet touch the floor and the sensations return. The sounds of fans cheering and everyone in the Capitol applauding fill my ears.
  I bang my head against the table as the memories start to vanish. I see them nearly every year, usually on the day of the reaping. And that day is today. I've been so close in the last few years, but I no longer care.

  I stand on stage, watching as the citizens of District Eight start walking into the City Square. I stare as children hug their parents before being separated from them. In District Eight, once you're reaped, you are as good as dead. Nobody volunteers here and nobody will, unless they are as stupid as me.
  As the City Square starts to fill up to it's capacity, a few people catch my attention. One is a girl with neon green hair and piercings covering her entire face. Another boy has neon blue hair with a tattoo along the side of his face. And in the eighteen year old section, one African American girl is half the height as everyone, whereas another, who stands right next to her, is almost taller than most boys.
  District Eight is filled with unique people, like the Capitol. Except for the fact that most of us are properly educated and don't enjoy watching children killing each other.
  "Good morning!" I almost pop out of my skin when the escort surprises me. Her mouth echoes throughout the crowd and they instantly stop their little conversations. "Anyways, shall we start the reaping?"
  She looks out into the crowd, expecting an answer, but nobody responds. "Ok, I'll take that as a yes. Like usually, ladies first!"
  She walks right up to the bowl, plops her hand in and pulls out a slip. She raises the slip above her head, as if it's the most important thing in the world and she is gracious to be carrying it. When she makes it back to the microphone, she taps on it before reading:
  "Cora Nightcaster."
  The name doesn't ring to me. In fact, I don't even think I've met this girl, which is highly unusual since I know practically everyone in the district. But I don't recognize her with her brown hair with blonde strands pulled into a bun. She remains quiet as she walks onto stage and dumbstruck.
  Laila, the oldest living victor, will be her mentor. She's practically on all sorts of medication, due to her age, but she's the nicest person you'd ever met. She loves children and loves reading stories to them, or telling them about her stories about her life. Even I enjoy some of the stories she tells and dread the day that I'll stop hearing them.
  "And for the male tribute . . . "
  I tense up. While I have been a victor for about twenty years now, I want to have a tribute that might actually win. The last few years, they've been weak and died right in the bloodbath. I don't want that to happen again. While I haven't been a mentor for eighty years, like Laila, I do know that I won't be able to keep feeling the same guilt every year my tribute dies.
  "Akumai Kubaya."
  Tenshin? I straighten up when I hear the name. Akumai―Tenshin―was a part of a group that made videos about the Pre-Panem Era and all these other amazing things. However, a few years ago, or maybe early this year, I'm not quite sure, but they were arrested for creating a video about the five worst things about Panem.
  I know what my five are, starting with the Hunger Games, but there's were hilarious and completely true, which is why they got arrested. I was one of the few people who say the video before the Capitol took it down and stole all the devices it was on. Most of them are still in jail, or maybe they got released. Whatever the case, he'll be killed by Gamemakers if not tributes. They won't let him win, that would be a bad reputation for them.
  Akumai walks onto stage with his messy black hair and light green eyes that freak everyone out. He smiles and waits as the escort concludes the reaping and leads the two inside the Justice Building. I walk straight to the train, knowing that this year will be different.
  This year, I know my tribute will die for sure.

District Nine: Carmelita Roon

  Unlike most other victors, as I wake up, nothing feels special or different about today, the day of the reaping. I remember being reaped when I was only thirteen, but I stayed away from all the fights during my Hunger Games and barely survived, with no supplies to start of and very weak score.
  But I managed to survive the nine days of misery and am one of the youngest tributes to emerge as victor, the only one that was younger being Lyle, the mentor from District Four. Some other victors have won at the age of thirteen, but none stick out to me, since Lyle's victory showed that all tributes, no matter what age, had a fair chance of winning.
  As I walk downstairs, after combing my hair and brushing my teeth and all normal morning activities, I pull out a bowl from the cabinet and pour myself a bowl of cereal. I have no family members still living, like most other mentors, and I keep myself pretty distant from the other District Nine mentors. Even while all the mentors come together for the Hunger Games, I stay with Charles from Three and Laila from Eight, since I find the two the nicest mentors.
  When I'm done with my breakfast, I throw the bowl into my sink and head out the door, walking towards the City Square. Surely, it's really early for the reaping, but I always love strolling through the little shops around the City Square that are usually on sale around this time of year, since the reaping cause people to have a less interest in shopping.
  However, on my way out, I'm stopped by August, the male mentor from District Nine who will be coming with me to the Capitol. He waves towards me as he walks out the door and, although I try to pretend like I don't see him, he strides towards me and stops me when I'm halfway out of the Victor's Village.
  "Hey. How are you?" he asks.
  "Fine, just going to the City Square for some shopping," I say.
  "Do you mind if I come with you?"
  "Why?" August and I very rarely communicate when we're in District Nine, and only communicate during the train ride if our tributes want to ally with each other. Otherwise, we wouldn't even be caught with each other, unless instructed by the president himself.
  "Can't I just come with you?" He stifles a laugh. "I'm going to be there for the reaping already, why can't I just get the idea out of my head?"
  Unlike him, I'm not affected by the reaping. To me, they just come and go, I meet my tribute and they die. So far, the routine has never changed and I don't see it ever changing. It's like a continuing life cycle. Tribute gets reaped, tribute trains, tribute enters Hunger Games and then tribute dies. So far, the last cycle has never changed to tribute wins, but then again, nobody here trains, so that's a huge disadvantage.
  "Sure." I finally say, after realizing that the question has been asked a while ago. "Feel free to."
  He smiles and walks with me to the City Square. We stare into the windows of the shops, looking at the beautiful clothes that were sewn specifically for the reaping. We look into a shop with beautifully, hand-made carvings of wood. The women at the counter frowns we she sees us holding it.
  "That's for double the price, no discount included," she shakily says.
  "Why?" August asks.
  "It was carved by Constanta Tasev."
  "The young girl? But she'll make so much more," I say, noticing the remarkable details incorporated in the small turtle carving.
  "No, it's one of her last. She's been reaped."
  Constanta? A celebrity from District Six who makes beautiful carvings, reaped! I've already heard about Hercules Maya, another popular citizen throughout the Capitol. The only other tribute that seems to have a reputation in the Capitol is Tenshin, or whatever his real name is, from District Eight.
  "These Hunger Games are going to be interesting," I say under my breath.

  I stare at the two tributes who just got reaped―Lyman Milton and Bone Corlaya. Lyman strikes me as the casual, boring male from District Nine who has been helping his parents work his entire life. But Bone has spiky, dog-like teeth and obviously the most interesting tribute from District Nine yet.
  I keep my eyes trained on Bone as she curiously strolls around the train car without even noticing or caring about how we can't take our eyes off of her. Finally, she turns on the television, showing all the other reapings, and I force myself to turn towards the television instead of staring at Bone.
  "Oh, and look there," Vyvyan Phyllida, the interviewer, says, "it looks like the ever-famous Tenshin, or should I say, Akumai, has been reaped. The girl, though, doesn't strike me as a threat, does she?"
  "No," Maxim Iolo, the announcer, replies. "In fact, she'll probably be another bloodbath victim like most other tributes from District Eight."
  "Now, now Maxim," Vyvyan says. "Remember, District Eleven is usually bloodbath victims but they won a few years ago. And there's obviously a few living victors from District Twelve and Thirteen, otherwise, they might have to put someone as horrible as you in as their mentor!"
  "What the fuck!" Maxim screams as the District Eight reaping slowly changes to the District Nine and Bone is selected as the female tribute. "Why is there a mutt going into the Hunger Games? She doesn't even look human? What is she, part dog?"
  "Probably," Vyvyan honestly answers. "She does look scary and look at her sharp teeth. I wouldn't be shocked if she sniffs her own ass! Or maybe marks her territory on fire hydrants!"
  "Well, at least the boy looks normal," Maxim says. "At least these Hunger Games won't be completely weird. There'll still be some tributes nobody will be rooting for."
  August turns off the television. Both Lyman and Bone were humiliated in that preview of the tributes and now, I feel the aura of hatred in the air. It might not be the best thing to say, but I somewhat agree with Vyvyan and Maxim, these Hunger Games are going to be weird and these tributes are humiliating.
  But in one of these years, I'll finally get a good tribute. One that could win and not need my help. One that trained and is prepared, instead of those that are weak and vulnerable. That day will come.
  Lyman stomps off towards his room and August follows, so I just sit and stare at Bone. There's an uneasy feeling in the air, and I finally decide to break it.
  "So . . . you're part dog?" I say and cringe as I register what I just said.
  She looks at me dumbfounded before nodding.
  Great, she is a freak!

District Ten: Colt Phelan

  I wake up early this morning and quickly put on a button-up shirt with jeans. I roll up the jeans a little so I can put on my boots without having them crunch up around the boot. I stop in my bathroom, brush my teeth and quickly trim my beard. As I walk out the house, I put on my white, cowboy hat before walking out in the pens.
  I see Travis, my horse, laying down on some hay. I settle a saddle on his back, waking him up. I swear I see him smile as he stands up and I pull my body right on top of him.
  "Good boy," I say as I pet his mane, "You're a good boy."
  I hold onto the reins, attached to the brindle, which causes Travis to start galloping. I slap his side and he speeds up. The feeling of the wind going against my face wakes me up and I hold down my hat before it flies away.
  Travis leaps over a fence, almost making me fall off, but I just let him do whatever he wants, I'm just enjoying the view and the feeling. As he jumps over another fence, I lose my balance and grab onto the reins. My hat flies right off my head and we have to turn around so I can pick it up.
  "Hello cowboy!" I turn my head back and see Erin, the other mentor from District Ten. She has red hair that she let's loose whenever she rides her horse, Reuben. Otherwise, her hair is usually up in a beautiful bun her sister, a hair designer, did. "Are you ready for the reaping?"
  "Let's not worry about that," I say. "Instead, let's just ride."
  She smiles. "Okay, but I need to talk to you about it later."
  "Whatever," I say.
  Erin smiles again before riding off and I follow her. We jump over fences as we ride and feel the wind pushing against our faces. I lift up one of my hands, punching a fist in the air with excitement as we pass Erin. I wave goodbye to her as Travis speeds up and jumps over a bundle of hay.
  Erin and Reuben try to catch up, but when it comes to an instantaneous race, I get a little dirty so I constantly cut her off to avoid her passing me. Finally, we're just a few meters away from the rocky path where we always stops we she ends up right next to me. Travis speeds up and keeps up with Reuben, but his fatigue is starting to show.
  As we make it to the path, we end up crossing it at the same time and smile.
  "I won!" she says with a laugh.
  "It was a tie," I inform her. "We crossed at the same time."
  "Ladies first!"
  "What does that have to do with anything?" I laugh.
  "It means, I came in first and you came in second."
  "It was a tie!" I laugh. "You need glasses."
  We both start laughing and our horses start walking along the path that will take us to the City Square. Usually, we wouldn't go right after riding our horses, but after looking at my watch, I figured we better start going instead of being late.
  "Anyways, what did you want to talk about for the reaping?"
  "Yes," she says, "how long will it take before I'm used to watching my tribute die?"
  The question baffles me and I'm reminded that this is only Erin's fourth year as a mentor. She's had fun making new friends at the Capitol, but in the end, her tribute still died and she came home with another family hating her.
  "Never," I honestly reply. "You just have to hope that the families start to understand how hard we're working."
  "What about the mentors that don't?"
  "They deserve the punishment. The thing is, the families know we couldn't do anything to save their child, but they just look for someone to blame."
  "Because it makes it easier to get over their death."

  I nudge Erin as the crowd starts filing in. She looks towards me and I whisper that I won the horse race. Surely, she argues back, but she isn't into it like I am. During my years as a mentor, I learned to avoid looking at the citizens as the file in, since it's way too depressing to see their faces. Instead, you just occupy yourself until you can just focus on the escort's terribly fashion clothes.
  Finally, the doors of the Justice Building open and nearly laugh as the escort walks out in a horse dress. It's a brown, knee length dress with little cowboy strings along the edges. As she walks by me, I see a tail attached to the back of the dress which goes all the way down to her cowboy boots.
  "Welcome citizens of District Ten. We will be starting the reaping. Good luck and be hopeful that you will be the one representing your district. Anyways, shall we start with the ladies?"
  I look at Erin and I reassuringly nod. She'll be fine. For the last few years, she's had some tough tributes, whereas mine have been an embarrassment to the district. I stare at the slip the escort pulls out of the glass bowl and watch all of her steps as she walks towards the microphone.
  "And the female tribute is . . . Ewa Thyren."
  I start to laugh as the escort pronounces Ewa's name as ew-a instead of a-va. Only the Capitol is so oblivious to mispronounce a three letter name. Ewa is a redhead with, what seems like, an attitude. Every step seems fierce, but timid and frightened at the same time.
  Although it's hard to tell if she's fighting back tears or not, it's obvious that being reaped had an impact on her. As she gets on stage, she stands straight and looks over at the escort, who already has the male slip in her hand. She smiles towards the audience before pronouncing the name:
  "Trent Calloway."
  "I volunteer!"
  I look towards the audience to see who volunteered and am surprised when I see the wizard has revealed his face. While I truly don't believe in witchcraft and all that shit, I do think that he shouldn't be revealing his face to District Ten. He's still being hunted down.
  But now, he can't since he's already dead. He has blonde hair with beaten down eyes. Halfway towards the stage, he stops midway and starts mouthing the name Connor. The Peacekeepers shove him forward, but the wizard doesn't help until a few minutes later, when he finally says his name is Crimson Typhoon.
  "Well, Crimson Typhoon," the escort says, "congratulations on volunteering. And these are the tributes from District Ten: Ewa Thyren and Crimson Typhoon."

District Eleven: Violet Sage

  The fire still burns inside of me. Every time I close my eyes, I see light instead of darkness. I'm still the rebellious girl I was three years ago. I'm still the little bitch that burned the entire arena before the Capitol citizens could enjoy looking at it in real life.
  If only they knew the horror of being in that arena. The feeling of never knowing what's to come and what will happen next. Seeing the people you knew die right before your eyes. Killing tributes that no longer seem to see the right way. Many victors still don't see clearly, all their minds are blurry from alcohol and what they last remember from their Hunger Games.
  I'm friends with some of those victors, but we're all united. We all experienced the Hunger Games and are attached through it. Had I not competed and won, I would have never met some of the fascinating victors that always make me smile when I see them. I might not have recurring nightmares and I might not be upset when I see someone die on television.
  "But we are who we are," I whisper to myself. When I look in the mirror, I see the old me, the smaller figure with brighter eyes and a wider smile. Now, I see a depressing face, topped with a frown and dark eyes.
  Chris Frazier, the other victor from District Eleven, once noticed a similar thing about himself. He showed me of his young self, and compared to the present day look, I see how the Hunger Games hurt him. It almost seemed like he aged quicker than a normal person, as he's nearly bald and only in his forties.
  I slump down into a chair as I realize that I'm only trying to avoid myself from thinking about the reaping, that takes place today. Every year it's the same thing, someone gets reaped, nobody volunteers, and they die. Nothing changed then and nothing will change now.
  I don't even bother looking my fanciest, instead, I just put on a tank top and some short shorts, since the weather is always hot and humid in District Eleven. From my window, I can see Chris already walking towards the City Square, dressed in a button up shirt with shorts.
  "Wait up, Chris!" I scream out the window and run outside.
  Today is not a day that I'll be able to get through alone, even if I need a drunk mentor to be the only other person there with me.

  Nikhita Akshaya.
  The name sticks in my head as I see the little Native American girl staring at me with her fierce brown eyes. When the Capitol originally started to take over the land before Panem, they killed all the Native Americans who were living there because of their dark skin.
  How do I know this?
  I paid very close attention in history class and was fascinated by all the land in the pre-Panem era. However, it seems like they let one or more slip away as I stare into the eyes of a descendant right now. There was also some that were oblivious to the world known as Panem for many years, but they've all been murdered, unless she was a part of their tribe.
  I decide not to go into this conversation, since I fear I don't want to learn more about her, so instead, I just keep staring at her. I realize that I'm being entirely rude, but I'm just trying to figure out if she's being entirely honest with herself, or just a cover up who will frighten the tributes, but die at the hands of a weak one.
  "Well this is creepy," Chris says as he enters the room and Nikhita and I both turn towards him. "Are you trying to talk telepathically or something?"
  "Funny," I say sarcastically. "But seriously, where's Shylock?"
  "Sitting in his room, contemplating everything that happened today." Chris turns towards Nikhita. "And you're Nikhita. What's you talents?"
  "Chris," I say with a sigh. The question strikes me as rude, but Nikhita doesn't really seem to notice.
  "Good with the spear and bow and arrow, but not that bad with the scythe either. I know how to survive as well."
  Chris opens his mouth, but he closes it once we lock eye contact. He knows that I don't want anymore talking about my tribute. Every year that I get a new tribute, they always die because I know too much about them, but they don't think I do.
  This year, I'm trying something different. I'm going to let the tribute do what they want and only help when necessary. I know that they might not listen to me, and I'm fairly certain that she'll probably die and hate me for it, but I'm certain that she'll make it far by herself.
  I smile as Chris leaves the car and goes into the dining car. While I have no idea how to use the bow and arrow, I'm trained at using the scythe, and maybe I can help her with that.
  "So the scythe?" I ask her with an eyebrow raised.
  "Yep, but I'd prefer not to use it," she says sharply.
  This is exactly why I don't like to learn about the tributes, they just never seem to like me.

District Twelve: Felix Dust

  Today is always a happy day. When these children are reaped and sent off to their death, unless if you win like me. But the reaping isn't just the best thing of the day, it's the day where I'm able to have an assortment of beer, champagne, wine, and
any alcoholic drink I want when I get on the train.
  I've already been watching the reaping, there's been some interesting tributes this year. Like that fire celebrity from the Capitol, the girl from District Three who destroyed all the rebellious attitudes in District Nine, the arrogant boy from District Six, the girl with yellow eyes in District Nine, and that Native American girl from District Eleven. There's also been some disappointing tributes, but I'd rather think about drinks instead of tributes.
  As I finish up my bottle of beer, I put some jeans over my boxers and put a t-shirt on. Over here in District Twelve, nobody really cares about the reaping, with the exception of the parents and siblings of the reaped children, so I don't bother dressing up.
  Everyone already knows these tributes are going to die, so why get dressed up for the occasion? That's what a funeral or a waking is for. Though I do guess this is going to be the last time the district sees them alive in person instead of on the large screen that shows the Hunger Games in the City Square, since most of the district doesn't have projectors or televisions.
  I slip on some shoes as I walk out the doorway. My eyes slowly adjust to the morning sunlight and I find myself tripping over my own feet until they finally adjust. As they do, I make my way towards the bar, which is usually open in the early morning since a lot of people pass out there and their family members need to pick them up.
  As I walk pass the buildings, the heavy smell of vomit and alcohol leads me closer towards the bar until I'm finally standing in front of it. The bar is run down, with two shattered windows on each side of the double doors. Sloppy work was done to try and fix them, but in the end, wooden boards keep the sunlight from seeping through the window.
  "Felix!" I hear the bartender call out. I don't really know his name, since every time he tells me, I'm drunk and pass out a few minutes later, so I decide to just smile and wave. "How are you doing?"
  "Ah, fine. It's the reaping and all so, we just have to wait and see."
  "Do you think this will be the year?" Every time I come to the bar, it's usually after I return from the Capitol after the Hunger Games and every time I do, I always complain about how my tribute was weak or stupid and so on and so on.
  "No," I say honestly, "District Twelve is never ready for the Hunger Games."
  "So do you want the usual?"
  "Sure," I reply. When I get the 'usual', I always end up drunk and forgetting things, and this is probably a good thing since I do crazy thinks when I'm drunk. But in the end, I'm always happier and feel more relaxed.
  As he places the glass on my coaster, he starts to pour an assortment of alcohol into it until it's filled to the top. Slowly and carefully, I lift it and take a small sip into it before taking a large gulp. The alcohol burns as it goes down my lunges and tastes a little out of date, like most beer in District Twelve.
  "I know," the bartender says, seeing my facial expression, "it's horrible, but it's all we got. There hasn't been an alcohol import in nearly six months."
  "No, it's fine." I lay a twenty dollar bill on the table. "Keep the change."
  I walk out with the glass in my hand.
  "See you at the reaping!" he calls as I walk through the doors.

  The reaping goes by in a blur. I'm light on my feet and unbalanced as I stand on stage and I'm swaying back and forth, as if I'm on a boat. I almost fall down a few times, but Phoebe, my fellow mentor, grips tightly on my arm to keep me in place. Her nail dig into my skin and I want to slap away, but I see three hands gripping my arm and I don't know which one is hers.
  As the escort walks on stage, she looks like a large bundle of peacock feathers and oddly looks good in it. It's been one of her most modest fashion choices her, as last year, she can in a bikini. She's always up in the clouds like me and is very oblivious, but she doesn't mind, like me.
  "Welcome! Welcome!" Her voice seems blur and uneven. I catch a few words she says, but none of them seem to make sense together. "As . . . we . . . select . . . male . . . to participate . . . Games."
  She walks over towards a fish bowl filled with little slips and makes her way back to the microphone. Loudly and clearly, she reads:
  "Seraphina Blaze."
  I look out in the crowd and see a redheaded demon start walking on stage. As she gets closer, I see that it's only makeup and her eyes are just naturally red, or maybe she has colored contacts, which are extremely rare here. Nonetheless, she isn't shocked as she walks on stage and pushes the escort away from the microphone.
  "I will have your applause one day," she says in an evil, greedy voice. She then takes a step back and breaths fire right into the sky. My mouth gapes open and Phoebe's hand loosens. Most tributes, when they are reaped, are quiet, but this girl is breathing fire.
  She totally has to be a devil.
  The escort pushes Seraphina away from the microphone and smiles. "Anyways, let us chose the male counterpart."
  My ears and eyes seem to be sober again, although my stomach and head want to say otherwise. But after that little performance, I'm not sure what's right and what's wrong. What has the Hunger Games evolved to if these tributes have these freaky talents and are part dragon?
  "And the male tribute is . . . Justice Reigns."
  Justice looks normal, with black hair and green eyes. At least he doesn't start breathing fire, and does exhibit normal characteristics from being from District Twelve: thin and tall. He looks surprised and dumbfounded to be on stage, but this won't change the fact that nobody will volunteer for him.
  The escort finishes off with her little speech before guiding the tributes into the Justice Building. Far out into the crowd, I see two parents holding each other. They have black hair and the same thinness as Justice, they're undoubtedly his parents. And I'm going to be responsible for when their child returns in a casket.

District Thirteen: Shelby Fiorentina

  I thought that sixty years after the Hunger Games, the memories stop. But they don't. It's less frequent now, but every time the reaping comes, I see the two Careers and the two District Five tributes that I killed. They stare at me with dull, lifeless eyes and even when I close mine, they're stitched in the back of my eyelids. And every year, I'm responsible for the death of a young citizen here because of my poor advice.
  But this year, it's going to be different.
  I feel something weird in the air, something . . . different. District Thirteen only has three living victors, one of them whose on death bed, and now, we need another. Most districts have more than three, with the exception of District Six and Twelve, so they've got nothing to worry about. But here, we're striving for another and I feel like this year will be the year.
  And that's why I got out of bed this morning and brushed my hair that stops on my neck. And I put on some lipstick and makeup for the cameras, although I'm not really good at it. I used to have my granddaughter do my makeup but . . . well, she's not with me anymore. And the memories still to fresh that it hurts every time I think about it.
  Fighting back tears, I walked down the stairs and stopped when I saw a portrait of my daughter with her husband and daughter. The portrait lays against the railing at the bottom of the stairs. It used to be in her house, but once they passed, I moved it here and planned to frame it on the wall. But now, since the reaping is happening, I can't until after the Hunger Games.
  I turn on the television, but I close it right when I see the tributes from District One and Two. Less than half the Career pack usually comes from the two, but it's always the most fierce and bloodiest Careers. The tributes, like always, are larger and stronger than most of the others, but they rely heavily on the supplies from the cornucopia. And if my tributes could only destroy those supplies, they'd have a larger chance of surviving.
  I don't bother to wait for the limousine that usually picks the victors up, as it's already late, and instead, walk towards the City Square. The streets are already emptied and everyone seems to already be at the Square. Then, it hits me.
  I'm late.
  I try to run towards the City Square as it's only a few blocks away, but due to my age, my run looks more like a wobble. After a block, I'm already tired, but I can see the City Square and, within ten minutes, I finally make it to the City Square with a light sweat. But I made it right in time, right as the escort walked onto stage.
  I walk quietly towards the stage, going along the right side instead of down the middle and sneak onto stage right next to Axl, who looks at me with a questionable look. I keep my eyes straight, though, not daring to return his stare and to scope out who saw me make it to the stage late. Only a few seemed to lose their attention from the escort, and luckily no Peacekeepers seemed to notice.
  "And as usual," the escort's voice speaks over the thoughts in my head, "ladies first!"
  She walks with a skip to the bowl, which is extremely difficulty until she almost knocks down the bowl, barely saved by a Peacekeeper who grabs her by the waist. She silently thanks the Peacekeeper before bringing a slip of paper to the microphone.
  "And the female tribute of the 284th Hunger Games from District Thirteen is . . . Karina Cole!"
  I look out towards the group of children and see someone moving in the sixteen year old section. A chorus of snickers came from a group of girls just two rows behind her and the green haired girl walked towards them. She walks to the girl right in the middle of the group, pulls back her fist and punches her right in the face. The group of girls tries to fight back, but Peacekeepers grab the green haired girl before they can and brings her up on stage.
  Karina stares at me as she walks on stage and I see her bloodshot, yellow eyes. She's a fighter, she has a good chance to actually win these Hunger Games, but I'm not so sure I can handle her for the next few days before the Hunger Games. But I'll have Axl's help if anything goes out of hand. He's had some insane tributes while he was younger and knows how to handle them, not like Karina is mental but . . .
  "And the male from District Thirteen is . . . Sark Lancaster!"
  A strong male from the eighteen year old section walks confidently and proudly up on stage. He has icy blue eyes and short cut blonde hair. His expression looks casual, as if he's not worried or afraid. But he has to be . . . right? He doesn't seem to be phased by the fact he might die. But then again, he has a good chance of winning, especially since he looks built like a Career.
  "And this concludes the reaping. If any of you would like to talk to either Karina and Sark, you may in the Justice Building. If not, then just leave."

  Karina doesn't even bother to let anyone talk to her after the reaping and follows Axl and I on the train. As she walks on, she walks straight into the dining car and disappears behind the sliding door. Sark follows shortly after, looking more like a controlled puppet than he was on stage. Every step is carefully taken and, while it may look in line to some, here, it just seems unusual and means there's something wrong with you.
  "Every year," Axl speaks in a low voice so Sark can't hear us, "we train the tributes without knowing anything about them. Why?"
  "We're supposed to," I respond.
  "Yes, but we're supposed to train them to win the Hunger Games. Why don't they?"
  "I don't know. We don't really know them so it's―"
  "Exactly. We don't know them. We don't know who they are and who they have in their family. We don't know their boyfriends or girlfriends or the people they care about. We don't know what they did or if they've been training. And since we don't know any of this, we don't know how to train them. Everyone is different so then everyone needs to be trained differently."
  "Ok, when should we do it?"
  "Now." He looks away from me and towards Sark. "Come on Sark, let's go to the dining car."
  Without arguing, he gets up and walks straight into the dining car, followed by Axl and then me. Karina is writing on a piece of paper to a person named Kathleen, which I presume is her sister or family member by the way she dots the i's with a heart and ends the letter with "Love, Karina".
  I sit down right next to her. "Whose Kathleen?"
  Axl and Sark pull up chairs next to mine so we're all in a circle.
  "My girlfriend," she responds.
  "Oh . . . you're a lesbian?"
  "Yes." She doesn't look at me as she talks and stares at the letter. "And I was bullied because of it." She finally turns her attention towards me. "So if you're not going to mentor me because of my sexual preferences, then I'm perfectly fine with that. You'd be no greater than Zoey who brought my life to hell once I told her I liked her that way."
  Tears start to form in her eyes and she turns away from me.
  "Is Zoey the girl you punched?" I ask.
  She laughs. "Yeah, I had to do it at least once before I died."
  "What about you?" Axl looks at Sark. "Where'd you get those scars?"
  "What scars?" I ask Axl.
  "On his back, I saw some peeking out on his neck. Looks like a whip or something."
  "Yeah, I was whipped to stay in line," Sark confirms.
  "That must have been terrible," Axl says.
  "No, I deserved it."
  "What?" I raise an eyebrow. "Your parents shouldn't whip you because you do something wrong. They can punish you, but not that way."
  "Who said it was my parents?"
  "Your teachers?" Axl guesses.
  "No, my uncle. He watches over me and taught me how to remain civil and listen to my elders and officials."
  "Well, that'll make my mentoring a little easier." Axl cracks a smile.
  So this year, in District Thirteen, we have a male who was whipped his entire life to stay in line and a female who is a lesbian. Maybe this is the change I felt in the air. But either way, both have struggled their entire life and now, on top of it, they're going into the Hunger Games. Hopefully one of them can come home. Hopefully it's Karina.
  Because now, I am sick of this mentoring job, especially since now, I know whose going into the Hunger Games and who will die in it. And I will feel more guilt than I did when I didn't know the tributes.

District Fourteen: Cyder Quinn

  Apple Cyder.
  Funny nickname, isn't it? When I was fat, everyone used to call me that, now I'd love to shoot them down with a blowgun. But now, it's caught on to the Capitol. My mentor used to call me Apple Cyder, because he thought for sure that I was weak and would easily die.
  Well, who's alive now. After he "accidentally" lit hit house on fire and, for some reason, there was too much gasoline in his kitchen that the entire house blew up. Okay, I can't lie about this. I poured gasoline all inside his oven and, while I knocked him out with sleep syrup, set his house of fire.
  Her death was my personal favorite, since my other kills were out of sheer fright. But when I killed her, I wasn't afraid, I felt powerful. To this day, the Capitol and Peacekeepers still believe that it was because she smoked too much and passed out from smoking too much and her cigarette lit the house on fire.
  I hear the scream of mutts in the distance and jolt up, kicking my sheets off of my bed. District Fourteen, the district of the mutts, was the last district to have to participate in the Hunger Games. After the Second Rebellion, the Capitol, District Thirteen, and the newly found District Zero all started to participate. But it wasn't until a few years later when District Fourteen have to participate.
  In fact, we won our first year! The victor, Silas Hudson, still mentors the tributes from our district, but hasn't brought any of them home. We've had a female victor, but I killed her. Now, it's only Silas and I, Apple Cyder, as the mentors of District Fourteen.
  With our location being in what used to be Hawaii, the majority of the population is located on the southern island, but there is a fair amount in the northern island. The other six islands are for the mutt making. And since the northern island, where I live on, is located fairly close to a mutt island, the mutts always tend to wake us up.
  But on the day of the reaping, today, the entire population meets on the southern island, which means I have to travel by boat to get to the island. People always assume that District Fourteen is always the district where people get fresh air and always by the beach, but District Fourteen gets just the same amount of freshness and salty water. Plus, we're the only district located on an island.
  I finally push myself out of bed and feel a little dizzy from the sudden movement, but it fades shortly after. I walk towards my closet and one dress picks my eye: a beautiful sleeveless, blue dress that stops at the knee. I put on some blue, high heels and top the dress off with a white necklace I received when I returned home.
  I keep my light blonde hair free flowing, but I brush a little bit in the back due to it looking messy from my night's rest. I wonder who I'll be mentoring this year. A new year always brings a tribute that surprises me. Usually, they're strong after training at the Career Academy, since the majority of citizens do, but sometimes, they're weak and stealthy, which always tends to surprise me even more.
  Nonetheless, they'll surprise me and I just can't wait. I feel the suspense dwelling inside of me before another thought crosses my mind and I inflate:
  What happens if the tribute dies?
  The last few years, my tribute has died and it hasn't really affected me, but last year, the mother started to yell at me when I returned without her daughter and I really felt the pressure that Silas always warned me about.
  But I have to think positive. I have to.

  I stand on stage after an hour long boat ride to the southern part of District Fourteen. My head pounds, since I personally hate traveling by sea, and I try to keep myself steady by holding onto a chair. Silas stares at me with a raised eyebrow, but I just look away.
  Before the Hunger Games, I'd never have to travel by sea, since I lived in the southern island. But now that I'm a victor, I no longer have the simplicity as walking out the door and to the City Square, but now, I have to walk to a doc that's a few miles away from my house, have to board a boat with complete strangers, and have to walk a few more miles to the City Square.
  Sometimes, I truly wish I never became a victor or a mentor. It would be easier then and I wouldn't always be wiped out at the end of the day. But then again, it gives me something to brag in my brother's faces, since they never went into the Hunger Games and won like I did. One of my brothers tried last year, but someone volunteered first. The other will volunteer, if he wants to, in two years.
  I hardly realize the escort standing on stage due to my daydreaming. I didn't realize how long I was staring into blank space since a few people have been staring at me, but I give a little smile to make it look normal. But the eyes all go away from me when the escort grabs onto a slip.
  "And the female tribute of the 284th Hunger Games is," the escort briefly stops, trying to leave some space for suspense. When she opens her mouth again, she is interrupted.
  "I volunteer!"
  Everyone turns their head in the direction of the quiet voice and a fourteen year old starts to walk towards the stage. She keeps her eyes straight ahead, ignoring the snickers that come from a group of children as she walks towards the stage. I don't take time to look at the children snickering, but instead, I keep my eyes on the girl. She stands next to the escort and has clenched fists with her middle fingers sticking up.
  She's subtly flipping everyone off! I smile. She's going to be a great tribute, especially if she has all this anger inside of her. My only question is: why are the other children laughing at her? I'll figure it out sometime soon.
  "My name is Ashley Curtis," the girl says through gritted teeth.
  The escort smiles and walks towards the male slips. Once again, as she opens her mouth, she's rudely interrupted.
  "I volunteer!"
  The escort didn't even open up a slip yet, but a boy starts running onto the stage. Another fourteen year old, this one with blue hair and vampire teeth. He reminds me of another victor, one that I watched when I was a child, and long past dead, but I can't remember his name. All I really remember is that he must be from District Four, since I don't think any other district would have blue hair.
  "Konami Aretino."
  Konami? Konami? Kodai? Kodai! That's the name of the victor. I don't really remember his last name, since it was long and terribly hard to pronounce. He was a mentor when I was a child, and won just years after the Second Rebellion. My grandfather used to show me pictures of him and tell stories of him because he originated from District Six and Kodai killed his brother.
  It sickens me how someone would view him as a role model, or even as a human! Nobody has natural blue hair or pointy teeth. Kodai never said if he's dyed his hair or sharped his teeth, but nobody ever asked, since his very appearance would give you the if-you-ask-me-about-my-hair-or-my-teeth-I'll-rip-your-throat-out aura.
  Nonetheless, he will be a threat.
  And so will Ashley.

Group Training

Day One: The Tribute's Meet

Tribute Buck Rockwell: District Six

  I haven't slept all night, I've been too anxious for the training to start. I need to meet the female from District Two, Annabeth. Yesterday, she wore a beautiful knight's armor that went into a dress, and she was looking at me. She gave my that you're-cute look and I've felt the critters all night. She's beautiful, and she could even help me get into the Career alliance.
  My heart is pounding out of my chest when I step into the elevator and, a few floors down, she walks in with her district partner, Petri, who doesn't even acknowledge me, but Annabeth does, and she stands right next to me. Her arms dangle to her side, and I decide to take a risk. My fingers lace with hers, and her's start to rest against my knuckle.
  When the elevator opens again, Annabeth doesn't release, but instead, we walk out hand in hand. It's funny how when you're so close to death, you try to helplessly find romance. But, this feels real. We both need each other, and that's real. Our feelings being so fast, while it may seem fake, it's because we need each other.
  But in the end, only one of us will survive. How far will the romance go there? I want to survive, but I wouldn't want to make the first move. What happens if she never makes a move, either? Could we both win? Would the Capitol kill us? I'll just have to think about it when I get there, if we get there.
  We're one of the last ones to get here, even my district partner decided to leave early because she doesn't really like me. Everyone gathers in the center of the training area, allowing us to see the Gamemakers who sit in a higher level, overlooking us, and to see all the different centers.
  "Welcome!" a young female says, entering the room. "The next three days, you will be training in the art of survival, from learning how to use a mace to learning how to start a fire. None of these centers should be overlooked, even if you don't think you'll be needing one. You never know when you'll need to tie a tight knot in order to survive. You know, it's not all about weaponry.
  "For starters, I'd suggest learning about your competition. In a few weeks, only one of you will still be alive. Whether you're an assassin or a head on fighter, any and all of these skills will come in handy.
  "Now, come over here." She leads us to one of the weaponry stations, this one for the throwing knives. "Many people usually have trouble when it comes to setting up training for this. Over there," she points towards a cluster of dummies with a shelf of weaponry nearby, "is where you go to learn the weapons. Here is where you test your skills.
  "You press onto the start button, but don't go in yet, you'll have to figure out your skill level. You may choose beginner, easy, intermediate, advanced, or expert as the options. However, be warned that, while you won't die during these holographic fights, you will be able to feel the pain if one of them hurts you. You may only bring one weapon inside, and I mean weapon, not quantity. You may bring in a dozen throwing knives if you wish.
  The female from District Three's hand shoots right up. The trainer points at her. "Yes, umm, how is this much energy being used? Wouldn't there be a flaw or a faulty circuit if this much energy is being used for the holograms?"
  "The arena is much more energy," the trainer answers, "if you saw how much energy we used for that, you'd be dumbfounded that this is just a small sliver of it.
  "Anyways, I assume there's no more questions. The training center is always open, but after ten o'clock at night, there is no trainers until eight in the morning. However, there will always be avoxes and Peacekeepers here to make sure you don't do anything stupid.
  "You may disperse now."

Mentor Cyder Quinn: District Fourteen

  "Apple Cyder!" Willow screams as I walk into the Main Gathering Area. This is separate from the Mentor Room, since here is where we try to get sponsors. But none of us really care for sponsors, we all hang around the bar and talk.
  "Willow!" I say with a smile and give her a hug. Electra, Coralie, and Lucy are already here and I greet them with a hug as well, except for Electra, since her bump got in the way.
  "Guess what?" Electra says with a wide grin. Before I can answer, she says, "My family came with me this year!"
  "What?" I feel like jumping, but instead, I smile. "I thought they don't let family members come."
  "I'm about to give birth," she says. "They had to come."
  "Hey, there's the nigro and the redhead!" Coralie screams as Violet and Erin start to walk our way.
  "You have to stop that swimsuit mamma," Erin says with a smile and embraces us.
  "Okay, now we have to get down to business," Violet says. We all sit on couches that are arranged in a circle so we can all see each other. "How unique is your tribute this year?"
  "Mine was a worker for the president to stop rebellions," Electra says.
  "Mine has pink hair," Coralie says. "Other than that, I didn't really want to learn much about her."
  "Mine is a Native American," Violet says, "and she states she was around before the districts were formed."
  "So is she a vampire?" Erin says with a dumb grin.
  "Well, that beats mine," Willow says. "Mine only seems gothic."
  "Mine isn't much either," Lucy agrees.
  "How about you?" Erin turns towards me. "Is yours a Native American as well?"
  "No," I say flatly. "Mine is homosexual."
  "Hey, just like Shelby's tribute," Willow says. "Apparently, this is the year for the gays."
  "Wait, so the female from District Thirteen is also gay?" I smirk. "I just think I found a perfect ally for Ashley."
  "Well, you know Shelby," Coralie says. "I'm pretty sure her and Phoebe even scare Dawn and Kiernan."
  "Well, if she's drunk, I think she'll have a different view on things."
  "I'll come with you," Willow says, getting out of her chair. "Just in case you pass out as well."
  I smile. "Thank you."

Tribute Karina Cole: District Thirteen

  Lunch has already passed and I've been watching the other tributes as they form their alliance. The Careers already consist of seven tributes―the tributes of District One and two, and the males from Six, Thirteen, and Fourteen. But I know the female from District Zero, Luna I think, was talking about joining their alliance at the lunch table.
  I, currently, am alliance-less. I caught my eye on a few people that I wanted to ally with―the male from District Five and the female from District Seven―but I haven't talked to them yet. The female is great with an axe and the boy is smart when he goes into fights. He carefully avoids the attacks before he starts attacking, instead of attacking then dodging, which I've noticed is much harder.
  I've noticed some tension between the tributes as well, like how the Careers seem to be a little upset with the tributes from District Four, who decided not to ally with them. There's also been a little romantic motions between Buck and Annabeth, which reminds me a lot of my girlfriend, Kathleen, but I can't think about that now.
  Hercules from the Capitol and Seraphina from District Twelve have been a little crazy and formed an alliance of pyromaniacs. The males from District Eight and Nine have been getting closer throughout the course of the day, but I'm not certain if they're allies yet. Other than that, there's a female alliance which I would consider joining, but they're all weak.
  Now, I stand in line for the gauntlets, watching as the female from District Nine jumps from gauntlet to gauntlet, carefully avoiding the batons. However, on her way back, she jumps over the gauntlet and is smacked in the head with a baton. Constanta, the female from District Six, cringes and steps onto my foot.
  She's the next one in line, so I shove her forward so she'll hurry up. She jumps up on the first one and uses her forearms to cover her face as the baton is swung at her. She takes another leap forward, and a baton hits her in the skin. She falls right on the gauntlet, but manages to stay up. Another baton hits her right in the hand, which makes her scream, and finally fall.
  I feel a little tingle when I'm starting, and start before the trainers are ready. The first two gauntlets are easy, but as I'm on the third, a baton is swung towards my leg, and I jump up. The baton hits right into my foot and I end up going face first on the last gauntlet.
  I pull myself up and wipe away a tear that escaped my eye. I turn around, going towards the other gauntlets, and jump onto the first one. The trainer swings a baton and I kick it with my foot, feeling a twinge of pain. I make it to the next gauntlet with ease, but as I'm jumping towards the third one, the trainer hits me right in the stomach.
  I fall head first on the ground and my body crumbles along. I hear faint whispering, but force myself to get up. One of my eyes are swollen up and I look away from everyone else.
  "You okay?" one of the trainers ask, staring at me. "You alive?"
  I giggle. "For now." Because in a few weeks, I may be dead with thirty other tributes and only one of us will be alive.

Tribute Nichole Peyton: District Five

  Even though the Hunger Games haven't started yet, the tributes are dropping like flies. Constanta, my ally, was the first one to go to the infirmary, after see bruised her shin and hand during the gauntlets. Now, the female from District Thirteen is being taken away since she took a major fall on the head.
  "Look at him," Jinny says, pointing towards the male from District Nine whose doing the rope climb. He's doing good so far, and almost make sit to the top, before slipping from his loose grip. Tenshin from Eight runs towards him to check on him, but he seems to be dizzy. "Third down and the first day of training hasn't finished."
  I force myself to laugh, but I don't feel that laughable. If I'd be on there, I'd barely make it three feet off the floor before I fall to the ground. The only thing I'm good at is being intelligent, which is one of the worst qualities to have in the Hunger Games. While I'm smart, I'm not the fastest and I'm not the strongest. If I get in a head on fight, I have to hope my opponent is crippled and a midget for me to escape without harm.
  "Let's go to the knives," Jinny says, noticing the expression on my face, and drags me with her.
  When we get there, Lance, my district partner, is there throwing knives. As he sees us approaching, he leaves the dummies nad enters one of the holographic rooms to fight. Jinny passes me a knife before she throws one of hers right into the eye of the dummy.
  "Nice throw," I say.
  "You try," Jinny says, handing me another knife. "These ones are meant for throwing, it's easier this way."
  I put the knife's blade against my thumb and pointer finger. When my hand is right behind my ear, I throw it forward and the butt of the knife ricochets off of the dummy. Jinny hands me another one, this one going into the dummy, but in the leg, a nonfatal area.
  "Maybe you should just use them for melee," Jinny says, making me feel a little bad, but I already knew I couldn't throw it. "Let's try one of those holographic fights."
  "Sure," I say doubtfully. I'm not good at fighting, and I really don't want to embarrass myself more than I can.
  Jinny practically skips over to the tablet outside the room. I look over her shoulder as she pushes the difficulty all the way up to expert. The words of the head trainer echoes through me.
  "You know we will feel the pain, right?"
  She ignores my question and drags me in.
  For a second, all the light turns off, then multiple beams point through the room. I look around, astonished, before it goes all dark again and a dim light appears. I look around and see a holographic man with a spear running right towards me. I start to run away, but Jinny throw a knife right into his forehead, killing him.
  I'm appalled when Jinny kills another holographic man and finally, I decide to start helping out. One of the holographic females point a bow right towards me. I carefully avoid the attack and feel the arrow nick my ear. I touch my ear, but there's no blood, even though I did feel a sting. This really does feel real.
  I start to charge towards the female, rolling away from the arrows, but as I'm about to stab her, she kicks me away. I fall to the ground and, before I can open my eyes, I see an arrow shot right in my chest. I scream and Jinny throw two knives at the female, killing her. She kneels by me, and she pulls the arrow out of me, giving me the feeling of relaxation.
  But then, as I look towards Jinny, I see a male with a sword about to stab her. I jolt up, bumping heads with Jinny, and stab the knife right through his heart. The holograph crumbles into pieces and I get a feeling a satisfaction.
  Jinny helps me up, and as we stand, we notice we are surrounded. Jinny throws a knife towards one of their heads, but they deflect it and throw an axe right at her. She's flung back by the impact and I feel someone creep up behind me. I can't even move when I feel the hands on the side of my head and feel a sudden jerk.
  "Deceased!" the holograph screams and the lights turn on. I touch my chest for blood, but it truly was my imagination.
  Well, if that's what death feels like, I really don't want to die. But you never know when your time is here.

Tribute Evaluator Ecaterina Sly: The Capitol

  Being in charge of figuring out the odds and the training scores of the tributes are tough. But, being an expert at it, I've always been efficient and accurate, with some minor exceptions. Over the years, my accuracy has somewhat dimmed and with the tributes always surprising me, it's getting hard to figure out who might win.
  But I have a good feeling with Shylock Bloodroot from District Eleven. While he's a loner and stronger, I know he'll be an obvious choice, but there's something about him that even frightens me. If someone kills him, it'll be the Career alliance and it'll be because they outnumbered him, not that he's weak against them.
  Normally, people looks towards the Career districts, but I don't think they'll win this year. The males from One and Two are just creepy and ghastly. The female from Two is in a relationship with the male from Six. And the female from One just seems like she's there, not sticking out at all.
  If Shylock doesn't win, it won't be a Career. My next choice would be one of the tributes in that pyromaniac alliance. They're all oddballs and hard to predict, so they would have a huge advantage. They'll be able to have the upper hand in battle since their opponents wouldn't know where it is going.
  However, knowing the Capitol, a pyromaniac might not go well with the crowd. My third and forth choices would probably be Constanta from Six or Camella from the Capitol. Constanta is an excellent carver and can easily carve a weapon, like a knife, if the arena has trees. Camilla, on the other hand, looks like a warrior, even though she's only twelve years old.
  Other than that, none of the tributes are striking me a victor-worthy. There's been few that have proven their strengths, but only one came out of the holographic battle unharmed: Nikhita from Eleven.
  While I don't think Nikhita will win, I think she'll survive far. She's great with the bow and looks like a expert. However, rumors spread, and if the rumor about her planning on killing the president gets any further than the training center, then she's already dead.
  "Here," Aurellia, the Head Gamemaker, says, dropping a notepad next to the small table besides the couch I'm sitting on. "You can tell me who I should keep an eye on during training, and who might win."
  Aurellia leaves and I grab onto the notepad. Instead of listening to her, I write down the weapons the tributes are skilled at. Skylock was good with the sickle and sword, Nikhita was great with the bow, the tributes from District Seven are skilled with axes, and Camella is great with a pickaxe. Other than that, I haven't seen much from the other tributes.
  I always prefer to know what weapons the tributes train with and which ones they use during private sessions, since it appalls me how some of them are trained in a weapon they haven't trained with. And, unless they were training her during the night when I was sleeping, I highly doubt they could have passed my eye without noticing.
  A smile spreads across my face as I hear a little buzz on my wrist and see that it is already time for dinner. I take in one last look of the tributes, one last beheaded dummy, one last failing at the gauntlets, before I walk out of the room and go to the dinner down the hall.
  Man, I love my job!

Day Two: Rivalry's Form

Tribute Seraphina Blaze: District Twelve

  My alliance is pretty strong, considering we're a bunch of pyromaniacs. Drago from Zero has been helping us get sponsors by making others feel despair for our pyromaniac personalities. Hercules, my district partner, and I both have great reputations around the Capitol, which help with the sponsoring gifts. And finally, there's Crimson who's extremely persuasive, not only with his words, but every action.
  We all meet at roughly eight o'clock in the morning, since the training center is open all night. As Hercules and I came down, we noticed the female from District Eleven angrily shooting arrows towards dummies and whispering things that I don't understand. But Hercules seems to understand and his mouth goes agape. When she finally notices us, she turns and is dumbstruck as we are noisily peering behind her.
  "Hi," she tries to say casually. "You're Hercules and Seraphina, right?"
  I nod.
  "Why is your mouth open that wide?" She looks towards Hercules, who responds by closing his mouth and straightening his posture.
  "Um . . . I never saw a girl shoot a bow and arrow like that," he says.
  "Well, I've been training outside the Hunger Games."
  "Like the Careers?" I ask. "Why didn't you join them?"
  "Because I think they're a bunch of assholes who think they're so cool because they're raised to be vicious killers."
  Out of my perpetual vision, I notice the elevator opening and see Crimson and Drago walk out.
  "Well, we should start training," I say and start walking away with Hercules close behind.
  "Good morning," Crimson says cheerfully. "Have you ever tried coffee? We don't have that sort of drink in District Ten, all we drink their is milk from our cows and then we eat them so coffee is completely new. But even though it tastes terrible, I feel really awake and happy."
  I grimace as his breathe is thick with the heavy, coffee smell. "Yeah, I could tell."
  "What should we do?" Drago asks. "The Careers aren't here yet so we could probably go in one of those simulation rooms or something. We might not have another chance."
  "Sure, why not?" Hercules says.
  As Hercules is setting it up, I grab onto a flail. It's a new weapon to me, but I guess I have to give it a try. I saw one of the tributes last year using it and I really feel like I might be able to use it. I would choose throwing knives, but I've already tried those yesterday. Crimson uses a bow, like he did yesterday, and Drago picks up a sickle off of a stack of swords. I grab two throwing axes for Hercules, since he was using them yesterday, before we all walk in.
  As we walk in, we're met by beams of light surrounding us, hitting us and hitting all the walls around us. Then, the lights turn off right away before a dim light turns on a the simulation starts.
  "What difficult did you put this on?" I whisper to Hercules.
  "Don't worry, it's on beginner," he responds.
  I gulp. Even though beginner is the easiest difficulty, I fear about screwing up. This is my first time with a flail, so we'll just have to see how this goes.
  The first holographic man charges right at Hercules, who throws an axe right into his forehead, but not before the man throws a spear. Luckily enough, Hercules avoids it. The second man comes right after Drago. We all slowly separate into different corners of the room, and I notice more holographic men charging after Hercules.
  Noticing that none seem to be coming after me, I swing my flail viciously at the men who separate Hercules and I. As I swing, I notice their bodies vanishing into pixels and I feel the rush of murder, although I know it wasn't real. I hear Drago scream towards me in my right ear and, when I turn, there's a woman pointing an arrow right towards me. I barely dive out of the way before she releases the arrow.
  "Fuck!" Hercules screams as the holographic arrow plunges into his chest.
  Crimson shoots an arrow into the woman's forehead before I can beat the shit out of her, so I try to focus on the simulation. A man charges after me with a mace. We swing weapons right at the same time and I feel the pain right in my thigh. I lose grip on the flail, which still goes right through the holographic man's head, and when I regain a firm grip, the spiky ball attached to the chain hits my right in the cheek.
  I drop the flail right on my foot, which I would have screamed at, but I feel blood on my cheeks and in my throat. Hercules starts cussing before rushing towards me. We completely forget about the simulation, but I check how many people are left, since there's a sign on the wall, and there's only a few more, which Crimson and Drago easily take out.
  "Maybe the flail isn't the best option." Hercules chuckles. "We should bring you to the infirmary."
  Usually, I'd argue, but he has his hands on my cheek and I don't know what to say.
  How come just now, I'm starting to feel something for Hercules?
  Why couldn't it have been when we weren't reaped?

Tribute Luna Johnston: District Zero

  I smile towards the Careers when I finally make it down from my room. My district partner, Drago, left early this morning, so leaving at eleven almost makes me feel really late. But there's still a few tributes who aren't here, like the pair from District Four, who I haven't seen that much. Yesterday, I briefly noticed them when everyone was forced to be at the training yesterday for the introduction, but past that, I don't remember seeing them anywhere else. All I really know is that I'm not supposed to like them because they chose not to join the Career alliance.
  I've been taking the trainer's advice from yesterday, the thing about observing and learning about our competition. However, I've mainly been targeting my allies so I know their weaknesses in the time that it comes. So far, Odin and Petri strike me as oddballs, and Konami isn't much better. Annabeth and Buck have a romantic relationship going on between them, and Bone and Sark will be good allies to keep close, since both our strong and will be useful. There's also Rhea, who's friends with everyone in the Career alliance, but doesn't really strike me as . . . well, anything.
  Since we're all around the dummies, since the two simulation rooms are being occupied by the other tributes, I pick up an axe that lies on the ground under a dummy.
  "Hey!" I turn to see Jayson from Seven yelling at me. "That's my axe!"
  "They're the Capitol's property!" I snicker. "So it's technically nobody's property except for the Capitol."
  "I was using it!"
  "You're a fucking idiot!" I practically scream, getting some attention, so I quiet down. "There's a whole stack of axes right behind you."
  "Well, I was pacifically using this one."
  "Pacifically?" I start laughing. "You realize it's specifically with a s, right?"
  "Who cares?" He tries to pull the axe out of my hands, but I kick him in the groin.
  "What the hell! I already told you I'm using this one."
  "What's going on?" I glance behind me to see Buck curiously looking at the two of us.
  "He's being a jackass."
  "Shut the fuck up!"
  In a swift movement, Jayson kicks me right on the ground and I feel blood dripping from my side. My hand reaches towards my left side where the axe cut a moderate cut, but it's able to heal. I hear a swarm of commotion and someone grabbing onto me before yelling for the ambulance. I notice Jayson being dragged out by three Peacekeepers who escort him to his elevator.
  "You'll be okay, you'll be okay," a trainer says to reassure me.
  But, I already know I'm going to be okay. The thing is, I'm not so confident making an ally so early in the morning when I'm stressed. Plus, all I could have done was hand him his axe back. Well, now all I have to do is outlive him.
  Then, I'll be able to win.

Mentor Charles Latif: District Three

  I stare at the odds board in the gathering room, most of the mentors are here trying to get sponsors and others just for a good cold beer. I'm here with Laila, who's practically blind, sitting on a couch near the group of girls. My tribute, Quentin, has odds of 30-1, which is terrible considering it was originally 6-1. But that's how the odds work, one second, they're good, and the next, they're terrible.
  Quentin must have done either something stupid or nothing at all, since sometimes, the odds do change if the tribute hasn't been doing anything exceptional. His ally, Justice, has good odds of 11-1, considering he is from District Twelve. But how does someone from District Three have worse odds than an ordinary tribute from District Twelve? Quentin must really be screwing things up. I can't get him sponsors with odds of 30-1.
  "How's Cora doing?" Laila asks between breathes.
  "Are you okay?" I ask, realizing I didn't answer her question.
  "I'm just a little short of breathe."
  "Ok"―I glance towards the odds board―"Cora has odds of 15-1."
  "Well that's good!" she says, breathing even heavier.
  "Let me bring you to your room, you seem tired.
  She smiles in response and I place her in a wheelchair. While she can walk, she constantly slips and, with someone her age, a little slip could lead to her death. Plus, the walk from here to the training center, where we sleep, is long and easily tires her.
  I push her towards a long, white corridor with rooms filling the sides. The rooms are where the mentors and other famous people stay during the course of the Hunger Games, other wealthy Capitol families also stay in the dorms if they have enough money, but there's usually very few. When we reach the end of the corridor, I turn right and towards the skywalk, which has a metal, sliding door to keep people out, besides the mentors and Capitol officials.
  I put my finger on the DNA scanner and there's a little click before the door slides open. Once we cross it, the door closes and I keep pushing Laila through the skywalk. The skywalk has no opaque walls, but instead, glass walls and a railing to protect people from jumping off. The glass is thick, though, so you don't hear the sounds of sirens and horns, since the skywalk goes right over a busy street.
  At the end of the skywalk is an elevator and a staircase. I put my finger in the scanner again, since the Capitol is overprotective for its victors. Laila starts holding onto her chest, which I didn't notice, but I decide not to ask. She's probably just holding onto it because it's hurting her to breathe. Which still isn't good.
  As the elevator falls down, Laila falls out of her wheelchair and starts screaming. I stand there, without knowing what to do. Then it dawns on me. Chest pain. Shortness of breathe. Tiredness. All signs of a heart attack! Laila clutching her heart confirms my suspicion and, without a second thought, I dial an ambulance.
  I keep the elevator door open at the bottom until the ambulance comes right away and they put Laila on a stretcher. They start to drag her to the ambulance, but one stays behind and tells me that I'm not authorized to go with her since I'm not family. I would love to argue how we're family since all the mentors are practically family, since we all share the same experience of the Hunger Games and help each other through the tough times.
  I grab onto my phone as the tears start to pour down my face and dial another number.
  "Hey Carmelita," I say between sob, "Laila's in a bad condition."

Head Gamemaker Aurellia Emil: The Capitol

  A mentor getting a heart attack. Not good. A mentor getting a heart attack while their tribute is still alive. Even worse. A mentor getting a heart attack while their tribute is still alive, but using it to help her. That's good. While the money isn't needed, since all victors receive free health care, along with food and shelter, but not free will.
  Victors usually think that they are finally done once they kill the last tribute, or outlive the last tribute, but no, President Achilles uses them. They have to be used for pornographic videos, prostitution, and even singing, if they're good at it. Currently, the only tribute that has a good voice is Carmelita, whose concerts are always sold out every time she comes to the Capitol. But when they're old and can't be used, that's when it finally feels like retirement.
  Laila was one of the few victors that were retired. She was able to enjoy life as it came and went, and she didn't have to do things she'd regret. Just her presence was enough for the Capitol to use, since she always made everyone happy, thinking about the positive things in everything, instead of most victors who let themselves age while still thinking about the Hunger Games.
  But Laila, she is nice. She's already earned $5,000 from all the citizens who love her. In fact, I used to think that mentors and victors were always so different and too popular for regular citizens, but Laila proved that everyone was alike. I still remember the first words she told me when I became the Head Gamemaker four years ago:
  "You're only seventeen, so you'll make mistakes, but turn those mistakes into something interesting, that's how you survive."
  That year, I started a fire a day before I planned to have the finale, and it spread to the entire arena. I thought that none of the tributes would survive, but the three remaining ones did and Erin from Ten, who's still a mentor, ended up killing the other two to win. And afterwards, President Achilles said that he was on the edge of his seat the entire Hunger Games and he was happy to have me.
  And now, after four years, I've still had good ideas, especially this year when I told Lucida and Varinia a brief description of the arena and they turned my vision into reality. Lucida, the Arena Specialist, made the arena so detailed that I shivered, and the demons Varinia, the Mutt Specialist, made were fabulous, especially for my last year.
  For the Head Gamemaker, Mutt Specialist, and Arena Specialist, you only get a four year term, but you're able to rerun for how many ever years you so choose. Now, this isn't a democracy, so the citizens don't really choose, but President Achilles will look at the applicants and choose who he really wants. But I've heard that if he really likes you, he won't let you go.
  Hopefully, that won't happen to me. If he likes me so much, then I'll tell him that I'll be there for him if he doesn't find anyone else, but I'd greatly appreciate if he does choose someone else. I can't keep this dangerous job, because in a minute, I could easily be killed if the president doesn't approve.
  Well . . . maybe I should rerun. Then I'd at least still be alive, especially since now, I've just started to be able to drink.
  But it is a dangerous position, but maybe I am good at it.

Tribute Cora Nightcaster: District Eight

Day Three: Preparing For Evaluation

The 284th Hunger Games

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