Hi you guys! It's Nick. I'm back...after ten days :P

What Happened

  Now, I realize that just ten days ago, I was saying that I was leaving and probably not returning.
  Why did I say this?
  Well, I never planned on coming back.
  I was in the hospital for nearly ten days because I was undergoing a dangerous surgery. My heart was originally misplaced so the surgeons were going to try to move it back into place, for if they hadn't, I would have died since my heart always had pressure from my chest. The surgeons weren't really confident that they were able to fix it, so if they didn't, I would have been put through many surgeries until my heart was finally out of the pressure of my chest and in the correct location.
  Even if the surgery was a success, I wasn't planning on returning because I will be out of school for nearly a month and have to relax and catch up for most of the time. However, I easily caught up to my class so I have a lot of free time.
  I know this is pretty confusing, but I'll answer any questions below.

Why I Returned

  Since I had so much free time and I mean a lot! of free time, I needed to occupy it and decided that, since I love to write, I'll rejoin the wiki. I disabled my account of WiressFan21 so I can't use it again, but now that I have a new username, I hope that I can get to become friends with the users I already have again.
  In the end, all I can really say is:
  Also, I will not be finishing the rest of the 437th Hunger Games, but I will tell you the results:

The Results of the 437th Hunger Games

  The Hunger Games were going to last a long time and I don't really know how long, but I've figured out who was going to be victor if I had finished the Hunger Games.
  Euphoria Tenate of District Three.
  I loved Euphoria from the start and loved the drama between her boyfriend from District Three and Triticale from District Eleven. However, there was going to be another tribute that surived as well.
  Banette Tsukonogami (or however you write the last name) of District Eight.
  Now, you might be wondering how this is possible since Banette died in the bloodbath. Well, I know you guys were all really upset with his death, but I always intended on him surviving.
  Shuppet, his doll, was killed in a fire and is a ghost. Banette died in a fire, sacrificing himself to destroy pure evil (Juliet). Also, keep in mind that Shuppet disappeared on the day of the reaping.
  Now, when Shuppet disappeared, he actually went into Banette, sharing a soul with his. Ghosts main purpose is to fulfill a mission on earth that they didn't when they were alive. So when Banette died to kill Juliet in the fire, Shuppet's mission was fulfilled and he died, while Banette's soul didn't die.
  I hope you can understand, because I know it's complicated.
  AS for the other tributes, I planned on having Luna and Blanc ally later on, after Blanc killed Star (but Luna didn't know) and Luna killed Lulu (but Blanc didn't know). Later, when they figured out they both killed their lovers, they ended up killing each other.
  Spirit ended up murdering Triticale one day when he was hunting. At the sound of his cannon, Euphoria ran and found Spirit, killing her once she revealed she killed Triticale.
  Shermaine ended up ditching Ari and Lorcan, as she viewed them both as hopeless. However, when she engaged with a fight with Zach, he ended up killing her and Ari, who was healed by Lorcan, ends up killing Zach.
  Azalea died right on the second day from those hidden nymphs, as it was hinted on the first day.
  The list of the final five, as Blake wanted to know, was . . .
  After Ari killed Zach, who finished killing Shermaine, the three remaining tributes met at the cornucopia, being chased by a deadly mist (much like in the 75th Hunger Games). Ciel made the first move against Ari, but after a long hand-to-hand fight, Ari overpowered him and, at the last moment, Euphoria killed Ari. She reached out a hand to help Ciel up, but when he reached, she used her long, butcher knife she obtained when it was knocked out of Ciel's hand in the fight, and used it to cut off his hand. Finally, the finish him, she stabbed him in the chest, saying that she was sorry.