Hey there! Thx for taking the time to read my first blog post. This is the 25th Hunger games in the view of Meagen Balaski, a girl from district 5. I do not own the hunger games, this is all purely fan fiction. I will write new chapters weekly.

I lay awake in the middle of the night, counting the seconds. Tommorow would be the day that President Grey announces the twist for the 1st ever quarter quell. I find it all really pointless making these anniversary games 'special' but in my opinion, the Gonvernment of Panem have always been a bit crazy. I can't help but wonder what the twist will be. One can only dream of it being the end of the hunger games.' Meagen? Your still awake?' whispers my sister into my ears. Forcing my eyes shut, I waited until Jeamine fell asleep before slowly opening them again, continuing my whirl of thoughts and daydreams while the clock slowly ticks away...

' And for the first EVER Quarter Quell, to remind the rebels that their children were dying as it was their choice for violence, citizens of each district will vote for the tribute who will represent them during the hunger games. Farewell and let the Games preparation COMMENCE!'

I looked at President Grey's chubby face in disgust. Voting? Representing? This is so stupid and everyone should see that. I watched as my whole family started to protest, although they all knew that the 'peacekeepers' could hear them. Mother and father shouted at the television, as every hunger games reminded them of dad's lost brother, a rebel fighting against The Capitol and they couldn't bear the Capitol's cruelty. Jeamine screamed about how fake President Grey was, from his dyed grey hair to his Quarter Quell. I silently stared at the menacing grey eyes on the television, probably the only eyes in the world who enjoyed seeing the death of teenagers while Damien, my older brother stood watching, his face trying to hide his terror, his body frozen in place.

This is going to be torture.

The line in front of me slowly crept on, towards the District 5 Justice Building. It was the day of the voting and to say I'm dreading it would be an understatement. What's worse is that as one of the hated power minister's daughter, I have an even bigger chance of becoming a tribute.'Hey!' shouted Linda. Groaning, I look up to see her and her group of cronies staring at me.'What's with that look on your face? OH! I forgot! You are probably going to be a tribute! Don't worry! I'll tell everyone to sponsor you! NOT!' Snickering, she turned and stalked away. Great! And I thought this day couldn't get worse...

'CHOOSE ONE GIRL AND ONE BOY, WRITE THEIR NAMES AND AGE, AND PLACE THE SLIP INSIDE THE BOX' Prime Minister Hart screamed. Slowly taking the slip, I wrote Linda Blackwell, of course, and Timothy Keep, a boy who thinks of himself as the king of the world. Pushing the slip in, I turned and walked away, already thinking about the day of the reaping.

Tying my hair back in a high ponytail, I looked around my house, as I do every year, thinking that it might be the last time I ever see it again. I slowly shuffled into my baby blue dress, the same dress I have been wearing for the previous two years. Although District 11 and 12 are the really poor and unlucky ones, as District 5, we are accounted to be the fairly unfortunate ones as similar to District 3, we are the "nerds" and used to not recieving that many sponsers. We have had 3 victors in the past of 25 games, which is pretty impressive I would think. 'Meagen! Time to go!" yelled Jeamine as I hurried to the front door, put on my lucky locket and hobbled outside to join the rest of my waiting family. I walked beside Jeamine, who was having this rant about who would be the tributes this year and who had the biggest chance of winning. Walking along in a daze, I followed her towards the dreaded Justice Building.

'Blah blah blah blahhhh, blah, treaty of peace, blahhhhhh, quarter quell, blahhhh...' Were the only words I heard as I stood beside all the other 15 year olds in my section. We all were glancing around, trying to figure out who would be the tribute this year. Suddenly, my attention went back to the Justice Building as Chrissie Cleer, the escort for District 5, literally pranced onto the makeshift stage. She was sporting curly dreadlocks, dyed in a crazy fashion of a mix between blue, green and purple. Wearing a huge puffy purple dress, she started the ' escort speech' in her high Capitol voice. " Welcome citizens of District 5! It has come to that FABULOUS time of year again to select the tributes "attending" the 25th Hunger Games. But, this year is going to be a whole lot different. As the first EVER Quarter Quell, the citizens of District 5 have already chosen the honoured boy and girl and I will have the pleasure of revealing what you have all been waiting for. Let's begin, with the boys.' Using her extremely long nails, Chrissie slowly tore open a tiny envelope and cried out ' Timothy Keep! ' I smiled under my breath as he was one of the most annoying, full of himself, boys I know and although this is a bit harsh, I absolutely couldn't wait to see him go. If only Linda was the girl tribute, my life would be perfection.

' And for the girls...'

' And for the girls... Meagen Balaski!' I slowly turned around, to see everyone staring at me. Taking slow, sudden steps, I walked towards the Justice Building as Timothy glared at me. Great! The whole town hated me and my district partner loathed me! I stared at Chrissie as a fake smile plastered her face. ' Incredible! Let the 25th Hunger Games BEGIN!' 

I waited quietly in the visiting room, hoping to see my family. Slowly, realisation began sinking into me. I was going to be a tribute. I was going to represent District 5. So basically, I was going to die...

'Well, well, well. Who do we have here?' chuckeld Linda as she grasped my throat. ' What do you want? Why are YOU visiting me? I ONLY get ONE visit! LEAVE! I want to see my family!' I screamed in a flurry of tears. ' Now, Ms. Future Power Minister, listen to me here. I know you are the most stupidest bastard in Panem, but as you are a tribute, you have the chance to free District 5 from is horror. Become the Capitol's favourite. Get everyone on your side. Show them that the President Grey is evil and start a rebbelion. WIN! ' and with that, she turned and stalked away. I told you she was crazy...

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