Characters: 1. Katniss Everdeen- Jennifer Lawrence 11. Bonnie- 2. Peeta Mellark- Josh Hutcherson 12. Twill- 3. Haymitch Abernathy - Woody Harrelson 13. Beetee- 4. President Snow- Donald Sutherland 14. Wiress- 5. Plutarch Heavensbee- 15. Johanna Mason- 6. Gale Hawthorne- Liam Hemsworth 16. Finnick Odair- 7. Mrs. Everdeen- Paula Malcomson 17. Mags- 8. Primrose Everdeen- Willow Shields 18: Cinna- Lenny Kravitz 9. Romulus Thread- 19. Effie Trinket- Elizabeth Banks 10. Peacekeepers 20. Capitol Man 11. Caesar Flickerman- Stanley Tucci

NOTE: This is obviously fanmade. I decided to make this because I'm just...kind of bored. I'm really sorry for cursing everybody out on my Catching Fire Movie Script and trust me, that won't happen again. This is based on the book, not the movie, because I haven't seen it yet. So anyways, check it out. I hope you enjoy it! This is all from memory, I haven't read the book in two years.

Scene One

(Camera shows the aftermath of District 12, corpses can be seen lying around the empty, burnt houses. Bones of the citizens who tried to flee are covered in charred flesh, scattered around the streets. A hovercraft appears and stops at the center of District 12. A ladder comes down from it and Katniss descends.)

Hovercraft Pilot: You've got 15 minutes.

Katniss: That's all I need

(Katniss walks around the city and sees all the carnage left from the Capitol's bombing spree. She doesn't show any emotion, even though this was her home. She has grown to accept these things and grown to accept that innocent people will die everyday, unless the Capitol is put down. She sees the Victor's Village and makes her way there. Along the way she sees peoples attempts of trying to escape the bombing, burnt peacekeeper uniforms are found too, symbolizing the fact that the Capitol is willing to sacrifice their own men and betray them just like they betrayed their own people. Katniss finally reaches the Victor's Village)

(She looks at the Village, untouched and hidden from the destruction, not a single mark or scratch on the houses of the winners. The murderers. One of the doors, however are open. Katniss goes and investigates. She walks into the house, and sees how nice eveything still is. She hears some scratching however and notices that there is a mess in the kitchen, cans and pots all over the place. Maybe someone has survived? But it's only Buttercup.)

Katniss: you silly cat. (picks him up and tosses him in a bag while he is fussing and meowing like a...well a cat.)

(Radio sounds)

Hovercraft Pilot: Time's up, meet you at the square. 

Katniss: I'm all done here. 

(Katniss walks back but along the way, she notices her old house, the house she lived in before the first Games and walks toward it.)

(Cut to Katniss meeting the hovercraft with a bag filled with a lot more stuff and Katniss wearing an old coat. She climbs the ladder, and meets Gale at the pilot's controls.)

Gale: Find anything worth keeping?

Katniss:Shut up and drive.