Sigh....where do I start? I remember when the Hunger Games was a really big deal back then, heh heh, and when chat was ACTUALLY about the Hunger Game books or the upcoming first movie. Good times, good times. I've been on this wiki since December 2011 and I STILL only have 210 something edits and I'm still not a chat mod. These past 2 years or so, I've made a lot of new friends like iluvgale and YourFavoriteSalmon. This wiki , even though this sounds really cheesy, has helped me discover who I am and that I acutally have friends that really care about me. My friends on this wiki have helped me become a better person both online and offline. I couldn't find any other best friends online than here. The last time I'm going to be on here is March 12th. It's still a while away but that is when I will be officially leaving this wiki for good. Thank you people for all the good times, the weird times, the deep conversations, and everything else. I really appreciate it.