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  • Bio Hey! Welcome to the wiki! I am your mod, Ultimate! I am the annoying girl always telling you to follow the rules!😀 Anyway, feel free to visit my talk page! I would love the rare suprise. Talk to me in off topic or my talk page if you have any problems or questions. I am always here! So, here are some things about me! I love the color green. I am in the ravenclaw house! I am a student! I love running and playing sports! I am an adverage teenage girl! I love to read! I am a part of district 7 and my faction is Candor! Or Divergent!
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Dear Fellow Hunger Games Enthusiasts

Hello! Please call me ultimate! I am one of your discussion mods here on the wiki! If you need anything Discussions related you are in the right place! But, if I don't contact you within 24 hours, please go talk to @MangoSmoothie06! She is your other discussions mod! I am so lucky to be a part of this wiki! I love The Hunger Games with all of my heart. Anyway, here ate some things about me. Even if you don't care! My favorite color is green ( not because of Katniss but it is a plus). I LOVE to play sports. They take up a bunch of my day! I really love THG, but my favorite book would have to be Little Women. But enough about me! I just want you to know I am here for you! So, don't be afraid to hit up my talk page! I am here to help!

Your Wiki Staff


  1. Utkar22
  2. Tahblakdeath

Mods ( besides me) -

  1. MangoSmoothie06

Your Weekly Posts/ Off-Topic Links-

  1. Peeta Vs. Gale Post
  2. Meme Post
  3. Advertising/ Fanfiction Post
  4. Off- Topic Post

Questions That are asked often-

How and can I become a mod?

- Well, we often have enough mods. Mango and I have it mostly under control. But, when the time comes where we decide that we need to have another mod we will look for many factors. Most important would be how long have you been active in discussions. Do you have community support? Have you been here longer that other users? Are you active and can communicate easily. The nest thing would be are you good in discussions. Are you respectful and follow the rules? There are many other factors. But, those are most important. Just be you and love the wiki and If you were meant to be a mod, you will become one!

Why are you so strict?

- The wiki awhile ago used to need to be cleaned up! And thankfully it has been! But, with order comes rules. We are not that strict. Just organized. It was set up, mostly, for us by the GDM's. The Gale vs. Peeta posts were out of had. An off-topic post was every other post. And memes were everywhere. It needed to be organized. So, that is what we did!

Any more Questions ask in my talk page or for clarification you may always go there. Or my message wall in community central.

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