My fanfiction tributes are:


Titus Overwhill (Capitol usually an anti-career)

Falcon Lee (District 1 usually a career)

Griffin Rollo (District 2 usually a career)

Pepper Jones (District 6 usually in a small district alliance)

Darni Fowl (District 12 usually anti-career)

Phox Odinshoot (District 13 usually a loner)


Darcy Rollo (District 2 usually a career)

Librae Spectral (District 4 usually a career)

You may notice that my user page is not that good but if you look at the one of I have on the mlp wiki, it is nice.  Eventually I will bring my signatures here and my code but I have not got around to doing it.

Also, I am going to start to create my own fanfic games.  Since I am new to creating them if there is anyone who could help me it would be great.

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