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"Oh, make an effort."
―Urban Canville, grumbling about Lucretius Flickerman not remembering his name[src]

Urban Canville was a male resident of the Capitol and a student of the Academy. He was one of 24 top-performing seniors at the Academy selected to be a mentor for the 10th Hunger Games. He was assigned the female tribute from District 3, Teslee.[1]


Urban was one of several mentors who had problems getting his tribute to engage with him. As such, he and his tribute did not appear at the interviews held before the 10th Hunger Games. During the Games themselves, host Lucretius Flickerman had trouble remembering Urban's name, eventually coming up with "Turban." Hearing this, Urban complained that they should have gotten a professional to host the games. He was pleased at the initiative of Teslee and her fellow District 3 tribute, Circ, in salvaging the broken drones from an attempt to deliver sponsor water into the Capitol Arena, although he felt it would be more exciting if they had the controllers. Urban also criticized Reaper Ash, saying he didn't look very tough.[2]

He was delighted upon seeing how his tribute and Circ had modified the drones, telling his fellow mentors not to judge a book by its cover. He engaged his communicuff to send Teslee gifts. However, he was clearly taken aback when Teslee was taken out by Treech of District 7. He had to restrain himself to avoid snarling at Lepidus Malmsey, the reporter from Capitol News, and commented "That's it for me. Laugh a minute, wasn't it?" before leaving the Academy's Heavensbee Hall.[3]


Urban was very ill-tempered, and because of this, everyone was fine with resenting the perfect scores he achieved on calculus tests. He could also get angry easily, which was shown when he immediately snapped at one of Lucretius Flickerman's comments[2] and barely managed not to snarl at Lepidus Malmsey after his tribute was killed.[3]


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