The Uprising of District 8 was the first known uprising in Panem after the events of Dark Days were put to a rest. Katniss learned of the uprising during a television propo in Mayor Undersee's office that she was not meant to view, however in the film she learned this during her Victory Tour.

The Uprising

Katniss saw it by looking into the mayor's office to say a greeting, but noticed he wasn't present. She turned back to his office when she heard a beeping sound, and looked to the office television to see the words, "UPDATE ON DISTRICT 8." On the screen, Katniss saw an announcer who was a woman with graying hair, and a hoarse authoritative voice saying that conditions in District 8 were worsening and a Level 3 alert was called. She also stated that additional forces were being sent into District 8, and all textile production had ceased. The update then showed footage of District 8's main square where banners with Katniss' face were waving from the rooftops, with a mob scene below them. The square was packed with screaming people with their faces hidden by rags and other homemade masks while the rebels threw bricks. Buildings burned, and Peacekeepers shot into the raging crowd at random, killing innocents in the crowd.

D8 Uprising

The Capitol emblem being set on fire.

When Katniss and Peeta visited District 8 for the Victory Tour, the citizens of 8 had a "dress rehearsal" for the uprising; everyone went to their planned positions that they would attempt to take over in the real uprising. Then, the night Peeta proposed to Katniss, they took the opportunity to begin the uprising as everyone was meant to be in the square watching the proposal. According to Bonnie and Twill, because they were expected to watch the engagement show in large groups late that night, it was not apparent to the Peacekeepers what was happening until it began. The Peacekeepers were overwhelmed by the crowds, and the district fell to rebel hands quickly. The rebels took hold of key district places, and were successful until reinforcements were sent in. The district's rebel strongholds were bombed heavily, and the city was subdued quickly in forty-eight hours. After the chaos had finished, and everyone had made it to their homes, the district was put on a week long lock down, with no food, no coal and everyone was forbidden to leave their homes. The televisions of the district only showed static, except when the televisions would turn on to show suspected instigators of the uprising being hanged in the square.

After the lock down was ended to the district being on the brink of starvation, business was returned to as usual. But, as the rebellion was leaked to the Capitol that the idea for it had started at the factory where Bonnie and Twill worked, the Capitol bombed it. The uprising started in the factory as it is mentioned that the loud machinery in the factories of District 8 allowed these plans to be passed easily from rebel to rebel at work when the peacekeepers or possible recorders could not hear them. The bombing of the factory led to the death of Bonnie and Twill's entire families.

Bonnie and Twill then ran home as they were supposed to be killed in the bombing, and ran away with peacekeeper uniforms manufactured in the factory where they worked. Twill had planned on getting the Peacekeepers uniforms for her and her husband so that when the rebels had completely taken control of the district, she and her husband could disguise themselves as peacekeepers and go by train to each district to spread the word of the uprising and lead other districts into rebellion. But, as the uprising failed, and Twill's husband died, Twill gave one to Bonnie, and using resources found in the homes of those they now knew to be dead, they were able to catch a train heading to District 6, and escape at a fuel stop. They then traveled by foot until the pair eventually made it to the outskirts of the woods where Katniss was located in by District 12. This is the location Bonnie twisted her ankle at, forcing them to stop.