The University was an institution of higher education located in the Capitol. Many students from the Academy later went on to study at the University. The tuition was high, though there were financial prizes available for those who could not afford it. These prizes were awarded to students who had performed well at the Academy. Dr. Volumnia Gaul, who served as Head Gamemaker of the 10th Hunger Games, was a biology professor at the University and also taught advanced classes in military strategy.

Coriolanus Snow had long expected to attend the University, like many of his peers, but his perilous financial situation put his chances in jeopardy. He hoped that a good showing as a mentor in the 10th Hunger Games would provide him with a financial prize that would enable him to attend.[1] His expulsion from the Academy and enrollment as a Peacekeeper appeared to ruin his chance to attend the University.[2] Ultimately, however, Dr. Gaul manipulated his return to the Capitol and his enrollment at the University.[3] His schooling was paid for by Strabo Plinth, in the wake of the loss of his own son, Sejanus Plinth.[4]


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