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"They let you wear one thing from your District in the arena. One thing to remind you of home. Will you wear this?"
Madge Undersee asking Katniss Everdeen to wear the mockingjay pin as her token[src]

A tribute token was an item each tribute was permitted to bring with them into the Hunger Games arena, which could represent their district and remind them of home.[1] However, tokens would be confiscated if they broke the rules of the Games, as would anything that could give the tribute an advantage. A token was usually something that could be worn so the tributes could keep it with them easily.[2]

The concept of a tribute token was seemingly eliminated from The Hunger Games film, as Cinna appeared to sneak in the mockingjay pin.[3] However, it was apparently reintroduced in the Catching Fire film; Effie mentioned she had obtained matching gold tokens for Haymitch and Peeta to go along with Katniss' mockingjay pin and her own gold wig, to show that they were a team.[4]

Known tokens

10th Hunger Games

Although there was not yet any concept of a token in the Games during the 10th Hunger Games, Coriolanus Snow gave Lucy Gray Baird a compact which once belonged to his mother.[5] She used the compact to smuggle in rat poison from the Capitol Zoo to poison the other tributes.[6] The compact was later one of three pieces of evidence used against Coriolanus Snow by Dean Casca Highbottom to show his treachery in the games before forcing him to enroll in the Peacekeepers.[7] Later, after being rescued from this fate by Volumnia Gaul, Snow returned to Highbottom and got the compact back.[8]

50th Hunger Games/2nd Quarter Quell

74th Hunger Games

  • Glimmer, District 1: Glimmer attempted to wear a ring, but it was taken away from her before the Games began, since the review board realized that twisting the gemstone caused a poisoned spike to pop out. Glimmer claimed to have no knowledge about this, but it was still taken away. It was the only known confiscated token.[2]
  • Rue, District 11: Rue wore a wooden charm shaped like a star or flower worn on a length of woven grass and mentioned that it brought good luck. It reminded Rue of the fields she worked in.[10]
  • Katniss Everdeen, District 12: Katniss wore a golden mockingjay pin, given to her by Madge Undersee. It was almost confiscated as well, since the sharp part of the pin could be used as a weapon (although Katniss never used it for that reason), but it managed to clear the review board.[2]

75th Hunger Games/3rd Quarter Quell

Peeta's token in the 75th Hunger Games.

  • Katniss Everdeen, District 12: The mockingjay pin was brought by Katniss to the 75th Games as well as the 74th.[11]
  • Peeta Mellark, District 12: Peeta wore a mockingjay medallion, modeled after the pin. The medallion was also a secret locket, which contained a picture of Gale smiling, and Katniss' mother, along with Prim. Peeta later gave it to Katniss as a gift, trying to use it to convince her that she had to win the Games, not him.[12]
  • Finnick Odair, District 4: Finnick wore a gold bangle with flame pattern. This token was procured by Effie Trinket and first worn by Haymitch Abernathy to show unity among the representatives of District 12. Haymitch later gave it to Finnick, who showed it to Katniss when they came face to face in the arena. At first, Katniss was slightly confused with the fact that Finnick had the bangle, and thought he stole it from Haymitch, but then realized that Haymitch had given it to Finnick to send her a signal that Finnick could be trusted and she should take him on as an ally. It is unknown if Finnick had an original token from District 4 before he was given Haymitch's token.[13]

Other tokens

  • A girl from an unknown district (possibly 7): This female tribute brought a small wooden ball. While standing on the pedestal around the Cornucopia just before the Games began, the ball was accidentally dropped onto the ground before the gong sounded and she was blasted into pieces by the landmines. She had to be literally scraped off the ground to be taken back in the hovercraft.[14]


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