Tributes each receive three days of training in a variety of skills before entering the Hunger Games Arena.

Inside the gymnasium of the Training Center, there are many different stations where tributes can learn and practice skills that may help them to survive in the Hunger Games Arena. These skills include training with many types of weapons, as well as survival techniques, like setting traps and recognizing unusual sources of food. Each station is staffed by an expert, and assistants are on hand to spar with the tributes if they wish, as they are forbidden to fight with each other before the entering the Arena.

Tributes are free to move from station to station according to their own preferences and their mentor's instructions, though some stations - particular weapons training - are more popular than others.[1] In The Hunger Games film, Atala, the head trainer and overseer, strongly advises the tributes not to ignore the survival skills, as disease and exposure can be just as lethal as armed confrontation.[2]

At the end of the third day of training, each tribute is given a private session with the Gamemakers to show off a particular skill. Afterwards, they are each given a training score on a scale of 1-12, which may help to attract potential sponsors during the competition.


74th Hunger Games

Glimmer at the archery station.

On Haymitch Abernathy’s advice, Katniss Everdeen stayed clear of this station during the initial days of training, saving archery for her private session with the Gamemakers.[1] In The Hunger Games film, Glimmer, the female tribute from District 1, is seen practicing with a bow.[2]

75th Hunger Games

Katniss trained at the archery station, impressing the other tributes and gaining many potential allies. She also gave an archery lesson to Finnick Odair in exchange for lessons with a trident.[3] In the Catching Fire film, Mags is offered archery lessons by Katniss in exchange for learning to make fish hooks.[4]


74th Hunger Games

Katniss noticed several inexperienced tributes receiving their first lessons in ax-wielding.[1]

75th Hunger Games

In the Catching Fire film, Johanna Mason brushed up on her ax-wielding skills, brutally slamming one into the training platform as a show of intimidation.[4]


180px-Peeta arm camouflage-1-

Peeta at the camouflage station

74th Hunger Games

Peeta Mellark showed particular aptitude at this station, painting designs on his skin and creating disguises out woodland elements (his artistic talents had been honed by years of decorating the cakes displayed in District 12's bakery windows).[1]

75th Hunger Games

The morphlings were "attached" to this station.

Edible insects

75th Hunger Games

Katniss interacted with the District 8 tributes - Cecelia and Woof - at this station. Woof seemed disoriented and tried to eat poisonous bugs.[3]

Edible plants

74th Hunger Games
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Foxface at pair matching challange

Katniss easily completed a test at this station due to her years of foraging in the woods outside of District 12.[1]

In The Hunger Games film, Foxface is shown at a large computer touch screen, sorting through a variety of plants.[2] Called the “Pair Matching Challenge” in The Hunger Games Adventures game, this may be the film’s version of the edible plants station, or something else entirely.


74th Hunger Games

Beetee, Wiress, and Katniss at the fire-starting station

This was one of several stations Katniss and Peeta visited during their rounds.[1] In The Hunger Games film, the District 3 male and the District 9 male were seen making a fire and backing away when it ignited.[2]

75th Hunger Games

Katniss visited this station to learn alternate ways of starting fires than with matches, and learned to work with flint, steel, and charred cloth. This was also her first interaction with the District 3 tributes Wiress and Beetee, who were "struggling to start a decent fire with matches".[3]

Fish hooks

75th Hunger Games

Mags at the fish hook station.

Coming from District 4 (the fishing district), Mags was able to make fish hooks out of almost anything. Katniss was highly impressed and eventually ignored the station's instructor, simply copying Mags' techniques.[3] 

The Gauntlets

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The Gauntlet

The gauntlets are daunting obstacle courses used in the Training Center. They consist of ascending platforms that rise up to a landing. Tributes must jump from platform to platform to finish in the fastest time possible. To make it even more difficult, trainers swing padded clubs at the tributes. This station is very popular and all the Careers have a go at this first. The station is not very popular to the tributes who are shy, less able, or want to stay inconspicuous. In a deleted scene of the film, the District 3 female fell off the gauntlets and split her lip which caused her to start bleeding. It also caused the Career tributes to laugh at her. The boy from District 3 seemed a bit concerned about her injury, but laughed at her for the sake of his spot in the Career alliance.


75th Hunger Games

Katniss tried to "make friends" with Cashmere and Gloss at this station, but none of them wanted to form a three-way-alliance.[3]

Hand-to-hand combat

74th Hunger Games

Due to his great physical strength, Peeta excelled at this station.[1]


74th Hunger Games

Katniss noticed several inexperienced tributes receiving their first lessons in knife-wielding. She and Peeta also learned some knife-throwing techniques during their rounds.[1]

Clove showed off her highly advanced knife-throwing skills, apparently never missing a target.[5]

75th Hunger Games

Peeta interacted with a group of knife throwers during his rounds.[3] In Catching Fire film, Cashmere and Gloss practiced knife-throwing, taking down multiple moving targets. Cashmere was also shown balancing the point of a knife on her palm.[4]


74th Hunger Games

This was the first station Katniss and Peeta visited, and were taught a snare-like trap that would leave a competitor dangling by the leg.[1]

Ropes course

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The Ropes Course

The ropes course consists of a large rope net that stretches across the ceiling of the gym. Only the very nimble can leap around up there. It is not as popular as some of the fighting techniques, but in the film the Careers think it is important because they line up to try it and laugh at Peeta when he falls from the ropes. Rue uses it to hide after having nabbed Cato's knife when he was not looking. The District 8 boy also fell off the ropes.


74th Hunger Games

This was one of several stations Katniss and Peeta visited during their rounds.[1]


74th Hunger Games

Rue showed great skill at this station, hitting the target every time.[1]



Brutus preparing to throw a spear

74th Hunger Games

While she and Peeta were busy at the camouflage station, Katniss saw Cato "send a spear through a dummy's heart from 15 yards". The two of them visited the spear station on the second day of training.[1]

75th Hunger Games

This was the first station Peeta visited on his rounds, and practiced throwing with Brutus and Chaff.[3] In the Catching Fire film, Brutus was able to take down two targets at once with a well-thrown spear.[4]


74th Hunger Games

In The Hunger Games film, Cato displays his prowess at this station, hacking heads and limbs off practice dummies with apparent ease.[2]

75th Hunger Games

Katniss joins Enobaria at sword-training, but neither displays a strong desire to team up in the arena.[3]


75th Hunger Games

Finnick gave Katniss an hour’s lesson at this station in exchange for an hour of archery instruction.[3]


74th Hunger Games

On Haymitch's advice, Peeta avoided this station during the initial days of training, saving it for his private session with the Gamemakers.[1] By the time Peeta's turn arrived, the Gamemakers were singing a drinking song and hardly paying attention, so he threw heavy objects around until they said he could leave.[6]

In The Hunger Games film, Peeta falls while attempting the ropes course and nearly injures himself. Realizing that the Careers are now viewing Peeta as an easy target, Katniss orders him to disregard Haymitch's instructions and throw a large medicine ball. He does so, which crashes into a rack of spears and leaves the Careers looking mildly impressed.[2]


75th Hunger Games

Johanna prepared for a lesson at this station by stripping naked and covering her body with oil.[3]


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