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"Is this what she showed the Gamemakers? She should have gotten a ten."
Katniss reminisces on Rue's training score[src]

Training scores are rankings given to tributes after their private training sessions in front of the Gamemakers. They range from one to twelve, with one being the worst score and twelve being the best. The scores give the people in the Capitol an idea of which tributes have the best chance in the arena, and therefore, which ones to bet on and sponsor.[1] The first and only ones who received a 12 is Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark in the 75th Hunger Games, but it is implied that they received this score primarily to make them targets to the rest of the tributes. Due to Katniss' abilities, it is also implied that her score of 12 is otherwise justifiable.

Other tributes often use the scores to decide who will be a threat to them during the Games.

Private Training Session

The scores are decided privately on the last day of training[1]. The tributes are called into the Training Center one at a time, the male preceding the female from each district, starting with District 1 and ending with District 12. During their session, they can work at any of the stations such as camouflage, shooting, or knife throwing station. The Gamemakers watch the tributes and evaluate their performances. After fifteen minutes, or once the Gamemakers believe that they have seen enough, they dismiss the tribute and call in the next.[2]


Most tributes desire the highest scores possible. The Career Tributes generally score between eight and ten.[1] Sometimes, tributes aspire for a low training score so that they appear weak, but then catch the rest of the tributes off guard. Johanna Mason, a female tribute from District 7 and the victor of the 71st games, successfully used that strategy. An unidentified male tribute got a 3 as his training score before he won his Games.

The night after the sessions, the scores are televised to all of Panem. Each tribute's photo is shown with his or her district, score, and odds of winning.[1][3]

Known scores

The 74th Hunger Games

The 75th Hunger Games

  • Cashmere - 10, for her knife throwing skills.
  • Gloss - 10, for his skill with knifes.
  • Brutus - 11, for his skills with a spear.
  • Peeta Mellark - 12, for painting a picture of Rue. It is implied that he received this score so that he would be targeted by other tributes to be killed off.
  • Katniss Everdeen - 12, for hanging a dummy with the name "Seneca Crane". It is implied that she received this score so that she would be targeted by other tributes to be killed off.