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District 11 station during the 74th Victory Tour.

Train stations are centers where trains load and unload their cargo or disembark passengers. There is at least one station in each district, as trains are the primary method of inter-district travel and the movement of both raw and finished materials in Panem. Most of Panem's citizens will not make personal use of the train stations, as the oppressed people of the districts are prohibited from traveling to other districts or the Capitol via train unless they are tributes, victors, or otherwise authorized to do so.

Known train stations

The Capitol

The train station in the Capitol.

The station ceiling was made out of glass panes, and the platform was wide.[1]

Coriolanus Snow once met up with a classmate in the alley behind the train station as a dare from Festus Creed. He didn't consider it a romance, but the event earned him the reputation of being a player.[2]

Before the 10th Hunger Games, Coriolanus arrived early to the train station to greet his tribute, Lucy Gray Baird. However, the train took hours to arrive, and the station was uncomfortably hot.[1] He also traveled to the train station before departing for District 12 as a Peacekeeper.[3]

The station attracted many of the city's residents during the Hunger Games, as they gathered to catch a glimpse of the tributes brought to the city to compete. Before the 74th Hunger Games, Peeta Mellark waved to the citizens gathered in order to make himself memorable to the potential sponsors.[4]

District 2

" Every bulb must be burning at full wattage inside the train station as well. Even from my position across the square, I can see clearly through the plate-glass front of the long, narrow building. It would be impossible to miss the arrival of a train, or even a single person."
―Train station in District 2[src]

A train tunnel led from the Nut to a station in the square. The station is a long, narrow building, with a plate-glass front and bright lights. People used the trains in an attempt to escape from the Nut during its bombing.[5]

District 7

Katniss Everdeen had a dream in which she and Effie Trinket were trying to get to District 12 and spent days waiting in a District 7 station, although no train ever came.[6]

District 12

"We just stand there silently, watching our grimy little station rise up around us. Through the window, I can see the platform's thick with cameras. Everyone will be eagerly watching our homecoming."
―The District 12 train platform as Katniss and Peeta return[src]

There was an efficient system that transported coal directly from the mines to the train station.[7]

After Katniss and Peeta were reaped, they were taken to their district's train station, which was swarming with reporters.[8] These reporters were also present as the two of them returned from the Capitol as victors.[9] A few questions were allowed after Katniss and Peeta were greeted by their friends and family.[10]


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