The District 11 station, during the victory tour.

Train stations are centers where trains load and un-load their cargo or disembark passengers. There is at least one station in each district, as trains are the primary method of inter-district travel and the movement of both raw and finished materials in Panem. Most of Panem's citizens will not make personal use of the train stations, as the oppressed people of the districts are prohibited from travelling to other districts orthe Capitol via train unless they are tributes, victors, or otherwise authorized to do so. 

The train station in the Capitol.

The Capitol has a large train station which attracts many of the city's residents during the Hunger Games who gather to catch a glimpse of the tributes brought to the city to compete. Before the 74th Hunger GamesPeeta Mellark waved to the citizens gathered here in order to make himself memorable to the potential sponsors

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