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A train traveling at high speed.

Trains are the primary method of travel throughout Panem, but are mainly reserved for the shipment of one districts' goods and materials to another, and for the transportation of Capitol officials. Most of Panem's citizens are not authorized to travel by train unless they are reaped for the Hunger Games, as travel between the districts is forbidden except for officially sanctioned duties. Each district has at least one train station where trains stop to load and unload their cargos. Trains are manufactured in District 6, and hold a position on their seal.

High-speed Capitol trains

Haymitch, Katniss and Peeta at breakfast.

Capitol trains travel at an average speed of 250 miles per hour and are often used to transport tributes to the Capitol for the Hunger Games in less then a day. After they had been reaped for the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark were driven by car to the train station in District 12. Once on board the train, they had separate compartments, each with a bedroom, a dressing area and a bathroom. The interior design is very plush and expensive, featuring a bar car, polished paneled walls, mahogany tables and a variety of foods and refreshments for the tributes. On board are Capitol attendants - Avoxes, that would do the tributes bidding if asked. When approaching the Capitol, the train was shown to pass through a tunnel built through the mountains, the only route of access to the city (this was the big reason for the failure of the districts during the 1st Rebellion, the Capitol bombed the tunnels so the rebels had to climb the mountains, making them easy targets for the Capitol's Air Force's).

Katniss inside the last car of the train on her Victory Tour.

The same train is also used to transport the victors between the districts during the Victory Tour, in which it is shown that Peeta had a separate compartment for all of his paintings and Cinna had a place for all of Katniss' outfits. At this point, it was shown to have regular stops to re-fuel.


At breakfast there is coffee, hot chocolate, orange juice, stew, rolls, and other delights most will not have tried before.


On the train there is a dressing area that contains different clothes to wear. For the tributes, these clothes are luxury.