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This is the unofficial timeline of The Hunger Games trilogy detailing major events as they occur or are described throughout The Hunger Games series.

This timeline uses an "unofficially recognized", "non-canonical" calendar system in order to provide a relative reference to events in the trilogy. The origin year will be based on the Treaty of Treason, as it mark the year in which the Hunger Games were established and put into law by the Capitol. The designations used to label years will be B.T.T. (Before the Treaty of Treason) and A.T.T. (After the Treaty of Treason).

As this has yet to be completed and many events of the past, present and future have yet to be revealed, many events will have approximate dates or will be listed as unknown.

The Panem Era (? BTT - 3 BTT)


  • Following the end of the global disaster that devastated the world, the nation of Panem is founded and segmented into a regent Capitol and thirteen outlying districts over what was formerly the continent of North America. It is presumed to be the only bastion of human civilization in the world.

11 BTT




The Dark Days (3 BTT - 1 BTT)

  • The thirteen districts rebel against the Capitol, resulting in a war that lasts 3 years. As the districts attempt to starve out the Capitol and its citizens, resulting in city-wide food shortages, Capitol-born soldiers are dispatched to try and quell the uprising.
  • General Crassus Snow is killed in the line of duty.
  • Eventually, the Capitol succeeds in defeating the rebels.
  • District 13 secedes from Panem.

The Hunger Games Era (1 ATT - 74 ATT)


  • Following the conclusion of the Dark Days and the defeat of the districts in the First Rebellion, the Treaty of Treason is created by the Capitol to instill peace through the districts by establishing and enforcing various laws. The Treaty also establishes the Hunger Games, an event to be held each year where a male and female tribute, between the ages of 12 and 18, are to be reaped from each of the districts and compete in a death match until a single tribute remains, who is then crowned victor. In that same year, the 1st Annual Hunger Games is held.

2 - 9 ATT

  • In 2 ATT, Greasy Sae is born.
  • In 5 ATT Woof is born.
  • The 2nd - 9th Hunger Games are held.

10 - 13 ATT

13 - 19 ATT

  • Sometime during this time period, Seeder is born.
  • Sometime during this time period, the two Morphlings from District 6 are born.
  • Sometime during this time period, Woof from District 8 becomes a Hunger Games victor.
  • The 13th - 19th Hunger Games are held.

20 - 24 ATT

  • Sometime during this time period, Beetee is born.
  • Sometime during this time period, Porter Millicent Tripp is born.
  • The 20th - 24th Hunger Games are held.

25 ATT

26 ATT

27 - 30 ATT

  • Sometime during this time period, Chaff is born.
  • Sometime during this time period, Brutus is born.
  • The 27th - 30th Hunger Games are held.

31 - 33 ATT

  • Sometime during this time period, Seeder from District 11 becomes a Hunger Games victor.
  • Sometime during this time period, the two Morphlings from District 6 emerged as victors.
  • The 31st - 33rd Hunger Games are held.

34 - 38 ATT

  • In 35 ATT, Haymitch Abernathy is born.
  • Sometime during this time period, Wiress is born.
  • Sometime during this time period, Lyme is born.
  • The 34th - 38th Hunger Games are held.
  • Sometime during this time period, Beetee from District 3 becomes a Hunger Games victor.
  • Porter Millicent Tripp becomes the victor of the 38th Hunger Games.

39 - 44 ATT

  • The 39th - 44th Hunger Game are held.

45 - 48 ATT

  • Sometime during this period, Enobaria is born.
  • The 45th Hunger Games take place. Chaff from District 11 is victorious. He loses his hand during the event.
  • Sometime during this time period, Brutus from District 2 becomes a Hunger Games victor.
  • The 45th - 49th Hunger Games are held.

50 ATT

  • The 50th Hunger Games take place, operating under the unique rules of the second Quarter Quell: twice the regular number of tributes are selected during the reaping, resulting in a total of 48 tributes. Sixteen-year-old Haymitch Abernathy from District 12 is victorious.

51 - 55 ATT

  • In 51 ATT, Finnick Odair is born.
  • Sometime during this time period, Wiress from District 3 becomes a Hunger Games victor.
  • Sometime during this time period, Lyme from District 2 becomes a Hunger Games victor.
  • Sometime during this time period, Blight from District 7 becomes a Hunger Games victor.
  • In 54 ATT, Johanna Mason is born.
  • Sometime during this time period, Annie Cresta is born.
  • The 51st - 54th Hunger Games are held.

56 ATT

57 ATT

58 ATT

59 ATT

  • Foxface is born.
  • Clove is born.
  • The 59th Hunger Games are held.

60 - 62 ATT

  • During this time period, Rory Hawthorne is born.
  • The 60th, 61st, and 62nd Hunger Games are held.
  • During either the 60th or 61st Hunger Games, Cecelia of District 8 emerges victorious.
  • During the 62nd Hunger Games, Enobaria from District 2 emerges victorious and gets teeth altered into fangs

62 ATT

63 ATT

64 ATT

65 ATT

67 ATT

68 ATT

69 ATT

The 69th Hunger Games are held.

70 ATT

  • A mining explosion in District 12 during the month of January, kills the fathers of Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne. Days later, Posy Hawthorne is born.
  • Three months later in April, Peeta Mellark secretly gives a starving Katniss two loaves of bread.
  • Peeta and Katniss, both at the age of 12, are entered into the reaping bowl for the first time for the 70th Hunger Games.
  • The 70th Hunger Games take place. Annie Cresta from District 4 is victorious, though witnessing the decapitation of her district partner makes her mentally unstable.

71 - 73 ATT

  • The 71st, 72nd, and 73rd Hunger Games take place.
  • Johanna Mason from District 7 emerges victorious in the 71st Hunger Games.
  • Seneca Crane becomes head game maker in the 72nd Hunger Games.
  • An unnamed boy from District 2 becomes the victor of the 73rd Hunger Games after hitting the final tributes skull with a brick.

The Second Rebellion

The events of The Hunger Games occur.
  • The 74th Hunger Games take place. During the reaping, 12-year-old Primrose Everdeen is chosen to be the female tribute from District 12, though her older sister, 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen, volunteers in her place. 16-year-old Peeta Mellark is chosen to be the male tribute.
  • Many tributes are slain, including Katniss' little ally, 12-year-old Rue from District 11, to whom Katniss sings a lullaby in her dying minutes. After Rue dies, Katniss covers her in flowers to show that Rue was more than just a piece in the games.
  • Claudius Templesmith announces that if both of the tributes from the same district can make it to the end, then they can both win.
  • By the end of the game, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark of District 12 are both pronounced victorious by Head Gamemaker, Seneca Crane, in the first ever dual victory in the 74-year history of the Hunger Games. They achieve victory by threatening to commit double suicide when it is announced that the rule change is illegal. Only one person may be the victor. They threaten to eat Nightlock, a poisonous berry. Both Katniss and Peeta are announced victors, so as to not be without a victor at all. Their defiance incites the beginnings of the second rebellion. Seneca Crane is executed for causing this outcome.

The events of Catching Fire occur.
  • The second rebellion, led by Plutarch Heavensbee, covertly begins to gain momentum as unrest spreads throughout the districts of Panem.
  • Katniss Everdeen meets Bonnie and Twill in the woods, and Katniss begins to get curious about District 13, because they gave hints about it still existing.
  • Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, and Haymitch Abernathy embark on the 74th Hunger Games Victory Tour.
  • During Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark's speech in District 11, Peeta promises that 1 month of their winnings from the hunger games will go to the families of Rue and Thresh. The District acknowledges their kindness with a salute. The Capitol then guns down some of their citizens in fear of a rebellion.
  • A practice run for the uprising occurs during Katniss and Peeta’s time in district 8 as part of their victory tour.
  • The uprising occurs in District 8 as citizens revolt against the Peacekeepers on the night of Peeta and Katniss' interview. The Capitol eventually subdues the rebellion through the use of bombs and secures the District.
  • The 75th Hunger Games takes place, conducted by Head Gamemaker, Plutarch Heavensbee, and affected by special rules in honor of the third Quarter Quell: the 24 tributes selected will be chosen from the current pool of Hunger Games victors. Katniss and Haymitch are chosen for District 12, though Peeta volunteers to take Haymitch's place.
  • The 75th Hunger Games are abruptly ended when Katniss destroys the outer force field surrounding the arena. Six competitors remain by this time; three of them (Peeta Mellark, Johanna Mason, and Enobaria) are captured by the Capitol, while the other three (Katniss Everdeen, Finnick Odair, and Beetee) are rescued by Plutarch Heavensbee to be transported to the remains of District 13, the headquarters of the second rebellion.
  • The Districts all begin to rebel. At some point communications go out in Districts 7,10, and 12. District 11 gains control of transportation bringing hope of food to the other rebelling districts.
  • Within fifteen minutes of the ending of the 75th Hunger Games, District 12 is obliterated with firebombs by the Capitol. Gale Hawthorne saves about 900 survivors, including Primrose Everdeen, Ms. Everdeen, Greasy Sae, and his own family to safety.

The events of Mockingjay occur.
  • It is revealed that District 13 was not obliterated at the end of the Dark Days. District 13, instead, secured its existence with the Capitol in exchange for not causing a nuclear war. It becomes the center of the rebellion.
  • Katniss Everdeen agrees to become the Mockingjay, the symbol of the rebellion.
  • The rebellion begins to secure some of the districts from the Capitol, including District 8.
  • The Capitol begins to bomb District 13 in the hope to destroy it and resolve the war, but are unsuccessful due to a warning from Peeta Mellark. Prim and Gale were almost killed while trying to save Buttercup but made it to the deep underground bunkers on time.
  • District 13 attempts a rescue mission to the Capitol to secure the four remaining victors (Peeta Mellark, Johanna Mason, Annie Cresta, and Enobaria). The mission is a success, but Peeta is found to have undergone psychological torture from the capitol using tracker jacker venom and is extremely hostile towards Katniss. All memories of Katniss have been warped and changed thus contributing to Peetas desire to kill her.
  • The rebels begin a campaign to take the last remaining district, District 2, in which Katniss Everdeen and Gale Hawthorne are a part of.
  • District 2 is successfully secured.
  • Katniss Everdeen is shot on live TV but survives.
  • Peeta begins to show signs of recovery.
  • Annie Cresta and Finnick Odair are married, and their ceremony is aired as a propo.
  • Katniss trains to take part in the assault of the Capitol with her fellow victor, Johanna Mason. Both make it to the soldier qualifying exam, however Johanna has a nervous breakdown from her aquaphobia.
  • Katniss Everdeen, Gale Hawthorne, Boggs, Finnick Odair, Leegs 1 and 2, Cressida, Messalla, and Jackson are chosen to be part of Squad 451, otherwise known as the Star Squad. They are chosen to be filmed (several blocks back from any actual fighting) and televised while they help in the effort to take the Capitol.
  • Leeg 2 dies in combat from a pod that shot out darts, and Peeta Mellark is handpicked (by President Coin) as her replacement. He still has not shown full recovery.
  • Peeta shoves Mitchell into a pod, and a net made from barbed wire encases him. Mitchell dies in black oil pod he could not escape from because he was trapped in the net.
  • Boggs is killed by a landmine and Katniss Everdeen is deemed the leader of the Star Squad. Katniss leads the Squad in a mission to assassinate President Snow.
  • The Star Squad makes it into the inner city of the Capitol, where they are pursued by lizard mutts. *Finnick Odair, Leeg 1, Jackson, Messalla, and Castor die of said attack.
  • Gale Hawthorne is captured by Peacekeepers and gets away. He gets shot twice in the process but survives.
  • Katniss and the remaining members of the Star Squad attempt to reach the President's mansion. The City Circle is revealed to be full of Capitol children, and shortly after a hovercraft bearing the Capitol seal drops explosive packages onto the children. Primrose Everdeen, one of the rebel medics sent to help the children after the first wave of explosions, is killed in the subsequent explosion. The bomb that killed Prim, was supposedly made by Gale. Katniss also suffers severe burn wounds and becomes a temporary mental avox from the bombing.
  • The rebels take control of the Capitol, thus ending the War.

The Republic Era (>75 ATT)

76 ATT

  • Once physically recovered, Katniss is chosen to carry out President Snow's public execution.
  • The remaining victors meet and vote to continue a Hunger Games with Capitol children.
  • A conversation with Snow reveals that it was President Coin, leader of District 13, who ordered the bombing of the children that caused Prim's death. Katniss proceeds to assassinate President Coin instead of Snow. However, Snow dies in the moments after, his cause of death is never affirmed.
  • In an emergency election, rebel Commander Paylor is voted in as president.
  • Katniss is deemed mentally unstable and is sent to live her remaining days in District 12.
  • Haymitch Abernathy, Peeta Mellark, and Greasy Sae return to District 12 and Katniss makes a slow recovery from her emotional trauma.
  • President Paylor is instated. She abolishes the Hunger Games, has the old arenas dismantled, builds memorials to all the fallen tributes, and establishes a republic government for Panem. It is assumed that Panem exists in a relative state of peace.
  • District 12 begins to rebuild. Coal is no longer mined, but they begin to grow food, and the Capitol starts construction of a factory for medicines in District 12.
  • Haymitch, Katniss, and Peeta make a book about the previous memorable tributes from the games.
  • Gale goes to work in District 2.
  • Mrs. Everdeen goes to start a hospital in District 4.
  • Annie Cresta gives birth to her and Finnick's son.

Around 91 ATT

  • Katniss and Peeta's daughter is born, who is described as having Katniss' hair color and Peeta's eye color.

Over 96 ATT

  • Katniss and Peeta have a son who is also described as having Peeta's hair and Katniss' eyes.
  • The epilogue of Mockingjay takes place.


  • In an early version of the script, the 73rd Hunger Games are stated to have taken place 300 years in the future. Considering that the film was released in 2012, this would mean that they took place in 2312 and that 1 ATT is equivalent to 2240.
    • However, also in this script, a train rumbles outside the main town of District 12 at some point during the the 73rd Hunger Games with an inscription on its side reading "District 12 Coal - Powering the Capitol for 300 Years," which would contradict the above information. However, this may very well be part of the Capitol's propaganda tactics and Panem as it was before the Second Rebellion likely did not exist for over 300 years.