"Clothes speak to me, you know."
―Tigris to her cousin, Coriolanus Snow[src]

Tigris is the cousin of Coriolanus Snow and an old acquaintance of Cressida and Plutarch Heavensbee who resides in the Capitol.


Tigris, once a prized stylist in the Hunger Games, (Katniss recognized her from previous years' broadcasts), is now a shopkeeper selling fur-lined clothes in a small shop in the Capitol. The shop's inventory consists of fur underwear and other under-clothes, of which she gave a pair to Katniss when she was hiding in her basement. She was presumably fired from her job by President Snow for being far too surgically altered to appear on television in the Games.

In her youth, she was close with her cousin, future-President Coriolanus Snow and tried to help him when he lacked a proper shirt to wear to the Reaping for the 10th Hunger Games. With no money, he worried that she might trade herself in order to get something decent. Snow felt that she was not a great beauty, but had a vulnerability and sweetness that caused people to take advantage of her. She worked as an apprentice fashion designer under Fabricia Whatnot, though Whatnot used her more as slave labor. She was approximately three years older than Snow. The two lived together in an apartment in the Capitol, looked after by their grandmother. She gave him the nickname "Coryo."



When Cressida brought Pollux, Katniss, Peeta (still wearing his manacles) and Gale to Tigris' shop, Tigris led the remnants of Squad 451 to a secret cellar inside her store, which was hidden by a rack of clothes. She cared and fed them while they stayed, and informed them of what was going on in the Capitol, including President Snow's plan to accept refugees into his mansion. When she went out to spy on the Capitol's current state, she returned to tell the squad that the rebels had moved into the city and caused many residents to lose their homes and now the government was forcing shop keepers and safer residents to provide refuge, this is what drove Squad 451 out of Tigris' shop after she redesigned their looks to make them appear as Capitol citizens. Shortly after they left, Tigris housed many refugees kindly and survived on after President Snow was over-thrown.

Physical description

In her youth, Tigris was described as being no great beauty; she had a long, pointed nose, and a skinny body, as well as golden brown eyes.

By the time of the Second Rebellion, Tigris had her face stretched and tattooed with black and gold tiger stripes. Her nose was flattened until it barely showed, forming a short snout. Katniss says her age has made her skin wrinkly. She also has surgically implanted whiskers, but are longer than anyone else's in the Capitol, as well as what Katniss described to be tawny eyes.

Personality and traits

She acts much like a tiger in the sense that she moves similar to a cat, eats only raw meat, growls and purrs. She speaks with a gravelly voice that sounds similar to a cat's purr. She dislikes President Snow, showing happiness when Katniss mentioned she planned on killing him. Tigris is kind and loyal to the rebellion, an insider from the Capitol entrusted by Plutarch.

In her youth, Tigris had a sweetness to her, however, with that sweetness came a vulnerability that invited abuse.


Tigris full body 2
  • "Tigris" is the Latin word for "Tiger".
  • She is the only known Capitol citizen who was deemed 'too altered' by the Capitol itself.
  • Tigris is one of the three characters in the trilogy to have been known to be born before the Hunger Games began, being 11 years old when the first Games commenced. The only other characters that are known are Coriolanus Snow and Mags.
  • Tigris calls her cousin, Coriolanus Snow, "Coryo".
  • Tigris is an orphan.
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