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Thom is Gale Hawthorne's old mining friend, having become a coal miner around the same time as Gale did. Thom was native to the Seam in District 12.


Thom is Gale's friend and crewmate, and has often been seen with Bristel, a fellow miner. He and Gale shared similar interests; both came from the Seam and went into the occupation of coal mining together during Katniss Everdeen's time in the 75th Hunger Games. When she came back, Gale's time with Thom was minimized to just working in the mines.

Thom's loyalty to Gale was shown after his friend was whipped for breaking the law, as he helped Katniss carry Gale to Mrs Everdeen while piecing together what had happened. For his actions, he was given money by Haymitch Abernathy before going home.[1]

When the the Capitol burned down District 12, Thom was one of just under 900 survivors that managed to escape the district safely. They were brought from the bordering forests to District 13 a few days after the disaster, and Thom, like Gale, became a soldier in the rebellion against the Capitol.

Thom made his way through the war and was seen again by Katniss when she was confined to District 12 after assassinating President Coin. He was sifting through the dirt for remains in front of where the mayor's family had lived, and talked to Katniss, whom he was on good terms with. It was Thom who informed Katniss that Madge Undersee and her family, along with two of the family's workers, did not survive the destruction of District 12. It is presumed that Thom now lives a normal life in the rebuilt District 12.[2]


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