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Theft is the strategy that involves taking the belongings from other tribute for personal benefit later on. It is divided in two classifications: Absconding and salvaging.

In the Hunger Games, there are tributes who divert their efforts on survival. But they would leave themselves vulnerable at other areas. They get by through leeching off from the other tributes, usually by stealing away valuable items. Such items may include resources like weapons, equipment, food, supplies, etc. This strategy can be very useful for tributes who fail to collect anything at the Cornucopia bloodbath.

Foxface, the female from District 5, based her strategy on stealing and stealth. This was used mainly with the Careers' pyramid of supplies. She is known to at least have stolen some apples from a burlap sack, a knife and a pot. However, her supply was cut when Katniss blew up the pyramid.

Ironically, it was her strategy for survival that led to her demise as she stole some nightlock berries from Peeta Mellark's collection. She ate them, which killed her. Upon discovering her body on the forest floor, Katniss was shocked at how thin she was.

Katniss and Gale also stole from the Capitol every day by poaching in the woods. The punishment for that in District 12 is death. When Gale was caught trying to sell a turkey to Cray, he was arrested and whipped at least forty times before being rescued by Katniss and Haymitch.