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The 73rd Hunger Games was the Hunger Games that took place one year prior to the start of the series. In this Hunger Games, the victor was Rachel Mendoza, a 14-year-old furniture builder from District 7.


Rachel won the games by working with her fellow District 7 tribute, Wes McMahon. She also kept a very low profile throughout the games, with some of the tributes even forgetting she was still alive. After Wes was killed by District 10's Shane Cooke, Rachel fled to the tree tops for the remainder of the games while the other tributes fought each other and thereafter died from injuries or illness.She is the third known District 7 tribute to win the Hunger Games, following Blight Axelrod and Johanna Mason.

Her victory was not without controversy, as numerous citizens felt that other tributes who had fought harder or worked longer to stay alive were more worthy of winning. In particular, fan favorites Aurora Richmond and Quentin Walls were anticipated to win after there were only handful tributes left. However, Aurora succumbed to injuries from an earthquake caused by Gamemakers and Quentin fell ill shortly after. Even though Rachel was by Quentin's side as he fell victim to his illness, it was not enough for to redeem herself amongst those who rooted for Quentin to win.

This Hunger Games is widely considered as one of the most placid, with many of the tributes helping each other to survive and work together to take down Careers or other vicious players in the arena. This left the Gamemakers to intervene after the Capitol was bored and displeased with the tributes that did not resort to violence after an extended period of time and failed to entertain the masses. Natural disasters were subsequently forced on the tributes in order to keep the Games moving.


As with the previous games, The 73rd Hunger Games had 24 tributes.

District Female Tribute (Age) Male Tribute (Age)
District 1 Amalia Goff (13) Tyson Wiggins (15)
District 2 Natalie Snider (17) Edwin Nelson (18)
District 3 Daisy Ferguson (15) Joe Perry (13)
District 4 Noelle Ferrell (12) Vincent Turner (15)
District 5 Camryn Wolfe (13) Chase Walsh (12)
District 6 Marisol Weeks (16) Trinidad Cash (16)
District 7 Rachel Mendoza (14) Wes McMahon (17)
District 8 Leanna Acevedo (12) Tom Kramer (12)
District 9 Aurora Richmond (15) Antwan Brennan (17)
District 10 Piper Patterson (14) Shane Cooke (15)
District 11 Rebecca Howe (16) Quentin Walls (14)
District 12 Kelley Carver (12) Lance Harding (13)


1st - Rachel Mendoza - Victor (District 7 )

2nd- Quentin Walls - succumbed to pneumonia (Day 18) (District 11)

3rd - Joe Perry - killed himself via self-immolation (Day 16) (District 3)

4th - Aurora Richmond - died from head injury during an earthquake (Day 15) (District 9)

5th - Marisol Weeks - died of suffocation from acidic fog (Day 13) (District 6)

6th - Vincent Turner - died of suffocation from acidic fog (Day 13) (District 4)

7th - Shane Cooke - killed from a surprise attack by Rachel, who snapped his neck (Day 11) (District 10)

8th - Wes McMahon - killed by getting trapped and subsequently butchered by Shane (Day 10) (District 7)

9th - Camryn Wolfe - killed from a surprise attack by Vincent, who slit her throat (Day 8) (District 5)

10th- Rebecca Howe - killed after being mauled by muttations (Day 7) (District 11)

11th - Amalia Goff - killed after getting shot in the chest with an arrow by Quentin (Day 6) (District 1)

12th - Trinidad Cash - died from getting speared in the abdomen by Camryn (Day 4) (District 6)

13th - Noelle Ferrell - died from choking on her own blood after getting speared in the neck by Camryn (Day 4) (District 4)

14th - Antwan Brennan - killed from getting electrocuted after accidentally running into a force field (Day 3) (District 9)

15th - Natalie Snider - killed after getting fried from electrical wires intentionally set up by Joe (Day 3) (District 2)

16th - Edwin Nelson - killed after getting fried from electrical wires intentionally set up by Joe (Day 3) (District 2)

17th - Chase Walsh - killed after being drowned in the pond by Shane (Day 1) (District 5)

18th - Daisy Ferguson - killed in bloodbath by Amalia (Day 1) (District 3)

>19th - Lance Harding - killed in bloodbath by Edwin (Day 1) (District 12)

20th - >Piper Patterson - killed in bloodbath by Natalie (Day 1) (District 10)

21st - Tyson Wiggins - killed in bloodbath by Wes (Day 1) (District 1)

22nd - Tom Kramer - killed in bloodbath by Tyson (Day 1) (District 8)

23rd - Leanna Acevedo - killed in bloodbath by Amalia (Day 1) (District 8)

>24th - Kelley Carver - killed after intentionally stepping off platform too early (Day 1) (District 12)

=====Foxface's Death=========

In the movie,it is seen that Foxface is skilled with nuts and berries. So WHY did she eat that nightlock? Some thinks it was an act of suicide. It is unknown, however.