The Hunger Games Wiki's image policy is a set of guidelines explaining the proper uploading, use, and deletion of images.

Page Images

  1. Images need to be from the movies themselves (set images allowed where its appropriate)
  2. No gifs and fan-made images
  3. Images need to be in the highest quality possible. Images with unsufficient quality will be removed.

User page images

  1. Any images in use only on a profile of a permanently blocked or disabled account will be removed.
  2. No videos may be hosted on profiles unless it is an official video.
  3. Users may only put five images on their userpage, with the following exceptions not counting towards the user's total:
  • Images already used on another article
  • Avatars (such as Lunaiis) used to show a fanmade tribute's likeness
  • Images that clarify something in need of clarifying.

Images that violate the above guidelines will be deleted.

Content restrictions

It should be remembered that people are able to use Wikia's systems freely from the age of 13. As such, uploaded images should not contain nudity, gratuitous foul language, excessive gore, or other content that could be considered unsuitable for younger users, or that would be likely to disturb or offend other users.

An administrator may delete such pictures at any time, without warning.

Your own work

Everyone is allowed to upload their own images to the wiki, as long as they do not violate any of the above rules. But keep in mind that all content uploaded to the wiki automatically falls under a Creative Commons license. This means that you are likely giving up ownership of your own work by uploading it here. Please read Wikia's licensing page for more information and consider this carefully before uploading your own work to the wiki.