Different users have access to different functions of the site. While anyone can do most things on the site, including reading and editing, administrators can access a few additional functions.

Administrator abilities

These additional functions include:

  • Deleting and undeleting pages, page histories, and uploaded files.
  • Locking (protecting) a page so it cannot be edited or renamed by users without admin rights or autoconfirmed status.
  • Blocking IP addresses or user names from editing; and very quick "rollback" of undesirable edits.
  • Editing the interface by changing system messages and skins.

Bureaucrat abilities

Bureaucrats have all the privileges that come with adminship, as well as the ability to grant and revoke rollbacker and adminship rights and appoint new bureaucrats on the wiki.


Wikia staff members have full access to all Wikia. They will be shown in Special:Listusers/staff on any wiki. Please use Special:Contact to contact Wikia staff.

Who are this wiki's administrators?

The "founder" of a wiki, the person who first requested it, is Star*. However they have been inactive since April 2010. Below are the Administrators. If you have a problem or suggestion, you may message them.

Name Position Joined Activity Contact
Rainbow Shifter Bureaucrat 3/27/12 Inactive Message
PumPumPumpkin :3 Bureaucrat 12/13/12 Very Active Message
66mc Administrator 8/1/12 Very Active Message
The Boy With The Pikachu Tattoo Administrator 5/19/12 Active Message
TheFireJay Administrator 6/8/13 Very Active Message

Becoming an administrator

To become an Administrator, you will need to apply at The Hunger Games Wiki:Requests for adminship

What can administrators not do?

Administrators should not use their administrator powers to settle editing disputes; for example, to lock a page on a version he or she prefers in an editing dispute that isn't vandalism. Administrator powers should be used to help keep the wiki clear of vandalism, spam, and users who make malicious edits, but not for simple disagreements between users acting in good faith. Ideally an admin shouldn't be considered "in charge." The ideal admin is just someone who is trusted to have a few extra buttons and to use them for the benefit of the Wikia community.

Review and removal of adminship

If an administrator abuses their administrative powers, these powers can be removed. Admin rights must be removed by a bureaucrat, but such action should only be taken following a discussion between the wiki's active admins. At their discretion, lesser penalties may also be assessed against problematic administrators.

Admin accounts which have made no edits or administrative actions for at least 12 months will have their rights removed. This removal is not to be considered permanent, or a reflection on the user's use of the admin tools. The admin must be contacted on their talk page to make it clear that the action is purely procedural. If the user returns to the wiki, they may be have their rights returned by a bureaucrat as long as there are no issues with the editor's identity and they stopped editing the wiki while still in good standing or in uncontroversial circumstances.

Administrators may request that their access to administrative tools be removed. Admins who step down in good standing may request at any time that their administrator status be restored by a bureaucrat, provided the bureaucrat is satisfied that the account's security has not been compromised in the meantime.

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