Teslee was the female tribute from District 3 in the 10th Hunger Games. Her mentor was Urban Canville. She gained praise by being smarter than she looks.


Teslee was reaped for the 10th Hunger Games along with her district partner, Circ. Prior to the reaping, Teslee (as the girl tribute from her district) was assigned Capitol-born Academy student Urban Canville as her mentor for the games. Like the other tributes, Teslee was immediately caged, shackled, and transported into the Capitol where she and her fellow competitors were dumped into the monkey house in the Capitol Zoo to be gawked at by Capitol citizens.

Like many of the other tributes, Teslee refused to divulge any personal information about herself to her mentor, remaining distant and hostile. During the games, Teslee and Circ worked together to salvage and tinker with the drones sent by the Gamemakers to deliver sponsor gifts to the tributes.

10th Hunger Games

On the first day of the Games, she and her district partner, Circ, collected drones that landed near Marcus's dead body. When only 7 tributes remained in the arena, Dr. Volumnia Gaul released a swarm of venomous snake muttations into the arena in retaliation for the death of Gaius Breen. Teslee and Circ, who were both running away initially because of Treech, stopped to look at the snake tank. Unlike Treech, who had sprinted away immediately after the tank has burst, Circ and Teslee stayed only for a few moments of confusion, which came at a great cost. Teslee managed to narrowly escape the swarm of snakes, but her district partner was not so lucky, and quickly met his end thanks to the muttations' deadly venom. Teslee later managed to indirectly cause the death of Mizzen, after purposely reprogramming the drones to attack him.


Unfortunately, she was promptly ambushed by Treech, who cleaved through her head with his axe, ending her life. This happened moments after Mizzen's death, and the screens were closed onto Teslee, so no one noticed Treech until it was too late.


Teslee's name comes from Nikola Tesla, a famous Serbian electrical engineer and inventor.

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