Tanner is the male tribute from District 10 in the 10th Hunger Games. His mentor was Domitia Whimsiwick. He was shortly in an alliance with the District 4 duo, Mizzen and Coral.


10th Hunger Games

During the Games, Sejanus Plinth went into the arena to protest the death of Marcus and hold vigil over Marcus' body. Coriolanus Snow was sent into the arena to coax Sejanus out, but as they left the arena, Tanner pursued them, along with Mizzen, Coral, and Bobbin. Later, he, Coral, and Tanner teamed up once more to kill Sol and Lamina. On the second day of the Games, the alliance chased Sol until Coral spears Sol's throat with a trident. On the third day, Tanner failed to throw Mizzen's trident high enough for Mizzen to reach while they kill Lamina.


After the alliance kills Lamina, Tanner rejoices over Lamina's death, but as he turns to congratulate Mizzen with a "victory slap," Coral stabs him with a trident, then, Mizzen finishes him off slicing his neck.


Tanner's name comes from the word tanning, the process of creating leather from animal skin.


  • Mizzen and Coral may have started the alliance with Tanner to specifically kill Lamina because it required three people to block all of her exits.
  • Throughout the book, Tanner is referred as strong. He was one of the only tributes along with Coral, Reaper, and Jessup to receive weapons from the weapons pile at the start of the Games.
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