It Will All Just End??

Okay so I am a BIG fan of the Hunger Games. I am so excited for Mockingjay Part 2. BUT when the movie ends, does it all end? No more hunger games? No more hunger games movies? No more hunger games ANYTHING? It is creepy to be stuck thinking like that every time I watch ir see something that is of the Hunger Games. PLEASE HELP! PrettyPrincessDisney (talk) 08:36, February 18, 2015 (UTC)

I enjoyed Mockingjay Part 2 very much.... and I think a lot of people can agree with me. But unfortunately, Suzanne Collins has said goodbye to Katniss, and so shall we.



Anyway, I just wanted to share that about 15 minutes into this movie, just like in the book, Katniss is close to being shot by a man in District 2. Except in the movie, she's giving a softer, scarier speech than the book. Like really scary. I got nightmares by hearing that voice (Jennifer Lawrence did a great job :D)

So, what did you like about the movie the best? I liked the sets and the backgrounds a lot, especially since they went to Europe and it looks fabulous :)

Shine998 (talk) 04:34, April 2, 2016 (UTC)#WantsKatnissAgain

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