Rue's Melody

I think it could be Big Ben's chime; after all it is a four note melody and has a purpose in telling time, just like how Rue uses it.

rues melody is available on the movies soundtrack. you can get it on itunes. im working on figuring out what note it is The severus snape 18:40, March 4, 2012 (UTC)

Yeh, but that's a movie soundtrack...

It sounds pretty similar to 'What is a youth' from the 1968 Romeo and Juliet film

GlimmerandSparkle I know i's a movie soundtrack but they could just put it there...?


Rue is small and young and reminds Katniss of Prim in size and demeanor. She has Dark skin and bright dark brown eyes. She has dark brown african caribean hair. Katniss also calls her birdl like because she stands on her toes with her arms slitly extended.

Rue comes from District 11, the Agriculture District. She is the youngest tribute. She has dark skin. Katniss said Rue reminds her of Prim for having both size and demeanor.  

No She is not, the district 4 male and Rue are tied


To: Rue

Someone has vanadlized the page, I tried undoing it, but for some pages, it won't let me.

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Quote change

Is it just me, or does Rue's quote need changing to fit her personality?Skybender101  Talk  Contribs  Following  11:10, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

I agree, it doesn't realy show anything about her personality at all. Maybe a quote from her interview: "I'm very hard to catch. And if they can't catch me, they can't kill me. So don't count me out." or another one from the games. Necterine411 11:55, October 20, 2011 (UTC)

How about "I trusted you when i say your Mocking Jay pin"?

-Just Curious

I changed it

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" You have to win" 


Rues full name is Rue Barnette. the careers set a trap and probally let Marvel have the honor of killing the victim (Rue). He through his spear into her adomin and Katniss quickly shot him in the neck. He may not have gone strait for Katniss because Cato may have killed him if he was to kill Katniss.

Rues last words:

"Did you blow up the food?"

"Every bit of it."

"You have to win."

"I will win i'll win for the both of us."

"Can you sing?"

Deep in the meadow,

under the willow. A

bed of grass a soft green

pillow. Lay down your

head and close your

eyes. And when again

they open the sun will

rise. Here its safe and here

its warm here the daisies gaurd

you from every harm. Here your

dreams are sweet and tomorrow

brings them true. Here is the

place where I love you.

My eyes flutter shut my breaths have slowed and i cant feel my body.

Deep in the meadow

hidden far away. A cloak

of leaves a moon beam ray.

Forget your woes and let your

troubles lay and when again its

morning they'll all wash away.

Here its safe and here it warm

here the daisies gaurd your from

every harm. Here your dreams

are sweet and tommorw brings

them true. Here is the place.

Here is the place where i love you.

Rues Last Words And Lullaby.

Why was Marvel by him self when he killed Rue? Why wasnt he with the Careers

- Just Curious

idk they weren't hunting 2gether

I hate Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( Poor Rue!

Peanut butter is flipping awesome 02:56, November 12, 2011 (UTC)

I hate people who hate marvel, he is awesome! But Rue is awesome too. Nuff said —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 10:53, April 11, 2012

Honestly, I think it was because they were slightly scattered, splitting up to catch Rue. I seriously am not sure, but it seems like a fairly believeable idea. He simply didn't call for the others before Katniss killed him with that MARVEL-ous shot. As to who I am, you will know that, when the sun sets forever 19:59, October 1, 2012 (UTC) 

I cried when Rue died. Especially when she said to Katniss:

" You have to win. ''" - Rue to Katniss    -------and-------    ''"'' Can you sing?'' " - Rue to Katniss.  And most especially when Katniss sang Deep in The Meadow and Rue's Eyes become fluttered and when Katniss shutted it. And when Katniss gave respect to District 11, the Agriculture District and there are uprising in District 11. Also when District 11 Citizens gave the respect sign kissing the three middle fingers and raising it to the sky.

Rue- Best Rep from District 11

Rue is my favorite character, I dont event like Katnis as much as I like her, they picked someone good from District 11. I just dont like how she died tho, its so sad. I almost cried when Katniss sang her soung along with the mockingjaysDonaldcp 01:46, December 14, 2011 (UTC)

i agree i LOVE wht she did to cato (by stealing his knife) plus HOW DO YOU STOP THIS BLUE THINGY?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

LedYan 22:04, March 29, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah she is brilliant sometimes I wonder if she would have won if she hadnt teamed up with Katniss because it was Katniss plan that made her be there when Marvel killed

I laugh when i saw Rue stole Cato's knife and the training center. I also cried when Rue died. I also cried when their are uprising in District 11. Katniss comforted Rue until she died. Reminds me of Prim. I love Rue so much. Same as Prim. I also like Thresh. Especially, when she helped Katniss from being killed by Clove. District 11 Tributes is the best! Rue & Thresh from 74th Annual Hunger Games and Seeder & Chaff from the 75th Annual Hunger Games or the 3rd Quarter Quell.  I love The Agriculture District!!! Or District 11!!!

what i think

hi im reading the hunger games and im doing this essay about if the book or the movie is better and i honestly gottah say that the book is awesome so full with suspence i love it

{BTW, that top part, ^^, isn't mine. I'd delete it, but I think it's actually a good comment. So, yeah.} I LOVE RUE.

She is my absolute favorite character, as you can probably tell by my name. :) Katniss is my second favorite. So, uh, yeah. I love this article, though!

I never pictured Rue like she's pictured in the movie... I always thought she was more Native American-looking, or just very very tan. But I think her actress is good for the role. perhaps, so I hope she has a good role in the movie.

RueFan8 22:16, March 15, 2012 (UTC)RueFan8

Racist Comments About Rue

I can't believe some people are such... oh! I almost makes me ashamed to be caucasian. I thought Amandla Stenberg played a flawless Rue; her part was one of the most beautiful and most sad of the whole movie. Down here I've heard only praise for her acting. Several people said Stenberg's work was the best part, or even the only redeeming quality of the film and at least three people I know cried through her death. Those disgusting comments were the sort of thing a career might say, and it hurts to know that real people think like that in our own world and time.

Goldfeather 01:49, March 30, 2012 (UTC)

Really? Because there's an entire site dedicated to hating Jennifer Lawrence for being white and for there not being enough black actors. Of course, what they wanted was the typical Hollywood film where all the whites are bad and all the blacks are good. And being ashamed to be caucasian is what sources of this kind of selective outrage want, in reality the most racism is directed at whites because it's become socially acceptable. So don't be an idiot by being ashamed of anything. 04:00, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Agreed... I think Amandla Stenberg is the best person to play Rue.--Nilem12 Talk Announcements 01:54, March 30, 2012 (UTC)

Agreed. Bigoted people like that apparently didn't notice that in the book, Suzanne Collins describes Rue and Thresh as African-American. And people also were hating on Lenny Kravitz as Cinna. What happened to tolerance?

OMG yes get a life ppl.

really-it's just so stupid!!! They must have read the books really bad if they don't think Amandla Stenberg is the best person to play Rue!!!

I came close to tears when Rue died

TooMuchPower 04:12, June 3, 2012 (UTC)

What happened to tolerence? That goes both ways, those who demand tolerence the loudest are usually the most intolerant in the room. You're looking at one small piece of the picture, but I saw another. One where there was an entire site dedicated to crapping on the movie because they wanted Katniss to be darker complected. This selective outrage is something that happens way too frequently. On it, it claims "One of the mods is white, so if he f__ks up call him out on it." As if we're the only ones to display racial bias. And as if typical white self loathing eunuchs like that, who would even involve themself in such a ridiculous site, would EVER challenge a nonwhite, they're so conditioned and brainwashed to believe the only racism that exists or has ever existed was against nonwhites which is laughable on it's face. I'm of Irish descent, and the English thought of us as an "inferior race." In ww2 we were horribly treated by the Japanese due to their belief that we're racially inferior, and many Asians still do! We won't even talk about the many neighborhoods in America you can't walk in if your white because if you do you can expect a beating or worse. You've been swept up in this uniquely American and Western European phenoomenon of racism hysteria. You need deprogramming. In the end, anyone upset over the race of ANY of the characters is miserable and immersed in negativity...there's no reason to even pay attention to them, they torture themselves. The right actresses and actors got the job. Be happy, not a hysteric. It's done nothing but inflame racial tensions even more and one day you may regret it. WE ALL may regret it. 04:26, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

I mean, my brother remarked that "most of the dude tributes were Aisian or black." I asked him what the difference was, and he said he was just noticing. I think half the time people don't KNOW theire being racist.

PhpEuHouxPM I'm a Slytherin 01:01, June 9, 2012 (UTC)

I think there's a racism hysteria in this country that's remenicent of a witch hunt, and you probably shouldn't feed into it because it's worse than racism itself. All this hysteria has done is create more racism. 04:00, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

So unfair that shows people can't read it discribes her right in the book! whoever said that stuff you dare call yourself a fan?Peace0207 00:57, June 16, 2012 (UTC)Peace0207

So sad!

I didnt't just CRY when Rue died I absolutely sobbed my eyes out! I've watched the film 7 times....and all times I couldn't breath coz I was crying so much! Amandla Stenberg = Perfect Fits the description perfectly...AND DAMN YOU RACIST PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

07:31, June 3, 2012 (UTC)CatnipkatnissCatnipkatnissCatnipkatniss 07:31, June 3, 2012 (UTC)

Perfect example of racism hysteria at it's worst. More selective outrage. Again, there's a whole site dedicated to crapping on the movie because Katniss wasn't dark enough. Here's how you should handle it, instead of emoting ridiculously in all caps...just know that in the end people who make such comments are miserable and angry and the right actresses got the job. There's no need to shake your fist at them because they're all immersing themselves in negativity. Whether it's white racists or the many non-white racists whom, in my opinion, far outnumber the white ones and are far more vicious and violent and vocal, due to racism against whites becoming so socially acceptable. 04:10, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Rue's lastname?

Rue's lastname is never mentioned, right? What lastname would you suggest for her?

Annamisasa 17:24, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

She has no known last name. And this is not the place to come up with last names, which would be nothing but fanon speculation. BrokenSphere (Talk) 17:30, June 11, 2012 (UTC)

hey Suzanne collins

hey not to be mean but i hate suzanne collins for killing off rue how dare she kill her i would have liked for rue to win the games not crumby old catlips uglyfeet!!!:( 23:20, June 3, 2013 (UTC)clovefanatic

Not to be mean but you're a friggin' idiot. Katnis is the main protagonist. Of course she was going to win. Rue's death was part of the story development. Why don't you wait until you're tall enough for this ride before making such ridiculous and ignorant comments. 04:14, September 30, 2013 (UTC)

Hunger Games Adventures Official Pictures

Why is the pic of Rue picking apples in District 11 from the hunger games adventures not allowed? It is official, it is of Rue, and it is very benificial to the content of this article. There is no reason why it shouldn't be allowed...this wiki could use a little push anyways, particularly a nice cleanup. I don't know why the admins fail to see this... MR.Flix (talk) 21:33, June 5, 2013 (UTC)


Her and Thresh'es costumes look like farmers, I mean I know 11 is acroculture, but wont just having farmers get a bit boring after a while, like wont they do it everyyear, and wont there costumes get repetitive?

Your trivia on Rue is incorrect. Rue showed Katniss how to signal the mockingjays. Not the other way around.

Your trivia on Rue is incorrect. Rue showed Katniss how to signal the mockingjays. Not the other way around.

Incorrect trivia info

Your trivia on Rue is incorrect. Rue showed Katniss how to signal the mockingjays. Not the other way around.


She is such a cutie.

Travis Lane (talk) 19:14, June 8, 2014 (UTC)

The True Mockingjay

I have always believed Rue to be the true Mockingjay. 

The revolution began with Rue.

The whole reason Katniss was alive by the end of the games was because of this young girl. If Katniss never made an alliance with Rue, Rue probably would never have died. If Rue never died, Thresh would never think about killing Katniss. Katniss would have been dead.

When Marvel impales Rue with the spear, Katniss makes her first true kill of the games. This is also when Katniss displays her first true act of rebellion. She doesn't abandon Rue's dead body for the hovercraft to carry away - instead, she places flowers around her, memorializing the girl who has forever changed her life. 

Changes occur.

Distict 11, Rue's district, gives Katniss bread.  In the movie, Distict 11 starts to rebel.

Thresh kills Clove, saving Katniss and then spares her life to honor Rue in the only way he can.

The Rebellion is beginning.

In Catching Fire, what is that Katniss speaks of in District 11 that gets everyone so angry? Rue.

What is it that Peeta paints to send a message to the Capitol? Rue. 

Whose four note whistle is the anthem for the trilogy? Rue's.

Rue, innocent Rue is ever present in the books. 

"The rebellion was started because the innocence of a black girl was defiled." 21:49, October 20, 2014 (UTC) Just A Girl Who Believes

Thresh/Rue Reaping Filmed

According to an extra on "The Hunger Games", Rue and Thresh's reaping scene was filmed, but ultimately cut from the film. Could be something to add to the Trivia section? It also makes me wonder if they filmed the reaping scenes for some of the other characters as well.