Strabo Plinth was a wealthy tycoon, originally from District 2 who later moved to the Capitol with his family. A war profiteer, his power and influence gave him opportunities most in the districts could only dream of.


"My wife needs something to live for. So do I, for that matter. You've lost your parents. We've lost our son. I was thinking perhaps we could work something out."
―Strabo Plinth, explaining to Snow why he wanted to make him his heir[src]

He managed to buy himself and his family a place in the Capitol. During the First Rebellion, he made a fortune off munitions and chose to side with President Ravinstill against the districts. By doing so, and strategically donating a portion of his wealth, he was able to see to it that his family enjoyed privileges that even the oldest and most powerful families of the Capitol had only earned over generations. One such donation allowed his son, Sejanus Plinth, a place at the Academy.

His son, Sejanus, was a top-performing student at the Academy and thus was selected for the mentor program for the 10th Hunger Games. He personally saw to it that his son was assigned the male tribute from District 2, Marcus. He was trying to teach his rebellious son a lesson, as Sejanus still sympathized with the districts.[1]

Strabo's move backfired, in that Marcus escaped during a bombing of the Capitol Arena. Marcus was captured and strung up inside the arena at the start of the games and Sejanus, in a rash move, snuck inside the arena to try to help him. After Sejanus was rescued by Coriolanus Snow, Strabo created the Plinth Prize to try to tide things over and keep his son's actions from being revealed publicly. This was a prize that was supposed to be awarded to the student who mentored the victor of the 10th Hunger Games, a prize large enough to pay for their University tuition.[2]

Ultimately, Volumnia Gaul, head Gamemaker, felt that Sejanus's actions constituted treason. Strabo then bought her off by funding a new laboratory for her muttation projects and agreeing to have Sejanus enroll in the Peacekeepers to get him out of the way. Sejanus was sent to District 12 with Coriolanus Snow, who had also been disgraced in the games. There, Sejanus ultimately got involved in a rebel plot. Coriolanus recorded evidence of Sejanus's treachery via a jabberjay and sent it back to the Capitol, where it was heard by Dr. Gaul.[3]

With Sejanus dead, Strabo Plinth adopted Coriolanus as his heir, entirely unaware of the boy's betrayal of his son. He funded his both his tuition and lifestyle, ending the poverty that had plagued his life since the end of the First Rebellion. For his part, Coriolanus Snow got along well with him, finding at times that he could almost forget that he had come from one of the districts. Strabo neither questioned Snow's expenditures nor nitpicked new additions to Snow's wardrobe and seemed pleased when Snow asked him for advice.[4]

Personality and traits

He was an extremely wealthy man and seemed convinced that with enough money, he could buy anything. To some degree, his strategy seemed to work. He bought himself and his family a place in the Capitol and a position of power. He also was able to buy his son into the Academy. However, he was unable to buy his wife's happiness, nor did his money result in his son's loyalty or obedience. It was ultimately also unable to save his son's life when Sejanus was made into a Peacekeeper and engaged in rebellious activity in District 12.


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