Stealth is the practice of being able to move around without being detected, as used by the tribute Foxface. It is also used in the making of hovercrafts and stealth can be camouflage without needing to apply things to your body. Stealth is only as helpful as the person who is trying to sneak around is skilled at it. Foxface never really blew her cover until she accidentally killed herself, by eating deadly nightlock berries by mistake. She managed to steal from Katniss, and from the Careers in multiple different ways, using her skill in stealth.

Tribute Foxface

Foxface is the most known user of this tactic.

However, this could go horribly wrong if you would be caught, most tributes who are using stealth probably wouldn't have many- if any supplies, so if they would fail, they could risk starving to death rather quickly.

Stealth is a tactic used frequently by the Capitol, its main use for stealth being the hovercrafts used throughout Panem. Stealth is different from camouflage in that the former permits mobility, all at the cost of the tribute in question becoming more noticeable as he or she moves.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Tributes often avoid confrontation by hiding in plain sight. This way they can safely observe their targets at a fair distance without making their own presence obvious. Hovercrafts can be invisible. Cato also used this tactic at the time of a feast, as he watched the surrounding area while Clove went in for his and her own bag.