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"Coriolanus still kept his mother's compact in a drawer in his nightstand. In difficult times, when he had trouble falling asleep, he would click it open and inhale the rose scent of the silken cake of powder within."
Coriolanus Snow remembering his mother[src]

This silver compact belonged to Coriolanus Snow's mother and was kept by Coriolanus Snow after her death. It contained a cake of rose-scented powder[1] and was decorated with an engraved rose.[2]


Mrs. Snow was often seen pulling this compact from her handbag to check and powder her face.[3] Because of this, she always smelled of roses.[2]

After her death, her son Coriolanus kept the compact in a drawer in his nightstand and often took it out when he was going through a difficult time.[1] One instance of this was when he was returning from the Capitol Zoo, having visited Lucy Gray Baird, his assigned tribute for the 10th Hunger Games.[2]

Before the 10th Hunger Games began, Coriolanus took out his mother's compact and offered it to Lucy Gray, saying that he would only loan it to her and expect that it would be returned. He had taken out the powder earlier and indirectly suggested that Lucy Gray use the compact for storing poison, which she would use to eliminate the other tributes.[4] In the arena, the compact assisted Lucy Gray in poisoning Dill and Reaper Ash with the rat poison she had smuggled from around the zoo, and both tributes were killed. While the Games went on, Lucy Gray claimed that she had clutched the compact so hard that the rose imprinted on her palm.[5]

However, after she emerged, the Peacekeepers wrestled her to the ground to obtain the compact. Both Coriolanus and Lucy Gray claimed that he had given it to her as an affectionate token, and that Lucy Gray had been the one to come up with the idea of using poison. However, Dean Casca Highbottom didn't believe them, and the compact was one of the pieces of evidence that he used to show that Coriolanus had cheated in the Games and was to become a Peacekeeper as punishment.[3]

On what would have been Sejanus Plinth's nineteenth birthday, Coriolanus headed to the dean's office and requested that he be returned his mother's compact, pocketing it before leaving.[6]


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