Sabyn was the female tribute from District 2 in the 10th Hunger Games. Her mentor was Florus Friend. During the bombing in the arena, she attempted to flee the arena. After her death, the bodies of her along with Facet and Velvereen were dragged by horses during the Ring twins parade for their cowardly actions.



Before the start of the Games, an unexpected bombing occurred when the tributes and their mentors took a tour of the arena. In the ensuing confusion, Sabyn attempted to flee the arena by leaping over a wall, but fell to her death.


  • Despite being reaped, Sabyn never competed in the 10th Hunger games.
  • She was implied to be one of the stronger tributes, as Coriolanus Snow repeatedly mentioned throughout the book that with the deaths of the District 1 & 2 tributes, Lucy Gray's odds of winning significantly increase.
  • Sabyn's name may be a reference to the Sabines, an ancient Italian people situated near Rome, whose society existed during Roman times. Legend has it that the Romans abducted Sabine women to help populate Rome; this is analogous to how Sabyn was reaped by the Capitol to compete in the Games.
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