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"By now the smell's so strong that it begins to flatten out, as if there's no more my nose can absorb. The damp, mild air feels good on my hot skin. And the roses are glorious. Row after row of sumptuous blooms, in lush pink, sunset orange, and even pale blue. I wander through the aisles of carefully pruned plants, looking but not touching, because I have learned the hard way how deadly these beauties can be."
Katniss Everdeen walking through the rose garden[src]

A rose garden lies within the confined walls of President Snow's mansion. It was where Snow and Seneca Crane consulted with each other to discuss the events that were to take place within each Hunger Games, such as new tactics, ideas, and above all, the competition and talent with each year's fresh batch of tributes.[1]


White rose

The rose Katniss picks for Snow to wear in his lapel for his execution.

The Grandma'am's rose garden[]

Snow's grandmother, the Grandma'am, maintained a rose garden on the roof of their home. The roses were kept both outdoors and in a small solar greenhouse, and they were highly prized in the Capitol.[2]

74th Hunger Games[]

President Snow and Seneca Crane discussed the 74th Hunger Games in this garden while the president tended to his roses.[1]

Second Rebellion[]

Whilst Snow was chained to a chair in the center of the garden, Katniss Everdeen approached him. Snow discussed the death of her sister, Primrose Everdeen, saying that it had been unnecessary, but Katniss left after refusing to believe Alma Coin had played them for fools.[3] However, she took a white rose with her, and it was this same rose that Snow wore over his heart during the execution.[4]


The rose garden in the president's mansion is located at the end of a short hallway, behind glass doors. It contains many rows of roses in various colors.[3]


Copy of donald-sutherland-wes-bentley-the-hunger-games-image

President Snow and Seneca Crane consulting in the rose garden.

President Snow could be seen often wearing an elegant rose on his suit. The scent was sweet and incredibly overpowering, and had a huge effect on Katniss. She often complained that she continued to smell the lingering scent of the roses that Snow wore, especially where he left a rose on the dresser at Katniss's home in the Victors' Village. She mentions the scent before the announcement of the Quarter Quell, when Snow threatened Katniss about being unconvinced that the star-crossed lovers scheme with Peeta Mellark was real. Katniss thought she could feel the presence of the president everywhere she went, due to the haunting scent of his roses.[5] Snow also left a rose from his garden in Katniss' home after the bombing of District 12.[6]


  • Many other powerful, ambitious figures in stories have rose gardens, such as King Midas. It could be a symbol of arrogance and avarice.


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