Reaper is the male tribute from District 11 in the 10th Hunger Games. His mentor was Clemensia Dovecote.


After Coriolanus Snow got into a truck with the tributes in order to spend time with his own tribute, Lucy Gray Baird, Reaper very nearly choked him to his death, although Lucy Gray's intervention ultimately saved his life. During his interview session with Clemensia, Reaper refused to utter a single word. Before the Games, he spoke with the other tributes, apologizing to them personally for having to kill them and claiming that upon being the victor he would take revenge upon the Capitol. While doing this, he had unknowingly contracted rabies when Jessup spit in his eye.

10th Hunger Games

Reaper was one of the few tributes to run for weaponry when the gong first went off, although by the time he positioned himself in a fighting stance, the area had already been cleared of other tributes. Throughout the course of the Games, Reaper's tearing apart of Panem's flag caused quite the upheaval. His mentor doubted any sponsors would be willing to aid him following such display, even though his intentions were not inherently rebellious, he had torn the flag once to help out fellow tribute Lamina in exchange for food, and a second time in order to cover the bodies of the fallen tributes. Ultimately, Reaper fell victim to Lucy Gray's antics, coming in second place and becoming the runner-up.


On the finale of their Games, Lucy Gray taunted Reaper by wreaking havoc upon the pieces of Panem's flag meant for covering the fallen tributes' corpses, moving them about aimlessly as he gave chase, insistent of keeping them covered. Aware of Jessup having previously spat at him, she purposefully used the fact that Reaper had not eaten much for many days as a symptom of the rabies he had contracted then to effortlessly tire him out. With his attempts to give chase turning out futile, he desperately drank out of a puddle that, unbeknownst to him, had been contaminated with rat poison by none other than Lucy Gray, whose mentor had cheated on behalf of. Reaper barely made it to the body of Treech, District 7's male representative, before covering half of his form with part of the flag when his body gave out. It took the Gamemakers half an hour to fully acknowledge his passing, only doing so when Lucy Gray herself came out to check his pulse and, finding nothing, shut his eyelids.


  • His mentor, Clemensia, found his name quite ironic, given that he was reaped for the Hunger Games.
  • Reaper can be seen having some sort of mutual bond with his fellow District 11 tribute, Dill. In the moments leading up to her death during the first day of the Games, Reaper carries her form out of the tunnels and makes a lackluster attempt of comforting her, ultimately leaving her be. Their relationship vaguely parallels that of Thresh and Rue during the 74th Hunger Games.
  • Despite being one of the stronger tributes and armed with a weapon, Reaper does not make a single kill throughout the Games, instead using intimidation as a defense mechanism. Furthermore, he is the only tribute to stay in the main portion of the arena during the beginning of the games.
  • He is one of only three tributes in the 10th Hunger Games whose last name is revealed, the others being the pair from District 12.
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