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Purnia was a Peacekeeper in District 12.


It is unknown whether or not she was actually from District 12, as Peacekeepers are drafted by the Capitol and are moved throughout the districts. It is likely that she is from District 2, as that is where most Peacekeepers come from.[1]

Not much is known about Purnia aside from the fact that she was a common customer at Greasy Sae's. When Gale Hawthorne accidentally presented a poached turkey to Romulus Thread, intending to sell it to Cray, he was sentenced to being publicly whipped. Purnia stepped forward when Katniss Everdeen, Haymitch Abernathy and Peeta Mellark arrived protecting Gale, though stiffly, as she did not want to end up like Darius, who had been previously beaten for intervening. Purnia lied to Thread and convinced him to decrease Gale's number of lashes, saying that it was Gale's first offense. After Thread left, Purnia was one of the many Peacekeepers to help Darius, earning Katniss' thanks.[2]

Purnia is not seen again afterward, and it is unknown if she was one of many to die in the destruction of District 12.


  • Purnia, the female Peacekeeper that visited Katniss' house, and the female Peacekeeper from District 11 that Effie Trinket mentions are the only female Peacekeepers mentioned in the entire series.
  • Purnia was shown to be one of the many easygoing Peacekeepers, and disliked the new regime introduced in Catching Fire by Head Peacekeeper Thread.
  • Given that many of the characters in The Hunger Games trilogy (particularly those affiliated with the Capitol) have Roman-inspired names, it seems likely that "Purnia" is a shortened form of the Latin female name "Calpurnia", although this is never explicitly stated.


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