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"Our plan is to launch an Airtime Assault. To make a series of what we call propos—which is short for 'propaganda spots'—featuring you, and broadcast them to the entire population of Panem."
Plutarch Heavensbee explaining his intention with propos[src]

Propaganda shots, more commonly known as propos, were the advertisements, messages, interviews, and footage from the rebel side (although the Capitol had a few propos as well) and were part of the Airtime Assault on the Capitol. Propos communicated messages to Panem's citizens, giving statements against the Capitol, and provided a rallying point of sorts for the rebel war effort.

One of the rebellion propos aired to the districts

The term "propos" is short for "propaganda spots", meaning information, ideas, or rumors that are deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc. Katniss Everdeen's condition and realities behind the war were some of the main focuses of propos.

Beetee was in charge of getting the propos to air in the Capitol by breaking through its broadcasting system. He was able to do so multiple times by redesigning the underground network that transmits all programming.[1] At first, he wasn't able to air propos in the Capitol,[2] but later discovered a way to break into the feed nationwide.[3]


The first propo that Katniss attempted to film included a slogan that the technicians intended to work into a video to show Alma Coin, but nobody liked the way it turned out.[4]

After the hospital in District 8 was bombed, Cressida filmed Katniss speaking passionately to the rebels.[5] This propo was the first one to be broadcast, and was rerun at least seventeen times. It was played in each district, although Beetee wasn't able to get through to the Capitol. They planned to make two more propos using footage from the same day. One of these, put together by Messalla, was later shown on the television. Peeta Mellark filmed a propo with Caesar Flickerman in the Capitol, which aired directly after Messalla's. There, Peeta talked about Katniss and spoke directly to her.[2]

Fulvia Cardew had come up with the idea to run a series of propos narrated by Finnick that paid tribute to the memory of past tributes from each of the districts, the theme being "We Remember." It was an effort to reach out to any people in the districts who were still unwilling to join the rebellion.[2] Finnick did very well with these propos, making them almost painful to watch.[3] Beetee managed to break through the Capitol's feed in the middle of another Capitol propo with Peeta, showing five- to ten-second clips from the propos while the Capitol technicians attempted to regain control. When Peeta returned on the screen, he warned the District 13 residents about how they were in danger.[3]

Finnick and Annie's wedding in the underground district 13

Another propo showed Finnick and Annie getting married. This propo was made more for entertainment than propaganda.[6]

Gale Hawthorne and Finnick were filmed preparing for their invasion on the Capitol, starting a new series of propos that was going well.[7] Later, Squad 451 was needed to stage a more complicated propo that included a special block set aside for filming that had a few active pods. However, the squad wasn't able to take the acting seriously, and Boggs's legs were blown off by a stray pod.[8]

Finnick Odair's propo about President Snow's treatment of him

One propo was used as a distraction during the rescue of Peeta, Johanna Mason, Annie Cresta and Enobaria from the Capitol. It featured Katniss revealing how she met Peeta and their exchange with the bread. It also showed Finnick Odair revealing all the secrets he had collected over the years about prominent people in the Capitol, including President Snow's serious offenses.[9]


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