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"People love a good song, more like."
―Persephone on Lucy Gray Baird's supporters

Persephone Price was a female resident of the Capitol and a student of the Academy. She was one of 24 top-performing seniors at the Academy selected to be a mentor for the 10th Hunger Games. She was assigned the male tribute from District 4, Mizzen.[1]


Her father was Nero Price, whom Coriolanus Snow and Tigris once observed cutting off the leg of a maid to cannibalize. As such, Coriolanus tried to avoid encountering her whenever possible, as he couldn't help but wonder if she was aware of the ingredients of her wartime stew. At one time she inspired fear in him, though this faded to disgust, despite his knowing that she herself was innocent.[2] Regarding the affection that people in the Capitol had for Snow's tribute, Lucy Gray Baird, she commented that "People love a good song," referencing the song that Lucy Gray sung at her reaping.[3]

While the 10th Hunger Games took place, Persephone worked together with Festus Creed, trying to come up with a joint strategy for their tributes, who both came from District 4. Festus was falling for Persephone and was often seen deep in discussion with her.[4]

Her tribute, Mizzen, placed fifth in the 10th Hunger Games, ensuring her a respectable prize for a strong performance as a mentor. She sent him several drones with food and water from sponsors, but the drones were hacked by Teslee, the female tribute from District 3, the technology district. Mizzen tried to flee from the swarm of redirected drones, but ended up falling and snapping his neck. Afterwards, she spoke with Lepidus Malmsey of Capitol News, expressing both regrets for not getting further, but also gratitude for the opportunity to be a mentor. He told her that she had made it to the top five, which nobody could take away from her, and, though dubious, she agreed that it was the sort of thing that stuck.[5]

She also visited Snow's apartment when he was discharged to District 12 alongside Lysistrata Vickers and Festus.[6]

Physical description

She had dimples and hazel green eyes and was generally considered the prettiest girl in Coriolanus Snow's year at the Academy, with the possible exception of Clemensia Dovecote.[2]


Persephone was the Greek goddess of the underworld, springtime, flowers and vegetation, Greek counterpart of Proserpina.


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