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"Katniss, no one clears anything with me."
―Mrs. Everdeen to Katniss[src]

Mrs. Everdeen is the mother of Katniss and Primrose Everdeen and the wife of the deceased Mr. Everdeen.


50th Hunger Games

When she was young, her best friend Maysilee Donner was chosen as one of two female tributes for the 50th Hunger Games, also known as the second Quarter Quell, along with Haymitch Abernathy. Mrs. Everdeen, along with Mrs. Undersee, was seen on the television during the reaping. Maysilee died, leaving her sister, Mrs. Undersee, and Mrs. Everdeen alone in their grief. Maysilee's parents gave Mrs. Everdeen her songbird after Maysilee's death in the arena.

The Hunger Games

Prim and Mrs. Everdeen are distraught after Katniss volunteers to take Prim's place in the 74th Hunger Games.

On the day of the reaping, Mrs. Everdeen gave Katniss a blue dress for the reaping and braided her hair. During the reaping, Mrs. Everdeen was shocked when her youngest daughter Prim was chosen and even more when her oldest daughter, Katniss volunteered for her place. Mrs. Everdeen came to see Katniss to say her final farewells. While in there, Mrs. Everdeen wept due to the high odds of her not coming back. Katniss made her promise not to leave Prim alone and take care of her no matter what happens to her. Katniss yells at her, but then hugs her goodbye. Mrs. Everdeen promises and stays with her until the Peacekeepers come in and take her and Prim away. Then surprisingly, Mr. Mellark, the baker, visits Katniss and gives her a bag of cookies. The baker was teary after probably then visiting his son, Peeta. Madge Undersee also visits Katniss and gives the legendary Mockingjay pin, originally owned by her aunt, Maysilee Donner, who was Mrs. Everdeen's friend and a tribute in the 50th hunger games, who was murdered in the arena. Then Gale visits and he and Katniss discuss a lot of things like, the survival of Prim and Katniss' Mom, and the need of a bow and arrow to compete and saying good bye possibly once and for all.

Catching Fire

Mrs. Everdeen was nervous when President Snow visits them. She tells Katniss that he looks pale and strange. During President Snow's and Katniss' conversation, Mrs. Everdeen comes in and offers him cookies and tea. She took this as a way to check up on them, and on her way out she gave Katniss a look to know if everything is well. After he leaves, Katniss lies and tells her that everything is good; this relieves her. Mrs. Everdeen takes

Mrs. Everdeen and Prim in their Victor's Village house.

care of her family and anyone who goes to her for medical help. When Gale is whipped, Katniss and Peeta take him to her. Mrs. Everdeen and Prim care for Gale's and Katniss' injuries. Mrs. Everdeen uses a special medical treatment with snow. Katniss yells at her, telling her to do everything she can and questioning her about everything she does to save Gale. Mrs. Everdeen joins Haymitch and Katniss and fills them in on Gale's condition, Katniss apologizes for her behavior to her mother and she forgives her. Mrs. Everdeen saves Gale's life. Mrs. Everdeen helps Katniss during her wedding dress shoot. When the third Quarter Quell is announced, Mrs. Everdeen is surprised when President Snow tells all of Panem it will reap past victors; Katniss will be reaped since she is the only living female victor from District 12. Mrs. Everdeen, along with Prim, does everything to comfort Katniss after it is announced. After Katniss is reaped, Mrs. Everdeen and Prim go to the justice building but cannot say their goodbyes due to a new procedure. After Katniss leaves, Mrs. Everdeen and Prim cry together knowing the odds are strongly against her. When District 12 is bombed, Gale saves them. Mrs. Everdeen and Prim set up a medical station in the woods. 


Mrs. Everdeen works at the hospital in District 13, but is treated as a nurse, not a full healer. She takes care of the ill along with Prim. The Everdeen family is still close and remain that way. They move to a larger room after Katniss demands to keep Buttercup for Prim. When Katniss finds her prep team abused, Katniss takes them to be treated by her mother. Mrs. Everdeen treats them back to health and tells her to take it easy on them since they are still hurt mentally due to the abuse. After Katniss returns from shooting a propo in District 8 and recovering from an attack by the Capitol, Mrs. Everdeen cares for Katniss in the hospital. When Katniss awakens, Mrs. Everdeen is upset that she did not notify her that she was leaving. Katniss apologizes and promises her that next time she will. Mrs. Everdeen continues to care for Katniss in the hospital until she is fully healed.

During the bombing of District 13 by the Capitol, Mrs. Everdeen makes it to the bunker she, Katniss and Prim were assigned to. When Katniss questions Prim's location, Mrs. Everdeen becomes worried because she left ten minutes before her. She is relieved when Prim and Gale show up right before the door was shut and locked. Mrs. Everdeen stays with her family in one area during the first bombing, and afterwards goes to the first aid station to help heal the wounded and ill. Before Katniss goes to the Capitol with her squad, she says her final goodbye to her family. When Prim is killed in the bombing at President Snow's mansion, Mrs. Everdeen goes to District 4 to head up a new hospital rather than return to District 12 which was now too painful for her. Haymitch gives Katniss a note that has a phone number Katniss can call her mother. The two mourn over Prim's death together over the phone.

Physical Appearance

Mrs. Everdeen was described to have a pretty merchant child's appearance in her youth and looking not so beaten down in her sleep. It is said that her youngest child, Prim, took after her in appearance. So it is fair to think that she had fair skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes, unlike the majority of the residents of the Seam in District 12.


Mrs. Everdeen was the daughter of an apothecary and grew up in the merchant sector of district twelve. During those years, she learned to care for illnesses and injuries. When she married her husband, she moved into the Seam to live with him. Since the Seam is much poorer than the merchant sector, Katniss took that as a sign that she loved her husband very much. In Catching Fire, she still had a tea service set that she had taken with her.

She has two daughters Katniss and Primrose. Her husband died in a coal mining accident five years before the events of The Hunger Games book. She also has two grandchildren, an elder girl and younger boy, from Katniss and Peeta.

Primrose died in Mockingjay, leaving Mrs. Everdeen unable to go back to District 12 due to the pain of her death.


Though never formally trained, Mrs. Everdeen is a healer, with extensive knowledge of natural remedies from having grown up in the apothecary in the merchant's district. Following her recovery from her grief over her husband's death, Mrs. Everdeen started a small apothecary business for people in the Seam. She has helped many people in the Seam who go to her for various things including both injury and sickness. In Catching Fire, Haymitch tells Katniss that there used to be a lot of whipping before the Head Peacekeeper Cray took over and that it was Katniss' mother that people would go to for aid. Head Peacekeeper Thread whips Gale (and accidentally Katniss) while he and Katniss were out hunting, and Mrs. Everdeen treats Gale and Katniss with the help of her youngest daughter, Prim.


Katniss Everdeen

After being abandoned by her mother, Katniss does not trust her and has never really forgiven her. Katniss has also taken over the mothering role of Prim. After volunteering, Katniss tells her that she has to take care of Prim. After the Quarter Quell is announced, Mrs. Everdeen screams. In Mockingjay, after Prim's death, she buries her grief in her work. She moves to District 4, abandoning Katniss again. They bond over the phone, grieving Prim's death, and helps Katniss with her book for remembering the good in the world.

Primrose Everdeen

Prim was very close to her mother and completely forgave her, probably because of her being so young and not understanding. Together, they held an apothecary business. After the District 12 bombing, they took care of the wounded until they were rescued by District 13. After Prim's death, Mrs. Everdeen is devastated and cannot go back to District 12.

Mr. Everdeen

Mrs. Everdeen loved Mr. Everdeen very much, so much that she left her merchant life for the Seam. After he died, she fell into a deep depression and left her two young daughters to fend for themselves.

Gale Hawthorne

After he is whipped by Thread, Gale's wounds are treated by Mrs. Everdeen and Prim. Mrs. Everdeen did not have a close relationship with Gale, but Mrs. Everdeen cared for him as much as she did for her own children.

Mr. Mellark

Mr. Mellark had always loved Mrs. Everdeen, but she "ran off with a coal miner".


The Hunger Games


  • Although her name is not revealed in the books or films, Paula Malcolmson, who played Mrs. Everdeen, revealed in an interview that she named her character 'Clara'. Malcolmson said the name "just came to her".[1]


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