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"I'll keep an eye on the little girl. Make sure she's eating."
―Mr. Mellark to Katniss Everdeen[src]

Mr. Mellark was one of District 12's bakers. One of his sons, Peeta Mellark, was the male tribute for District 12 in both the 74th and the 75th Hunger Games.


Mr. Mellark is assumed to be native of District 12 as well as his parents because he is described as having the features of Panem's 'merchant' class. Assuming this to be true, his merchant parents passed down their baking skills and occupation to Peeta and his brothers. As a young man he grew up with Katniss' mom, Mrs. Everdeen, as they were both merchant kids and around the same age. Mr. Mellark wished to marry Mrs. Everdeen, who instead married down in hierarchical class to Mr. Everdeen--a boy from the economically challenged area called the Seam--because of his beautiful singing voice and contagious spirit. Katniss Everdeen traded with Mr. Mellark, often bringing him squirrels. Mr. Mellark came in to say goodbye to Katniss after being reaped and was awaiting transport to the Capitol (this is only mentioned in the book). This visit to Katniss is very surprising since his own youngest son, Peeta, was reaped as the male tribute and would be competing against her for his life. He gave Katniss cookies, that she later threw away, and promised her that he would feed Katniss' sister, Primrose Everdeen in her absence. Is is assumed Mr. Mellark made this visit because of his past feelings for Katniss' mother as well as the relationship and respect he had developed for Katniss over the years.

It is revealed in Mockingjay that he and the rest of Peeta's family were unable to escape and were killed when District 12 was bombed.

Mr. Mellark was included in the memory book Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch made of the people who were important to them that died because of the Capitol.


Mr. Mellark appears briefly in the film during Katniss' flashbacks. He can be briefly be seen inside the bakery as Mrs. Mellark beats Peeta. He doesn't appear again in the rest of the film series.


Physical description

As Katniss describes him, Mr. Mellark is a broad-shouldered man with burn scars from years at the oven. The book does not say anything about his height or weight.


Though not much is said in the book about his personality, he is thought to be hard working, kind-hearted, respectful, and genuine. Because his wife is a shrew, it is assumed he does not have an aggressive or violent attitude. Mr. Mellark is non--confrontational and perhaps is suggested to have a 'follower' idealism as evidenced by Mrs. Mellark having an autocratic attitude. It can also be suggested that Mr. Mellark may not have had much choice in his wife and either his family or Mrs. Mellark proposed the idea and he agreed to either not hurt someone's feelings or to avoid conflict.

There are undertones suggested by the book that he was either dating or was assumed to marry Mrs. Everdeen and had strong feelings for her, perhaps love. He was not angry at Mrs. Everdeen for marrying Katniss' father, understanding that Mr. Everdeen was special--as evidenced by the story he told Peeta when he was a child. This too suggests his 'follower' mentality as referenced above. Nowhere in the book does it suggest he was jealous of their relationship, but it can be believed his feelings were silently hurt because Mr. Everdeen did alter his dreams for the future.

Mr. Mellark wanted desperately a wife and family to support. He likely married Mrs. Mellark young, because they had two children before the Everdeens had their first, and it is assumed that the Everdeens and Mr. Mellark are all around the same birth date and age.