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Mr. Everdeen was the father of Katniss and Prim, and Mrs. Everdeen's husband. He lived and worked inside the gates of District 12 as a coal miner, poacher, and Katniss's teacher when it came to the woods, singing, hunting, and making good quality bows. He made Katniss her bows, and taught her how to hunt and gather in the woods to support their poor family. His teachings are what allowed her to support her family and herself while she was in The Hunger Games.


Mr. Everdeen was said to have had a beautiful voice, just like his daughter, Katniss, and it was claimed that even the birds would stop to listen when he sang. That was how he impressed his wife, Mrs. Everdeen. He also sold her plants from the woods when he went hunting. She was a healer from the Merchant area of District 12, while he was from the Seam. Their lives were considerably different, and it was a big change for both of them to move on to their new life. Together, the couple had Katniss and Prim. He taught Katniss the song "The Hanging Tree" which she talks about multiple times in Mockingjay. He also told Katniss not to sing the song when she's in the district because he explains to her that to the people of The Capitol, songs can be dangerous as weapons. In Catching Fire, Katniss mentions that her father taught her how to swim in a lake in the woods. Mr. Everdeen was a very good hunter, and he knew how to identify plants that were edible and those that weren't. He had crafted about 4 bows, and had taught himself and Katniss how to hunt. His love of plants caused him to give the name Katniss and Primrose to his two children.


Mr. Everdeen in Katniss's flashback

On January 24, Mr. Everdeen died during a horrible mine explosion five years before the 74th Hunger Games. The explosion killed both him and Mr. Hawthorne as well as other workers.

According to Katniss, both men, and some unnamed workers were either vaporized or blown into bits during the explosion.

Katniss relates the events of that fateful day in Mockingjay. The day started out normal, with Katniss and Prim going to school. Then, sirens went off and all the kids were herded out to the entrance of the mine. The elevator was working overtime bringing up black-coal covered men, much to the relief of many families. Soon, fewer and fewer men came up until none remained. Katniss's father and Gale Hawthorne's father never emerged and were instantly presumed dead.

According to Katniss, she still has nightmares about that day. These involve her screaming and telling her father to run and escape the mine before it explodes, reducing him to bits.


His only known family members are: his two children, Katniss and Primrose Everdeen, and his wife, Mrs. Everdeen. Peeta Mellark would later become his son-in-law and they would bear him two grandchildren, a girl and a boy . The Capitol would later claim that he was related to the Hawthornes, to keep the star-crossed lover story between Katniss and Peeta believable but he was never really related to the Hawthornes.


According to Katniss's memory, Mr. Everdeen was an amazing man, who liked to sing, swim, hunt, and had a very level head. He taught Katniss all of these things, and many songs as well.

In addition to being a loving father, Mr. Everdeen also seemed to have a rebellious streak, a trait inherited by his eldest daughter. For example, his work as a hunter and gatherer in the woods surrounding District 12 was technically illegal, although the relatively lenient government officials of District 12 allowed it, as they were among the customers who bought the hunted animals.

In Mockingjay, it's mentioned how he taught Katniss the song, "The Hanging Tree," causing his wife to panic. He was well-liked all over District 12, his wife even leaving her merchant life for the Seam.


  • His name was never mentioned in the books or any author interview or supplementary material that anyone could find. For example, the actress - Paula Malcolmson - who played his wife - Mrs. Everdeen had given her character a name Clara. As for Mr. Everdeen, the author has shown no interest in giving him a name, and he only appears in a brief flashback in the film, so we doubt the actor gave much thought to his first name.
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