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Mitchell was a soldier from District 13. He was a part of Squad 451, also known as the "Star Squad", because of his ability to accurately shoot long-distances.


Mitchell was described as an "older guy" who didn't speak often, but could "shoot the dust off your boots at fifty yards", describing him as an excellent marksman.[1] While the Star Squad filmed reenactments of their reactions to explosions in the Capitol, Mitchell became known as the worst actor among the group, as he badly projected an idea of desperation.[2]


During an assault of one of the Capitol streets, numerous pods went off, and eventually Peeta Mellark had a flashback which caused him to react violently towards Katniss Everdeen. As he was about to attack Katniss, Mitchell tackled him and attempted to pin him to the ground. Peeta threw him off, causing him to land on a mislabeled pod and activate a barbed wire net that pulled him up. Gale Hawthorne and Leeg 1 tried to help Mitchell by shooting at the cables holding the net, but to no avail, as he was killed instantly due to the sharp barbs in the net. Later, Katniss discovered Mitchell's hand and gun hanging out of the net, covered in tar from a different pod that was triggered nearby.[3]


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